Who's That Girl?
by Sarah Meyers
Rating: PG-13



"Looks like we're here," Tara said to Willow as they reached her dorm room. "T-thanks for walking me back," she added softly.

"It was no problem," Willow told her. "It was nice getting to know you Tara. You should come to the Bronze with us all tomorrow night."

"The Bronze?" Tara asked as she unlocked her door.

"Yeah it's just a club where we all get together most nights. I could come by and get you tomorrow if you wanted to come. You could meet my boyfriend Oz, and the rest of the gang."

"Sure," Tara said with a smile. "D-do you wanna maybe c-come in for a while?"

"Yeah." Willow smiled at her and walked into the dorm room. Willow looked around the shy blondes room. It was built just like her own was, only decorated different. The first thing she noticed was a rather large bookshelf and she went to look at the books. When Willow noticed they were mostly spell books her eyes went wide. "You're a Wicca too?" Willow asked excitedly.

"Yeah, I-I'm nothing special but I like to practice a lot." Tara smiled at her as she walked over to where Willow was standing.

"Did you know there's a Wicca club on campus? I was thinking about going to the next meeting. You should come too," Willow said happily.

"Maybe I will then. Do you wanna try some spells while you're here?" Tara asked.

Willow nodded enthusiastically and Tara pulled a book from the shelf. "How long have you been practicing?"

"For a while now," Willow told her. "But I've never really tried anything other than minor spells. Well except for once but that's a long story," Willow smiled sheepishly at her.

"Well then we can start with some easy spells and work our way up as time passes," Tara said. Willow smiled at her and the two sat down on the floor, already feeling close to one another.


The next morning back at the Summers' residence, Buffy was the first to wake. She tried getting Faith to get up as well, but the brunette refused to move from her spot in the bed. "C'mon baby, please?" Buffy pouted at the half awake brunette.

"No," Faith grumbled as she pulled the pillow down over her face, knowing it would only be a matter of seconds of seeing Buffy's pouty face before she caved.

Buffy was on to her though and pulled the pillow out of Faith's grasp. "I know you can't refuse my pouty face," Buffy teased as she bent down to kiss Faith's forehead.

"It's eight in the morning B, anything's possible," Faith responded before rolling on her side so she wasn't facing her girlfriend. "Go bug Cordy and Missy," Faith told her.

Buffy's eyes lit up at the idea and she climbed out of her old bed. "Fine, I will. You can stay here and be Miss Grouchy Pants," Buffy stuck her tongue out at her girlfriend even though Faith couldn't see her.

Faith just chuckled softly and buried her head in the pillows. "I will," she said softly as Buffy walked out of the room, leaving her to get more sleep.

The first place Buffy went was to the guest room to see if her two friends were still asleep. When she saw that the door was open, and the bed was made she figured that they never even made it up there last night. Missy wasn't one to make her bed first thing in the morning, and she doubted that Cordy was either.

She let out a soft yawn, almost considering going back to sleep with Faith but now she wanted to see what the other two were up to. When she walked into the room she let out a soft laugh upon seeing the two of them. They were both laying on the couch, and Cordy was literally on top of Missy and both were still asleep. Buffy shook her head ruefully and headed back upstairs.

When she got back in her room she started going through her things so she could find something to wear. She heard Faith shifting in the bed as she opened and closed several dresser drawers. "B, you're supposed to let me sleep," Faith said, trying to sound angry. It was hard though, considering her girlfriend just started changing in front of her. "Actually, now that I think of it, I've got a few better ideas than sleep."

Buffy finished pulling on her jeans and smiled at Faith. "You had your chance, but you wanted to sleep. Now I've got to get back to campus for class."

"You're so mean B," Faith complained as she watched Buffy.

"I know, but it's why you love me." Buffy bent down and gave her girlfriend a quick kiss. "Cordy and Missy are downstairs sleeping, so don't wake them up. I think they probably had a long night," Buffy's grin grew as she thought about that. "Hey, why'd you make that dare anyways?"

Faith shrugged slightly as she sat up in the bed, already awake, though she wished she were sleeping still. "I thought it was funny. I never knew her and Queen C would hit it off like that," Faith replied.

"I know! You're living vicariously through Missy," Faith gave Buffy a baffled look while trying not to laugh at the expression on her face. "I mean, you're stuck with me, so since Missy looks like you if she's with Cordy it's like you get to see yourself with Cordy but not. I'm not making sense am I?" Buffy asked and Faith just shook her head.

"Try not to think so much this early B," Faith told her.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going now," Buffy gave Faith a quick kiss. "Be good and I'll see you tonight at the Bronze." Buffy gave her one last smile and walked out, and Faith layed back down, hoping to get some more sleep.


That night the whole gang gathered at the Bronze like usual, and with Cordy there it almost felt like old times. Buffy and Faith were out on the dance floor, dancing to whatever the DJ played until it was time for the band that was playing to come on. Willow was talking to the newest member of the gang, Tara, excitedly about more spells. Oz was listening to the conversation, though no one could actually tell if he was interested in it or not. Xander however was the only one who wasn't at ease. He couldn't help but notice the looks his ex girlfriend kept giving Missy, and it was starting to bother him.

"So what brings you back to town?" Xander asked Cordelia, trying to see if he could figure out what was going on.

"Just visiting," she said carelessly, only taking her eyes from Missy for a brief second to look at him.

"Xander's mine now," Anya told her rather forcefully. "I've heard about you, but you can't have him anymore."

"It's okay, I've found someone else now," Cordy replied with a smile to Anya.

"Who might that be?" Xander questioned.

"Duh, isn't it obvious? It's Missy," Cordy told him, and his eyes went wide.

"You and her?" Xander asked softly. "How? When? Why?" He shook his head as if in disbelief. He suddenly started wondering what it was with his ex's turning gay.

"It just happened last night. We got down and dirty on Buffy's couch and decided we liked it," Missy said, and no one could tell if she was actually joking or not. It got the rest of the gang's attention, and it even seemed as if Buffy and Faith knew things were going to get interesting because they returned to the table.

"What's with all the creepy faces?" Buffy asked as she sat down on Faith's lap.

"Did you know about them?" Xander asked her, as he looked at Cordelia still. "Is everyone here gay now? First them, now you two." He looked at Willow almost pleadingly. "You're still into Oz right?"

"Yeah, I love my Oz," Willow said happily.

Satisfied with the answer Xander turned to the girl he had just met. "What about you?"

Tara seemed to have blushed, and she looked at the gang. "W-what about me?" she asked trying to avoid the question.

"Do you like girls?" Xander cleared up for her.

