A Telephone Call
by SwaySlayer
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Buffy and Faith et al belong to Joss Whedon – the desperate and lustful tone of this piece is purely my own creation.
Author’s Notes: I have just spent an immeasurable amount of time on the phone, and for some unexplainable reason, I came away all hot and bothered. All I did was organise a movie and dinner…. Mental note to self: Don’t analyse thought patterns when distributing fic….
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“Buffy! Phone!” Joyce’s vocal chords reached the end of their tether as she bellowed up the stairs. She could detect a faint thumping from inside her daughter’s room and surmised that her screams were a fruitless exercise.

Buffy may have been an extraordinary human, but as a teenage girl, she was textbook material. The thunderous music that echoed through the speakers upstairs was testament to that. Releasing a sigh of exasperation, Joyce trudged up the stairs and rapped her knuckles firmly on Buffy’s door. Receiving no answer, she turned the handle and entered. She was greeted with the sight of a fashion hurricane. It appeared that Buffy’s closet had reached its maximum capacity and chosen to explode onto her bedroom floor. Joyce navigated her way through the piles of clothing and tapped her daughter on the shoulder. Buffy, who was sitting on her bed engrossed in a book, drew in a sharp breath and put her hand over her chest.

“Mom! You scared me!”

“Well that racket coming out of your stereo scares me so we’re even. It’s phone for you.”

“Well you didn’t have to come all the way upstairs to tell me.” Joyce opened her mouth to reply, but decided that it was not worth effort. She handed Buffy the portable phone in her hand and left the room, closing the door behind her and mumbling something about arthritis and grey hair.

Buffy reached for the remote beside her and muted her stereo, before raising the phone to her ear.


“Well it’s about goddamn time.” There was no mistaking the slightly husky voice on the other end of the line.

“Oh, hey Faith. What’s up?”

“Just waitin’ like I’m on hold to speak to the president. What took you so long?”

“Not me. My mom. She takes her sweet time telling me when someone’s on the phone for me.”

“I find that very hard to believe. And you? What’s the what?”

“The what is me sitting on my bed reading up on a variety of demons which the two of us will no doubt have to kill in the future.”

“You never did have trouble finding the fun, did ya?”

“Well, it’s hardly by choice. Giles insists that I read up on this stuff.”

“I don’t get that at all. You see, only we understand the concept of 'Bad Thing. Slayer. Dead Bad Thing'.”

“You’re so succinct.”



Buffy shifted the phone under her chin and flipped through the pages of the 1000 year-old book that sat in her lap.

“So to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?”

“You’re way ahead of me B. I didn’t see the pleasure coming ‘til much later.” Buffy giggled into the receiver. Faith had the remarkable ability to misconstrue any statement and turn it into a sexual innuendo. It used to unnerve Buffy, but lately, she had grown accustomed to it, seeing that it was Faith’s way of teasing her and conveying a sense of camaraderie.

“Well I am always on top of things.” This time it was Faith’s throaty chuckle that echoed over the line.

“I’m leaving that one. That’s just way too easy.” Faith lifted herself up and rested her back against the headboard of her bed. The motel she was staying in was one of the better ones she had occupied – more of a gnat-bag than a flea-bag – but she still wished she could afford a proper apartment. Guess I’m gonna have to find myself a sugar daddy. Faith smirked at the thought and turned her attention back to Buffy. The blonde was now reading Faith an extract from a book that sounded like Lord of the Rings crossed with Mortal Kombat.

“…so using the stalagmite sceptre, behead the creature’s cranial region and dissolve the remnants in a….”



“I have to get you outta the house. All this talk of books and studying is turning you into a librarian and me into snore-mode. Aren’t you just itchin’ for a good uuuuhh.”

“I thought we’d covered the grunting.”

“We did, but I didn’t say I’d stop. Want me to come over?” Buffy hesitated for a split second. “Cool, I’ll be there in…”

“Faith. I can’t. I’ve got work to do. Slayer and home.” Faith’s sigh was audible. “We can talk for a while?” Talking was the last thing that Faith wanted to do. Nevertheless, she shifted onto her back, put her hand behind her head and breathed out.

“So what do you wanna talk about?” Buffy placed the book on the bed and stretched out on her pillows.

“I don’t know. What do we usually talk about?”

“Slaying. Killing. Beheading, you know, girl stuff.” Buffy laughed loudly.

“I didn’t realise our conversations were so light and fluffy!”

“Guess it comes with the territory.”

“Yet another bonus of being a Slayer.”

Faith lifted her leg and unzipped her thick, black boot, tossing it so that it landed with a loud thump on the floor.

“What was that?” Buffy’s voice was riddled with concern and curiosity.

“Just kickin’ off my boots B. Why? Did ya think I had a little side of something stashed here?”

“No. I thought maybe you had fallen off the bed.”

“Don’t flatter yourself B, you’re not *that* hot.”

“Thanks, but it’s just because your balance has been off lately.”

“Well if that isn’t the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard!”

“Exactly. I *am* that hot.” Faith chuckled and removed her other boot.

