Who's That Girl?
by Sarah Meyers
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Still wishing they were mine...but they aren't.
Author's Notes: Uhh.. I like swords.. Oh wait, that's not it. This fic is in a weird way for my neices who are so obsessed with Bring It On now I can hardly stand to watch the movie anymore. It's my first sort of crossover fic so be nice and send me lots of love/hate mail and let me know how I'm doing. I'm making up my own rules here, so if things aren't like they were in the show, well they aren't supposed to be.



They day started out normal enough as two best friends casually walked around the campus of their new school avoiding meeting their new roomates for as long as possible. "I really can't believe we don't get to share a dorm room Will. That's so unfair." Buffy sighed as she carelessly tossed the key to her new dorm room in the air over and over again.

"It can't be that bad, can it? Or what if my roomate doesn't like me? Or what if she snores really loud and keeps me up at night?" Willow asked in a panicky voice and Buffy grabbed her hand to stop her.

"Your right, it won't be bad Wills. I just always thought it would be neat to kind of live with you," Buffy said with a smile. "I guess we should go check out our rooms huh?" Willow nodded and Buffy linked arms with her friend and led the way.

After a few minutes they arrived at the hall where the dorms were and Buffy walked Willow to her room before heading off to find her own. When she saw that her room was only a few rooms down the hall from Willow's she smiled to herself. She slowly entered the room and was relieved when she found that her roomate hadn't arrived yet. After tossing her small duffel bag on the floor between the two small beds Buffy took a moment to walk around the room and give it furter inspection. "Well this is boring," Buffy spoke to herself as she layed on one of the beds to wait for her roomate to arrive.


"So tell me again just why you chose to come to this school when you could have gotten into way better schools and continued cheerleading?" Les asked as he pulled another of his friends suitcases from the back of his car.

"I wanted to get away from the city and just be somewhere relaxing. This is a cute little town. Besides, I'm not a real cheerleader anyways. I was just helping out last year to save your butts," Missy said with a smile as she picked up her bags.

"Let me help you with that stuff. I'll walk you to your room," Les offered but as he went to reach for one of her bags Missy swatted his hand away.

"You've got to get going though. Your flight leaves tonight and you've still got to get home and get your stuff together. I'll be fine Les," Missy gave him a hug and shooed him back into his car. "Besides, I can get one of those cute guys over there to help me out if I need it," Missy smirked at her friend who turned his attention to the group of guys she had been looking at. When she saw the smile grow on Les' face she reached in the car and covered his eyes. "These are my cute guys, you go find your own somewhere else."

Les let out a small laugh and gave her hand a soft squeeze. "I'll give you a call when I get settled in at school," he said. "So since you've got everything you need I guess I'll get out of here now. Take care of yourself."

Missy leaned down into the car and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Sure thing," she said softly as she closed his car door. She walked back to where her bags were and gathered them up in her arms clumsily as she watched her friend drive off. Once she spotted where the dorm rooms were she made her way to the room quickly and set her stuff down when she stood outside of her room. Her arms felt weak from carrying all her bags by herself and after fumbling around in her pockets for a minute she found the key to her room and walked in dragging her belongings behind her.

The first thing she noticed was a blonde girl sleeping on one of the beds and smiled. At least her roomate looked normal enough. Making sure not to wake the girl yet she quietly put her things on the other side of the room and sat down on the other bed debating if she should wake the girl up or not.

Finally she decided she would wake her up since she was starting to get bored of just watching her sleep. She got up to walk over the bed and gently tapped the girl on the shoulder. "Wake up roomie," she said as she kept nudging the girl. Finally the girl opened her eyes sleepily and Missy noticed her face pale. "Faith?" The girl asked and Missy just looked at her curiously.

Before she even knew what was happening Missy found herself pinned underneath a very pissed off blonde. "What the hell are you doing?" she yelled at her roomate.

"Me? What the hell do you want Faith?" Buffy asked, now fully awake.

"Who the hell is Faith? I'm Missy, your roomate." Buffy continued to stare down at her for a minute not believing her but finally she relented and got up off the bed.

"Your Missy, not Faith?" Buffy questioned, suddenly very confused.


"Oh God," Buffy whispered softly as she started to wonder how this girl could look exactly like her once friend. "Can we maybe try this again? I'm Buffy by the way," she said as she held out her hand to her new roomate. Missy shook her hand and gave her a confused look.

"Nice to meet you Buffy. Now do you mind telling me what the hell that was all about?" Missy asked. Buffy nodded and sat back down on the bed next to the girl. 'This is going to be a long year,' she silently thought to herself.


"I know you'll probably think I'm really weird when I finish telling you about this, at least if you don't already think I am, but please be patient with me here okay?" Buffy asked as she moved to sit on the other bed in the small dorm room.

"Okay," Missy replied as she looked at Buffy curiously. She was starting to wish Les had walked her to her room so when she told him about her wacky roomie he would believe her.

"Since we're going to be sharing a room for the next year, there are a few things I need to explain to you. Normally I don't just go telling people about this stuff but everyone in Sunnydale pretty much already knows anyways even though they like to pretend they don't. I'm just too tired of trying to hide it from people and since you'll come to just think I'm really weird anyways I might as well tell you everything since I have to explain about Faith."

Missy nodded her head at Buffy and realized how much she missed her nice, normal friends back at RCH. 'Even Courtney and Whitney who I could hardly stand when they weren't cheering seem like more fun to be around than this Buffy girl,' she thought. As soon as she heard Buffy talking again she snapped out of her thoughts and listened to her.

"You know what? You're not going to believe what I say anyways so how about I just give you the really short version and show you tonight?" Buffy asked, and sighed when she saw the way Missy was looking at her.

"Just tell me who this Faith person is so I can know why you looked like you were ready to kill me," Missy said softly, trying to hide the annoyance in her voice.

"Only if you agree to go out with me and my friends tonight so I can explain the rest later," Buffy stated.

"Sure, whatever. Just tell me already," Missy replied already getting frustrated with this conversation and her new roommate.

Buffy gave her a small smile and went on to tell her about Faith, leaving all vampire and demon parts of the story out. "She was basically a girl I knew in high school last year. I thought we were becoming pretty good friends but then she decided she wanted to make my life hell and she ended up in a coma right before I graduated," Buffy said quietly as she allowed herself to think about Faith for the first time in a very long time. "You look just like her and when I woke up and saw you I thought it was her. I'm really sorry about that Missy."

"It's okay I guess. I don't see how I can look so much like her though. I mean it's not like we're twins or anything." Missy got up from the bed and walked over to where her bags were laying on the floor. "So what side of the room do you want?" Missy asked, hoping to leave that weird conversation behind.

"I was hoping I could have the left," Buffy said as she rumaged through the small duffel bag she had with her. She still had all of her things at her mother's house and only brought enough things to last her the night and a few small photo's of her friends and other knick nacks so she could at least make the room start to feel like home.

Making sure to leave Mr. Pointy in the bag she dumped it's contents out onto her bed and sat down next to the items to sort them out. As she started placing the pictures of her and her friends on the small night stand beside her bed she came across the small framed picture of Faith that she had brought with her. After graduation she went back to the appartment and stumbled upon it, and decided to keep it.

While she knew Faith had hurt her very much, she also knew it was Faith that saved them at graduation in the dream the two shared so it was hard to hold a grudge on her. She was still angry and hurt by it all but she also still felt guilty for being the one to put Faith in a coma, and missed the friend that she once had in Faith. "Hey Missy," Buffy called out as she turned to look at her roommate who was unpacking. Missy stopped and turned her attention to Buffy and noticed the girl was holding something in her hands.

Buffy handed the picture to Missy and smiled softly when Missy went wide eyed. "That's Faith," Buffy stated. "Now you can see why I thought you were her right? Minus the dark make up and the leather, you two are practically carbon copies of each other."

Missy just nodded as she continued to look at the picture for another minute wondering how they could look so alike and not even be related. She finally gave the picture back to Buffy who neatly placed it on the night stand next to her other pictures. "So do I really have to go out with you and your friends tonight? Not to sound like a major bitch but it's been a long day for me and I really don't feel like it," Missy said.

"It would be kinda better for you if you came tonight. Now that you know how much you look like Faith, it would be really bad if my friends saw you thinking you were her. I don't think you'd be able to convince them as easily as me that you're not her and they'll have pretty much the same reaction to you that I did."

"Great, so you're taking me out to get beat up on my first night in this town. What a wacky place," Missy mumbled quietly not knowing that since Buffy was a slayer she could hear what was just said. "So how come you believed me so easily when I said I wasn't her?"

Buffy watched Missy for a few seconds as she unpacked trying to come up with the answer to her question, wondering how much she should really tell her new roommate. "For one, Faith would never be caught dead in those clothes," Buffy said finally, not failing to notice the glare Missy shot at her. "Not that there's anything wrong with your clothes. It's just that Faith has this weird thing for leather. Besides, she's still in a coma and I don't see how if she woke up she could suddenly be in my dorm room." Buffy hoped that would be enough to satisfy the girl since she really didn't want to list all the reasons she knew it wasn't Faith.

The most predominant of those reasons being that Buffy could always feel when Faith was around because of their slayer connection. It was like the same feeling she got around vampires, only more warm and fuzzy. Then there were the less important ones like the fact that if it were Faith, she could have easily gotten Buffy off of her. Not to mention that Buffy could tell the difference in their eyes. Even though they were the same color, Faith always looked at Buffy like she could see right into her very soul and Missy hadn't looked at her like that.

Buffy sighed softly and Missy sat down on her new bed and looked at her. "You miss Faith don't you?" she asked noticing the pained expression on Buffy's face.