"Y-yeah," she admitted shyly and for some reason she expected a bad reaction from her new friends. Faith just looked at her proudly and Xander threw his hands up in exasperation.

"I like boys," Anya stated as she clung to Xander's arm.

"Thank God," he muttered before giving her a kiss.

Just then a band took the stage and as quickly as the conversation started it ended. When the first song began, Cordy grabbed her head in obvious pain and everyone turned to look at her. Everyone except for Oz, who seemed to be just as entranced by the singer as she was by him. Willow didn't even noticed as she worried about her friend, who was seemingly having a vision. Tara was the only one to notice Oz's distraction and she shook her head before turning her attention to Cordy.

A few minutes later the ex cheerleader recovered and smiled sheepishly at the gang. "Looks like I'm going back to LA tomorrow morning," Cordy told Missy, who was looking at her confused. "I get visions, it kinda has to do with that whole hellmouth thing," she tried to explain.

"But you're not supposed to leave that early," Missy sounded upset as she looked at Cordelia. She knew the girl was going to have to leave so any sort of real relationship with her would be impossible for now, but it didn't mean she wanted to be away from her yet.

"I know, and I don't want to go back either. Well correction, I want to go back but I want you to come with me. But I know you can't because of school and all," Cordelia let out a soft sigh. "However, you are coming with me, school or not," Cordelia pointed to Tara, and everyone looked at her wide-eyed.

"M-me?" Tara questioned, though she knew that she had to go as well. She could feel it.

"Look, I saw you. You were there so you have to come back to LA with me. I don't know exactly what it's all about, but these things are never wrong. Obviously we need your help with something, so come back with me in the morning," Cordy more demanded than stated.

Tara nodded slowly and the whole gang seemed confused. They looked at Cordelia waiting for answers about what she saw and how it involved Tara. While she explained what she could of it, Willow finally noticed that Oz still hadn't taken his eyes off the singer of the band on stage. She suddenly lost interest in what Cordelia was talking about, even though it involved her new friend, as she felt her boyfriend slipping even farther away from her.


That night after the gang left the Bronze there seemed to be a black cloud looming over each of the scoobies, all but Faith and Buffy. Tara had gone back to her dorm room, already wishing she didn't have to leave her new friend. Oz had sensed Willow's uneasiness around Veruca, and he spent the night trying to convince her that she had nothing to worry about, though he wasn't so sure that it was entirely true. He knew he loved Willow, but there was still some force larger than himself pulling him to Veruca. Anya even spent the night trying to bring Xander out of his bad mood by trying to convince him that not all of the gang was turning gay since she liked interlocking with him too much for that.

Missy and Cordelia were the only two who made the most of the night by trying not to feel any sort of sadness. Sure, neither were happy about having to part right after finding each other, but to look at them no one would ever know. Buffy and Faith offered to stay at Joyce's again, so the two of them could have the dorm room to themselves. The night was spent mostly with Missy watching reruns on the small tv in their room, while Cordelia lie on her bed next to her, completely engrossed in the magazine she was reading. It would've seemed stupid to any other person, for the two to spend their night hardly paying attention to each other, but it felt right to both of them.

They weren't in love, and didn't know if they ever would be so there was no need for over emotional goodbyes and promises that they weren't sure they could keep. This is what seemed natural to them, almost as if they had sat around just like this every previous night of their lives. They felt comfortable around one another, and that was a rare thing for Cordelia.

"You know your face is going to get stuck like that don't you?" Cordelia asked with a smirk as she looked up at Missy who was staring at the tv wide-eyed.

"Funny, my mom always told me that too. But it only seemed to affect Cliff since I've still got the perfect face."

"Perfect?" Cordy questioned with a look of disbelief, but then smiled at Missy to let her know she agreed with the statement.

"So what happens when you leave tomorrow?" Missy questioned as Cordelia put her magazine on the nightstand next to the bed. Cordelia shrugged as she moved into Missy's arms.

"I really like you and all, but maybe we should just be friends until we know each other better. If we meet someone else, we can date them. If we decide we really wanna be more than friends then we'll figure something out."

Missy tensed a little bit at that, already jealous of whoever would get to be with Cordelia besides her, but it was the most reasonable thing she could think of. They didn't know each other well enough to try a long distance relationship yet, but maybe one day. Cordelia could feel Missy tense at that and she kissed her in reassurance. "You'll probably find someone else before I do," she whispered, and Missy could hear a trace of sadness in her voice.

Missy didn't respond to that, already not liking the direction that the conversation was going to. She turned off the tv and turned off the lamp that was by her bed. They laid in each other's arms in the dark for the rest of the night, both too afraid that if they slept the morning would come too soon. Sometimes they'd talk and tell stories of their past, some funny, some sad. They'd make sarcastic, sometimes snide remarks to each other and found a common bond upon realizing that they could each take it as well as they could dish it out. In a way it was their own way of showing affection for each other. It wasn't the most conventional way to go about showing someone you care for them but it worked for those two.

Sometimes they'd kiss and touch each other for a while before breaking back off into their comfortable silence. They both wanted to claim the other's body as their own that night, but both refrained knowing the timing wasn't right and that it would only make things more complicated when Cordy had to leave in the morning.

So instead they stayed as they were, ignoring the future, spending every second enjoying the present. Only time would tell what would happen with them, but they just met and there was still no need to rush anything. If it were meant to be, they would end up together in the end after all.


The next morning Oz woke up to find his girlfriend muttering in her sleep and he smiled as he looked down at her. "Mmm, it's in the sandblaster. Uh," Willow said in her sleep.

"What's in the sandblaster Will? It's a dream. Come back to me," Oz said as he tried to wake her up.

Willow's smile grew a little. "Mmm hmmm… All Gemini's to the raspberry hats," she said, still acting like she was asleep.

"Now you're faking," Oz smiled down at her.

"Am not. Just a little," Willow told him in a cute voice as she turned to face him.


"Morning," the red head replied cheerfully.

"Bad dream?" Oz questioned, concerned for her.

"I guess, but the waking up part makes up for it." Willow gave him a kiss and smiled at him.

"It's always so busy in there," he commented as he held his girlfriend.

"Not always. Some things shut it up completely," Willow told him as she cuddled even closer to him.

"Anything I can help you with?"

"We gotta go say goodbye to Cordy and Tara now." Willow sighed as she climbed out of her boyfriend's bed reluctantly. "Are you gonna come?" Oz nodded silently, suddenly feeling untalkative.


