Gethsemane VIII - Pour Some Sugar on Me
by Snoe
Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don't own anything or anyone you recognize from the show, Buffy, Willow and Tara belong to UPN (and how weird does it feel to say that?) Everyone else is mine. Title belongs to Def Leppard.
Author's Notes: This is the last part…at least I'm not really planning on writing a sequel. My attention span is very short so I'm not good at sticking to projects, I tend to write new stuff as I'm still trying to finish the old fic. But anyway, I like these alternate universe stories (though this isn't really alternate or a universe, but hey), so maybe I'll write some new ones.

"Holy shit that water is cold!" she mumbled under clenched teeth as she pulled herself up onto the shore of the lake. Sitting on the ground, her legs dangling off the side to barely touch the water she looked up at the mountain across the lake, the almost invisible hole in the top they'd come from. It seemed as if the guards either hadn't fit through the tunnel or just not wanted to risk a 20 foot drop into ice-cold water that might hold some weird mutated fish.

The water was an icy blue, but one couldn't see farther down than 2 feet. The lake stretched on for probably a couple of hundred feet to her right, half-wrapped around the mountain. She looked around at the tall trees surrounding them, soft grass under her hands and the sun that had just risen slowly drying her skin. Willow and Tara were sitting off to the side, checking each other repeatedly for any possible injury and she couldn't help but grin.

She brought her hands behind her head, squeezing the water out of her dark hair and stared down at the water. Feeling a hand touch her shoulder gently she turned her head, smiling up at the person standing over her. Buffy sat down next to her, looking up at the mountain as well, then back at Faith.

"Are you alright? Are you hurt?" she asked, her hands making a movement to check the brunette's body and Faith laughed, swatting the hands away.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You gonna give me a physical like Red and blondie over there?"

Buffy turned her head, seeing her best friend with her girlfriend and grinned as she looked back at Faith. Shrugging she leaned back, studying the body of the brunette next to her. With all that'd happened in the past few hours the blonde hadn't actually had time to wonder about the clothes they were wearing, especially where the Willow had gotten them from. She looked at Faith, who was wearing jean cut-offs that barely covered her mid-thigh and a tight, dark-blue tank-top with glittery, red writing in the form of flames. Leaning forward to read the peeling writing Buffy grinned and then started laughing as she looked at the brunette's face.


"You're a hottie, huh?" Buffy smiled, pointing at the writing and Faith looked down, grinning herself.

"Hey, Red gave me that shirt, you might wanna have it out with her."

"Well, she is right, no argument here. I just never pegged you for a girly-girl Faith," the blonde teased and received a light swat on the arm, along with a raised eyebrow from the brunette.

"Look at you, Miss goody-two-shoes," Faith objected, pointing out the shirt Buffy was wearing herself, "Devil my ass!"

Buffy narrowed her eyes as she looked at her dark-red tank-top, that had 'Devil' written on it with a broken halo hanging off one of the letters. Shaking her head the blonde shrugged, glad that she at least had gray drawstring pants and not shorts that made her look like a younger Mariah Carey.

"Where'd Will get these things from anyway?" she finally asked, pointing at their clothes. Callas provided the slaves with nothing more than rags that had the shape of potato-sacks, although he did make them change into silk clothes before he tortured them. But these clothes were definitely from the Old Era, desperately reminding her of all they'd lost.

Faith shrugged, shaking her head so droplets of water flew through the air and at Buffy, "I think she mentioned something about their group finding an old warehouse. It was stocked with clothes and all kinds of shit, so they took what they could."

Nodding, the blonde leaned her head on a wet shoulder and yawned. She had a feeling that her fatigue came from all the healing her body was still doing, although she actually felt better than she had in years. Those spells the witches had done had worked more than wonders; from what she could tell Faith was definitely back to full strength, all that remained were a few scars, inside and out. Buffy turned around, smiling at Willow and Tara who stood behind them.

"You guys ready to go? Our friend's house is right over the hill," Willow said, grasping her girlfriend's hand and smiled at her best friend as she stood up.

