Life, Love and Other Catastrophes
by SwaySlayer
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Joss Whedon et al except the third slayer and the dancing instructor. Those are mine, you hear me, all MINE!
Thanks: To my muses, Queen Eliza and Princess Gellar who created such beautiful characters for me to play with, to all the fic writers and readers who make it worthwhile, and to Sam, who sent me my first piece of feedback, this is for you, with love.
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Faith fiddled with the gold band on her middle finger, twisting it around and pulling it on and off, until it got stuck and she was forced to yank it off. In doing so, she erroneously elbowed the blonde next to her in bed and was rewarded with sharp yelp. Faith smiled sheepishly and replaced the ring, but not before reading the inscription on the inside of the band: Amor Vincit Omina. Love conquers all. When Buffy had suggested it to the engraver, Faith had smirked, thinking it rather conventional, but she had gone along with it. Now, looking at the intricate lettering, she let her gaze wash over the tanned legs beside her, wondering how she had ever thought it cliched. The fact was that love had conquered her in many ways. It had doused the fear, anger and hatred of many years of vicious solitude and it had opened her soul to the joys of sharing your life with someone who was your equal in every possible way. These thoughts flitted through Faith’s head as she reached for her CD Walkman and popped in a disc. As the beat of the hard rock kicked in, the brunette sub-consciously tapped her foot on the bed, causing the pages in front of Buffy to shake and shimmy with a nauseous regularity. Shaking her head and sighing softly, Buffy turned down the corner of the page she was reading and placed the book on the table next to the bed.

Leaning on her right side, Buffy giggled internally as Faith sang along to the song, only she did not sing the words, but the drum beat. This resulted in a medley that sounded something like: “Ba da da da da, dum dum da da dum, ba boom, doof, doof, bum bum ba”. Faith’s eyes were closed as she concentrated on the beat, but her Slayer senses eventually kicked in and she focussed her chocolate-brown eyes on a pair of jade-greens. They merely stared at each other and Buffy had to literally hold herself back from smothering Faith with the love she felt. Equally, Faith found herself forgetting to breathe as her eyes traced every contour of Buffy’s lithe figure. Anyone watching them look at each other in such a manner would have difficulty believing that they had been married for two years. The lust and passion that so often dissipated after the early years, was more prevalent than ever in their relationship. For Buffy, she no longer had to concern herself with being an outsider. Faith never judged her and she never felt pressured to do, say or prove anything to her brunette goddess. For Faith, being with Buffy meant that she was finally able to break down the walls of emotional aridity and give herself, in her entirety, to one person.

Faith removed the headphones from her ears and killed the power on the Walkman, choosing to shove it hastily in the drawer before turning her attention to Buffy. The blonde’s eyes were closed and she had a soft smile on her face, and Faith, not having Buffy’s resilient self-control, laid the softest of kisses on her pouty lips. Buffy’s eyes fluttered open and she reciprocated the kiss, inhaling Faith’s unmistakable scent that was intermingled with various other fragrances. Both Slayers still had the remnants of the day’s outing on their bodies and the combination of sun, sand and coconut oil tantalised their senses. Buffy kissed Faith hungrily and the flavour of cinnamon filled her mouth. Faith had quit smoking a year ago, and the odd urge that she had for a cigarette was sated by a strong piece of chewing gum. While Buffy was enjoying the powerful tang, Faith found the gum intrusive and she stopped kissing Buffy long enough to spit it out of the window above her. A large ceiling fan circulated the small amount of air that was present, but still the heat wrapped itself like a blanket around the two figures on the bed. Buffy traced her finger over a bead of sweat that started just underneath Faith’s chest and ran to her navel, playfully dabbing at it with her tongue. Faith giggled and pulled Buffy into a fierce embrace. They lay there in contented silence, letting the heat wash over them as the ocean had done earlier. When the heat of their bodies warranted a break in contact, Faith pulled away and promptly received a light punch to the arm.

“Hey! What the hell was that for?” Faith rubbed her arm in an exaggerated fashion.

“That’s for being uncouth?” A blank stare made its way over to Buffy.


“You’re a pig.” Faith chewed on this piece of information before straddling Buffy and pinning her arms behind her head.