"I don't know," Buffy answered with a soft tone. "She really messed up my life in so many ways. She hurt so many people I care about but before all that we were starting to get really close. She was like a sister to me almost, and it's hard to stay mad at her even though I feel like I should."

Missy watched Buffy's face and saw the pain and hurt in her eyes and knew there was a lot more to this girl than met the eye. Knowing that the subject of Faith was obviously hard on her new roomie Missy changed the subject. "I'm going to give my idiot brother a call and let him know I finally got here and then we can go out like you wanted," Missy said lightly.

"Okay," Buffy replied as she pushed away her thoughts for the moment. She knew tonight would be a very long night and she wanted to enjoy the quiet while she could. "I'm going to go for a walk to clear my head a little so you can have some privacy on the phone. I'll be back in a little bit." Buffy moved off her bed and gave Missy a smile as she walked out of the room.

At first she thought about going to Willow's dorm room and telling her about Missy so she would be prepared for it but then she decided it would be easier to tell everyone at once so she wouldn't have to explain things a million times. As she walked past Willow's room she wondered just how she would go about telling the gang that just because Missy looked like Faith, it wasn't really Faith. Sure the coma thing would be able to sort the issue out pretty quick had Faith not been a slayer, and also if any of them had actually bothered to keep tabs on the rogue slayer. Truth was, no one really stopped to think about Faith after graduation which was almost sad. Suddenly Buffy realized just how much she did miss her friend Faith, and how much she hoped that the brunette would wake up so they could make amends.


"Hey perv, it's me," Missy said into the telephone. "I guess you and Torr are out somewhere but I just wanted to let you know I got to school and everything. Have a good trip to Kentucky tommorow and tell Torr I said hi and that I hope she manages to find a real boyfriend someday," Missy said jokingly to her brothers answering machine. "I would tell you to give me a call back but I'm going out with my new roommate tonight. At first I thought she was about as annoying and stupid as those football jocks from school were but she's turning out to be quite a mystery and I'm looking forward to figuring it out. Talk to you later," Missy said just before hanging up the phone.

Missy began to look through her clothes so she could pick out what to wear later. At the same time she was wondering why she was suddenly so curious about her new roommates past, and what she was all about. The only thing she knew for sure was that when they talked about Faith, Buffy had the same sadness that she had seen when Cliff found out that Torrance had a boyfriend after regionals. She knew it could only mean one thing, and even though she didn't know Buffy at all yet, she wanted more than anything to find a way to make that sadness go away even if she was the only one who knew the real reason it was there.


"What?" Missy asked as she noticed the way her roommate was looking at her. Even though she didn't know the whole story about Faith, or really anything about Buffy at all she had already determined that she'd help the blonde realize why Faith's betrayal had hurt her so much.

"It's nothing," Buffy said as she blushed a little. "It's just that you look so much like her. It'll take some time to get used to is all." Buffy noticed Missy's thoughtful expression and looked at her curiously.

"Tell me again why I have to wear this?" Missy asked as she grabbed onto the cross that Buffy told her to wear before they left their dorm room. She decided that since her and Buffy had just met, prying about Faith wasn't something she should do yet.

"Just humor me for a few hours," Buffy said as she walked into the Bronze with her new roommate. "You'll see why later," she then added. "Now remember, my friends are going to freak out when they see you so just be patient while I explain to them okay?"

"Okay," Missy responded as she looked around the Bronze, wondering if this was the only place to hang out at in this small town. Its crowd was a mixture of mostly older high school and younger college students. Before Missy had a chance to finish her thoughts she felt Buffy tugging on her arm, leading her to one of the tables on the opposite side of the Bronze.

The two approached the table where Willow, Oz, and Xander were sitting. Xander was talking with an excited look on his face, most likely about the cross country trip he had just returned from, and Oz was looking at him with his expression of indifference on his face though he seemed to be into what Xander was saying since none of them noticed the arrival of Buffy and her new roommate.

"Hey guys," Buffy said getting her friends attention as she grabbed Missy's hand and stood in front of the slightly taller girl.

"Hey Buffster, how've you…" Xander's words fell silent as he got up to hug Buffy and noticed the girl that was standing behind her. Oz and Willow turned their attention to the brunette standing behind Buffy as well, and Willow paled upon seeing her.

"This is interesting," Oz said nonchalantly.

"Guys, I want you to meet someone," Buffy started.

"I think we've already met her, and last time I checked it wasn't a very enjoyable experience," Willow said softly, squeezing Oz's hand a little tighter.

"Listen for a minute, this isn't Faith. Her name is Missy, and she's my new roommate."

Everyone stared intently at Missy, who was just smiling weakly at them still wondering just how this town got to be so damn weird. "Okay, and just what did you hit your head on while I was gone Buffy? Hello, psycho girl is standing behind you and your telling me her name is Missy?" Xander asked. Willow kept staring at Missy, afraid she would try to attack at any moment while Oz just sat by quietly waiting for his chance to speak up. He would have mentioned that Missy had a different smell than Faith, but she wasn't sure how the new girl would react for finding out about the other half of him.

Missy sighed and decided on the quickest way to end this so she reached for her wallet. "Look, it says Missy Pantone, not Faith whatever," she said as she pointed to her driver's license.

"People can have those made for them," Willow said still not believing that this wasn't actually Faith.

"Well look at her clothes," Buffy said as she received another glare from Missy. "We all know Faith wouldn't ever show her face in public with something like this on."

"Normally no, but after you put her in a coma she'd probably do anything to get back at us," Xander stated.

"She smells different than Faith. It's not her," Oz said finally as he noticed how frustrated Missy was looking.

"Wait, back up a second," Missy said as she turned to Buffy. "You’re the one who put Faith in a coma?" Missy looked at Buffy, and suddenly everything she thought she started figure out about the girl made no sense again. "And what the hell is this about you sniffing me?"

"He's part werewolf," Willow stated, unsure of why she was actually talking to what she believed was Faith.

Missy raised an eyebrow in question after Willow spoke. "Look, you all are just way too wacky." She reached for the cross Buffy gave her and took the necklace off her neck. "I tried humoring you Buffy, but this is just unbelievable. From what you told me earlier, I'm sure you had your reasons for putting Faith into a coma, but this werewolf stuff is just kind of nuts. I'm outta here."

The Scooby gang watched in silence as Missy walked out of the Bronze. "Listen guys, it's not Faith. You have to trust me here. Even Oz said it wasn't her."

"How do you know for sure Buff? Oz could be wrong," Xander said. "No offense or anything man," he added as he looked at Oz.

"None taken," Oz replied, sounding like he could care less about the whole thing.

"I just know. It's kind of a slayer thing," Buffy told them. She winced when she remembered the last time she spoke those words to her two best friends. "I gotta go, I'll see you all later."

"Where are you going?" Xander asked.

"Where do you think? Missy's out there and some vamp's going to think it's Faith and kill her! I can't let that happen."

"You're that sure that it's not Faith?" Willow questioned as she finally started to believe what Buffy was telling her. Buffy nodded and Willow noticed the sadness and urgency in Buffy's eyes. It was almost as if even though Missy wasn't Faith, Buffy wanted to save her like she couldn't save Faith. Since Missy looked just like Faith if Buffy was able to help her maybe it would help Buffy feel a little less guilty about not being able to save the other slayer in the past. "Good luck finding her," Willow said softly.

The blonde gave her a weak smile before sprinting out of the Bronze. She started running in the direction of the campus, hoping that it was the way Missy had gone after leaving the group behind. All she could do was hope that she found Missy before anything happened to her.


'Just great,' Missy thought to herself. 'This is your first day in town and you've gotten yourself a room with a wacko who tried to kill the girl she doesn't even realize she's in love with. Now if only I knew what was up with this werewolf crap they're talking about. They are some nutty people.'

Missy stopped as she reached the next block and realized she had forgotten her way back to campus. She saw two guys walking down the street and approached them so she could ask which way the campus was. "Well look what we have here, a lost slayer."

"Slayer?" Missy asked the guy, who looked like he was probably a few years older than her.

"And all this time we thought you were living it up as a vegetable," another male said, ignoring her obvious question. "Guess that your dear friend Buffy didn't stick that knife in far enough."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Missy asked getting very freaked out by this new town she had come too. She started to wish she had chose to go to the same college as Les. Missy tried to walk away from the two, but one of the men grabbed her arm and as she turned around she noticed that his face changed.

"I've always wanted to taste the slayer's blood." The vampire pushed Missy onto the ground and brushed her hair away from her neck. When Missy saw the vampire's sharp fangs she realized why Buffy had insisted on her wearing the cross necklace. She began to berate herself silently as she lay helpless underneath the strong grasp of the vampire. She didn't know why, but she had the feeling that Buffy would be the only one who was able to help her now.


"You know, since you're so gung ho about tasting a slayers blood, you might want to try finding a real slayer," Buffy said as she walked up to the vampire that was pinning Missy down. The other vampire that was with him quickly ran away upon seeing Buffy knowing full well that two slayers would be too much for him and his friend to handle. The vampire that remained growled at her but paid no more attention to her. Just as the vamp began to lower his mouth to Missy, Buffy kicked him in the ribs, which sent him flying a few feet back. Buffy glanced at Missy quickly to make sure she was okay and threw that necklace to her. "Put it on," she instructed. "And don't take it off this time."

While she was talking to Missy the vampire managed to sneak up behind her and throw her on the ground. Buffy quickly swept his feet out from under him and before she was even all the way back on her feet Mr. Pointy was firmly placed into the vamp's heart. "Poof he goes," Buffy said with a small smile.