“Nothing sexier than a Slayer with modesty.” Buffy had begun to notice a pattern in the way she and Faith communicated. The conversations shifted from small-talk, to slaying and inevitably, to sex. Buffy wondered if Faith’s ‘hungry and horny’ adage was more of a life motto. Suddenly, all Buffy’s thoughts were halted as a soft moan filtered through the receiver.

“Faith? You ok?”

“Yeah, just stretching a few aching muscles.”

“I know how you feel. I got a good clobber to my right shoulder last night. That’s why I’m pleading infirmary tonight. Giles took Willow and Xander with him on patrol.”

“Oh. I was gonna do a quick one later, but I guess now I can kick back.”

Buffy’s head was abruptly filled with an image of Faith, her dark hair spread around her, lying on her bed, the tightest leather covering her body and a small smile adorning her face.

“…find that nest and kick some ass.” Buffy snapped back to reality as she realised Faith was talking to her.

“Uh, yeah, definitely. We’ll hook up tomorrow night.”

“Wicked cool.” Faith undid the zipper on her pants and peeled the material from her body. The receiver on Buffy’s end crackled as Faith dropped the phone. “Sorry B. Butterfingers.” Buffy was about to make a witty remark as yet another image of Faith danced through her head. This time, the image resulted in her drawing in a quick breath. “You ok B?”

“Yeah, fine.”

“You seem a bit distracted. I’ll leave you to your book.”

“NO!” Buffy’s voice surprised her almost as much as it surprised Faith.

“Ok….I won’t leave you….”

“Faith?” Buffy’s voice caught in her throat.

“Yes B?” Faith’s voice dropped an octave.

“If I ask you something, will you promise not to laugh, or tease me about it?”

“I’ll do my best…”

“Seriously Faith. Please.” The brunette sighed. She couldn’t resist that pleading tone.

“I promise.”

“Well, it’s just that, when I don’t patrol, I can’t sleep. It’s like something inside me hasn’t been fulfilled and I’m lying here, knowing that I’m going to stare at the ceiling for another ten hours if I don’t do something about it.”

Faith chose this moment to stare at the ceiling, sending a prayer of thanks to whatever higher power looked down on them and spoke softly into the phone.

“I know where you’re coming from B and I have the solution, but the thing is, you’re gonna have to trust me on this and do whatever I say. No questions asked. You ok with that?”

“If it means that I get a good night’s sleep, then hell yes.”

“Ok. First thing you gotta do is close your door and lock it.” Faith heard shuffling followed by a soft click.

“Ok. Done.”

“Did you lock it?”


“Ok. Put on a CD. Nothing too loud or fast, but none of that whale crap that I’ve seen in your room.”

“It’s the way they communicate.”

“They’re fish B.”

“They’re not fish.”

“Mammals…whatever. Just put on a CD and lie down.” Faith waited a few minutes until she heard the faint strains of a guitar.

“This ok?” Buffy sat herself down on the bed and laid back.

“Sounds good. Ok…” Faith took a deep breath and began speaking slowly.

“First I want you to breathe deeply, feel the rising and falling of your chest and taking note of how every breath enters and leaves your body. Focus purely on what your body is doing and let your mind rest. Feel the bed beneath you, listen to the music around you and let everything affect you individually. Focus on one sense at a time. Listen to your heart beating, catch the scent of the perfume on your skin…” Buffy had ceased to concentrate on the actual words Faith was speaking, hearing only the low murmurs that were lulling her into a relaxed state of mind. Faith smiled to herself as her reference to Buffy’s skin went unnoticed and right then, she decided to take a risk on her blonde counterpart. “B….” Buffy’s reply was a gentle mumble. “Listen to me very carefully. I want you to take your hand and place it on your stomach so that you can feel the rate of your breathing…” Faith mirrored the action she had just told Buffy to do. “Can you feel that B?”


“Can you feel the muscles underneath your hand? Those same muscles that I have? The firm blocks that keep us balanced and make men want us?” There was a slight pause as Faith waited for Buffy to reply.

“Uh, Faith…”

“It’s ok B. We’re being honest here.” Faith took a deep breath. Crunch time. “Can I be honest with you too?”


“I can see you. When I close my eyes and I can hear you breathing on the other end of the phone, my mind takes me to where you are.”

“I know.” Faith’s eyes blinked open.

“You do?”

Buffy cradled the phone under her chin, leaving both her hands free.

“I also know that those leather pants you adore are lying on the floor next to you, and that means that you’re not wearing any underwear. Am I right?”

Faith’s heart began to beat furiously.

“Right as rain.”

“I like being right. You know what I like even more?” Faith held her breath.


“I like that you’re half-naked on your bed thinking of me.” Faith bit her lip to stop herself from screaming out loud.

“Shit B, you know how fucking hot that makes me?”

“I think I have an inkling, but just to make sure….” Faith waited as the phone crackled. “…I’ll take my pants off too.”

“B, you’re torturing me here.” Buffy smiled into the phone.

“Well you always said you liked it rough Faith. I tell you what, how about I give you free reign over my body for the next 15 minutes. You tell me what to do and I’ll do it as if it was your hands doing it.”