“Ok, so using that as my point of departure, if I am in fact, as you say, a pig, then it would be fair to say that would be classified in the same category as one Mr. Gordo. Correct?” Buffy giggled as Faith’s tone became increasingly lawyer-like and she nodded her head in agreement. “Therefore, is it also correct to say that a person’s feelings towards objects in the same category would be of equal measure and status?”

“You’re funny.”

“Answer the question please.” Buffy masked a smile.

“Yes, I’d say that is a fair assumption.”

“Never assume.” Faith bent down to press her lips against Buffy’s collarbone, causing her next sentence to have interval pauses. “It makes an ass…” Kiss. “Out of you…” Kiss. “And me.” Kiss.

“I thought I was being interrogated.” Faith captured Buffy’s lips in a kiss, pulling away only when the blonde was virtually breathless.

“Momentary distraction. It was duly noted. So. Taking into consideration that the above-mentioned toy of the stuffed variety is, like myself, a pig, and that your feelings towards it are of love, passion and undying devotion, then I can only conclude that even in my piggish state, you Elizabeth Anne Summers Spencer…” Faith paused and took a slow hyperbolic breath. “…love me.”

“You’re funny.”

With that, Faith attacked Buffy’s lips, running her tongue over each definable ridge and sucking on the murmuring blonde’s tongue. Buffy freed her hands from Faith’s grasp and they automatically made their way to Faith’s back, tracing each vertebrae before coming to rest on the swell of Faith’s buttocks. As the intensity of their kiss increased so too did their need to be able to feel their skin against each other. The only problem with regards to this issue was their clothing, which in most circumstances would have been discarded at the speed of light, but the sheer heat and humidity had all but melded their clothes to their bodies. Faith struggled with her tank top and shorts but her efforts proved fruitless. On the other end of the scale, Buffy found more luck with her bikini top, but her cut-off denim shorts were not budging. Faith let out a groan of frustration before shifting off Buffy and nestling in the crook of her arm.

“I hate this weather.”

“Oh for….just under an hour ago you were singing its praises so loudly that the Tourist Bureau made you an honorary member.” Faith placed her hand gently on the swell of Buffy’s breast.

“Well that was before all this goddamn humidity made it impossible for me to rip off my clothes and make wild passionate monkey love to my wife.”

“Point taken. But don’t you forget: you were the one who wanted to come here for our second honeymoon.”

“Only because our first one was a total disaster.”

“That’s not fair! We had a few mishaps.”

“B, I had food poisoning for the first three days, compliments of some ancient idol that I bought, you landed up with some funky daydreams because of those “mushrooms” that someone slipped in your soup and that haunted hotel we stayed made us abhor sex for the entire time we were there! Those were not mishaps. Those were catastrophes of the highest degree.”

“Fine. Then don’t complain about the weather!”

Faith smiled up at Buffy and was about to snuggle into the blonde again when her head unceremoniously hit the pillow as Buffy eased herself off the bed and headed to the bathroom.

“Hey! A little warning in future! Who knows how many precious neurons I just lost?” Buffy shouted out from the bathroom.

“I don’t know but I bet I can count them on one hand!” Buffy shrieked as Faith hurtled into the bathroom, taking out a piece of the wall in the process.

“Oops.” Buffy sighed and shook her head.

“I can’t take you anywhere Mrs. Spencer, and I’m telling you now that you’re explaining this one to hotel management.”

“No fair! I had to explain the broken leg of the bed last time.” Buffy pulled Faith towards her.

“Ah, but that was understandable.”

“How’s that?” By way of explanation, Buffy sucked on the concave part of Faith’s neck and slowly slipped her hands into the front of Faith’s shorts. The brunette inhaled sharply. “Never mind.”