She walked over to Missy and helped her stand. "You okay?" Buffy asked as she looked over Missy for any wounds.

Missy was still trying to register what she had just seen. Her body was shaking slightly from either the cool night air, or just becoming that close to being vampire chow and Buffy noticed. The blonde pulled her roommate into a hug in an attempt to help her calm down a little bit. "You're going to explain this to me right?" Missy asked softly as she let Buffy embrace her.

"Yeah, I will." Buffy let go of Missy and felt a pain rising in the pit of her stomach as she looked the girl over. She knew Missy wasn't Faith but just because they looked so much alike she couldn't help but feel more attached to Missy than she probably should. "You know what that was right?" Buffy asked as she started leading the way back to school. Missy nodded, and as they passed a few more people walking down the street she moved closer to Buffy afraid that any of these people could be vampires. Buffy noticed this, and took the taller girl's hand into her own to offer support.

"Well there are a lot of vampires and other such demons in Sunnydale. I once thought that they were make believe too, but unfortunately they are real. I'm what's called the 'slayer' and my job is to kill them and stop all their end of the world type plans."

"Faith was a slayer too right?" Missy asked when she remembered what the vampires said to her.

"Yeah, she was called after…" Buffy's voice trailed off and she turned her attention away from Missy. After a few moments of silence she began to speak again. "There can only be one slayer at a time, or at least that's how it's supposed to work. The new one is called after the previous one dies. I died for a few minutes, and then Xander revived me. Kendra was still called however, but then she died and Faith was called. A little much huh?"

"I guess. Of course, if you're telling me demons and vampires exist, that means Torr might have been right about her spirit stick curse," Missy said with a laugh. Now that she had calmed down a bit from her scare with the vampire Missy finally realized Buffy was holding her hand still, but didn't say anything about it.

"Spirit stick curse?" Buffy asked.

"Last year I transferred to a new school because my family moved. I was a gymnast but the school I had to go to didn't have a team so I became a cheerleader. Torrance, my best friend became captain that year and everything went wrong and she said it was all because of the spirit stick curse."

"Oh," Buffy said, sounding a little confused.

"Hey Buffy, how come you put Faith in a coma?" Missy asked out of the blue and Buffy looked at her with uncertainty. "I know we just met a few hours ago, and I'm not trying to pry into your life or anything I was just kind of curious."

Buffy let go of Missy's hand and started walking up the stairs to their dorm room with the brunette following behind her. She didn't say anything to Missy, but instead got lost in thought for the next few minutes. She wasn't sure why, but she really wanted to tell Missy everything about what happened. Maybe it was partly because she looked so much like Faith, but mostly just because she knew even though she wanted to she couldn't talk to the Scooby gang about this. They still hated Faith too much, despite the fact that it was Faith who saved them all at graduation by telling Buffy about the mayor still having his human weakness. It would be nice to have someone neutral to talk to, to confide in and just to be friends with.

As the two walked into their dorm room Buffy sat down on her bed and picked the small picture of Faith up off her night stand. "You really want to know the whole story?" she asked Missy.

Missy nodded as she sat down on her bed and started pulling off her shoes. "You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want. It's not like we've really known each other that long or anything."

"I kind of want to tell you," Buffy said. "I haven't been able to talk to anyone about any of this and it'd be kind of nice to be able to say what I really think without being afraid of my friends getting mad at me."

"Why would they be mad?" Missy asked as she lay on her bed.

"Because they hate Faith still, but I can't seem to stay mad at her for the stuff she did. I always felt so free around her. It was like she was a sister or something to me. But then one night when we were out slaying, she accidentally killed a human." Buffy continued her story, telling Missy about Faith joining the mayor, trying to kill Angel and the only cure to the poison she shot in him being a slayer's blood. Then she explained about her and Faith's shared dream from when the two were both in the hospital and how she stopped the mayor at graduation.

When she finished her story she noticed Missy was just looking at her wide eyed, obviously having a little bit of trouble believing the whole story. "I umm… Geez, what do I even say to that?" Missy asked.

"You could tell me you believe me and don't think I'm freak of the month?" Buffy offered with a smile.

"Well yeah, I believe you. I'd be kind of silly not to considering what happened to me tonight. Torr is going to flip when I tell her there actually is something in the world more evil than Big Red."

"Big Red?" Buffy asked as she lay down on her bed.

"She was the captain of the cheerleading team before Torrance. When I transferred to that school Torr was already captain, but Big Red had stolen another school's cheers and it just caused a lot of trouble for all of us. She liked to make people's lives hell from what I hear. Hey! Since you fight evil why don't you go kill her?" Missy asked jokingly.

Buffy laughed at that, before she realized something. "Did she have red hair?"

"Huh?" was Missy's only response.

"This Big Red person, did she get that nickname because she had red hair?"

"Yeah, I guess. Why?" Missy questioned as she tried to not get confused over this.

"Well Faith used to call Willow 'Red' because of her hair color. Just made me think of her I guess." Buffy said quietly.

"You should go see her," Missy said as she pulled some of her night clothes from her dresser. "I think it would help you to go talk to her, even if she can't respond. It'd be a way for you to get everything off your chest without worrying what she'll say or do. Then when she wakes up from her coma, maybe you two would be able to work things out and be friends again."

"I don't think we could. She'll probably just push me away again. There's so much between us that I don't think we could ever mend our friendship."

"Don't give me that crap. I'll give you the same advice I once gave my brother, be aggressive. If she tries to push you away, don't let her. Got him the girl, it'll get you yours too. Guaranteed." Buffy gave Missy a curious look after she said that, wondering what she meant about getting the girl but Missy only shrugged and climbed under the covers of her bed.

Buffy threw on her night clothes and climbed into her bed, wondering why Missy was so intent on getting her to talk to Faith. She shut of the small lamp in between the two beds and lay in the dark hoping that Missy would be right. Hoping that just maybe, it wasn't too late for her and Faith to try and start their friendship over again.


"Hey Missy," Buffy said as she got out of bed.

"Who the hell is Missy?"

Buffy looked at her roommate intently, wondering what was going on. "Faith?" Buffy asked hesitantly.

"The one and only," Faith said sitting down at the end of Buffy's bed. "Miss me?"

"How?" Buffy questioned, unable to find any other words.

"Dunno B. It's your head we're in, not mine."

"So then it's a dream?" Buffy asked and Faith nodded.

"I'm still in coma land, so it's gotta be a dream." Faith sprawled out on Buffy's bed and smiled at her. "Is this like one of those slayer dreams or something? Because normally when I dream about you, you're kicking my ass."

"You dream about me?" Buffy asked softly.

"Well I'd call them more like nightmares but yeah," Faith replied as she shrugged. "Wish the damn hospital would just let me die already. I'm sick of reliving my past all the time in my head. I'm pretty fucked up you know?"

"I was thinking about coming to see you tomorrow." Buffy decided to ignore Faith's comment about being fucked up because it would only lead them to fighting. She would tell Faith she wasn't, Faith would insist that she was and it would end up going on forever.

"Why? So you can come and laugh at me, or admire what you've done to me? Or maybe just to ease your guilt? Thanks, but no thanks B. You’re the one who put me there and I'd appreciate it if you just left me to die."

"No Faith, I don't want to do that. I just want us to be friends again. It's not too late for us to start again. I know we hurt each other pretty bad but you still came through for us in the end. I'm sorry Faith."

"Don't sweat it B," Faith said trying to sound like she didn't really care. "We're enemies now B. Things can never be the same. It's better this way anyways. I don't fit in with you and your friends."

"No it's not better Faith. Nothing's better than us being friends again," Buffy told her as Missy's earlier words about being aggressive stuck in her mind. "I learn from my mistakes Faith, and this time I'm not giving up on you no matter what."

"So you're forgiving me, just like that?" Faith questioned, unsure of why this was happening.

"If you forgive me for what I did, then yeah, I forgive you," Buffy said with a smile. Faith turned her gaze to the floor and Buffy could tell that the younger slayer was giving it thought. Finally after a few minutes, Faith nodded her head and smiled at Buffy.

"If you think we can do it B. I can't make any promises that I won't fuck up again though. So why with the sudden forgiveness bit anyways?" Faith questioned as she felt Buffy's hand move on top of her own. Buffy opened her mouth as if to speak, but she closed it again as she noticed the things in the room begin to fade. "Hey, are you serious about coming to see me tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I think I'll stop by after class. How come?"

"Well you think you could tell me why you're forgiving me then?" Buffy looked at her confused after she said that and she smiled for the first time in the dream. "I'm kind of like celery B. You know how they say plants can actually feel things? Well I don't know if it's true or not 'cuz I'm no scholar but if it is, then I'm celery. Well is celery even a plant? Anyways," Faith stopped and laughed which caused Buffy to smile in return. "I can hear and feel things, but I just can't respond to them in any sort of way yet. So like if you go there and talk to me I can hear everything you say."

Buffy nodded and gave Faith a quick hug. "I'll see you tomorrow Faith."

"Yeah, B. Thanks for the second chance and all," she said just before Buffy and the dream disappeared from her.


When Buffy woke up the next morning the first thing she noticed was that Missy was already gone. She was slightly disappointed because she wanted to tell her new friend about her dream with Faith. As she looked at the clock beside her bed though, she realized why Missy was no where in sight. She cursed out loud as she realized she had been late for her first class not only of the day, but of her college life all together. "Great," Buffy muttered to herself as she pulled on some clothes.

By the time she got dressed and actually found where her class was supposed to be it was already over. She thought about going and introducing herself to her new teacher but a familiar voice stopped her from going into the class. "Wills!" Buffy exclaimed as she saw her best friend walking down the hall.