The two witches turned to walk through the trees as Faith stood up as well, the slayers following them up the hill.

"I swear some mutated Nessie bit me," Faith mumbled, receiving only snickers from the witches and a glare from the blonde.

"Faith, stop complaining. And Nessie lives in Loch Ness, not in some backyard lake, hun," Buffy grinned, looking at her best friend who turned around with a smile on her lips as well.

"Yeah, whatever. But if I get an infection and my foot falls off…it'll all be your fault!" the brunette grumbled, following the others with an exaggerate pout on her lips.

"Aww, poor baby. How 'bout I make it up to you later, huh?" Buffy whispered and Faith's eyes widened, before she broke out into a full grin.

"You promise?"

"Oh yeah."

The two witches could only grin at each other to stop from bursting out laughing.


The table shattered into pieces as his hand slammed down on top of it and the vampire turned to face the demons in front of him with a scowl, "The Slayers, just get me the Slayers. I don't care what you do with the witches, I just want the Slayers!"

The guards all took a step back as Callas planted himself firmly in front of them, his hand coming close to crushing one of the demon's windpipe. Swallowing, one of the guards stepped forward, bowed to the Ruler and spoke as his hands trembled in fear, "Majesty, the guards are afraid. No one wants to face two Slayers."

Growling, the vampire walked up close enough to the guard to feel him shake and looked straight into the demon's eyes, "And they're not afraid of me?"

"Y…yes, majesty…but…but the Slayers…," the guard went to reply but Callas sent him flying backwards with a shove to the chest and walked over to his shattered table.

"Fine, tell all those dimwits that whoever brings me the Slayers shall receive a generous reward. Now go!" the vampire yelled and after bowing as quickly as they possibly could the guards left the room to find the Slayers.


"Uh, Will?"

The redhead turned around, looking at the two girls behind her and gave them a questioning look.

"You do know that's not just *a* house…that's like a friggen demon suburb!" Faith announced, her voice quiet as not to call any attention to them.

They were standing at the bottom of the hill, hidden behind the large trees and looking at the street in front of them. There were large houses to the right and left of the street, toys scattered in some front lawns and Faith shook her head, "Even the demons get a better life than me. How fair is that?"

Although she'd spoken quietly Buffy had heard and squeezed the girl's hand as she turned to her best friend, "So, which house is it, Willow?"

The redhead pointed at the house closest to the trees and they were thankful that at least they wouldn't have to walk past a whole bunch of houses in the middle of the day. Willow started walking towards the back of the indicated house and the other three girls followed her, two of them thinking that this might be a very bad idea.

Stopping in the backyard, Willow knocked on a window and waited for the patio doors to be opened. She noticed the two slayers looking around nervously and she figured their slayer senses must be going off like crazy; after all there were only demons and vampires living in the neighborhood. Finally the door opened and a demon stepped outside, looking at them for a split-second before hugging Willow and Tara.

"Will, Tara…oh my god, I heard what happened. I'm so glad you guys made it out!" the demon exclaimed and then looked at the two other girls standing a little farther off from the witches.

Buffy and Faith looked at the demon, definitely a girl as they could tell by the voice, and narrowed their eyes. They weren't in the business of trusting demons any time soon and for some odd reason the girl/demon seemed to look familiar. Her skin was colored a mix between blue and purple and her eyes were something like yellow. The three girls stared at each other for a few seconds, before the demon smiled and nodded at them.

"You're the Slayers?"

The blonde and brunette nodded slowly, unconsciously standing closer to the other and looked at the two witches. But Willow and Tara apparently had expected the demon, and Buffy figured that this probably was their friend, as much as she disliked the idea of trusting a demon.

"Callas has put out a reward for whoever is to capture and bring you to him," the demon spoke and crossed her arms, looking around quickly.

"Oh great…how do we know you won't turn us in?" Faith asked, stepping farther away from the girl, but staying close to Buffy.

The demon shrugged and looked at the neighboring houses, "Well, you don't. But it's probably a lot safer to come inside than wait for someone to see you standing around in our backyard."