Two separate and very cold showers later, the couple was dressed and ready for the evening’s entertainment. The hotel they were staying at promised activities for every person and occasion, and Faith had found Buffy signing them up for a crash course in ballroom dancing. After the initial shock came the outright refusal, yet as per usual, one look from the blonde’s pleading eyes and Faith melted into a human puddle of compliance. In previous years, the brunette would have perceived displays such as this as completely pathetic, but from her standpoint, she did not give a continental crap. So she’d brave the waltz, the tango and the rumba. No sacrifice was too great to ensure Buffy’s happiness, although Faith had consequently signed them up for skydiving the following day. She had yet to inform Buffy of this, and was contemplating keeping it a surprise until they arrived at the jump site. Then again, the idea of throwing an unprepared, pissed off Slayer out of an airplane was maybe not the best route to go. Faith disregarded all thoughts of dancing and jumping out of airplanes as soon as Buffy stepped into the room. The blonde giggled as Faith’s jaw dropped and she performed a neat twirl on the spot. The three-quarter dress that she was wearing lifted slightly before settling itself snugly on her body. Faith examined every inch of her, letting her eyes roam over the strapless dress that hugged Buffy’s chest in ways that could be considered illegal in some countries. The soft-red colour complemented Buffy’s bronzed skin, but Faith’s gaze was focused elsewhere. The dress was in fact a diagonal three-quarter, thus starting as a mini-skirt on the left side and gradually increasing in length as it moved to the right. Buffy wore no make-up, save for a light application of lip-gloss, and the finishing touch of the outfit was undoubtedly the red tie-up sandals that adorned her feet.

If Faith was having trouble keeping her mouth closed, then Buffy’s might as well have been the Black Hole of Calcutta. She stopped twirling and walked over to Faith who was beginning to come out of her daze. The blonde touched a hand to Faith’s cheek and smoothed a lock of dark hair out of her face. She then stepped back and motioned Faith to turn around, which she did, in a slow and exaggerated fashion. Faith, not being one for formal dresses, had opted for something a little different, but the desired effect was evident on Buffy’s face. Faith was a vision in a white tuxedo - one that had been made to her specifications. The pants were a special blend of leather and stretch material, which made them loose enough to move in, yet decidedly figure-hugging. The jacket had been cut in a slightly different material, and the shade was identical, but what made the outfit was its cut. The formal tuxedo style had been thrown out the window and the lapels barely covered Faith’s chest. She had thought about wearing nothing underneath, but rationally, it was not conducive to ballroom dancing. As a result, a white boob tube was visible, but it did not detract from the overall effect of the suit. Buffy drank in every detail and was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of sexy white sandals decorating Faith’s feet.

When both women had had their fill of each other, Faith held out her arm to Buffy. The blonde slipped her arm through Faith’s and they walked towards the door. Just before they reached it, Buffy stopped and turned her and Faith towards the full-length mirror that stood to the side. No one could deny that they made a striking couple, but what was most prevalent was their obvious love for each other. It emanated from every part of them: mind, body and soul. Most people could only hope for a small part of the connection that they had with each other, and admittedly, even they found it difficult to believe the strength of their emotions. The day that they had finally realized the depth of their feelings for each other, had been the day that everything fell into place. Never before had there been two Slayers active simultaneously, so it was only natural that there be undiscovered territory. Unfortunately, that territory had been rife with pain, anguish and soul-destroying confrontations, and had it not been for a stroke of luck, or as Buffy called it “a divine, about-time intervention”, those circumstances would have kept them apart.

Buffy had been in New York, having finally taken up Willow’s suggestion of a holiday, and she had found herself in Central Park on a decidedly shitty day:

(The wind whirled around her head, slapping her face with its icy fingers and teasing her hair into a knotted frenzy. Her lips were beginning to resemble a colour that was largely attributed to those of the undead variety and she had lost all feeling in her feet at least three hours ago. Yet, the weather aside, Buffy felt almost rejuvenated. The tiny flakes of snow that littered the ground beneath her feet brought a smile to her face and she felt almost giddy as she walked along the path. The inhabitants of the city hurried past her, cursing the weather, the time and various other elements that were beyond their control, and this just increased the intensity of her smile. Central Park was famous for the amount of strange people that it attracted, and if her large grin dictated her as one of them, Buffy was only too happy to be included in this classification. What excited her the most was that not one person took notice of her. For once in her life she was not gawked at, avoided, shunned or pointed at as “the one who carries wood”. She was Buffy Summers, a 22 year-old tourist in Central Park, and that was all.

Coming upon a wooden bench, Buffy took a seat and sat quietly, observing the hustle and bustle that was going on in front of her. It never ceased to amaze her how people placed so little emphasis on life. Obviously, having spent a good part of hers on a Hellmouth, Buffy appreciated every inhalation and exhalation, never knowing whether or not it would be her last. However, on that day, she was oblivious to the bigger picture. She was satisfied in the knowledge that she was far away from Sunnydale, and far away from anything or anyone that reminded her of her calling. She watched a roller-blader maneuver his way along the path, and marveled at the skill and precision with which he glided. As he sailed past her, a small, black item dropped out of his pocket and Buffy called after him to stop. The headphones that were firmly attached to his head, prevented him from hearing her cry, and on instinct, Buffy took off after him. Her legs pumped and her Slayer blood coursed through her veins, pushing her harder, faster, longer. She chased him all the way down to the lake until both of them came to a screeching halt. Buffy tapped him on the shoulder, let out a large breath of air and said “You dropped this”, and that was to be the last piece of conversation for a good few minutes.