"Hey Buffy. How did everything go last night?" Willow asked casually as the two walked side by side down the hall.

"I found her just in time actually. She was pretty cool about finding out there's vampires and stuff. I know you still have reservations about Missy because of her looking like Faith, but she's a really sweet girl. I'd really like it if you all could give her a chance."

"I don't know Buffy. It's so hard just to see that face again. I can try to get over it, as long as it's not really Faith. I swear if I ever see Faith again I'll…" Willow stopped and looked like she was trying to figure out just what she would do to Faith. "Well I'd do something really mean," she finally said.

After hearing Willow say that, she knew now wasn't the time to tell her about her dream with Faith, or the fact that she was going to go see her in the hospital soon. Then she also remembered what happened last time she kept secrets from her friends. She was torn between what to do, but then she finally decided she would wait to tell the gang about her dream, and her going to see Faith until she knew for sure what was going on herself. "Hey, when's you next class Wills?"

"Right now actually," Willow replied. "What about you?"

"I don't have another class until this afternoon. I was hoping we could go hit the espresso pump or something." Buffy told her, sounding a little disappointed.

"How about tonight then?" Willow asked. Buffy agreed, and Willow stopped walking as she reached her next class. "I'll call you later," Willow told her. The two friends said their goodbyes and Buffy headed off to her final stop before going to see Faith at the hospital.


"Buffy, what are you doing here?" Giles asked as he let his slayer into his house.

"Are you really that unhappy to see me Giles?" the blonde asked as she sat down on her watcher's couch.

"No, of course not," the man said as he too sat down. "I just expected you to have classes is all. Could I offer you anything to drink?" he asked. As he looked at Buffy he could tell she was obviously very nervous about something.

"No thanks Giles," she replied as she started fidgeting.

"So then what brings you here this morning Buffy?"

"I kind of needed to talk to you about something. I had this dream last night," Buffy started and watched as Giles took his glasses off and started polishing them with his shirt.

"A prophecy?" he inquired.

"No, nothing bad. It was a slayer dream, between Faith and I. I think. I'm not really sure if it was real or not. So I was wondering if it were possible for us to have shared dreams even though she's in a coma."

"What did Faith want?" he asked as he stood up to go find some of his books.

"We made up, sort of. I told her that when she wakes up from her coma that I want us to try to be friends again," Buffy said, hoping that Giles wouldn't be angry at her for that.

"Are you sure that's wise Buffy? Do you really think you can trust her after what she did to everyone?" Giles questioned as he sat back down and started going through some books.

"Honestly, I don't know. I just feel like I have to at least try." Buffy told him honestly.

"Well you are an adult now Buffy and I think you can make your own decisions. Just be careful if you're going to get involved with her again." Buffy nodded at Giles' words and waited to see what he was looking at in his books. "Since before now there were never two slayers at once, there isn't really any documentation on the connection between slayers. However, I do believe that it is possible for the two of you to share dreams even if she is in a coma. Faith has always been a very strong willed girl, and I believe she can make it happen even if she can't respond to the outside world."

"So you're saying that it was a slayer dream and not just something I made up in my head?"

"I'm not really sure. All I'm saying is that it would be possible for that to happen, or at least I think it would. I even think that in time if the two of you tried you would be able to meet in your dreams by your own will whenever you desired to do so."

"Thanks Giles," Buffy stood up and smiled at him. "I'm gonna go see her at the hospital now. She wanted me to tell her about my new roommate. She looks just like Faith. It's pretty weird." Buffy started walking towards the door but before she left she turned around to face her watcher again. "Could you maybe not tell the others about this until I know what's going on a little better?"

"Sure thing Buffy. Just remember to be careful, and I want you to let me know everything that happens with this. Even if it's just you going to see her I want you to keep me informed on it all. Understood?"

"Yeah, yeah. Later," she said just seconds before slipping out of his door. She took a steadying breath and began walking towards the hospital to see Faith for the first time in too long.


"Think you could use a lab partner?" an all too familiar voice asked Willow. The red head practically jumped out of her chair when she heard it. 'Goddess, does she have to sound like Faith too?' Willow thought to herself. "I'm not her you know. I don't bite Willow. I'm just trying to make a few friends in this damn town," Missy told Willow as she sat next to her.

"I'm sorry but it's just too weird. You're like a constant reminder of what she did and it's just too creepy." Willow told the brunette without even making eye contact with her.

"Maybe it'll be good if we work together then. It'll help you to get over what happened and then maybe one day you'd be able to forgive her for what she did." Missy said as she tapped her pencil against the desk. "We're already in the same class so you'll have to get used to seeing me anyways. Why not just work together?"

"Because you look like Faith. I know it's wrong of me to judge you for it, or hold it against you. I'm sure you're a very nice person and all but I can't deal with it. I can't deal with Faith."

"Hello, newsflash. I'm not Faith. You people are unbelievable. One day you're going to have to deal with Faith because she's not going to stay in a coma forever. Buffy told me what she did, and I can see why you'd hate her and I have no right to tell you that you should forgive her. Hell, it's only my second day in this town and I realize things around here aren't normal but one thing I can tell you for sure is that if you continue to hate and be afraid of Faith for the rest of your life, the only person you are hurting is you. If she really is the monster you think she is, then by hating her you're only giving her what she wants. Maybe it's not too late for you to try and help her. Think about it," Missy said as she walked away from Willow. 'Sweet girl my ass,' Willow thought to herself.

Missy wasn't actually sure where all of that had come from but ever since she realized how Buffy really felt for Faith she knew beyond anything she wanted to help her in any way possible. It might mean that Buffy's friends hated her for it, but it was a sacrifice she would make for Buffy. After all, she did owe Buffy her life now. In some sort of way, she even felt connected to Faith simply because the two looked alike. She glanced back at Willow who looked more angry than anything but she could also tell that the red head was deep in thought. Missy just hoped that her words would stick in Willow's mind, and maybe that she'd be able to get through to her in time, if the red head would give her a chance as a friend.


"Excuse me," Buffy said softly as she approached one of the nurses in the hospital. "Could you please tell me where Faith Spencer's room is?"

"Oh, she's the girl that's been in a coma all summer isn't she? Are you family?" The nurse asked as she started to lead Buffy down the hall.

"Just a friend," Buffy replied.

"Her room is right here," the nurse stopped and pointed inside the room. "You know, you're the first visitor she's had in months." The nurse walked away after that leaving Buffy standing outside of Faith's room. Buffy felt an incredible sadness in her heart upon hearing the nurse say that no one had come to see Faith in months. It made her realize how alone Faith really is, and it gave her even more determination to become a bigger part of Faith's life. To make sure that the brunette was never alone again.

As Buffy walked into Faith's room she pulled a chair up beside the bed and sat down. "Hey sleepy head," Buffy said softly as she took Faith's hand into her own. "I'm here as promised. Though I really wish you would wake up soon. Hospitals definitely aren't my favorite place in the world to be and I'm sure you don't like being here much either huh?

"I had this dream last night about you," she said to Faith as she brushed a few strands of the brunette's hair from her face. "I haven't exactly figured out if it was a real slayer dream or just something I came up with in my head but either way, I'm here now. If it wasn't a real slayer dream, I want you to know I forgive you and that I want us to be friends again.

"I just started college, and my new roommate Missy is a rather big reason I decided on this. I only met her yesterday, but she looks exactly like you. It kind of gave me the wiggins at first but seeing her made me start to think about you. I just want things to be right again for us.

"I stopped by Giles' house before I came here. I told him about my dream and that I want you and I to make amends with each other. I asked him about my dream, to see if he thought it was a real slayer dream or not but he said it wasn't sure even though it's possible that it could have been. He even told me that he thinks it's possible for us to control them, and make them happen whenever we want. Pretty cool huh?"

Buffy stopped talking and glanced at her watch. "I know this was kind of short, but I really have to get back to school. I already missed my first class today and mom will kill me if she finds out I missed both of my classes. So far college doesn't feel any different than high school. Only difference is that it's bigger and I don't live at home. I'll come back soon, I promise."

The blonde stood from her chair and looked Faith over. She gently traced her fingers over the outline of Faith's face and bent down to give the younger slayer a kiss on the forehead. Just as she was about to turn and walk away, she felt Faith's hand that she was still holding softly squeeze hers.

Buffy felt her heart swell for some reason as she stared down at the brunette. "Faith?" she questioned. When she didn't receive any response from the brunette she thought that maybe she had only imagined it happening. After watching the girl for another few minutes Buffy reluctantly left to get to her next class. Unfortunately it was just a minute too early, and she failed to notice Faith open her eyes just after she walked out of the room.


When Faith opened her eyes the first thing she did was look around the empty hospital room, wondering if Buffy had really been there to see her or if it were all a dream. Could Buffy really have forgiven her and said that she wanted to be friends again? 'Only one way to find out,' Faith thought to herself.

After a few minutes she decided it was time to get out of the hospital and even though her body was still a little shaky after being out of commission for so long she managed to get out of bed. It didn't take long for her to find the clothes that she was brought to the hospital in and she changed back into them even though they were covered in blood stains.

After getting dressed, she noticed she really didn't have that much energy at all. She placed a hand on the wall to steady herself as she peeked out of the door to make sure there were no doctors or nurses around to notice her. When she was sure she could get away with no one spotting her she made her way out of the hospital as fast as she could.

The second she stepped outside she had to shut her eyes from the sun. After being in a dark hospital room all comatose for a few months the sun was blinding to her. She lifted her hand to block the light from her eyes as she started walking towards the only place she could think of to go for answers.