Grumbling, the two slayers followed the demon and witches inside the house, their senses alert as if anything were to strike them at any second. The demon closed the door, shutting the curtains and turned to them, holding out her hand for the slayers to shake, "Hi, I'm Anora…and I guess you must be Buffy and Faith, huh?"

Shaking the demon's hand reluctantly, the two nodded and looked around. The living room, at least that's what it looked like, was decorated with paintings and ugly, flowery chairs and a sofa, along with the occasional porcelain figurine. It looked so normal and human it made Buffy want to cry.

"Come on, I'll bring you to my room. I can get you guys some towels to dry off," Anora nodded towards a hallway and they followed her into a room that reminded Faith painfully of the one Buffy had had years ago. All the little girly things stacked everywhere, hundreds of pillows and posters of hunky guys. But she wasn't going to say that, she knew it'd only hurt the blonde more and it wasn't as if Buffy hadn't realized all of that herself.

The demon handed them some towels and Faith turned around in a circle, then looked at the girl, "Uh, just a quick question…how old are you?"

"I just turned 18. Why?" the demon responded and Faith gave a wary smile.

"So you don't live here alone, do you?" she continued, knowing what the answer would be and she was fearing the worst. She'd hid in a friend's room before while their parents were around and it wasn't exactly easy. Only then there hadn't been a reward on her head.

"No, I live with my mom and dad. They're at work, right now."

Groaning, Faith tightened her hold on the towel and glanced around the room again, "When are they gonna be back?"

The demon considered for a few seconds, then shrugged, "Well, my mom's a teacher so she won't be home until about 5. But my dad should be home any minute. See, he's an Army Guard and Callas ordered them all to go home and start searching for the Slayers in shifts."

"Perfect! You brought us right into the lion's den!" the brunette spun around to face the two witches and they gave her an apologetic look.

"We didn't know, Faith. I'm sure Anora will keep us hidden until we can figure out what to do next," Willow responded, unsure of the wild look she saw in the brunette's eyes. Faith was looking dangerous again, that look she had way back when they'd first met the younger slayer, after she'd killed Allan and the professor. And the redhead couldn't help but feel more than a little scared.

But just when the dark slayer seemed about to explode, Buffy wrapped two strong arms around her waist and pulled her back. Faith literally deflated, turning around in the blonde's arms and rested a head on Buffy's shoulder. Pulling the girl closer to her, the older slayer threw an apologetic glance at Willow, who could only nod.

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry. I just don't want to go back there…," Faith whispered and the blonde could tell the girl was close to tears. Kissing the top of her head, Buffy pulled the girl up and looked deep into her eyes.

"It's okay, don't worry. We won't go back there, not like that anyway. Callas won't see the light of another day, I promise you."

Faith looked at her, then smiled, wrapping her arms around the blonde. Pulling away she took a step towards Willow, then hugged her and Tara as well as an apology. Sighing, the brunette ran a hand through her hair, closing her eyes for a second then looked at the demon girl and nodded at her.

"If we're going to defeat Callas we'll need all the help we can get. Are you in?"

Anora nodded and smiled, resulting in a weak smile from the slayer who sat down on the bed next to Willow. Now all they had to do was discuss their plan of action.


He opened the door with a sigh, escaping the burning rays of the sun. His sword came off as soon as he'd stepped into the hallway and he rested it on the dresser near the door. Sure, it was very useful especially in fights, but he just hated wearing the sword. Unbuttoning his black shirt, he breathed a sigh of relief as cool air touched his body. The Army Guard uniform was too hot and he had a feeling Callas knew about that perfectly well.

Walking into the living room he saw no sign of his daughter and shook his head. She was probably out with friends, shopping. He didn't like that thought at all, it wasn't safe right now. The Slayers were out, and although they were said to be badly injured they were Slayers after all. He decided to at least check her room before getting all worried and made his way to the hallway leading to the girl's room.

Vannir smiled as he heard voices coming from her room, maybe the girls were still here and he could warn them about going out until the Slayers were caught. Stopping in front of the door he grasped the handle and pushed it down, opening the door slowly to make sure they could hide anything 'bad' they were doing.

