Heroes, Goddesses, And Monsters
by Screw Ball
Rating: R

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns all the characters in this story except one, and I am sure we can point out who he doesn't own. Many other peoples own Buffy and company but I don't know them all but please don't sue me.
Author's Notes: I guess this is before 'Bad Girls' and Gwen Post never happened. Angel is back from hell but not with Buffy, he isn't in this fiction either, I guess he didn't fit. This fic is basically about a dream I had, the whole fic is based on the dream but I had to add things to make it seem realistic. I was reading some book for school called 'Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths' by Bernard Evslin and that's how I got the ending of the story. I think it's kind of corny and stupid but oh well.
Dedication: My bestest friend in the whole wide world Shaina. And of course Nicole for her continued inspiration.
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It's been about two or three months since Faith came to Sunnydale. In the beginning Buffy wasn't sure about Faith and the person she was but lately Buffy found a friend in Faith, someone to share her slaying problems with and more. They shared something no one else did. A connection that no one could possibly touch. They both liked knowing they could depend on each other.

The gang liked Faith too. Xander and Faith were good friends but they tended to be immature around each other, and play pranks on people, but everyone got a laugh. Willow liked Faith even though she sometimes felt left out because she wasn't apart of the whole 'slayer' thing that Buffy and Faith had but it was OK because Willow knew her and Buffy had a friendship no one could touch. Oz liked Faith because Faith liked his band and Cordelia didn't care Faith was around as long as she didn't address her in public.

Buffy and Faith were out patrolling one night and struck up a conversation.

"Where are all the vamps." Faith yelled irritated.

"It's a slow night." Buffy replied shrugging.

"Yea, more like a slow week." Faith says as she kicks some dirt and rocks.

Faith begins to walk ahead as Buffy stays still in place with a confused look on her face.

Faith notices the lack of Buffy and turns around.

"What's wrong B?" Faith asks with a hint of worry in her voice.

"What if the vamps haven't been around lately because something bad is going to happen?"

"Don't say that, you don't want to jinx us." Faith laughs a little.

"I am being serious Faith." Buffy says keeping a stern look.

"OK we can ask Giles about it, he always knows what's the what."


"I don't know." Giles states as he takes off his glasses.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Faith asks shocked at Giles' answer.

"Certainly something could happen but there is no way in knowing for sure. It could be anything from big to little. Don't worry about this until we know for sure what may happen."

"That's it? We just wait around for something to happen?" Buffy asks.

"I am sorry Buffy but that's all we can do. If anything were to happen I am sure something would hint to it."

"All right all right, me and B will patrol tonight and try and get some info." Faith says standing up.

"Can we go now?" Cordelia asks annoyed.

"Yes, you all can go." Giles says and Cordelia practically runs out.

Faith walks over to Oz.

"Hey Wolfboy, what's up?"

"Nothing much just sitting, waiting, becoming hungry." He replies.

"Oh yea, I forgot to tell you the performance the other night was awesome. You guys totally rocked."

"Oh thanks, I missed some cords though."

"You might wanna try..." Faith trails off giving Oz advice as they walk out.

Buffy watches Faith and Oz leave and walks over to Willow.

"How about Bronze tonight?" Buffy asks.

"I thought you and Faith had to do some serious slayage tonight?"

"Yea but I am sure we will be done in time to see Oz's band play."

"Okay see ya there then."

Willow walks out too.

"Will you be returning to class Buffy?" Giles asks.

"Actually I have to check some books out for a project. Who would've thought?"


Buffy and Faith walk around the cemetery.

"Just what I thought B, nothing." Faith says disappointed.

Just then a vamp flies out from the bushes and surprises Faith from behind. He jumps on her back and knocks her to the ground. He pulls out a knife to slash Faith when *Poof*.

"Damnit! Bastard!" Faith screams.

"Well, we got him Faith, no need to yell."

"I wasn't yelling at the vamp, I was yelling at you!"

"Me? I just saved your ass!"

"Yea I know, but now we have no one to interrogate, back to zero."

"Well, excuse me for saving you from being vamp food."

Faith sighs, upset at the way she yelled at Buffy.