As Buffy sat in class she couldn't seem to stop thinking about Faith. She wished she could go back to the days in high school when she would skip class just to be with Faith. As the life of a slayer goes, college didn't seem like a necessity to her considering she could die any day and she didn't really think she would even live long enough to finish school. But she was doing this for her mother, her watcher, and her friends.

Faith was the only one who could understand the importance of living each day how you want. Faith was the one who taught her the importance of it as well. When the two were together, everyone thought Buffy was becoming like Faith, careless and wild. Only the two slayers knew that Buffy was doing exactly what she wanted, living for herself and not others for a change.

After Faith killed Finch and turned against her, Buffy had to go back to being the responsible person everyone wanted her to be. She began to live her life how everyone else wanted her to, instead of how she wanted to and she hated Faith for it. Faith was the one who taught her how to 'find the fun' and then she just abandoned her as soon as something didn't go her way.

She didn't want to hurt Faith, or fight the person she came to regard as just as much of a best friend as Willow and Xander but she knew she had no choice. After all, she couldn't just let the world come to an end because she didn't want to kill Faith. When her and Faith shared the dream and Faith told her how to defeat the mayor Buffy knew she couldn't hate the brunette any longer. She knew that deep down Faith was just scared, and alone and after that she vowed that one day she would make things right again with Faith.

After what seemed like an eternity to Buffy the bell finally rang but as she got up to leave the class she heard her teacher calling out to her. "Miss Summers, if you aren't going to pay attention in my class you might as well not bother to come anymore." Buffy just nodded at her and rolled her eyes as she turned around to walk out of the class.

When she got back to her dorm room she crashed onto her bed wondering if Willow was in a class or not. She moved to lay on her side and she noticed that the light on their answering machine was blinking. She pressed the button and listened to the message on it. "Hey Missy, Jan here. Les gave me your number and I just wanted to tell you that you're insane for not coming to school with us. There's so many hot girls here, not that you'd care about that though. Les seems to think there's a lot of cute guys too so you would have been happy here. Well he's actually making me go to class so I'll talk to you later. Give us a call sometime. We miss you."

The machine beeped and the next message began. "Missy, you have to call me as soon as you get this. I'm having a major crisis here. Tryouts just started and there's this bitch that's even worse than Big Red that's going after captain. Cliff leave me alone." The message went quiet for a few seconds then a guy's voice came on. "Hey sis, you better call Torr soon because she's driving me nuts." It went quiet for a few more seconds and the girl Buffy now knew was Torrance came back on the phone. "Your brother just doesn't understand is all. Give me a call soon. Miss ya," the girl said just before hanging up the phone.

Buffy laughed as she listened to Missy's friends and she began to think about how homesick Missy must be. Moving away from your home and friends to come to a place like Sunnydale wasn't easy, and Buffy knew that since she once had to do it. In the short time that they had known each other Missy had helped her out a lot, and now Buffy wanted to help Missy become happy in Sunnydale.

She remembered that she made plans to go out with Willow later but since she was getting restless from just sitting around she was going to find Willow now and drag her out. She jotted a quick note to leave for Missy telling her that she had new messages on the machine even though the light wasn't flashing on it. As an after thought she told her that her and Willow were going to the Espresso Pump and if she got bored she should meet them up there. Buffy placed the note on Missy's pillow hoping the girl would notice it when she got in and headed out of her room to find her best friend.


Faith stood on the porch at Giles house trying to get up the nerve to actually knock. She knew the watcher would be home, but she was afraid that Buffy hadn't really been in the hospital to see her. She knew she had dreamed about Buffy, and she was almost positive that it was a slayer dream but something in the back of her mind kept telling her that she was crazy for thinking Buffy would ever want to be friends with her again.

Finally she decided to just go for it, and knocked softly on Giles front door. When the watcher opened his front door Faith just stood there smiling at him awkwardly, suddenly unable to speak. "Faith," he said in disbelief. "You're... awake."

"Yeah, well I finally had a reason to come out of coma land," she told him shyly. "I know I don't have any right to ask, but do you mind if I come in? I'm wicked exhausted and I was hoping maybe you could help me find B."

"Oh, of course," Giles said as he stepped aside to allow Faith entrance into his house. "Buffy was by earlier saying she was going to see you. Does she know that you're awake yet?"

Faith smiled as Giles said that, relieved that it wasn't just a dream. "Nah, she left before I woke up. I heard her though, when she was there talking to me and I wanted to wake up for her you know? But she already left when I woke up."

"Well then I suggest that you stay here until we can find her. You're in no condition to be roaming about after being in the hospital for the last few months." Giles said as he sat down.

"Thanks for the concern but I'm five by five Giles. I really want to find B. I appreciate you being nice to me and everything though, and I'm sorry for before. I know it's just words, but I really want to try and make everything up to all of you," Faith said as Giles held out a shirt for her.

"You really should at least change out of that shirt Faith," he told her. Faith took the shirt and Giles showed her where the bathroom was so she could change.

When she came back out Giles just smiled at her as he scribbled something down on a scrap piece of paper. "Earlier I told Buffy that you were a very strong willed girl, and you've certainly proved that by waking up just for Buffy so I know you won't take my advice and rest until you've found her." He stopped and handed her the paper. "Here's the address to her dorm room. If she's not there I don't know where you'll be able to find her. Just promise me one thing," Giles said, already concerned about the brunette. "Don't push yourself too hard. It would do no good for you to be out of your coma only to push yourself too much and end up back in the hospital."

"I'll try my best G-man. Thanks for trusting me enough to let me come in and stuff. I promise I'll make it up to you," Faith said with a smile as she stood up and headed out of the door to find Buffy.


Buffy stood outside of Willow's dorm room and knocked on the door hoping that her best friend would be there. When Willow answered the door she was relieved and walked into the room that looked exactly like hers and Missy's. "How come you're here so early? I thought you were going to wait for me to call you," Willow said as she walked past her friend and sat down on her bed.

"I know but I got bored. I figured we could go grab Oz and just head to the Espresso Pump now." Buffy looked at the Dingos Ate My Baby poster that Willow had taped to the wall and smiled at her friend. "You up for it?"

"Sure, just give me a minute to get some different clothes on." Willow rummaged through her things and changed while Buffy inspected her room. Upon seeing all the unpacked boxes in the room it reminded her that she needed to get the rest of her things from home.

"Hey, can we stop by my mom's later so I can pick up some more of my stuff too?" Buffy asked right after Willow announced that she was ready to leave. The red head just nodded at her as the two walked out of the dorm room.

The two walked to Oz's in a comfortable silence until Willow noticed that Buffy seemed unusually happy. "What's with you?"

"Huh?" Buffy asked sounding confused as her thoughts of Faith were temporarily forgotten once again.

"You just seem extra peppy today. Have a good first day at school or something?"

Buffy's smile grew after her friends question, and she wished that she could tell her friend about why she was in such a good mood. She wanted to tell them more than anything, but she wanted to be sure she was able to trust Faith before she put her friends through that. Since she believed Faith was still in a coma she didn't think there was any rush to tell them. "It was pretty good I guess. How about yours?"

"It was fine until I got to my second class. Your roommate Missy is in there with me." Willow said, sounding a little annoyed as she remembered that Missy told her she should get over what Faith did.

"That's a bad thing?" Buffy asked seemingly dissapointed.

"Well it would have been fine if she didn't butt into my life and tell me that I should forgive Faith." Just as Willow said that the two arrived at Oz's and Willow rang the doorbell. "I mean, who could actually forgive Faith?" Willow asked.

"I can," Buffy said softly, but her response went unnoticed by her best friend since Oz chose to answer the door at the same time she spoke and Willow wasn't even paying attention to her. She let out a soft sigh as it finally sunk into her head that bringing Faith back into her life was going to be a lot harder than she had expected it to be.


When Faith reached the campus of UC Sunnydale a huge grin spread across her face. It didn't take her too long to find the hall where Buffy's room was and she noticed her energy reserves were severly running low as she climbed the stairs to Buffy's dorm room. Her stomach growled loudly to remind her that hospitals don't feed their patients well at all. She glanced back down at the paper Giles gave to her and then up at the number on the door in front of her.

'Finally,' she thought to herself as she saw that the two numbers were the same. Faith quickly knocked on the door before she lost her nerve to even do so and waited for what she hoped to be a friendly reunion. What she didn't expect however was for the door to open and her double to be standing there staring right back at her.

The two girls continued to look at each other for the next several minutes. Missy was the first to recover since she had already seen a picture of Faith and knew how alike the two looked. "You must be Faith," she said as a small smile formed on her lips. "I kind of thought you were..."

"Living it up as a veggie in coma land?" Faith finished for her. "I sort of woke up like an hour or so ago." Faith too smiled a smile that matched Missy's exactly. "B told me that her roommate looked like me but damn."

"Yeah, it's pretty weird. So does she know you're awake?" Missy asked as she motioned for Faith to enter the room. Faith gladly complied and walked into the dorm wondering just how things could be going so smoothly for her.

"Nah, I was still out of it when she came to see me, but I heard her talking to me and I just kind of woke up. I guess it's because I'm a..." Faith stopped herself before she said 'slayer' unsure of if the girl actually knew about her and Buffy.

"A what? You mean slayer?" Missy asked Faith who just nodded at her. "I'm Missy by the way," she said as she held out her hand to Faith. The two girls shook hands and Missy went to sit down on her bed. "Buffy's not here now. She left me a note saying that her and that girl Willow are going to some place called the Espresso Pump or something. You're welcome to stay until she gets back though," Missy offered.