"Honey, I just wanted you to know that the Slayers…" he stopped in mid-sentence as he looked into his daughter's room. The two Slayers were sitting on Anora's bed, along with two other girls he pegged to be the witches.

"…are in our house…" he finished and stared at his daughter standing off to the side dumbfounded.


"I know they're in our house, dad. I brought them here," the girl responded, crossing her arms as she looked at her dad.

The guard stared at the two Slayers again, watching for any sudden movement but they were quiet for now. Stepping backwards he knew he had to get his sword, but it was all the way in the hallway, the Slayers could easily reach him before then. But his daughter's hand stopped him from backing away further.

"Dad, don't. We got a plan…to get rid off Callas. You always say how you wished the Slayers would do what their destiny called them to do," Anora whispered so only her dad could hear and looked into his eyes pleadingly. She knew her father was against the Ruler, but overthrowing the powerful vampire wasn't possible for one simple demon. The Slayers, however, they could do it and they both knew it.

Closing his eyes he shook his head, this definitely was too much. Sure, he'd helped out the Slayers a little while they'd been locked up and he did remember thinking that it would be better if they escaped and killed Callas. But if they failed he'd be hanged as a traitor and his family cast out of society. He couldn't leave that kind of responsibility sitting on his family.

"At least listen to our plan, you can do that much," his daughter begged him and Vannir looked at the Slayers again. Miraculously they looked pretty healthy, considering the torture Callas had inflicted on the brunette right before she'd escape and the fact that the blonde had actually been shot. Maybe they had a chance, maybe.

"Fine…but I will still get my sword in case they try anything," he mumbled, walking off cautiously to fetch his sword, then met up with the five girls in his living room. If he hadn't already had an un-good feeling about this, he would've definitely felt awkward now. The Slayers recognized him, which was probably a good thing considering he'd treated them with some respect and they hadn't killed him or his daughter yet.

And then one of the witches began explaining.


"…no, absolutely not!" he shook his head and looked at his daughter to tell her there was no way he was allowing this.

"But it's the only way! Someone has to bring them to the castle, dad," Anora explained again, searching for her friends' eyes to get some support.

"Yeah, we can't just go waltzing in there, pretending to turn ourselves in," Faith interjected and shrugged, looking at the guard. She remembered him, of course, he was the only demon to have paid them some form of respect. If there was one person in the whole Army they could hope to get help from it was him. And they needed help.

"I will not let you bring them there, Anora, it's too dangerous. They'll have to fight and I don't want you to get hurt."

"But dad…," the girl tried again but was cut off by her dad's handing motioning her to stop.

"Yes, I know what you're trying to say, it's the only way. And I know that…therefore I shall bring the Slayers to the castle and hand them over to Callas. He trusts me and will not doubt my ability to have captured them. And I can make sure no other guards are able to enter the room while they fight the Ruler."

Buffy looked at Faith and they nodded at each other, then at the guard. This probably was the better idea, as long as they really could trust him. And it was a lot safer for the demon girl, that was true. They were just about to go over the battle plan again, when Willow interjected.

"Wait…Callas thinks you're injured. He might be cautious if you're not."

"So what, you're suggesting we injure each other and then really lose the fight?" Faith asked, her eyebrows raised as she looked at each person in turn.

"No, Tara and I can do a spell to make you appear hurt. Just like invisibility spell we used to free you Faith, it works kind of like that. It makes your old injuries appear, but only visually, they're not really there. As long as you act hurt and weak Callas won't know the difference."

Vannir nodded, going over the plan in his mind and brought a hand to his forehead. This was way beyond dangerous, not only could the Slayers be killed, but him and his family as well. Of course, new Slayers would be called…but who knew whether they'd have the same opportunity to defeat Callas. He knew this was the only way. Getting up, he went to his office, looking for the chains he knew he kept there and also found a few wooden stakes.

"I've got magic supplies in a closet over there, if you guys want to see whether you can find what you need for the spell in there," he nodded towards the two witches, then handed the stakes to the Slayers and held up the chains.