The whole gang was now gathered around Cordy's car waiting to see her off. Everyone was giving their hugs and well wishes, and even Xander hugged her, however awkwardly. Tara was standing around the group watching them all, hoping that she wouldn't be gone in LA very long so she could get to know them together. After a while Xander, Anya and Oz excused themselves. Oz was the only one with a feasible excuse to leave. He had practice with the Dingoes early, since when night come he'd be getting a little too hairy.

"Don't let Queen C intimidate you too much," Faith advised Tara while Buffy said bye to Cordelia. "She likes to pretend she's a bitch but she's nice. And she's all bark and no bite anyways, unless you ask," Faith said with a wink.

Tara turned about ten shades redder and opened her mouth, trying to form words but found it impossible. Willow noticed and walked over to the two, shooing Faith away with a gentle push. Willow could have sworn she heard Faith growl playfully at her but she turned her attention to Tara.

"So you're leaving huh?" Willow asked sadly. Tara nodded, feeling the saddest to leave Willow behind. Not only did she want to stay around and practice spells with the red head more, but after seeing the way her boyfriend was eyeing the singer of Shy, she didn't want to leave her. "You're coming back aren't you?" Willow questioned sadly.

"Yeah, I'll be back as soon as this whole thing is done. Keep practicing those spells I told you about too," Tara said with a smile.

Willow nodded, and gave the blonde a hug. "As weird as it is for me to say this, take Faith's advice and don't let Cordy get to you. She can be mean, and trust me I know, but under all the layers she's a sweet person."

Just then the two of them noticed Cordelia and Missy walking away from the group to say their goodbyes. Buffy and Faith took their leave saying they had to go get the house cleaned up before Joyce got home, and Willow and Tara kept talking so as to allow the other two their privacy.

"I'm really not the type for emotional goodbye's," Cordelia started as she took one of Missy's hands in her own. "But I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too." Missy smiled at her. "So do I get a goodbye kiss or what?"

Cordelia's eyes went wide and she looked around her. "In public?" she asked softly.

"It's not like you live here anymore," Missy laughed.

"Yeah, but you do," Cordelia replied, but Missy knew Cordy didn't really care about that. She just liked to be a pain in the ass.

"I do, and I don't care. I want a kiss," Missy said stubbornly causing Cordelia to laugh. Before Cordelia could say anything else though she felt Missy's lips pressed softly against hers and she wrapped her arms around Missy's waist pulling her closer. When the kiss broke they continued the embrace for a few minutes before Cordy pulled away.

"I've gotta get going now," she informed Missy.

Missy nodded, and gave Cordelia a quick peck on the lips. "Call me when you get there so I know you got back okay. And be nice to Tara, she's the sensitive type you know."

"I promise to call, and I'll be as nice as I can be to her. She could use a little toughening up anyways."

The two walked back towards Cordelia's car and hugged one last time before Cordy got in. Willow and Tara also exchanged one last hug, and as soon as Tara was in the car Cordelia drove off, leaving two sad girls behind. "Well this sucks," Missy said to Willow. The red head only nodded in agreement.

Just as they turned around to walk back to campus, Missy spotted an all too familiar face. "What the hell was that?" the blonde girl yelled at Missy with wide eyes.

Missy's smile came back, and she grinned from ear to ear. She took hold of Willow's hand and led her over to the girl. "Long time no see Torr."


"Again, what the hell was that?" Torrance asked as Missy walked up to her.

"That was my girl going back to LA," Missy said, giving Torrance a 'duh' look. Missy shook her head; already knowing that was something she picked up from Cordelia. "Well she's not really my girl yet but maybe one day if we decide that's what we want."

"What the hell has happened to you since you've come here?" Torrance asked as the two hugged.

"A lot of stuff you probably wouldn’t believe. This is Willow by the way," Missy said as she pointed to the red head that was silently standing by. The two shook hands and Willow noticed that Missy kept looking around them.

"Where's Cliff?"

"Oh, he stayed back at your parents. I only came up here for the day to see you," Torrance replied.

"Well don't I feel special then?" Missy asked with a smile as she linked arms with Torrance.

"You should. It's not everyday that someone has a best friend as perfect as me." Missy shook her head and Willow laughed at that.

"Hey Willow, what are you going to do now?"

"I figured I'd go watch the guys practice. There's nothing else to do around here," she smiled at them.

"Cool. Mind if we tag along? It'd be the only cool thing in this town I could actually show Torr."

"You're going to explain that kissing thing to me on the way right? Because last time I checked-"

"Les was the only gay one. Yeah, I know." Missy paused to laugh. "This is a strange town Torr. Anything's possible when you're here." With that Willow let herself get amused as she led the two to the Dingoes practice.


While Cordelia drove back to LA, Tara spent most of the trip lost in thought about Willow and Oz. She had taken an immediate liking to the red head but she knew that she was also deeply in love with Oz. "Cordelia?"

"Yeah?" she responded in a slightly annoyed voice, unhappy to be brought out of her thoughts of Missy.

"D-do you know Oz really well?" the shy blonde asked.

"Huh?" Cordy replied as she turned her radio down some. "I guess, I've known him since high school but we aren't really the closest people in the world. Why?"

"H-he loves Willow a lot right?" Tara questioned, remembering the way he had been entranced by Veruca that night at the Bronze.

Cordelia gave Tara a funny look, and then finally smiled at her. "You've got a crush on Willow don't you?" Tara blushed furiously and nodded slightly not bothering to lie to Cordelia. "Yeah, he loves her a lot. Even after she cheated on him he still loved her," Cordelia said sadly remembering when Willow and Xander had cheated on both of them.

"She cheated on him?" Tara asked, surprised that Willow would ever do something like that.

"Yeah, with my boyfriend at the time. It wasn't a nice situation. But Oz is really dedicated to her. But you never know. In a town like Sunnydale, anything’s capable of happening," Cordelia said with a reassuring smile. "But first we need to work on this shyness thing of yours."


Buffy and Faith sat on the blonde's old bed back at her mom's house trying to throw jelly beans in each other's mouths. "What flavor was that?" Faith asked excitedly as she managed to get one into Buffy's mouth.

"Why don't you find out?" Buffy asked as she moved closer to Faith. Faith just grinned at her girlfriend before kissing her deeply. As she slid her tongue into Buffy's mouth she could taste the popcorn flavored jelly bean. Faith broke the kiss immediately and wrinkled her nose in distaste. "Those are the gross ones," she informed Buffy.

Buffy let out a small laugh and shook her head at Faith. "Well it's better than cleaning the place up," she said.