"Thanks, but I think I'll go find her there. I'm a little eager to see her and tell her I'm sorry and stuff," Faith said as she stood by the door awkwardly.

"I don't know if that's a good idea. That girl Willow doesn't seem very fond of you from what I can tell from her reaction to me just looking like you."

"So how come you're being so nice to me?" Faith asked.

"Because I can tell that Buffy really cares about you and I have no reason to be anything but nice to you," Missy told her. "You know, Buffy did invite me to meet them there. You could always go there and just say that you're me, and then pull Buffy aside and tell her that it's you." Missy said with a wicked smile. "Unless you really want to deal with Willow."

Faith laughed at what Missy told her and sat down on Buffy's bed, already feeling more comfortable around the new girl. "You know, I like the way you think."

"Of course, they've pointed out several times that we dress differently, so if you show up in those leather pants they'll know it's not me."

"Well I don't really have anything else but leather pants to wear," Faith said and Missy's smile just grew larger. "Wait, are you suggesting I wear your clothes?" Missy nodded as she got up from her bed and reached into her dresser to pull out a pair of her jeans for Faith. "Oh hell no! Those are so not me. I'm not that eager to see Buffy," Faith told her as she crossed her arms like a stubborn child.

"Yeah you are, so put them on already." Missy tossed the pair of tight jeans to Faith and turned her back to her.

She heard Faith grumbling but Faith still put on the jeans though she didn't really want to. "What makes you so sure I want to see B that bad?" she asked as she finished pulling the jeans on.

"You're changing aren't you?" Missy pointed out. She heard Faith laughing from behind her and in that moment she decided she really liked the girl, even if she was an ex psycho.

"So, how do I look?" Faith asked.

"Perfect. Now go find her," Missy commanded. Faith threw her pants onto Buffy's bed and Missy told her to just leave them there since she'd look silly walking around with pants in her hands.

"Thanks for being nice to me I guess," Faith mumbled.

"Like I said, I haven't got any reason to be anything but nice and help you out. If you ever need anything, you know where to find me."

"Don't worry, I'll bring the pants back soon." Faith gave Missy one last smile before heading out the door, hoping that this time she'd actually be able to find Buffy.

When Missy closed the door behind Faith she immediately got on the phone and dialed Les' number. "Please be there," she said to herself.


"Les! You're actually there," Missy said eagerly.

"Missy! You're actually calling me," he said mockingly.

"Funny. I need your help with something," she told him seriously.

"If you want me to do your homework for you, I can't," he relpied as he started laughing.

"I'm being serious Les. I need to know how to make two people realize they're in love with each other."

"Huh?" he asked confused as to why Missy would need to know something like that already.

"Okay, I guess I should start from the begining here. But listen to me because this is really important," Missy said as she began to tell him of Buffy and Faith leaving out the vampire and demon parts knowing that he wouldn't believe her unless he actually saw it for himself.


"Well at least we all have psychology together tommorow," Buffy said, trying to get Willow off the subject of Missy being in her science class.

"What do you think our teacher will be like?" Willow asked.

"I don't know," Buffy shrugged. The little bell on the door at the Espresso Pump went off and Buffy looked behind Willow and Oz and noticed her roommate walking in. Her eyes went wide as she remembered inviting Missy to meet them up there. She hadn't expected Willow to loathe her so much. "Uhh guys, Missy's here," Buffy said sheepishly.

Willow turned to look behind her and saw the girl walking towards them with a smile on her face. She rolled her eyes as she turned back around to face Buffy. "Come on Wills, just give her a chance for me?" Buffy asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, I'll be nice and try to make friends with her," Willow said.

As Faith walked closer to the group she saw Buffy smiling at her and she felt as if her heart would burst. Of course she knew Buffy thought it was Missy she was smiling at, but it's more than she ever expected in the first place. "Hey B...uffy," Faith said, catching her mistake in calling her 'B' before anyone noticed. Or at least she hoped.

Buffy patted the seat next to her and Faith sat down smiling. Buffy finally realized that her slayer senses were going off like crazy, giving her that warm, fuzzy feeling she always got when Faith was around but she figured they must be off since Faith was in a coma still.

Oz however trusted his instincts and knew it was Faith the moment she sat down in front of them. He knew his sense of smell had never let him down before, and he trusted that it was right now. He didn't say anything knowing how his girlfriend would react to it so he kept quiet while he waited for Buffy to figure it out.

"Damn, I forgot my money," Faith said trying to think of a way to get Buffy away from Willow and Oz.

Buffy laughed at her and stood up. "Come on up to the counter with me and I'll buy you something," she offered.

"Are you sure?" Faith asked, almost enjoying pretending to be Missy. She could only hope that Buffy would still be this nice when she realized who it really was. The blonde nodded in response and Faith stood up and walked off with Buffy to go get her drink.

After ordering her drink and some sort of pastry, Faith leaned against the counter and smiled at Buffy. When Buffy noticed she looked at her curiously. "Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked.

"I...I..." Faith stuttered, trying to find the right words to say to Buffy. "Damn B," she said unable to come up with anything else.

"Faith?" Buffy asked as she went wide eyed.

Faith only nodded at her, still afraid of what her reaction might be. "Sorry I pretended to be Missy. It was kind of her idea." Faith said in a small voice. Buffy only shook her head at the taller girl, not caring about the 'how' or 'why' of it and she did the only thing she could think of. She threw herself into Faith's arms and pulled her into the tightest hug she'd ever given anyone in her life.


Faith stood in Buffy's arms with the goofiest smile on her face that she could ever recall having. Finally she looked around the shop and noticed Willow and Oz looking at them curiously. "As happy as I am about you not kicking my ass and stuff, you might wanna let go B. Red's about to have a conniption fit."

Buffy pulled away from Faith and blushed slightly. "Yeah, I would guess so. She's not very fond of Missy so far. Now we're going to have a reason for hugging since she thinks you're Missy," Buffy said as her brain started coming up with so many questions that she wanted to ask Faith and she was sure Faith had just as many for her. "We need a reason to get out of here so we can talk."

"Whatever you want B," Faith said casually as she got her drink from the lady behind the counter.

"I know! Your boyfriend just broke up with you and you need someone to talk to. That would explain the hug thing too right?"

"I don't know B. Me and boyfriend aren't really two things that go together," Faith said. "You know me, just use 'em and discard 'em."

"Yeah but you're not you, you're Missy. God, this is all way too confusing. How did you even find me here?" Buffy asked.

"Later B. First we gotta get out of here."

"Right," Buffy replied as she watched Faith eat her pastry quickly. "Hungry much?"

"Hey, I just got out of a coma. It's not like I've gotten to really eat in the last few months. Come on, let's get back over there."

Faith started walking back towards where Willow and Oz were seated and Buffy quickly caught up to her. "Try to look sad," Buffy instructed. Faith just rolled her eyes and Buffy swatted her arm playfully, glad to have her friend back even if there were still a lot of unresolved issues between the two of them.

"What was that all about?" Willow asked as soon as the two sat back down.

"Missy's having boyfriend troubles. She's pretty bummed about it aren't you?" Buffy asked as she looked at Faith who seemed to be in a staring match with Oz. After a few seconds of not responding Buffy nudged Faith in the ribs with her elbow. "Aren't you Missy?" Buffy asked again.

"Oh, yeah. It sucks," Faith said never breaking eye contact with Oz. "I think I'm going to get out of here. I'm not really in a people kind of mood now," Faith said, finally taking her eyes from Oz's.

"I'll come with you," Buffy said. "Maybe we could talk about it or something," Buffy offered as she stood up with Faith.

"Yeah, that's fiv...fine by me," Faith said as she shook her head. "See ya around Willow," she called behind her shoulder as she walked out of the shop.

"I'll see you tomorrow in class," Buffy said with an apologetic tone as she went to follow Faith. When she got outside she saw Faith leaning against the wall with a huge grin on her face. "What are you so happy about?" Buffy teased as she linked arms with Faith as if nothing had ever gone wrong between the two. "You almost blew your cover back there."

"Did not," Faith said defensively. "Besides, wolf boy already knows I'm not Missy. I'm sure he'll tell Red all about it later."

"Yeah?" Buffy asked, seeming like she wasn't really interested.

"So where are we going B?"

"Well I gotta go back to my mom's and grab some clothes, and then we can head back to the dorms and talk." Buffy said.

"I don't know if that's the greatest idea B. I'm all up for telling your mom I'm sorry for before and stuff but I just got out of a coma and I really don't have the energy to defend myself tonight. Maybe we could just meet up tomorrow or something?" Faith asked, wanting nothing more than to lie down and sleep for a while. Even though she was a slayer, her body still needed some time to get over being in a coma for the last few months.

"Nope, not happening. You're staying with me tonight. Besides, you've got me on your side and mom's a forgiving person. Heck, she might not even be home yet," Buffy told her.

"What, you don't trust me enough to be by myself for a while?" Faith asked. She had meant it to seem like she was only teasing Buffy, but after she said it she realized how serious of a question it was.

"I never said that Faith," Buffy replied. She too realized the importance of the question and trust was one thing that had always been a problem between the two. She knew that she didn't really trust Faith yet even though she wanted to, and she didn't want to lie to the brunette so she answered the question with one of her own. "Do I have any reason not to?"

Faith stopped walking and looked Buffy in the eyes. "Not anymore B," Faith told her and the blonde could see the sincerity in her eyes. Buffy's smile just grew as she tugged on Faith's hand and led the taller girl to her old house. Faith sighed inwardly, upset that Buffy couldn't answer her question, but more upset that she had actually expected Buffy to trust her already.