"Sorry B, I didn't mean to yell like that."

Faith stands up.

"Damnit! Fucking thing!" Faith screams again.

"Now what did I do?" Buffy asks.

"Nothing, I think I have glass in my fuckin' arm."

"Oh, you have to come to my house I have a first aid kit there. I can take the..." Faith cuts her off.

"I don't think so B, you sure you know what your doin'?" Faith asks skeptically.

"Do you trust me?" Buffy asks.

"Of course I ... all right lets go."


"You can go sit down in the kitchen, I'll go get the kit." Faith walks into the kitchen and sits on the table. When Buffy comes in she gives Faith a deadly look and Faith jumps off the table into a chair.

"Take off your jacket"

"Yes Sir." Faith jokes.

Buffy kneels down and starts to patch up Faith's arm and puts her hand over Faith's tattoo.

"When did you get this?" She asks.

"When I was about 15."

"It's nice, I like it."

"Thanks B"

Buffy and Faith start to stare at each other until Buffy breaks contact and makes sure she cleaned Faith's cut right. She starts to feel Faith's eyes on her and looks up. They stare at each other for a couple seconds before Buffy stands and gets pulled into Faith's lap. Buffy leans in closer and Faith does the same. Their hearts pound and their desire grows stronger. They are so lost in each other's eyes that they don't hear the phone ring. Faith realizes the ringing and sighs.

"You should answer that."

Buffy gets pulled out of her daze by Faith's voice.

"Yea I should."

Faith backs away a little immediately regretting it.

"Oh you mean now." Buffy says a little flustered.

Faith nods with a smirk and Buffy leaves Faith's lap and walks toward the phone.


//"Hey Buffy, it's Willow."//

"Oh hey Willow, me and Faith will be at the Bronze soon, Faith got hurt and she came here to patch it up."

//"Is she OK?"//

"Yea she is fine."

//"Okay see ya at the Bronze."//

"See ya."

Buffy hangs up the phone and hears Faith walk in from the kitchen.

"Ready to motor B?"

"Yea, lets go."

They walk out in awkward silence, neither of them knowing what to do or say.


At the Bronze Buffy and Faith head toward everyone at their usual table.

"Hey everyone." Buffy says sitting down.

She receives 'heys' from Xander, Willow, Oz, and Cordelia.

Faith waves at everyone and smiles.

They dance, talk, and have fun, but Buffy couldn't seem to stop thinking about what was about to happen between her and Faith. Did she want that? Would it ruin her friendship? Was she ready? She was over Angel a long time ago, she couldn't blame her confusion on him.

Buffy looks toward Faith and notices she is lost in thought also. Buffy gets up and signals for Faith to follow her. No one asks where they are going because they are too busy with their conversations.

Buffy pulls Faith outside the Bronze.

"What's up B?"

Faith asks as casually as ever, even though she is really nervous.

"You can't act like nothing happened."

Faith sighs immediately knowing what Buffy is talking about.

"Uh, was I the only one there? B, nothing did happen. Red called and that was it."

"But what if she hadn't called?"

"I don't know B, we would have kissed, I guess. Don't freak out we didn't."

"I don't know what's going on between us but I would really like it if we were back to normal. Me and you just friends, nothing like tonight."

"All right B, if that's the way you want it. But you turned away from this."

"'This?' What Faith? What 'this'?"

"Us." Faith swallows the lump in her throat trying not to let tears fall down her face.

"No impossible, there isn't an 'us'."

Faith looks at Buffy one last time before turning around and walking off.

Buffy starts to feel guilty about what she said and sadly walks back into the Bronze.

That night both slayers didn't get any sleep, because they were thinking about each other. Both confused.

Faith confused because she didn't understand why Buffy wouldn't admit her feelings.

Buffy confused because she didn't understand her feelings.


It's been about a week since Buffy and Faith talked about something that didn't relate to slaying. Buffy still felt guilty about being so harsh to Faith that weekend. Faith was still confused as to why Buffy freaked out the way she did. And they both didn't let each other see that they both missed each other. Things were definitely tense and awkward between the two.