"I suppose, but there's still some things better than this," Faith told Buffy as she gave the blonde a small kiss. "We haven't had enough alone time since we got together you know," she smiled seductively at Buffy.

"And just what do you suggest?" Buffy asked as she started placing kisses on Faith's neck.

"Well I was thinking about a shower first of all," Faith replied as she slid her fingers under Buffy's chin and lifted the blonde's face to hers. "Then we could come back here and have some fun," Faith whispered before kissing the blonde.

After the kiss broke Buffy pulled stood up and smiled at Faith. "Sounds like a plan," Faith's eyes lit up at her girlfriend’s words and she quickly stood up as well. "After we clean the place up," Buffy said with a grin.

Faith grumbled slightly in protest as she followed Buffy down the stairs. "How do you think Missy's doing now that Queen C left?" Buffy let out a small laugh after Faith said that. "What?" Faith asked defensively.

"Well Missy's the only one you haven't given a nickname to yet. It's just cute. And now you're all like caring and stuff." Buffy teased her girlfriend.

"Isn't that how you want me to be?" Faith asked as she raised an eyebrow. "Besides, she looks like me. So it's like she's kinda me but not or something really weird like that that I haven't really figured out yet."

Buffy laughed even harder at that as she kissed her girlfriend. "Well I'm sure Missy's going to be just fine. Cordy too. I always thought Cordy would get with Angel actually. I really don't see her liking girls, but then I never thought I would either until I found you." Buffy said giving Faith another kiss. "Now lets get this cleaning done so we can have that shower."


Willow, along with Missy and Torrance, walked into the Bronze finding it unusually quiet since the Dingoes were supposed to be practicing their set for their next show. Missy was busy explaining to Torrance that the Bronze was the only place actually worthwhile to go to in Sunnydale. When the three got closer to the stage they all noticed the guys were all sitting around, except for one who was leaning against the wall talking to another girl.

Missy recognized the girl as the one who had been singing there before, and she noticed that the girl seemed to be just a little too close to Oz for even her liking. As she looked at Willow she noticed the red head was thinking the same thing. She kept waiting for Willow to go approach her boyfriend, but she just stood in her place, watching him instead. Finally she decided to stop looking at the red head and turned back to Oz.

"What's going on?" Torrance asked quietly, noticing the tense state her friend just got in.

Before anyone could answer however they all saw Veruca as she stepped even closer to Oz and pressed her lips to his. Willow let out a small gasp, and when Missy turned her attention back to the red head she noticed that she was already in tears. Missy cleared her throat rather loudly, getting Oz's attention and he immediately pushed Veruca away from him.

As soon as he faced Willow the red head turned around and ran out of the Bronze. He called out to her, and tried to go after her but Missy stopped him. "Let her go," she said coldly.

"But I don't want to loose her," he said calmly.

"I think you already have," she replied. "Come on Torr, we gotta go find her." Torrance nodded at her and followed the brunette out of the Bronze, thinking she had obviously picked a really bad day to come visit her best friend. Oz stood by helplessly as he watched the two of them leave, sadly realizing that what Missy said was most likely true. It wasn’t because he was just kissing someone else, they’d gotten through something like that before but he knew fully well this was different. Veruca was different.


"I know the reason you brought me here," Tara said quietly as her and Cordelia walked into the mansion. The ex cheerleaders eyes went wide as she looked at Tara.

"How do you know? I haven't told you anything yet. Come to think of it, just why did you come with me and not even ask an explanation?"

"B-because I could tell you needed my h-help. You got confused in Sunnydale, and you t-think I can help you solve that confusion right?"

"But how do you know what I'm confused about?" Cordelia questioned. She knew Tara was a more powerful wicca than Willow had told her about, but there's no way the blonde could be a mind reader.

A small smile formed on Tara's lips that almost freaked Cordelia out. "I just know that you're confused about two people. One you're in love with, and one you could possibly be in love with. You want me to give you answers," Tara replied.

"That's just really weird. How come you're not all shy when you go into witch mode?" Cordelia asked.

"Who's a witch?" another voice asked and Cordelia practically jumped backwards in surprise.

"Why do you always do that?" she asked in agitated tones. "Can't you just be normal for a change?"

"I'm a vampire Cordelia. I'm not normal," Angel replied with a small smile. "And do what?" he replied to her first question.

"You know what I'm talking about," Cordelia chided him. "That creepy popping up out of nowhere thing all the time."

"You've only known me for how many years now?" he asked. "Shouldn't you be used to it by now?"

Tara watched the exchange between the two friends and smiled softly to herself. She knew she hadn't really been needed in LA for anything important, and she even had an idea that Cordelia never really saw anything that night at the Bronze. Cordelia had only become confused and Tara knew that she had just needed someone impartial to help her figure things out. To talk to about how she was feeling, towards Angel and Missy. It just hadn't clicked completely in the blonde's mind until they had actually arrived in LA since she had been so wrapped up with her thoughts on Willow.

Someone new to the group like Tara wouldn't hold their past against them, and she wouldn't be able to yell at Cordelia for possibly leading Missy on. Because Tara was new to the group, she would be able to realize that what Cordelia felt for Missy was real, and did mean a lot to her. But when it came down to it, any fool could see that she was helplessly in love with the man standing in front of her.

But now Cordelia was scared. If she had been the same girl she was in high school it wouldn't have bothered her, but she knew that if Tara could help her to get with Angel, it meant she'd have to hurt Missy. And that was almost as bad as sticking a knife in her own heart.

Cordelia finally let out a soft sigh of exasperation and tugged on Tara's hand, pulling her up the stairs in the mansion leaving Angel behind. She gave him one last look before he disappeared from her sight and smiled sadly. Yes, it would hurt her if she hurt Missy, but it would kill her if she never got a chance with Angel. Besides, Missy deserved someone who actually lived closer to her and could be more devoted to her. 'Someone like Willow,' Cordelia thought with a small smile just before her brain went into overdrive, trying to think of ways Tara could help to get her with Angel.


After a while, Torrance had realized that due to what happened to Willow, she wouldn't be able to spend any time with Missy. She decided to just go home after making Missy promise that the two would have a long talk after all this was over. Missy felt horrible for not being able to spend time with Torrance, but after what just happened to Willow she felt that she should be more worried about her new friend.

Now the two were sitting in Missy's dorm room and Missy was nervously waiting for Buffy and Faith to arrive. Missy looked over at Willow, who was sobbing softly on Buffy's bed and she immediately rushed to Willow's side and pulled the girl into her arms, trying to fight off her anger at Oz. Willow curled into her arms and Missy stroked her hair soothingly and smiled softly to herself remembering Torrance asking her just when she became such a 'softy' as she had put it. She shook her head ruefully and pushed the thought back for pondering at another time.