The roller-blader turned around and Buffy’s eyes met a pair of sunglasses. The blonde was about to walk off when a siren went off inside her. Her senses went haywire, but the abundance of sunlight disregarded the possibility of a vamp, leading her to conclude that something primal in her had recognized another supernatural force. No further explanations were needed as the roller-blader removed both sunglasses and the helmet, to reveal long, raven-coloured hair and eyes that resembled melted chocolate. Buffy felt her stomach churn in a mixture of anguish and anxiety and she unabashedly examined the brunette. For her part, Faith smiled silently to herself, wondering what she could have done that was so terrible, in order for this to be happening. Just when she had begun to really get her life back on the straight and narrow, some cruel twist of fate drops her greatest heartache right in the middle of New York. At a loss for words, Buffy merely stood, still holding the wallet she had picked up and waiting for the surreal nightmare she was having, to disappear. Instead, Faith reached out, plucked the wallet out of Buffy’s hand and placed it in her pocket. She was more than ready to hightail it out of there, and Buffy sensed this, stopping Faith by grasping her hand. The brunette stared blankly at the blonde before making a conscious decision to say what she had wanted to say for the past four years.

“You ruined me for everybody else on this goddamn planet. No one ever came close to being for me what you were, and I blame you every single day for doing it. I never had the balls to tell you before because I was petrified of how you’d handle it, but now, I don’t give a shit. I’ve just started sorting through and shelving all the shit in my life and lo and behold, Buffy Summers drops into my lap in a city of a million people. I don’t know what you call that, but I call it absolutely shitty luck.”

“I missed you too Faith.” The honesty with which Buffy said this sent a dagger straight to her heart and once again, she felt like the world’s biggest heel. It was truly remarkable what Buffy did to her. “You want to get a cup of coffee?” Faith threw her head back and laughed loudly.

“This day can’t possibly get any weirder, so sure, why not.” Faith made the grave mistake of assuming, but this thought never so much as made it anywhere near her head, as later, Buffy’s mouth found hers on the couch of her apartment. Faith forgot to be freaked out. In a strange way, she had almost expected it, having sensed a decidedly different energy in the way Buffy interacted with her. She noticed it while they were having coffee. Buffy had never been affectionate towards her outside of a high-five for a good slay, but here she was rubbing Faith’s arm, placing her hand over Faith’s and removing stray strands of hair out of her eyes. The brunette was not used to this type of affection, from Buffy or anyone else for that matter, but it felt almost natural to be touched in such a manner.

This thought stayed with Faith as she and Buffy made love all night and into the early hours of the morning. They watched the sunrise from Faith’s balcony and made love under the winter sky, never moving too far away so that they could not touch each other. There were no explanations, no retractions, only honest admissions. Buffy was the first to say it, overwhelmed by the look of desire on Faith’s as she stroked her, she whispered it softly into Faith’s ear as the brunette came. Faith’s tears were of sheer happiness and she wrapped the blonde in her arms, repeating the phrase over and over again in an attempt to convey her sincerity to Buffy. They remained in Faith’s apartment for days, rehashing their entire history, the good and the bad, until there was nothing of the past left to talk about. From that point on, the present took over, and of equal importance, the future. It was impossible for Buffy to leave Sunnydale permanently, and Faith was aware of this, having begun packing the moment Buffy alluded to it. Faith had not been slack with her Slayer duties, having wiped out at least three large gangs of vampires in her time in New York, and she was in fact, physically, the strongest she had ever been. Now, with Buffy by her side, she was confident that she would be emotionally and spiritually resilient too. They caught a plane to Sunnydale and never looked back.)