The whole gang was in the library still discussing why all the vampires were so scarce. Everyone was making suggestions and comments, all but Buffy and Faith. Both were lost in thought, and both thinking of each other. Every couple of seconds they would find themselves staring at each other until one would get uncomfortable and look away.

Faith was slouched in her chair when Giles told everyone the discussion could continue at lunch. She jumped when Oz taped her on the shoulder.

"Yea Oz?" She asked.

"You can go now, we are just going to wait here till the bell rings."

"Oh okay. See ya later."

She walked out while everyone was getting ready for the bell.

Walking down the hallway, all Faith could think of was Buffy until she was taped on the shoulder. Faith turned around to see who it was and found a beautiful curly haired blonde in front of her with a smile.

"Hi, can you tell me where the library is?" The girl asked.

Faith was still speechless by the girl's beauty but found something logical to say anyway.

"Yea, I could walk you, if you like." Faith smiled back at the girl, waiting for an answer.

"Sure, my name's Nicole, by the way."

She answers putting out her hand.

"Faith." Faith says as she takes Nicole's hand.

"Lead the way Faith."

When they walked in the library everyone was still there waiting for the bell to their next period.

"Uh, hey everyone, this is Nicole, Mr. Giles is over behind the counter." Faith said pointing.

As Nicole walks over to Giles Faith admires her beauty. Xander walks over to Faith.

"Wow, nice find Faith."

"Yea, thanks."

Xander starts to walk over to Nicole but Faith stops him.

"Hey Xander, she's mine."

Xander gives Faith a confused look, then realizes what she told him.

"Oh ... I uh, um, yea okay, I just, you know, I didn't know you were, um, were a..." Faith cuts off his babble.

"It's cool X, now you do."

"Uh, yea."

Faith smirks at him and walks to sit at the table with Willow, Oz, and Cordelia. She was so busy watching Nicole she didn't know Buffy wasn't in the room. By the time she did realize it Buffy walked through the library doors.

As Buffy walks further into the room she swears she feels an evil presence. Then she sees a curly haired blonde girl talking to Giles. She starts to get bad vibes of her and looks over to Faith to see if she feels the vibes too but Faith is too busy looking at the girls as to even acknowledge Buffy's presence.

Buffy starts to get angry at Faith's lack of slayer attention or maybe she is angry at Faith's lack of Buffy attention.

Buffy finally gets Faith's attention and signals for Faith to walk over to her.

"What's up B?" Faith asks.

"Who is she?" Buffy says looking over at the other blonde.

"Her name's Nicole, she asked me where the library was, so I showed her."

"Oh okay." Buffy says still unsure of the girl. Buffy continues, "You're not getting any, I don't know, bad vibes off her?"

Buffy realizes Faith wasn't listening to a word she said because she was staring at Nicole.

"Faith, hello, earth to Faith."

Buffy nudges Faith to get her attention.

"What? Oh um, what did you say?" Faith says still looking at Nicole.

"Oh never mind." Buffy says in disgust as she walks away from Faith to the table.

Faith looks after her confused as to why she was acting that way. The more you think you know about Buffy the less you really do, Faith thought with a smile.


It's about 8:30 and time for Buffy to pick up Faith for slaying.

She starts to think about how her and Faith didn't really talk about what happened that weekend. But Buffy new why they never talked about it. It was because Buffy freaked out on Faith outside the Bronze. She didn't mean to act like super-bitch but she was afraid. She new she liked Faith, maybe she was even in love with her, but it was all too new for her. Maybe if they talked about it she wouldn't be afraid to get into a relationship with Faith.

Now that Buffy knows and understands her feelings, it is time to confront Faith about it.

She knocks on Faith's door waiting for Faith to tell her she could go in.

But never hears that. Buffy knocks again and calls Faith's name. A little worried that something might be wrong with the brunette.

"Yea, hold on a sec." She hears Faith say.

Buffy stands there patiently until Faith opens the door.

"Hey B, ready to motor." Faith says with a nervous smile.

Buffy senses something wrong.

"Yea, what took you so ..."

She stops when she sees Nicole stand up in the background. Nicole walks over to Faith and gives her a quick kiss.