"Hey, it's gonna be okay Willow," Missy said softly as she took the red head's hand into her own.

Willow shook her head forcefully in an adamant no, and pulled herself away from Missy so she could look at the brunette. "He's punishing me," she said sadly.

"For what?" Missy asked. "For being the sweetest girl to ever walk the earth?"

If Willow weren't so upset about the whole Oz thing, she would've smiled at Missy's words. "In high school Xander and I kinda, cheated with each other. He was with Cordy then and Oz and I were together and we cheated because we're bad evil cheaters and Oz is trying to get back at me for being bad and evil," Willow said as she started sobbing again.

Missy sighed inwardly and pulled Willow back into her arms. "You're not evil Willow. If anything, all you are is sweet, fun and loveable okay?" Missy asked as she kissed the top of Willow's forehead. Missy was about to continue talking but Buffy and Faith came into the room with wide grins on their faces, which quickly disappeared when they saw the two girls.

Buffy was immediately at her best friend's side upon seeing her sad eyes, hugging her fiercely while Faith looked at Missy confused. "What happened Will?" Buffy asked softly as she broke the hug with her best friend and wiped the tears from her face.

"Oz," Willow sniffled. "He k-kissed that girl and I saw him," she told Buffy as she tried to hold back the new tears that were forming in her eyes.

"He what?" Faith almost yelled, her hands already forming fists and she started pacing around the room. "He kissed another girl Red?" Willow only answered with a nod and Faith's anger rose even more. Buffy pulled Willow closer to her and started whispering reassurances at her while Missy rose from the blonde's bed to calm Faith down.

When Missy got closer to Faith and looked into her eyes it reminded her of looking into a hurricane or something, and all you can do it just wait for the storm because you know there's going to be trouble. "Faith, you need to calm down," Missy said softly even though she retained a certain edge to her voice.

"Calm down? Red's my friend now and look what he's done to her. Full moon or not, I'm going to find his sorry little wolf ass and kick it back to," Faith paused for a brief second and turned back to Missy. "To wherever his sorry little wolf ass came from. No one fucks with the people I care about now."

"I feel the same damn way okay? But Willow still loves him, and that would only hurt her further Faith. It's not like they haven't gotten through something like this before. I'm sure they can again. And you have to calm down before I have to kick your ass," Missy said with a smile. Faith laughed at that and her anger seemed to have dissipated some.

"Can you take care of her?" Faith asked abruptly as she looked at Willow who was crying once again in Buffy's arms.

"Of course," Missy replied, not even having to think about the answer as she raised an eyebrow at Faith curiously. "Why?"

"You never said I couldn't scare the shit out of him, assuming I find him before he goes all hairy on us. And you know that B won't let me go by myself so I need to be sure you can take care of Red."

Missy's smile grew as she looked at Faith and went to pat her look alike on the shoulder. "Why, I think I got that softy side of me from you. 'Cuz I think you're just about the biggest softy I've ever seen."

Faith looked appalled at the notion of being a softy and scoffed at Missy. "You try saying that again and you'll see just how soft my fist is," Faith said teasingly.

"Uh huh," Missy mumbled. "Now go on and get out of here," she whispered.

Faith's grin grew at that as she looked at Missy. "Why, I'd almost think you wanted some privacy with Red. Over Queen C already?"

"No, I'm not over Cordy, but realistically we both know it won't work out anyways so it's not like I’m holding my breath. She's the only one I want to be my girl though. But that has nothing to do with this. I never said I disagreed with your idea about scaring the shit outta Oz for what he did."

Faith just put on her shit-eating grin and walked over to Buffy and Willow. "Where's he at Red?" Willow just looked up at her blankly as if she didn't understand the question. "Fuck it, I'll find him." Faith said and she bent down to give Buffy a quick kiss before turning around to walk out the door.

Buffy sighed and stood up from the bed. She gave Willow's hand a soft squeeze before walking to the door. "Guess that's my que to make sure she doesn't go doing anything irrational isn't it?" Buffy asked with a small smile. Both girls smiled at her in return and she slipped out of her dorm to find her girlfriend.

Missy sat back down next to Willow, who seemed to finally be calming down. Taking Willow's hand into her own, she went about trying to think of ways to get the red head's mind off of her lousy boyfriend.


"Well?" Cordelia asked in slightly agitated tones.

"Well what?" Tara replied as she gave Cordy a confused look. Cordelia just sighed loudly and Tara shook her head in understanding. "I can't just put a spell on him and b-bam instant love. You just have to tell him how you f-feel about him," Tara said softly.

Cordelia sat down at her desk and pulled out a nail file. "It's not like I can just say 'Hey Angel, I'm in love with you but you're just a big oaf who never notices these things' to him. You're supposed to be here to help me get him. Not make me get him on my own."

"You have to do this on your own. Just tell him how you feel, and it'll be okay," Tara reassured her.

"But I can't tell him I love him," Cordelia whined.

"Why not?" Angel asked as he walked up to the two girls. He had figured she had some new boyfriend and he didn't see why she suddenly became shy about her feelings.

"You have to stop doing that!" Cordelia yelled at Angel as she stood up and walked out of the room. His eyes went wide as he watched Cordelia walk out. Angel turned to Tara who just offered him a weak smile.

"Please tell me you know what that was about?"

Tara thought about the question for a second before locking eyes with Angel. "She was talking about you," she told him softly, deciding that she might as well help Cordelia out. After all, the sooner the two got together, the sooner she could go back to Sunnydale.

"What was she saying about me?" Angel asked curiously.

Tara let out a small laugh and finally realized why Cordelia had needed her help. He was as dense as a rock. "She l-loves you," she informed him.

Finally a look of understanding spread across Angel's face and he smiled at Tara. "She does?" Tara only nodded in response, and Angel's smile grew. After another second he quietly excused himself from the room and went to find Cordelia.

It didn't take him very long to find her, and when he did she tried her best to ignore him. Finally he decided to just get to the point knowing that it was the only way she would listen to him. "So what's this I hear about you loving me?" he asked her softly as he turned her around to face him.

"She told you?" Cordelia asked in surprise. She wasn't sure if she should be thankful or angry with Tara. Most likely she should be thankful though since it was the whole reason she had brought the wiccan to LA. Angel brushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear, and if he had actually had a heartbeat he was certain it would have been racing at this point. "It's true," Cordelia whispered softly.

"I think I love you too," Angel replied as he bent down to kiss Cordelia softly. It was a quick, experimental kiss and when the two broke apart Cordelia smiled at him.