She snuck a glance at Buffy, who was still holding her hand and smiled when she saw the smile on Buffy's face. For the first time that night she realized just how happy Buffy was that she was back. Then and there she vowed that she'd make up for her past mistakes knowing that whatever troubles she'd face in the process would be worth it just see the blonde smile the same smile she was at that moment.


After Willow and Oz went their seperate ways, the red head decided to stop by Buffy's dorm room on the way back to hers to check on the blonde and her new roommate and maybe see why the two were acting so weird earlier. She felt a little guilty for being a bit mean to the new girl, especially now that she was going through some hard times with her boyfriend. When she knocked on Buffy's door and she saw Missy open it with a small smile on her lips she decided that maybe it was finally time to give the girl a chance.

"Hey Missy, is Buffy around?" Willow asked, unsure of what else to say.

"Uhh, not last time I checked," Missy replied. She wasn't sure if Faith had ever found them or not so she didn't know exactly what to say to the red head. The whole situation became too confusing for her.

"Oh, I thought she'd still be here with you. I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend by the way. I hope everything works out for the two of you," Willow said sincerely.

Missy raised an eyebrow after Willow said that, wondering just what had happened earlier that night. She realized Faith must have found the group and that she was probably the one behind the whole boyfriend thing. "Thanks," Missy simply said, playing along with whatever Faith started as best as she could.

"I know I haven't been the nicest person to you so far, but if you ever need to talk I'll be glad to listen," Willow said as she gave Missy a smile before turning to walk away.

"Willow," Missy called after the girl. Willow stopped in the middle of the hall and looked back at her. "I'll tell Buffy you stopped by for her," Missy said with a goofy smile of her own. Willow didn't say anything else and went on her way and Missy realized that the red head had definitely piqued her curiousity.


"See, now that wasn't bad was it?" Buffy asked Faith as they aproached the UC Sunnydale campus. Buffy was carrying another duffle bag of clothes in one hand while her other was holding Faith's.

"Only 'cuz your mom wasn't home yet," Faith smiled at her.

"Yeah, she's going to flip when she gets back and notices someone ate her out of house and home," Buffy teased.

"So what's with all the friendly vibes B? Last time I checked I tried to kill your boyfriend and assist the mayor in ending the world and now I wake up and you're holding my hand. I don't get it." After Faith said that Buffy tried to pull her hand from Faith's assuming the taller girl was uncomfortable with it, but Faith just gripped her hand tighter so she couldn't let go and smiled at her reassuringly.

"I thought we'd forgiven each other?" Buffy asked, not knowing what else to say. She knew the two had a lot to talk about but she was so glad that Faith was back and not trying to kill her she didn't really want to face the past. "You're not the only one to blame for everything that happened Faith," Buffy said before the brunette could respond to her question. "What you did still hurts, and it probably will for a while. Hating you for it's not going to get us anywhere, and before it all happened we were on our way to a really great friendship. You're the only one who really understood me and you taught me a lot. I just want to have another chance at that friendship if it's not too late," Buffy confessed.

"Isn't that kinda supposed to be my speech?" Faith asked lightly. "I really am sorry for everything that I did B. It just seemed so much easier to join the other side, and then I started missing you and even the scoobies, but I thought it was too late to come back so I just kept hurting you all even though it hurt me too. After our fight, when I ended up in a coma, I figured I was pretty much dead so I wanted to help you out."

"That's why you helped me in the dream?" Buffy asked as they reached her dorm room.

"Yeah. I kinda was hoping that maybe you'd listen to me. I knew you'd find a way to kill the mayor, but I thought that maybe if I tried to help, you'd be able to forgive me if I ever woke up."

"Well then it's established. We're both sorry right?" Faith nodded at Buffy's question. "Then it's all settled. Let's start over okay? Except this time we try harder and don't keep secrets from each other."

"I think I can manage that. I don't promise anything though B. I'm pretty fucked up sometimes, and I won't make a promise I don't know I can keep, but I promise to try my best." Faith let go of Buffy's hand and leaned against the wall, in no rush to go into the room since she kind of wanted to keep Buffy to herself for a while longer.

"Good enough. Besides, it was kind of hard to find the fun without you," Buffy winked as she fumbled around for her key to the room.

"Aww, what's the matter B? Ain't getting enough uhhhh?" Faith asked with a grunt.

"Not that it's any of your business, but no I haven't gotten any uh, uhhh lately." Buffy shook her head as she opened the door to her room and walked in with Faith trailing right behind her. When the two walked in Faith immediately went to retrieve her pants that were sitting on the top of Buffy's bed while Buffy noted Missy's happy expression as she greeted the two. "What's with you?" Buffy inquired as she looked at Missy. She noticed that Missy got distraced and was looking at Faith so she turned her attention to the other brunette. "And what's with you?" Buffy asked as she noticed Faith clinging to her pants as if they'd run away if she let go of them.

"What?" Faith asked innocently. "Is it my fault if I missed my pants? You know blue jeans aren't my thing." The two other girls just laughed and Buffy collapsed onto her bed, exhausted from the days events.

"Hey, you never told me how you found me," Buffy reminded Faith.

"After I woke up I payed a visit to G-man 'cuz I remembered you saying something about talking about me to him. So he told me that you were staying here, and then I found Missy and she told me that you were out," Faith explained as she layed down on Buffy's bed next to the blonde.

"Oh, thanks for telling Willow I was having boyfriend troubles," Missy interjected as she climbed under the covers into her bed since she was already in her pj's.

"Sorry about that," Buffy replied as she sat up to unpack the clothes she brought over in her duffle bag.

"Really, it's cool. Willow actually came by looking for you and we ended up kinda being friends, I think," Missy told her.

"That's good," Buffy replied absently as she tossed some clothes to Faith. "Go change into that so we can sleep."

"Yes m'am," Faith laughed out as she saluted Buffy before walking off to the bathroom.

Buffy just shook her head and changed into her own pj's after Faith dissapeared into the bathroom, not really caring about her modesty in front of Missy. "I'm glad things are getting better between you two," Missy said sleepily as she rolled onto her side to look at Buffy.

"Me too," Buffy replied with a smile. "I owe it to you too, because I would have never gone to see her had it not been for you." Just after she said that Faith came back into the room and the two girls decided it was best to drop their conversation.

"So where am I sleeping B?" Faith asked as she stood by the wall awkwardly.

"Well I know my bed's kinda small but I was thinking you could sleep in there with me. We don't really have the extra blankets and stuff to make you a spot on the floor. Besides, you'd probably be more comfy in my bed than on the floor even if we are kinda smushed together."

"Yeah sure B. Just don't wake me up when you go to class in the morning," Faith said with a smile. "I need my beauty sleep and all," Faith joked.

"Whatever," Buffy teased back as she pushed Faith into her bed, climbing into it right after the taller girl. Missy watched the playful banter between the two and noticed how it seemed they didn't even realize she even existed while they were together. She wished there were something she could to do make the two realize what any fool could see.

Her earlier conversation with Les came to mind as she remembered him saying that love was something no one could control, and if they really did love each other it would come to surface in it's own time when both were ready to face it. She mumbled a soft 'goodnight' and turned off the lamp leaving the room in darkness. She turned so her back was to the slayers so they could have as much privacy as the small dorm room would allow.

Both slayers layed in Buffy's bed lost in similar thoughts. Neither understood why becoming friends and forgiving each other was so easy but all they knew was that it was right, and as a slayer you learn to trust your instincts. There were still a lot of old wounds that needed healing but for now they were content to just be laying side by side, taking comfort in the others presence.

Buffy finally noticed that Faith was looking at her through the dark and found the dark haired girl's hand under the covers and placed hers softly on top of it. She had once realized that Faith was a very insecure person and that's why she hid behind so many walls and the tuff girl image she had. It took a lot of courage on Faith's part to try and turn her life around, and Buffy realized this so she wanted to do her best to support Faith in any way she could. The blonde moved so she was laying on her side facing Faith and locked eyes with the younger girl. "Goodnight," she whispered as she entwined her fingers with Faith's. Their eyes never left each others until both fell into a peaceful sleep.


The next morning Buffy woke up late again, but only late enough so that she had to rush to get to her class on time. Since Missy had already left for her class, and Faith was still soundly sleeping she changed quickly in the middle of the dorm room. As much as she knew Faith would be mad at her for what she was about to do, she sat back down on her bed and nudged the younger girl awake. "Morning Sunshine," Buffy teased.

"Sunshine my ass," Faith mumbled into her pillow.

"I know you didn't want me to wake you up, but I gotta go to class. I was wondering if you'd meet me in the dining hall for lunch?" Buffy asked.

"Won't Red be there too?" Faith looked up at Buffy, then closed her eyes deciding she didn't like the light that early in the morning.

"Oh, yeah she will be," Buffy replied sounding a little dissapointed.

"Of course, I could meet you there and we could just get this whole thing out in the open already. If Red hears about this from Oz before you she'll be pissed. Plus, if we tell her in a crowded place like the dining hall, odds are she won't be as inclined to kill me."

"I don't know if I'm ready for that yet," Buffy told her as she noticed the time on the clock. "Crap, I gotta go," Buffy called out as she grabbed her bag and headed for the door.

"See ya at lunch," Faith yelled out at she pulled the covers up over her head. Just a few seconds later she was happily asleep again.

Buffy ran down through the campus, bumping into a few people occasionally as she rushed to class. She made it to class just before the bell and found a seat in the back next to Willow and Oz. She didn't even have time to talk to them since professor Walsh wasted no time in getting the class started.