Faith fiddled with the lapels on her jacket, smoothing them down until Buffy sent her a look that dictated it was time to go. Faith escorted the blonde to the door, sighed as she took one last look at the chunk of bathroom wall that was missing, and closed it. They walked down the plush, carpeted hallways and took the elevator down to the mezzanine level. There, they were directed to the ballroom where a few couples had already gathered and were chatting among themselves. As soon as Buffy and Faith entered the room, the conversation levels dropped to a low murmur, but from what their Slayer senses could latch onto, the gist was that of overall appreciation. Faith shot a look in the direction of a young man whose approval was a little too much to her liking and he smiled guiltily before going back to his partner. At that moment, an elderly woman floated in through the door, and Faith could not think of another word to describe it. Buffy suggested “glided” and Faith nodded. Another development in their relationship, be it Slayer-related or merely Buffy-and-Faith-related, had been the telepathy. On occasions when their minds were tuned into the same thought patterns, the Slayers were able to communicate on a level of signals, movements and even thoughts. They found it worked especially well when they slayed together, but due to recent events, slaying was becoming less and less of an issue.

(It had been a slow night in Sunnydale and the Slayers were jittery at the least. A lack of vamp action, coupled with their growing need for another type of action, had resulted in a philosophical conversation taking place, wherein Faith brought up the time Buffy died, which eventually led to her own calling. The brunette’s thinking was that if she died under controlled circumstances, then a third Slayer would be activated and they could finally concentrate on planning their wedding. It tickled Buffy that Faith was in “wedding mode” – looking at samples, ordering the food, designing outfits – but she would have rather bitten off her tongue than refer to Faith as Slayer Stewart. There were some things better left unsaid. Needless to say, Buffy was not too excited about the prospect of Faith having to die, and she fought the idea at every turn. It took a phone call from Willow, who was in Massachusetts with Tara for a Wicca gathering, to tell Buffy that if Faith phoned her one more time to beg her to talk to Buffy, she was going to send a “no sex” spell their way. The thought of having more time for her and Faith, as well as the horror of being denied Faith in bed, convinced Buffy to cooperate. Faith had joked that it would resemble the movie Flatliners, but she was not far off from the truth. Giles performed the procedure, using a combination of drugs to stop Faith’s heart, and Buffy stood by to revive her immediately. Operation Doorknob, as Faith so endearingly named it (“Coz I’ll be as dead as one”), went off without a hitch, and a new Slayer arrived in Sunnydale a few days later.

Sam was the kind of person that everyone liked. Buffy was fond of her discipline, her work ethic and her positive attitude, while her sense of fun, adventure and ferocity appealed to Faith. Sam benefited greatly under the tutelage of the famous Slayer duo, but on occasion, the pressure of everyone’s expectations overwhelmed her. Buffy noticed this during a training session between Sam and Faith when the youngest Slayer found herself floored eight times. Her frustration was evident and she took it out on a pile of books beside her, creating enough confetti to cater to three weddings. Buffy took her aside and made it clear that she was not to beat herself up over things she did not accomplish the first time. When asked for an example, Buffy wrapped an arm around Faith and said “It took us four years to get here.” Faith smiled and preened, only to earn herself a swift leg sweep, compliments of Buffy. “But we never gave up.” This satisfied Sam, and she gave Buffy a grateful smile. From then on, her fighting improved ten-fold, and although she never reached the heights that Buffy and Faith did together, she was no slouch as a Slayer. Her technique was finely-tuned, thanks to the hours of training with Buffy, but the fierceness with which she disposed of vamps was definitely attributed to Faith. As a trio, they dispatched demons left, right and centre, but soon enough, Sam assumed all Slayer duties, leaving Faith and Buffy ample time to plan their wedding.

Faith threw herself headfirst into the organisation and was barely seen in the cemeteries, while Buffy made the occasional appearance. In fact, Buffy was extremely relaxed about the whole event, compared to Faith’s frenzied flights of ‘napkin emergencies’. Sam found this display highly amusing, as it did not fit in with the Slayers’ respective personalities. She made a point of mentioning this in front of Faith who shot her the look of death, and put her in charge of all guest correspondence. Sam made a mental note never to piss off Faith, especially when the punishment was paperwork. The days flew by at the speed of light, and before anyone realised it, the day had arrived – or night in this case. Nothing was conventional about the women or their relationship, which is why they decided to get married, at night, on Sunnydale’s Main Street. Buffy and Faith dazzled each other in matching dresses, red for Faith, pale blue for Buffy, and Willow and Xander stood beside them, performing maid of honour/best man duties. The rest of the gathering consisted of Giles, Anya, Tara, Sam, Angel, Cordelia and Wesley, whose paranoia was put to rest as Spike kept a watchful eye over the proceedings. He had made it abundantly clear to the evil forces of Sunnydale that this night was not to be disturbed, and he had killed a few ‘poncy buggers’ to prove his point. There were no interruptions.