"Oh, hi, Buffy right? Well, I have to go, see you later Faith, bye Buffy."

Nicole says and walks past Buffy to leave.

"Um, okay, what was that about?" Buffy says, more than a little confused about the kiss Faith and Nicole shared. Just when she was figuring out her feelings for Faith, a blonde bimbo gets in her way.

"What? Oh you mean Nicole. Yea, we uh, we're, uh we're..."

Buffy cuts her off.


"Yea, I guess."

Faith sees a flash of hurt in Buffy's eyes but it is gone before she can blink.

"Oh, okay." Did a ton of bricks just fall on my head? Buffy thinks still upset.

"B, you okay with this?"

Faith says concerned.

"Yea, of course I am, why shouldn't I be?" Buffy asks looking directly into Faith's eyes.

"I don't know, you're not jealous, are you?" Faith says quickly.

Buffy laughs a little, even though she is crying on the inside.

"Who me? Don't be ridiculous. It's not like we were going out or anything."

"No, I guess no."

Faith says, the disappointment showing in her voice.

"Okay, we gonna go or not." Faith says walking past Buffy to leave.

"Yep, here we go."

Buffy leaves and shuts the door. This will be a fun night, Buffy thought.


The next day Buffy walks into the library determined to tell Faith how she feels but as soon as she sees Faith she looses all her confidence. She sees Faith sitting down at the table with Nicole on her lap. Buffy feels like she can hardly breathe when she sees Faith whisper something in Nicole's ear. Buffy can't stand the giggling noises Nicole makes when Faith plays with her ears with her tongue.

Just then Cordelia walks in and gives a disgusted look toward Faith. She walks over to the table and sighs.

"Hi, dykadelic."

Cordelia sits down and Faith replies.

"What's up, slut-o-rama."

Faith smirks at Cordelia and returns her full attention back to Nicole.

Buffy walks out of the library as quick as she went in but with less confidence. Faith sees Buffy and removes Nicole from her lap to go after Buffy.

She sees Buffy walking down the hall faster than a speeding bullet. Faith catches up to her and grabs her shoulder to turn her around.

When Buffy turns around she sees a very concerned Faith standing in front of her.

Faith smiles to break the tension.

"Where you going B?"

"Class, I have to get to class."

"Oh, okay. You sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine, will you stop asking me that?"

"Well, excuse me for being concerned, I'll try not to do it next time."

"Good, can we drop this." Buffy says impatiently.





"God B, do you have to get in the last word?"

"Can we stop acting like little kids?"

"Hey, I'm not the one acting like super-bitch."

"Is that what you really think of me?" Buffy says her voice breaking.

"No, of course not, I'm sorry. You're just acting really strange."

"I don't know what you're talking about, I am fine."

"If you say so B."

"Yea, well I say so."

"You see, why are you acting so cocky to me, what did I do?"

"God Faith, will you open your eyes." Buffy says, still about to break.

"I don't know what you mean."

"No, of course you don't."

"Well, why don't you tell me what you mean and we can get this argument settled." Faith says as she raise her voice. By now they struck up quite a crowd from their arguing but neither of them noticed.

"You don't have to yell."

"I don't know what you want from me. I haven't done a damn thing to you. Will you please just tell me what's bothering you." Faith says a little calmer.

"You really want to know what's bothering me?"

"Yes, I really want to know." Faith says getting sick of all the questions.

"I'm in love with you Faith. But you were to blind to see because of that blonde chick that you probably think is the most beautiful thing in the world, while I'm just..."

Faith cuts Buffy off by kissing her with all the love she can give.

Buffy is so shocked by the kiss it took her a couple seconds to realize she was kissing Faith. Her Faith. She was the happiest girl in the world.

Suddenly Buffy and Faith realize the claps and whistles from the Sunnydale High students. But what they don't realize is the curly haired blonde smiling at her victory.

They break apart and both can't stop smiling. Buffy wraps her arms around Faith's neck and squeezes to keep hold of her. Faith responds to Buffy's hug by wrapping her arms around Buffy's waist, and whispering, "I love you." In Buffy's ear. To Buffy and Faith it feels like the whole world is spinning around the two of them.

The End