"You think?" she asked as she playfully swatted his arm. She leaned up to give him another kiss, this time making sure to make it last a little longer. This time when they broke apart Cordelia turned to walk away from Angel, but stopped just before she was out of his sight. "What do you think now?" she asked with a smile.

"I love you," he replied with a smile of his own.

"Good," she stated. "But I've gotta call a friend back in Sunnydale now." Cordelia told him just before she turned around the corner, out of Angel's sight. The souled vampire just shook his head, wondering if he'd ever figure women out.


Back in Sunnydale, Buffy finally found Faith roaming the streets of Sunnydale looking for Oz. She was almost tempted to let her girlfriend go after Oz, and do as she wanted to him but since it was dark now, it was just too dangerous. After all, they were vampire slayers, not wolf slayers. Though the blonde had to admit, they've probably fought worse before.

"Faith," Buffy said softly, getting her girlfriend's attention.

"Don't try to stop me B. The guy deserves what I'm going to do to him and more. You know it as well as I do."

"Yes, I do know it Faith," Buffy said as she took her girlfriend's hand into her own. "Will's my best friend and I hate anyone that hurts her. But we have to let her deal with this. All we can do is make the situation worse."

"But the jerk kissed someone else," Faith practically yelled.

"Yes, he did. And it's up to Willow to decide what happens to him, not us," Buffy said softly. Buffy wrapped her arms around Faith's neck and pulled her girlfriend down for a soft kiss. "Come on Faith, let's just go back to the room?" Buffy questioned with pleading tones in her voice.

Faith relented, pushing her anger aside and kissed Buffy once again. "Only because I love you," she replied with a smile. Wrapping her arm around Buffy's waist she let her love lead her back to campus.

Once they got back to the dorm room the first thing they saw was Willow and Missy cuddled together on the brunette's bed, sleeping soundly. Buffy and Faith smiled at each other and Buffy went to turn off the small lamp that was right beside Missy's bed so they wouldn't have the light shining right in their faces. When she got closer to them, the blonde noticed that Willow wasn't the only one with tear streaks on her cheeks and she gave Faith a questioning look.

Faith shrugged, figuring that whatever Willow told her must've just upset Missy too or something. At least until Buffy checked the messages on the answering machine, making sure to play them back quietly. That's when they both heard the message from Cordy, not only telling them that she'd bring Tara back soon, but that she was now with Angel, that quickly after leaving Missy behind.

Both slayers wanted to be angry with Cordelia for that, but looking at their two friends holding each other in the bed next to them, they couldn't help but think about how cute they looked together. "What do you think will become of those two?" Buffy asked softly as she felt herself being pulled down into her bed by Faith.

"I dunno," Faith replied as she kissed Buffy's neck. "But hey, we found our way to each other. Maybe one day they might too."

"Yeah," Buffy sighed wistfully as she got more comfortable in Faith's arms. "Besides, nothing brings people better together than pain. I think we've learned that one for ourselves," Buffy said as she kissed Faith.

"So what now B?"

Buffy's smile grew as she moved out of her girlfriend's embrace. "I take a shower of course. It's been a long day."

Faith's smile matched her girlfriend's as she pulled Buffy back to her. "Can I come?" she purred into Buffy's ear quietly.

Buffy kissed Faith passionately, and move her mouth closer to Faith's ear and nibbled on her earlobe softly. "Only if I'm the one making you come," she teased right before standing up to gather her shower supplies.

Faith let out a small laugh and smiled to herself. Even though her friend's lives were an utter mess, for once she was glad she wasn't the one with the problems. For once, she got to help friends, instead of hurt them. As she followed Buffy into the shower she knew, it was all because the blonde standing in front of her loved her that she was doing so well. And now, she had every intention on thanking the blonde slayer in the best way she knew how.


The next few weeks went by at a snails pace for the entire Scooby gang. Faith was still upset that she never got her chance to beat Oz up for what he did to Willow, but every time she tried Buffy would distract her with promises of other, much more enjoyable things. Buffy had been spending most of her time comforting Willow, especially since Oz decided to leave after what happened. That left Faith to hang out with Missy more, even though it seemed like Missy was trying to detach herself from the group of friends.

"Why so glum chum?" Faith asked as she walked into the dorm room, which she now practically lived in. She noticed that Missy was lying on her bed surrounded by thick textbooks and rolled her eyes. "You've really got to get over this," she said with an emphatic sigh.

Missy didn't even look up from her books, and continued working as she replied to Faith. "My parents don't pay for me to come here and fail Faith," she said flatly, not caring anymore that her and Faith had similar conversations everyday lately.

Faith collapsed onto her and Buffy's small bed and stared up at the ceiling as she spoke. "You know what I mean. All you do is eat, sleep and school work these days. Hell you hardly eat. Don't make me have to beat some sense into you."

"Blame Cordy," Missy replied as she set her book down. She knew she hadn't really been depressed over Cordy, but it was the easiest excuse she could come up with for being so glum lately. "And like you could," she smiled as she stared Faith down.

Faith laughed, glad to see the familiar spark back in Missy's eyes. She smiled in spite of herself, amazed that she was actually being helpful to someone. It was new to her, not only having friends but wanting to do things to make them happy, to be there for them. "You know I could. Don't make me have to prove my point," Faith said with a wicked grin.

Missy walked over to Faith and Buffy's bed and smirked at Faith. "Don't make me have to prove mine," she said as a challenge, feeling good for the first time since she had gotten Cordelia's call about her and Angel getting together. Faith, never being one to back down from anything rose from the bed and looked Missy in the eyes.

"Just remember, you asked for this," she teased. The two stared at each other for several seconds, and if any stranger were to see them they'd think that the two girls were about ready to rip each other's heads off. Suddenly Faith broke into a wide grin, and tugged on Missy, so she had the girl trapped in her arms and started tickling her unmercifully. Missy collapsed to the floor, bringing Faith down with her, as she struggled to breathe while laughing so hard.

Just as Faith was about to let up, she heard the door opening and smiled as she saw Buffy walk in. "Hey B, come give me a hand," she said with a smile.

Buffy's eyes narrowed as she wondered what the two had been doing though she smiled at the two of them. "You know it's a good thing that I trust the two of you or I might be wondering what's going on here," she said playfully.

Faith stood up, and offered her hand to Missy to help the other girl up as well. "I was just cheering her up. 'Bout time don't you think?" Faith asked, and Buffy didn't fail to notice the proud look in her girlfriend's eyes. She knew it meant a lot for Faith to help out as a way of making up for all that she had done in the past.