Again, in light of the lack of conformity, Faith hired an alternative healer to join them together in words, touch, mind and soul. He performed a ritual whereby he mixed their energies, saying that by doing this the souls would never part, not even in death. After this, Buffy faced Faith and struggled her way through an extract from Twelfth Night, her emotions consuming her to such a degree that she spoke only a few words at a time. When she was done, Faith placed a firm kiss on her lips and cleared her throat at least five times. “I’m gonna recite something that I wrote four years ago, because I never imagined that I’d be standing here with the one person who….I dunno…..just gets me.” Faith took Buffy’s hand in hers and began to speak.

	I’m the wham bam variety, it’s strictly get some and get gone,
	And I scrub my body until my veins stick out, and wonder why I’m all alone.
	Revulsion seeps through my open pores and infiltrates my mind,
	And my body twists and my limbs thrash out, blatantly responding in kind.
	As slumber beckons and my eyelids close, the earth beneath me quakes,
	And I sigh softly and pray to the heavens, that from this nightmare, one day, I’ll awake.
	Dream presents a blissful relief and I swear I can feel her touch,
	And tears cascade down my weary face: I never knew I could feel this much.
	At dawn my body begins to wake, leaving my soul, in dream, to reside,
	But a touch brings it back, and I know in my heart, it is she who sleeps by my side.

There was a silence so long that Faith thought she had shocked everyone into submission, but her eyes were focused solely on Buffy. The blonde leaned in to kiss Faith before telling her that she never knew beauty could hurt as much as it did. Faith took one last look at Buffy before a glint appeared in her eye. Needless to say, the guests enjoyed the reception.)

Glide. That was definitely the word to describe the dance instructor who appeared to walk on air. Buffy was fascinated by her grace and poise, while Faith marveled at how she managed not to fall in her pencil-thin stilettos. She scrutinised all the couples, fixing hair, doing up buttons, smoothing down lapels. When she reached Buffy and Faith, she stopped and circled them, leaving nothing unexamined. Faith was about to tell her where to get off when she stepped back and nodded. Apparently, she could find nothing that was out of place, and with that, she took to the floor, hit play on the stereo and began the lesson. It came as no surprise that she latched onto Buffy and Faith as her protégé’s. Their skills were those of balance, posture, fitness and fluidity, all which subscribed greatly to the art of ballroom dancing, and the instructor was almost drooling with delight. Another type of drooling occurred later on when they were being taught the Paso doble, a dance of Spanish origin that was meant to represent the bullfight. It is a dance that requires the utmost concentration from both dancers, as the beauty of the dance is in the intense focus, and the Slayers had that focus in spades. Consequently, their intense desire for each other was emitted throughout the room and the couples stepped back to watch the passionate dance being performed.

Faith’s eyes shone with the fiery glow that made Buffy weak at the knees, as she locked eyes with the blonde and followed the instructions that were being shouted out. Her hands gripped Buffy tightly and her concentration never wavered. Buffy was the centre of her universe in all other aspects of her life, and ballroom dancing was no different. Buffy was almost giddy with joy. Her feet followed Faith’s as the brunette proudly performed the relevant steps, and Buffy was amazed at the grace with which Faith carried herself. They lost touch with reality for that moment, and it was as if the world was their stage and they were the only two people on it. When the song ended, the couples applauded and went back to learning the basics, and amidst the protestations of the dance instructor, the women left the room and made their way down to the beach.

The moon was a bright silver penny in the sky, beaming at them with her fertile smile and controlling the ebb and flow of the ocean while Faith laid down the towel she had picked up at reception. She sat down and Buffy positioned herself between her legs. Faith ran her fingers through the blonde’s hair, gently taking a fistful and inhaling the sweet scent of her lover. Buffy was vanilla, and not in the way Faith referred to vanilla, but the actual substance. Her hair, her skin, her mouth, her tongue, it all tasted like vanilla, and Faith never tired of the scent. Now, sitting on a remote beach, with thousands of miles of ocean in front of them, and equal amounts of grains of sand under them, the Slayers reflected on what had been preordained for their lives. They had been told that their duty was to protect the innocent, kill evil and die trying to do it, which they had believed. Of course, that was until Buffy died, Faith was called, and all other ideas of destiny and fate were thrown out of the window in favour of the most powerful force known to man: love. A love for each other, a love for who they were and a love for where they were going, and they spoke it and showed it every single day of their lives together.