"These are chains made for human slaves, you two should be able to rip them easily. But I'll make them a little looser, just in case," he told them and started working on the chains as the two witches returned with a handful of little powders and herbs.

The girls started the spell and he watched them from a few feet away, then looked at the Slayers. Sure, they looked better and healthier, for now anyway, but he wasn't sure whether they still had the skill to defeat Callas. Shaking his head he prayed; to whom he didn't even know.


The girl looked up at the big castle in front of her, swallowing hard at the memories it brought. She didn't want to go back there, she didn't want to have to fight. She wished Callas would just impale himself and save them the trouble. Feeling for the stake in the waistband of her pants, Anora had been nice enough to lend her a pair of pants to hide her stake in since those shorts really didn't have much cloth on them, she sighed. The chains were loose around her wrists, but they still felt tight. Probably just for the fact that she was back in them, not free anymore. Although, Faith knew that she could really snap the chains and escape anytime.

They'd received not just some, but countless stares from demons and vampires during their walk across the marketplace and to the castle. Faith knew that to parts it was from the 'injuries' on their bodies; she could remember the way she'd looked after the last torture session shortly after Buffy's escape. She shuddered looking at herself even though she knew the cuts, burns and bruises weren't real. Even dried blood was coating her skin, along with dirt that she'd washed off long ago…Willow and Tara had done wonders again.

Turning her head towards Buffy she had to keep telling herself that the wounds weren't real. A large patch of blood was soaking through the blonde's shirt, just where her gunshot wound would've been and there were a few cuts on Buffy's forehead. All in all they both looked like they'd break if anyone as much as looked at them. Of course they'd added the limping and pained expressions for every step to the ensemble, but this damn limping thing without having any pain was harder than she would've thought.

The large doors in front of them opened and Vannir pulled on the chains to drag them inside. Gasps could be heard to the sides, but they had to keep their heads down like good slaves and didn't actually get a look at anyone else. She just hoped no guards would go outside and find Willow, Tara and Anora in their hiding spot outside the castle. Suddenly they stopped again and Faith almost bumped into the guard, as he waited for two other guards to open the large double-doors. She figured those led to Callas' throne room, as he called it and she could feel her senses itching being in close proximity of a vampire.

They walked into the room, but the doors remained open to her dismay. She hoped Vannir would be able to get them closed when he left, they might be able to fight Callas but not a whole army. The vampire stood at the end of the room, looking out a large window, his back to them. Off to the side Faith saw a table smashed to pieces and grinned, if they lost their stakes at least they'd have some provisional ones.

Callas turned around, seeming pissed at first for being interrupted but immediately spotted the Slayers and came over. He looked at Vannir who was wearing a grim expression, holding the chain connecting the Slayers in his hand and pulled on it to make the girls stumble forward. The vampire watched in satisfaction as the dark-haired one fell, taking the blonde with her and soon they were both sitting on the floor, looking weaker than even normal humans could. Callas raised his hand, indicating to Vannir that he didn't need to order them up, then smiled.

"You found them?"

"Yes, majesty…they were hiding by the lake, near my house. I saw them and was able to take them down without much of a fight. They're weak and injured. I hear you mentioned something about a reward?" Vannir spoke, his voice cold and stern, and he knew Callas was believing every word he said.

"Sure, Vannir. If you go to my magistrates they'll provide you with your money. Oh and please have the doors closed when you step out, I want some alone time with my Slayers," Callas smiled and nodded at the demon, who bowed quickly and left, the doors falling shut behind him.

The vampire stood above the Slayers, looking down at them with a wicked grin and crouched in front of Faith, cocking his head. He missed drinking the Slayer blood, even if he'd only done it once; it was addicting like the most powerful drug. He'd gotten some of the girl's blood after torturing her the last time and Callas wasn't going to wait any longer in getting some more. After drinking that slave girl at the cave last night he'd given up staying away from his food. And he'd forgotten how much he missed the feel of the body giving out underneath of him, the veins collapsing as he drained the victim's blood.