"So no more black cloud looming over the dorm?" Buffy asked as she walked over to Faith and allowed herself to be pulled into the brunette's strong arms.

Missy happily sat down on her bed and shook her head no as she admired the way Buffy and Faith seemed to fit together, as if they were made for each other. She sighed to herself, remembering the time when she got to hold Cordelia like that. As brief as their time together was, it had meant a great deal to her. But there were other things now. Feelings for another someone, that she felt she shouldn't be having. That she felt guilty for having. But Faith was right; it was time to get over it. After all, this was college and one's supposed to have fun in college.

Buffy turned in Faith's arms and reached up to give her a quick kiss before smiling sweetly at her. "Since you're so good with the cheering up thing, why don't you go fix Willow?" Buffy frowned. "I think Oz broke her."

"Sorry B, but you know Red and I aren't that close." Faith paused and kissed her girlfriend's forehead before turning to look at Missy. "But who could cheer her up better than someone who knows her pain?"

"And they did look awfully cute cuddled together that one night," Buffy supplied, unsure of why she actually did it.

Missy's eyes widened as if to give a look that said, 'Who? Me?' to the two slayers. "Neither of us can do any good so why can't you at least try?"

"I'll pout," Buffy added with a smile as she looked from Missy to Faith.

Faith's grin grew as she looked down at her girlfriend. "Don't make her pout," Faith warned Missy. "It's impossible to refuse her when she pouts." Faith gave Buffy a smile before turning her attention to Missy. "Then again, she looks adorable when she pouts. And since it won't be me she's pouting at, go ahead and make her pout."

Missy just rolled her eyes at the two as she stood back up. "I'll go, but don't expect much." Both slayers eyes lit up as they watched Missy walk out the door. For one, they were glad that she was actually acting human again and they were both hopeful that she'd be able to cheer Willow up some.

"Think she'll be able to do it?" Buffy asked as she pulled Faith closer to her. The blonde buried her face in her girlfriend's neck.

"I don't know. But I've got other things on my mind now," Faith said huskily, finally glad to have the blonde alone in their room.

"Why don't you tell me about them?" Buffy questioned as she sat down on her bed, pulling Faith into her lap.

"Never thought you liked the dirty talk B," Faith whispered as she brought her lips just so they were inches from Buffy's.

"Why don't you find out?" Buffy asked breathlessly just seconds before kissing her girlfriend passionately.


"Hey Willow," Missy smiled at the red head as she opened the door to her dorm room. "Could we talk for a minute?"

"Yeah, come on in," Willow responded as she moved to the side, allowing Missy entrance to her room. When Missy walked in she noticed that Tara was there, along with another girl she didn't recognize. "Oh, that's Amy," Willow stated as she noticed the brunette's confusion.

"I was the pet rat," Amy said as she held out her hand to Missy.

Missy accepted it, and shook the girl's hand, trying to figure out what was really going on. "You k-know Willow's a lot more p-powerful when she's upset," Tara stated softly as she stood from the floor. "We should probably get you home," Tara said softly, looking at Amy.

"Yeah, that'd probably be a good idea," Amy agreed with the blonde Wicca. The two said their goodbyes, both giving Willow tight hugs before they left.

"So they sent you over huh?" Willow asked softly as she sat down on her bed, patting the spot next to her. Missy took the invitation and sat down Indian style next to Willow.

"Yeah, they figured since we've both been out of it maybe we'd be able to cheer each other up. I think they just wanted to, you know," Missy said as she made little motions with her hands, indicating what she was thinking of. Willow got the picture and turned a few different shades of red. "So you've been working on the magic thing lately huh?" Missy asked, and Willow was grateful for the change of subject.

"It gives me something to concentrate on. And when I'm concentrating I can't think about all the not so good stuff. It helps," Willow supplied.

"I think Tara's got a crush on you," Missy said with a smile as she nudged Willow. "Have you seen the way she looks at you?"

Willow looked thoughtful for a moment before smiling at Missy. "I think she looks at everyone like that. I know I saw her looking at Amy like that. But even if she did like me I wouldn't… Not that there's anything wrong with it or anything because Buffy and Faith and the you and Cordy thing and that was all fine and dandy you know? I don't mind that people are or anything and I'm all for it it's just that if I were…" Willow trailed off, obviously at a fault for words. She looked up at Missy hesitantly, hoping the brunette would get what she was trying to convey without her having to actually speak the words.

When she felt Missy's lips softly pressing against hers, she tensed for a second, before relaxing and kissing the brunette back. It was barely more than just a peck, but that's all they needed now. "I know why you've been hiding Willow. It's the same reason I have been. I feel guilty about it, especially since you've been hurting and I'm still hurting a little over Cordy, but I think about you. About holding you like I did that one night. I tried avoiding you, wishing it to go away, but it didn't. And I can't really avoid you forever."

"Its just Oz. Oz was such a big part of everything, of me for so long. And now he's gone. And I feel like I'm supposed to stay sad longer. But sometimes I think about you and I can't help it."

"Then maybe we could just go slow?" Missy asked as she took Willow's hand into her own. Willow nodded in agreement just before Missy captured her lips for the second time. This kiss was a little longer than the first, but still short. "Hey, lets go bug Buffy and Faith," Missy said with a wicked smile.

"But I thought they were," Willow paused to make the same motions with her hands that Missy did earlier while blushing again.

"Exactly my point," Missy replied as she stood up, bringing Willow with her. The red head just sighed, but followed Missy none the less. At least things would never get boring for her she thought to herself.


When Missy and Willow reached the brunette's dorm room Missy stopped to knock on the door. As fun as it might be for her to catch Faith and Buffy in the act just to piss them off, she knew if Willow saw them the girl would probably loose all cohearant thought for the next few days. When she heard Faith's angry reply to her knocking she smiled to herself. "It's important guys. I'm giving you two minutes and then we're coming in." Missy yelled into the door. When she heard the two slayers grumbling on the other side of the door she smiled proudly to Willow.

Finally the time was up, and Missy walked into her room holding Willow's hand in hers. "I think I unbroke her," Missy said playfully as she let go of Willow's hand and sat down on her bed. Both slayers noticed the red head's sudden shyness as she sat down next to Missy, and for a moment Buffy thought she saw a glimpse of the Willow she first met back in 10th grade.

"Okay you two, what's going on?" Faith asked with a raised eyebrow.