For now, words were insufficient, and Buffy leaned back into Faith, reaching behind her with her hand to pull Faith towards her. Faith bent down and captured Buffy’s lips, gently massaging the blonde’s tongue with her own and listening intently to Buffy’s soft moaning. Faith could feel the heat that was being emitted from her lover, and right then, she decided to draw this out as long as humanly possible, or in this case, ‘Slayer possible’. She pulled away and the air hissed out of Buffy’s mouth, as she desperately sought out Faith’s lips. The brunette smiled and faster than the eye could see, she had Buffy on her back, sitting astride the blonde. Looking at Faith, Buffy was momentarily overpowered by her presence and image. Her eyes glowed the colour of coal and her wavy, jet-black hair fell around her angelic face, creating a contrast externally, that matched her complexity internally. Faith quirked an eyebrow and set about disrobing Buffy, ensuring that she touched the blonde everywhere but where she wanted to be touched. Buffy released a soft sigh of frustration and sent Faith a definitive pout. Faith laughed and the sound was immediately swallowed up by the night. Buffy’s dress was now functioning as her pillow, and she would have given a thought to its well being, had it not been for Faith lavishing attention on her mouth, breasts and stomach simultaneously.

Buffy was completely at sea, lost in a delirious haze of sensation, as Faith’s mouth found her hard nipples. Her one hand made its way down to the soft skin of Buffy’s abdomen, trailing small circles there, while Buffy took the other and sucked each of Faith’s fingers, swirling her tongue around them with indeterminate lust. For her part, Faith’s resilience was beginning to wear away and both she and Buffy knew that she could not resist the blonde any longer. Taking the hand that Buffy had been using as a lollipop, Faith trailed her wet fingers down the length of Buffy’s body, and the blonde shivered as the moistness mixed with the heat of her body. Faith stopped her fingers just below Buffy’s stomach and bent down to lay kisses on the blonde’s inner thighs, leading Buffy to groan uninterruptedly for at least a minute. Buffy was literally breathless and her words came out in short, sharp bursts of air. “Faith baby…….please…..touch me.” Buffy’s desire-soaked utterance sent Faith into a lusty delirium and the brunette placed the palm of her hand over Buffy’s drenched centre, feeling the intense heat before gently sliding in a finger and stroking the blonde softly. Their intimacy was an uncontrollable force that only escalated every time they were together, and both Slayers felt the intensity as they kissed each other hungrily. It seemed that they were transferring the depth of their emotions to the very earth they were on, as the waves crashed and receded loudly on the shore.

Faith increased the pace of her strokes and thrust a second finger into the sweat-laden blonde beneath her, tasting the faint saltiness of blood as Buffy caught her bottom lip with her teeth. Faith kissed Buffy fervently and her free hand moved up to caress Buffy’s face, tracing the contours of her petite features and marveling at the beautiful sight that she witnessing. Buffy ground her hips against Faith’s hand and the younger Slayer could sense her imminent release, choosing instead to withdraw her hand and sliding herself down the length of Buffy’s slick body. Slowly, she dipped her tongue into the soft folds and tasted Buffy, stroking her with a touch so soft that a normal human being would have been oblivious to it. Fortunately, Buffy was extraordinary, and her senses exploded, overriding all reason and logic and focussing on only one thing: Faith. Buffy’s head began to spin as she aimlessly tried to figure out how it was possible for one person to bring her so much pleasure. Another wave of ecstasy washed over her as Faith enhanced the movements of her tongue, thrusting deep inside the blonde and flicking her swollen bud with every stroke. Faith reached up to Buffy and the desire-stricken Slayer grasped Faith’s hand and clenched it as her body began to pulsate and contract, sending an immeasurable amount of gratification through her. Faith did not stop lavishing attention on Buffy, until she was sure that her lover was on the brink of losing consciousness. Only then did she kiss her way up Buffy’s body, coming to rest beside the blonde who was attempting to regulate her breathing.

“You ok?” Faith murmured softly into Buffy’s ear and nibbled on her earlobe.