The vampire trailed a cold finger down the girl's bruised and bloody cheek, he remembered inflicting those bruises on her and smiled softly. He recognized the fear in her eyes and leaned closer, letting his fangs graze her neck gently. Playing with them was one of the fun parts of drinking from live victims, not to mention the terror the blonde must've been feeling right about now. She'd lost a lot of blood and he wasn't going to risk killing her by drinking too much, so he'd just wait. The brunette was just as good. Callas sunk his teeth into her neck, feeling the skin and muscles give way to his fangs and hearing the satisfying, pained gasp from the girl.

But before he could even react a fist connected with the side of his jaw, sending him flying almost a foot into the air before he dropped onto the stone floor. Snapping his eyes open he stared at the blonde Slayer, the chains around her wrists gone as she stood next to the brunette. He watch the blood trickle down the girl's neck from where his fangs had pierced her skin, but suddenly she jumped up as well, the chains snapping under the force and she pulled a stake from the waistband of her pants.

"Who would've thought…the Slayers grew a backbone," he smiled and stood up, brushing the dirt from his shirt. Of course, pissing them off would only make his situation worse, but he had nothing to lose now. His guards would never hear him through the soundproof doors…and even if, Callas doubted they'd do much damage. They were all idiots and he should've expected the smarter ones to go against him eventually.

"And who would've thought," the blonde cocked her head, "Callas is afraid."

He growled, no one called him by his name. Callas charged at the two girls. His attack seemed to surprise them and the vampire's straightened arm hit the brunette across the face, sending her sprawling back to the floor. But as soon as he landed a hit on her, a foot almost caught him in the head and he barely evaded the blonde's roundhouse kick. Jumping back a little, he grinned and sent a kick of his own her way. The girl blocked, countering with a punch to his jaw that sent him stumbling backwards.

Wiping away the trail of blood running down the corner of his mouth, he hissed, "Slayer. You're dead."

Rolling her eyes the blonde extended a hand to her counterpart without even looking and pulled the brunette up, "Gee, how original vampire. And just so you know who we are when we kill you…our names are Buffy and Faith, not 'Slayer'."

Growling the vampire jumped at them, kicking at them with both his legs, but they ducked as expected. Callas turned in mid-air and brought his leg around, catching the blonde's shoulder and he landed on his other foot. Following up with a jab to her stomach, he immediately ducked as he felt the other girl send a roundhouse his way and swept her legs out from under her. They both jumped up quickly, cautiously advancing towards his sides and started attacking at the same time.

Callas couldn't even tell whose punch he was blocking or what kick he dodged as they countered back and forth, all three of them kicking, punching and blocking. The pace was fast and if he hadn't been a vampire he probably wouldn't have been able to keep track of their movements at all. The brunette was clutching her stake tightly in her right hand and Callas allowed her to land a punch with her left. Crouching to duck a kick from the blonde, the vampire managed to grab Faith's right hand, yanking on it hard enough to flip her over him and onto her back with a thud. The stake rolled out of her hand as she gasped for breath and the vampire leaned back onto his hands, kicking up with both legs into the blonde's chest. She fell backwards as well and he jumped up, grabbing the stake from the ground and kneeled over the brunette Slayer, raising the stake to kill her.

He just didn't care anymore whether there'd be new Slayers called, he was fighting for his un-life here. He'd expected them to be a lot weaker, especially Buffy whose shirt was soaked in blood from that gunshot wound. But they'd given him quite a fight, not quite enough to save themselves from death though. Shaking his head Callas slammed the stake down, but was suddenly thrown off the brunette's body with enough force to send him crashing onto his broken table. Groaning, he stared at the blonde bitterly, his hand grasping a piece of wood from the table and got up again.

The Slayers were circling him, neither making the first move to attack and Callas watched them carefully. Suddenly Buffy threw her stake straight at his heart and the vampire caught it with ease, smiling at her and shaking his head, but in the few seconds he'd spent gloating he had completely forgotten about the brunette. Spinning around he was greeted with a punch to the jaw and a few quick jabs to the stomach that drove him backwards and he countered with his own punch that the girl easily blocked. Faith grabbed onto his wrist hard, squeezing so tight he was afraid it was going to break bone and eventually yanked him up slightly, then threw him backwards to where the blonde was. Knowing he'd be dust if he didn't react, Callas forced himself to fall towards the left and suppressed a groan of pain as the stake entered his chest.