“You got yourself a deal B, but wait, how about we make this a little more interesting. If I get you to say my name more than three times, then the next time, we won’t have to pretend that it’s my hands.” Buffy chewed on this for a while.

“I don’t know if this is another one of those ‘Slayer’ things, but ok, you got yourself a deal.”

“Oh this isn’t a Slayer thing. This is a ‘Faith’ thing.”

As Faith said this, Buffy ran her hand down the inside of her thigh.

“And don’t even think of doing anything until I say so.” Buffy giggled and removed her hand.

“Ok. You’ve got 14 minutes left.”

“Slip your hand inside your shirt and run your fingers over the tops of your breasts. Do it slowly and lightly, feel every nerve ending responding. When your skin starts to feel warm, take off your top and your bra…”

“I’m not wearing a bra.”

“Well then you don’t have to take it off do you?”

“Guess not. What now?”

“Put a finger in your mouth and swirl it around, let your tongue suck on it for a while and then massage your right nipple. Feel’s good doesn’t it?”

“Very…it’s so warm.”

“That’s nothing compared to what I can do to you with my tongue.”

“Oh Faith….”

“That’s number one. Are you wearing panties?”


“Slide your hand all the way down your body, feel the texture of all the different parts of your skin and stop when you reach just below your stomach. Trace your fingers along the curve and scrape your nails across the material of your panties. Place the palm of your hand over the heat….yes….I know that you’re warm down there B, touch it gently for me. Don’t rush it.”

A small sigh escaped Buffy’s lips and another ‘Faith’ was audible.

“Number two B…I want you to slip your hand inside your underwear and cup yourself….don’t touch yourself yet B, I know you want to, but I want to touch you even more, so you have to be fair. Now take your hand away and slide your panties off, lift your hips off the bed and arch your back as you do it. Just picture that I’m above you, waiting to touch you when you lie back down. Are they off?” Buffy seemed to have lost the ability to speak as she grunted a reply. “Beautiful B…now look at your breasts. Are you turned on yet? Are your nipples hard? I’ve seen what you look like after a good slay: flushed, legs shaking, nipples hard and sexy as all hell. I’ve wanted to touch you so many times, but instead I touched myself. I’m doing that right now B, doing to myself what you’re doing, stroking that part of me that needs the same release that you do. Fuck…that feels so good. Do it B. Do the same. Take your hand and slide a finger inside yourself – stroke slowly, that’s what I’m doing.” A whimper escaped Buffy’s lips as she stroked herself as per Faith’s instructions.

“God…yes…that’s…Faith…..please.” Buffy’s stomach began to gather a thin layer of perspiration as the movement of her hand increased.

“That’s number three B, and I swear, if you come without me, I’m gonna be highly pissed off. Shit, this is weird….I can almost feel your breath on my skin….you smell like vanilla…”

“Cherries. You smell like cherries.”

Both Slayers threw their heads back as a chorus of sighs and soft moans emanated from the duel receivers, feeding on each other’s pleasure and sensing the impending release of the other.

“B, I need to touch you…..I have to touch you….say it B, for the love of every fucking sacred thing in this fucked up world, say it!”

“I….I…..” Buffy’s hand brushed the swollen bud that nestled in her soaking centre and her mouth formed the word that was attacking her mind and her senses. “I have to….I’m going to…Faith….Faith….Faith….Faith!” The brunette Slayer smiled as waves of pleasure washed over her and she could hear Buffy’s ragged breaths coming through the receiver.

“Seven times B. I think that’s a new record for me.” Faith inhaled deeply, still convinced that she could catch the blonde’s scent again. Equally, Buffy licked her lips, intent on tasting the sweet flavour that she knew Faith’s lips contained.

“Psshh…I’ve beat that a thousand times.” Faith laughed heartily.

“I take it this isn’t the first time you’ve praised my name?”

“If only you knew.”

“Well, judging by our little deal, it appears I’m going to know. You’re not backing out of it are you?”

“After this? Hell no, I’m about to get the best night’s sleep ever in recorded history. Right?”

“Oh absolutely B.”

Faith turned off the lamp on the bedside table. “So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yup. We’ll organise a time for your reward.”

“Have I told you lately that you’re a swell gal?”

“You’ve never told me that.”

“Good. It’s a stupid phrase. You’re wicked…..well, you’re just wicked.”

“Thanks. I think.”

“You’re welcome.”

“And thanks for the call.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I’d say the pleasure was mine but…”

“..that would be a lie?” Buffy giggled.

“Something like that. You know, besides the obvious, there was at least one other positive thing that came out of this.”

“And what’s that?”

“Now you’ll come to the phone much quicker.” Buffy giggled loudly.

“I thought I’d already done that?”


“Guess you’re rubbing off on me.”

“Again, way too easy. Night B.”

“Night Faith.”

“Hey B?”


“No cheating on me with the long-distance Operator.”

Buffy heard a click, followed by the dull beeping of the dial tone. She punched off the power button and looked to where the ancient book lay. Closing it, she placed it on the floor, and entrenched herself in the covers, smiling to herself as the title of the book flashed through her mind: A Slayer’s Destiny: The Calling.

The End