“Well, I can see again, so I think I’m alright.”

“I’m that good?”

“My compliments to the chef.”

“Well when the food tastes good……”


“What!? Like I wasn’t gonna respond to that? You left yourself wide open! And don’t even try and lecture me about crudeness because we just had ‘intimate relations’ in front of a group of tourists.” Buffy sat up and whipped her head around. Seeing nothing and nobody she scowled at Faith and began to undo the tuxedo jacket.

“That was of the ‘not nice’ variety. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it was downright shitty.”

“Language Mrs. Spencer!” Buffy freed Faith of her jacket and slipped the boob tube over her head. She then busied herself by removing Faith’s pants and folding them, placing them neatly beside her dress. She took a long, hard look at Faith’s taut figure and placed herself directly on top of the brunette.

“Now you see, that’s just not fair. How am I supposed to stay angry with you when you call me Mrs. Spencer? Especially when you look like this.”

“Is it my fault I’m irresistible?” Buffy flicked her tongue at Faith’s lips.

“Nothing about me finding you irresistible is a fault.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere B.”

“I’d say it’s gotten me a lot already.” Faith chuckled and Buffy felt the vibrations pulsate against her chest.

“And you tell me I’m crude? Little vixen.”

“Little? Are we heading towards the vertically challenged part of the evening?”

“No. Jeez, B, defensive much?”

“Only when my petite Slayer pride is at stake.”

“Petite? What petite? I’m losing all feeling in my lower body!” Buffy wriggled on Faith and the brunette threw her off before making a mad dash for the ocean. Buffy giggled and sauntered towards the shore, embedding her feet in the wet sand while she watched Faith perform a powerful feat of freestyle. Standing there completely naked, and equally uninhibited, Buffy had a thought that, while simple in nature, had been the most elusive entity in her life. She was happy. Not sated, not content, not gratified, but happy, and the reason for her happiness was slowly making her way out of the water. Faith enclosed Buffy in a brutal embrace, showering her with water and exacting a squeal from the blonde. They stood there, letting the warm night air rest against their bodies as they caressed each other, listening to the earth spin around on its axis.

“Think we’ll make it to our third honeymoon?” Faith pulled back and took Buffy’s face in her hands, adopting a facetiously tender expression as she said:

“Only if we don’t catch pneumonia and die.”

“I’m serious. Do you think we’ll make it?” As a reply, Faith removed her ring and drew Buffy’s attention to the inscription.

“You know what this says?”

“Of course I know what it says. I chose it.”

“Granted, but do you know what it means?”

“Love conquers all.”

“Exactly. It doesn’t matter if we make it to our third honeymoon or even our goddamn silver anniversary, the point is that I couldn’t be more in love with you if I tried, and believe me I try every day. Nothing that this world throws at me can ever take that away. We’re gonna make it.”

“How can you be so certain?”

“Do you love me B?”

“With everything that I am.”

“Then that’s your answer.” Buffy looked puzzled and her face reflected this. Faith sighed and elaborated. “We’re in love B, and nobody fucks with love. Why? Because it conquers all, it takes no prisoners.”

“Well I know of at least one prisoner.”

“And who’s that?”

“Me.” Buffy placed the ring back on Faith’s hand and kissed it lightly. “I love you Faith.” The brunette just stared at Buffy, her eyes boring into the very depths of her being. “Aren’t you going to say anything?” Faith shrugged.

“I think I just reached the point where words aren’t enough.” Buffy smiled.

“That was more than enough.”

Buffy scattered soft kisses over Faith’s lips. “Race you back to the hotel?”

“Depends. We going in formal wear or…” She gestured to their current status.

“I’m game if you are.”

“Just say when.”

“When!” Buffy took off at a high speed, with Faith right behind her. The two figures shot across the sand, kicking up mini dust storms in their wake as they headed for the hotel. The two women bolted through the lobby, but to their disappointment, no one was present to see their skin show. Flushed from the exercise, Faith and Buffy sheepishly made their way up to their room, where they explored each other until there was not one curve, texture or taste left untouched. They fell asleep in each other’s arms, oblivious to anything outside of the others’ breathing. Their clothes remained on the beach until dawn, where the tide that had been creeping in finally grabbed hold of them and dragged them into the blue abyss. Funnily enough, the two slumbering women would never miss them.

The End