"Missed the heart, Slayer," he coughed and looked at the wooden stake protruding from the right side of his chest. Reaching behind him he pulled out the stake with a hiss of pain and stumbled backwards, knowing he'd have to be out of reach to still have a chance.

Both Slayers stared at him, walking up next to each other, and it was their turn to gasp as the wound on the vampire closed up very slowly. Blood was still trickling from the hole in his chest, but as Callas looked down he thanked whoever had reminded him to have his magistrates cast a couple of super-healing spells on him. The Slayers looked at each other, then both charged at him at once, stakes raised. Callas jumped, both his feet connecting with a Slayer, but instead of sending them crashing to the floor the girls caught his legs and let the vampire land hard on the ground. Faith was on him in a second, her fist rocking his head from one side to the other and she quickly thrust down her stake before he'd have a chance to react.

Callas, though, was quicker than that and caught both her hands in his before the stake could enter his chest, pushing up against her, trying to turn the stake to point at her. He knew that even though he'd be able to he couldn't flip her over onto her back; the blonde was still standing above them, only waiting for him to give her an open shot. The vampire turned the stake, pointing it at the brunette Slayer's neck, then grinned.

"Checkmate, luv," he whispered to her and pushed against the stake with all his might while she tried to push it away, the wood starting to splinter under the force. Suddenly, as the wooden tip was almost piercing her skin, he felt a knee connect with his groin and yelped in surprise and pain. Throwing the Slayer off him, Callas pulled away, writhing in pain for a few seconds. Buffy was already coming at him, her own stake raised and she jumped on top of him, sending another wave of pain crashing through his body, but he kicked her off as well, standing up slowly.

He sent a roundhouse kick at Faith's head, who'd greeted him with a poised stake as soon as he'd stood, and she didn't have time to block, catching the hit full on. Callas watched as her eyes clouded over and she started to sway, suddenly falling forward. He drove a knee into her stomach as she fell and spun around in time to clothesline the blonde standing behind him. She dropped to her knees, gasping for breath and Callas looked down as two arms wrapped tightly around his legs. The brunette was holding onto him, trying to stand and the vampire pulled her up by her hair, staring at her face with a smile. She was close to unconsciousness and he let his fist connect with the side of her head again, just to make sure, then leaned in to finally get his blood. Kicking behind him he connected with something solid, making sure that the blonde couldn't sneak up on him, then brought his fangs to Faith's neck.

"But you fought so well," he murmured, licking the blood off the unconscious girl's neck. Suddenly her eyes snapped open and he felt a stake enter his back, just before another entered his chest.

"Aww…and so did you," the brunette whispered, her fist connecting hard with his face as she looked into his shocked eyes, sending him flying into the air just before he exploded into dust. Faith blinked, her stake still raised and she stared at Buffy who was standing in the same position not a foot from her.

They stared at each other, mouths hanging open before they both broke into wide grins. Two stakes dropped to the stone floor as the Slayers fell into each other's arms. The dust was slowly settling on their clothes, hair and the ground and they turned just in time to see the doors burst open, spilling a whole regime of guards into the room.

"Where's the Ruler!?" one of them yelled, his weapon trained on them.

Buffy cocked her head, looking at him and shrugged, "Poof?"

The guards looked at them dumbfounded for a few seconds, then at each other and lowered their weapons. The one that had spoken earlier held up a hand and yelled, "The Ruler is dead! Long live the Rulers!" Dropping to one knee the group of demons bowed and the two girls looked at each other, confused.

"B," Faith whispered, pulling on the other girl's sleeve, "they're bowing to us."

