The Time It Is
by Snoe
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Not owning anything.
Spoilers: Some The Gift.
Author's Notes: Yeah it's weird and I hope you all don't absolutely hate it. It just popped into my head and needed to be written.




"Yes Faith?"

The brunette caught up with the smaller blonde and looked at her questioningly. They were walking along one of the many paths at one of the many cemeteries, cursing the blistering cold that had settled over their part of California. It was even too cold for the vamps, who had apparently decided to stay warm in some old crypt, leaving the slayers with an action-less patrol. Buffy was practically speed-walking towards the end of the cemetery that led into the woods and to their shortcut. Almost having a hard time keeping up, Faith put a hand on the shorter girl's shoulder and slowed her down.

"Why are you running like this? I didn't know we'd signed up for a marathon."

"It's getting late."

Buffy continued walking, although slower, but Faith stood still, dumbstruck.

"What time is it?"

Not giving second thought to the question, the blonde looked at the pink watch on her wrist and dropped her arm at her side again, "It's almost 5:22."

Finally realizing that her counterpart wasn't walking by her side, the blonde turned around and looked at Faith. The younger girl was standing in the middle of the path, surrounded by tall trees, with an absolutely terrified look on her face.

"What is it Faith?"

"B…Buffy. Why are we leaving?"

Heaving a sigh Buffy took a step closer to the other girl and gestured with her hand, "It's getting late Faith. It's time to leave."

"How late is it?"

Walking up to Faith the older slayer raised an eyebrow in confusion. The younger girl was acting strangely.

Raising her wrist again Buffy looked at the numbers on her watch with a sigh, but before she could announce the time Faith's cold hand was wrapped around her wrist.

"No…I mean…Where'd you get that watch B?"

"It was my gift."

"What for?"

This time narrowing her eyes Buffy scoffed slightly. This was getting bizarre.

"To tell time, dummy."

"What time is it?"


"Buffy, it's getting late…"

"I know! So let's go then!"

"No B…I can't leave. It's not my time…"

"What's with you and time Faith? One might think you're scared of it."

"Buffy I love you."

"Faith it's getting late. I have to go…Come with me?"

The brunette held up her bare wrists and looked at the older slayer sadly, "I can't…I didn't get a gift."


"What time is it?"

Throwing a cursory glance at her watch Buffy breathed out the numbers slowly, "It's 5:22. What does that mean Faith?"

"It's late now…Time for you to go. I will see you later, right?"

Buffy smiled sadly, nodding and squeezed her counterpart's hand tightly.

"Yeah, I'll be waiting."

Walking backwards down the path the blonde kept looking at the taller girl who had tears in her eyes. Wiping the back of her hand across her face as she looked down Buffy realized there were tears on her face as well. Suddenly remembering something she looked back up and smiled at Faith.


"Yeah, B?"

"I love you, too."

The brunette smiled softly as the blonde girl vanished in the shadows.


Faith sat up straight in bed and managed to hit her head on the top bunk. Cursing quietly to not wake her cellmate, she slipped out of her bunk and walked to the tiny window in the side of the wall. Looking through it she found the night sky illuminated a purplish-bluish-reddish color way out in the horizon. Leaning back from the window Faith knocked over the little calendar sitting on the desk. Picking it up she looked closely at the crossed out days and stared at the little box for today.

It was May 22nd 2001 and Faith put down the calendar gently with a sad smile. Throwing another look at the small window she shook her head and wiped away the stray tear that had found its way down her face.

"Bye Buffy," she whispered softly before slipping back into her bunk and crying herself to a peaceful sleep.

The End