Much to Willow's relief, the phone rang just then and Buffy answered it before Missy got to answer the question. It's not that she didn't want her friends to know what just happened, but didn't slow mean keeping it to yourself for just a little bit? But then as soon as she felt Missy's hand slide into her own her fear of her friends reactions dissipated. It wasn't that she was afraid of telling them she had developed feelings for Missy, it was just that she thought they might look down on her for trying to move on from Oz after only a few weeks.

"It's for you," Buffy said as she handed Missy the phone. Missy looked confused, wondering who would be calling her, and from the look on Buffy's face she had a good idea of who it might be. She took the phone after hesitating for a few seconds and took a deep breath before speaking.

"Hello?" she asked, and she wasn't surprised when she heard Cordelia's voice on the other end of the reciever. "Hey Cordy. What's going on?" Missy asked softly. She looked over at Willow, who seemed to be a little nervous and she tightened her hold on the red heads hand just a little, and began to softly rub her thumb in small circles on the back of her hand in reassurance.

"I figured I'd try to call you. We haven't talked since that message I left you when I got home. I've left you a lot and you never called back," Cordelia said sadly. "I'm sorry," she added almost silently.

"I'm sorry too," Missy said, feeling very awkward about having this conversation with three people in the room. Especially one she thought to be her new girlfriend, or something close to. "There's been a lot of stuff to think about you know? It hurt but I've dealt." She paused and looked from Willow to the two slayers on the other bed. "I've found someone myself," she said with a smile.

Willow blushed slightly as Missy said that, feeling almost proud that Missy told Cordelia about that when she knew the brunette still had some feelings for the ex cheerleader. She didn't even know if she'd be able to tell Oz something like that so soon, assuming she ever talked to him.

"It's Willow isn't it?" Cordelia asked, and a little of her guilt floated away.

"Yeah, it's her. She's kinda here now though so I can't really talk long. But let me say one thing first okay?" She stopped for a minute, and could almost see Cordelia nodding her head even though she wasn't speaking. "If he ever hurts you, big scary vampire or not, I'll beat the shit out of him."

All three girls in the room with her laughed, along with Cordelia who was on the other end of the line. "Fine, if he does that I promise not to stop you from staking him okay?" Cordelia asked happily.

"Hey I heard that," Missy heard what she assumed to be Angel chuckling in the background and it caused her to laugh too.

"So we can still be friends?" Cordelia asked quietly, still feeling uncomfortable about showing she actually cared.

"Do you want me to pull a you here and say 'Duh'?" Missy asked jokingly. "Of course we can be friends." Missy smiled, glad to be having this conversation so she could put her weekend with Cordy behind her and truely focus on what she was feeling for Willow.

"Okay, good," Cordelia said, and Missy could tell she was satisfied with the answer. "I'm gonna go pout at Angel to take me shopping now," Cordelia said. "Tell Willow to take care of you okay?"

"Will do. Take care," Missy said. The two finished their goodbyes, and as soon as Missy hung the phone up she noticed two sets of slayer eyes watching her intently. "What?" she asked innocently.

"What do you think?" Faith smirked as she looked at Missy. "What's up with you two."

"What do you think?" Missy replied, matching Faith's smirks with one of her own. "I know you're not the brightest crayon in the box, but it doesn't take a brain surgeon." Willow blushed again at that, and Buffy studied her best friend. It didn't take the blonde long to figure out that whatever Willow was feeling for Missy, it was growing fast, which was clearly shown by the ammount of her blushing.

"Hey, you remember what I did to you ealier?" Faith asked, trying to actually sound threatening. "Don't make me have to embarass you in front of Red like that."

Missy rolled her eyes as she stood up, and offered her hand to Willow. "You don't scare me," she said playfully. She then turned her attention back to Willow and gave her a sheepish smile. "You wanna maybe go out or something?" she asked softly, slightly embarassed to be doing this in front of her two roomates.

"Like a date?" Willow asked, just as shyly. Missy nodded, wondering when it was that she became shy as she smiled at Willow. "Sure," Willow said as she stood up from Missy's bed.

"Well aren't you two cute," Faith teased. Buffy swatted her in the arm and looked at her two friends.

"Ignore her. She's just uhh.. What are you?" Buffy asked as she looked at her girlfriend.

"I Faith. You Buffy," the brunette replied jokingly. All four of them burst into laughter at that and when they finally calmed down Missy and Willow excused themselves and set off for their first date.

Faith laid back in the bed, and Buffy wasted no time in making heself comfortable in her girlfriend's arms. "Whatcha thinking about?" Faith asked as she noticed the far away look on the blonde's face.

"Just trying to figure Missy out," Buffy replied as she let her fingers trace patters on Faith's stomach.

"What do you mean?" Faith asked as she watched Buffy's fingers on her stomach intently.

"Just look at all she's done for the gang. And without even knowing it," Buffy paused, trying to find a way to put her thoughts into words. "She showed up, and I thought she was you. I probably would have never talked to you again if it weren't for her. And now look at what we have. This great incredible thing that would have probably happened if it weren't for her. And then she gets Willow to forgive you. I think even in that brief thing she had with Cordelia, she did some good for her. It's like she just comes into peoples lives and makes them better without even knowing it."

Faith smiled, knowing that there was a lot of truth to Buffy's words. Missy had came into all of their lives, turned things upside down and made them better. "Yeah, you're right," Faith said as she kissed the top of Buffy's head. "But I'd like to believe we would have found each other on our own eventually anyways."

"Me too," Buffy replied softly. "How do you think her and Willow will do?"

"I think they'll be fine," Faith told her girlfriend. "I think for both of them, when they go into something they give it their all. I think everything will be just fine from now on," Faith whispered, almost as if she were trying to convince herself of that.

"You know I love you right?" Buffy questioned as she propped herself up to look at Faith.

Faith nodded, and gave the blonde a soft kiss. "I love you too. And remind me to thank Missy some time for all she's done."

"Okay. But first, I'd rather thank you," Buffy said seductively.

"For what?" Faith asked, hardly able to think as she felt Buffy's hands start to roam over her body.

"For loving me," Buffy replied as she dipped down to give Faith a tender kiss. When she pulled away she smiled at the dazed look Faith had on her face. "Now what do you say we make up for that interruption before?" Buffy didn't even wait for Faith's response and began trailing kisses along Faith's jawline.

"Sounds like the perfect ending to the night," Faith finally managed to get out.

Buffy stopped her minstrations and looked into Faith's eyes. "The perfect ending. I like the sound of that," Buffy said.

"Me too B. And I think we may just get one." Faith reached over and shut of the lamp beside the bed just before pulling Buffy back into her arms with every intention of showing the blonde just how perfect all of this really was.

The End