"Uh…yeah. What does that mean?" the blonde whispered back, watching as the guards kept their heads bowed. She looked at them, then back at Faith and shrugged, "Uh…stand up?" she said a little louder and the guards all rose to their feet, the weapons they'd had trained on the Slayers just a few seconds ago were tucked away safely.

"Umm, not to be rude or anything, but…what's going on?" Buffy continued, wondering why they weren't cutting the Slayers to pieces for killing Callas.

"Whoever kills the Ruler becomes Ruler themselves. You didn't know that?" came a familiar voice from the entrance and the two girls watched as Vannir made his way towards them.

"But…we're not…I mean, we're not Rulers. We can't rule people, right Faith?" the blonde pointed at her and Faith, who was only nodding, rendered speechless.

"Well, whatever you do is up to you," the guard spoke and looked around the room, seeing the grains of dust on the two girls he smiled.

"So…can we let all the slaves go free?" Buffy asked excitedly, almost bouncing and Vannir nodded, letting the guards know to do exactly that.

"Aww, but Buffy," Faith interjected from her side, "I wanted to have some slaves, too!"

Receiving a glare from the blonde, the younger girl held up her hands with a smirk, "Hey, I was only joking. Let my people go, right?"

Before she could respond to that, the Slayers heard footsteps in the hallway and were greeted with the bodies of two witches and a demon girl tackling them in hugs. Willow was smiling more than she could remember ever doing before and looked at the dust on the floor as well, "You know guys," she finally spoke, "I never thought I'd be so happy to see dust."

They chuckled and Faith hugged the redheaded Wicca tightly, "You know Red, me neither."

"Willow, did you hear? They made Faith and I like new Rulers or something!" Buffy squealed and hugged her best friend once again.

"Yeah, I saw them releasing all the slaves. But what're you guys gonna do?" Willow asked, looking around the room. It was definitely a nice castle, now that Callas was nothing more than dust on the floor.

The Slayers looked at each other, shrugging, "I dunno. I don't want to rule the world or some crap like that. But hell there's no way I'm giving up this castle! It's wicked cool!"

Buffy rolled her eyes then shook her head as she looked at the two witches and the demon, "Faith!"

"What? I bet they've got great beds. What'cha say B, you did promise me something and you know how slaying always get me…," the brunette started, her mouth close to Buffy's ears and sending shivers down the blonde's back.

Clamping a hand around the brunette's mouth, Buffy smiled nervously, taking the girl's hand, "Hungry…you're hungry. We…we'll find you something to eat. Come on."

Dragging the younger girl out of the room Buffy shook her head again, wondering what the hell she was getting herself into. Faith turned around quickly, catching Willow's eyes and winked, before vanishing out the door with the blonde.

"That is just too…I wanna say creepy, anyone else wanna go with creepy here?" the redhead remarked, watching the Slayers leave the room.

"Maybe we should reverse that spell," Tara interjected, "I don't know how fun uh…'eating' is going to be with the spell still in effect."

Willow grinned, taking her girlfriend's hand and shrugged, "Hey, their choice. If they hadn't just run off like that, then we could've reversed the spell and then they could've gone to find…food, but nooo, they couldn't wait and now they're gonna have to…,"

The redhead was cut off by her girlfriend's lips pressed gently against hers and to that she really couldn't object. No matter how much making out in front of a whole bunch of demons freaked her out. Maybe they should go find a room as well, it was a castle after all…lots of space.


"Buffy?" the brunette asked softly, looking into hazel eyes as they stood in the large bedroom, surrounded by the soft light of candles and each other's presence.

"Yeah, babe?" Buffy looked up at her lover, trailing her fingers gently across the girl's soft skin.

"I…I want you to know that I love you. A lot. And I never, ever want to be without you again," Faith whispered, closing her eyes in fear of being rejected, now that everything was over.

"Good," she heard Buffy's soft voice whisper in reply and opened her eyes, "'cause I love you. A lot."

The brunette smiled, leaning closer to the blonde's ear and breathed, "Really?"

Her answer came in the form of her girlfriend's lips touching hers gently, before Buffy's tongue entered her mouth and made her forget whatever she had asked in the first place.

Because now really was no time for questions.

The End