Once the class began, Buffy remembered Faith saying she'd see her at lunch and the blonde could only hope Faith was joking. It was probably selfish of her to want to keep Faith a secret for longer and after trying it with Angel in the past she knew it was wrong but it was a difficult situation for her. Faith didn't have as much to loose since they weren't her friends whereas Buffy had to face them being angry at her for forgiving the brunette.

She sat through the rest of class spaced out, hoping that Faith would sleep too late and miss lunch, but she knew that once the younger girl set her mind to something there was no stopping her. Her college life hadn't started off on the best note with her missing a class and not paying attention in the others but she was too absorbed in her personal life to even care.

"Hey, earth to Buffy," Willow teased as she waved a hand in front of Buffy's face. "You ready to go get some munchies?"

Buffy snapped out of her thoughts and noticed that class was over. She gave her friend a sheepish smile and stood up. "Yeah, lets go get our munch on," Buffy replied, realizing the lameness of her own words.

The three walked to the dining hall in a comfortable silence, and when they reached their destination Willow and Oz headed off to find a table while Buffy grabbed a tray and got in line for food. Her eyes kept darting around the room and she finally noticed that Oz and Willow were sitting with not only Xander, but Missy as well. She knew it wasn't Faith from the way the girl was dressed, and she was relieved that there was at least that difference in the two girls.

Just seconds later Buffy felt a familiar tingling, fuzzy feeling wash over her and she watched as Faith walked into the dining hall. She did her best to hide behind her tray, not sure of what exactly she was supposed to do in this situation and the guy behind her got her attention. "Ex boyfriend, or loan shark?" he asked.

"Excuse me?" Buffy asked as she looked at him quickly, then her eyes trailed back to Faith who was making her way to the table where the rest of the gang was sitting and she could only groan knowing that this wasn't going to be a peaceful lunch at all.

"The person you're hiding from," the male said again, trying to reclaim Buffy's attention.

"Oh... Both, ugly break-up," Buffy said absently. She watched as the gang noticed Faith's presence and she sighed to herself. She started to walk off to go difuse the situation as best as she could but the guy called out to her again.

"Parker Abrams," he stopped and held out his hand to Buffy while smiling at her. For the first time Buffy noticed how cute the guy was and she gladly shook his hand. "I'm at Kresge Hall."

"Buffy Summers, Stevenson," she told him while smiling at him before realizing that she hadn't the time to be making new friends. "I gotta go," she said apologeticly.

"Ok, well, I'll see ya around Buffy Summers of Stevenson."

"See ya, Parker Abrams," Buffy gave him one last smile and walked over to the gang, hoping that she would make it through this situation in one piece so she could actually see the new guy around sometime.


When Buffy walked over to her group of friends the first thing she noticed was the eerie quiet as everyone stared at Faith and Missy. The blonde took the opportunity to sit down at the table while hoping that she'd magically be sucked into the floor or better yet, spontaneously combust. 'Where's a vampire when you need one?' Buffy thought to herself.

Since no one was speaking Faith just smiled and sat on Buffy's lap. "You mind? There's no other chairs around," she informed her with her usual carefree attitude.

"Please tell me that's your twin and not who I think it is," Willow said to Missy as calmly as she could in her situation.

"Sorry to disappoint Red, but it's me," Faith said with a smile that caused the red head to shudder.

Too shocked to do anything else, the whole group just stared at Buffy waiting to see her reaction to this. Luckily for her the group was too busy studying her facial expressions to notice her arms that were now protectively wrapped around Faith's waist. "Umm guys, Faith's back," she said softly.

"So we noticed Buff, but my question to you is why aren't you kicking her skanky ass out of Sunnydale?" Xander asked, the seriousness of his question evident in his voice.

"Because we kinda made up?" Buffy offered as she hid behind Faith not noticing that the smirk never left Faith's face. As much as she shouldn't be since Buffy's friends were obviously unhappy with her, the brunette was enjoying this.

Missy quickly decided that this was between the gang, and stood up to make her exit but Willow glared at her. "Sit," the red head commanded and Missy sat back down, wondering why she was even listening to Willow. "How long?" she questioned harshly.

"How long what?" Buffy asked.

"Have you been chummy with our worst enemy," Xander answered for his lifelong friend.

"It all just happened last night. I wasn't trying to keep this from you all or anything," Buffy said. "It all just happened kinda fast. I'm still trying to get used to it, but Faith's good now," Buffy told them. Faith could feel Buffy's uneasiness and placed her hand on top of the blonde slayers in comfort. She wanted to plead her case with the scoobies but she already knew they wouldn't even listen to her so she held her tongue.

Willow's expression changed as if something just clicked in her mind. "That was you last night at the Espresso Pump wasn't it?" Willow asked as she looked at Faith and the brunette only nodded. "I can't believe you Buffy. You lied to me, again!" Willow said as calmly as she could, not wanting to make a scene in front of the entire dining hall. "And you," she stopped and turned her attention to Missy. "You knew about this too?" Missy nodded her confirmation and Willow shook her head sadly. "Just when I thought we could actually be friends."

The red head stood up from her chair, trying her best to keep calm. "This is bullshit Buffy. I don't know what she's done to fool you, but she'll only hurt you, and us again if she gets the chance. You might be okay with risking our lives again, but I'm not so I won't stick around for it," she paused to look at Faith. "And don't you ever let me see you again or you will regret it. I'm not the same girl I was in high school, and you don't scare me anymore. Understood?"

Faith's eyes widened in surprise at the girls statement and she nodded her head. It was clear to her that Willow was different than she was in high school. Even though she was still the babbling, cute hacker she remembered her self confidence seemed to have grown a lot. Willow gave Faith one last disgusted look before making her way out of the dining hall.

Oz stood up and nodded at Buffy before going to find his girlfriend. He was grateful that he wasn't the one who had to break the news to Willow, and he knew that given time Willow would be able to forgive Buffy for this. He stopped for a few seconds and turned around to wait for Xander, whom he knew would be making his exit as well. "Nice one Buff," Xander said coldly as he caught up with Oz and the two left the dining hall.

"That was-"

"Entertaining?" Faith supplied for Buffy as she made her way out of the blonde's lap.

"To say the least," Missy answered. "I'm outta here."

"Yeah," Buffy said absently as she met her roommate's gaze. "I'm sorry that Willow's mad at you because of me. I don't mean to make your college life such hell."

"Don't sweat it Buffy. She'll get over it, and it's not your fault." Missy smiled at them weakly before making her exit. She didn't doubt that Willow would forgive Buffy, and she hoped that the red head would be able to forgive her for whatever it was that she did wrong. All she could do was hope that her earlier words about getting over her grudge on Faith were still roaming around Willow's head somewhere.

"I'm sorry I screwed things up for you again B," Faith said as she watched Buffy softly beat her head against the table.

"It's not your fault Faith. It was wrong of me to want to keep you a secret from them for longer anyways. It had to happen, and it's best it's already over with." Buffy continued to beat her head into the table until she felt Faith's hand on her forehead stopping her.

"So who was that hottie I saw you talking to in line?" Faith asked, hoping that the change of subject might help lighten the mood a little. Buffy groaned in response.

"I think I just realized I don't need to start a relationship with anyone new right now," Buffy replied as she looked sadly at Faith.

"What about with someone old then?" Faith asked softly.

"Faith?" Buffy questioned, trying to figure out if the brunette were serious or not.

"Sorry B," Faith said as she shook her head. "You know me, speak without thinking first. But he's a looker, you should go after him. Maybe a little uhhhh would make you feel better," Faith laughed, hoping that Buffy would think she was only joking about her previous comment. Actually, she was trying to convince herself that she was only joking about it.


Willow sat out in Oz's van clenching and unclenching her fists in frustration and anger. "How could… It's Faith! Is she stupid or something?" Willow wondered aloud. "And Missy. Just when I thought maybe she wasn't so bad you know? Even if it was only for a night, they lied to me! I can't believe Buffy lied to me again," Willow said sadly.

"So what are you more upset about here?" Oz asked as he took his girlfriend's hand into his own. "Is it because Buffy didn't tell you last night that it was Faith in the Espresso Pump, or that she forgave her?"

"It's everything. Faith is evil. Buffy's supposed to kill evil yet she seems to make friends with it all the time. It'll just end in disaster."

"Can't say I disagree with you on that one," Oz stated. "Now why are you angry with Missy?"

"Because when I went there last night, to their dorm and we kinda made friends with each other. She probably doesn't even have a boyfriend. She lied to me, to protect Faith and it's wrong and it hurts. Is there something wrong with me?" Willow questioned as she turned to look at her boyfriend. "Why does she always choose Faith over me, her best friend?"

Oz bent over from the drivers seat in his van and kissed her softly. "There's nothing wrong with you. Buffy loves you, she just makes the wrong decisions sometimes."


A few hours later Faith was making her way back to Buffy's dorm room hoping that Missy would be there so she could get in. Earlier the blonde had told her she could crash there for a while since Faith wasn't exactly looking forward to going back to the old apartment the mayor gave her. Neither of the slayers were ready to see that place again after the fight they had there.

Faith was relieved when Missy opened the door to let her in and she made her way to Buffy's unmade bed and layed upon it. "Sorry about earlier," she said softly as she looked at Missy. "You seemed happy last night, about being friends with Red and I kinda screwed it up for you."

"Don't worry about it," Missy replied. "She'll come around eventually."

"Is it okay with you if I crash here for a little while? I don't really have anywhere else to go, or at least any place pleasant and B said I could stay here and I wanted to make sure that it's cool with you too."

Missy smiled and told her that she didn't mind one bit and Faith got more comfortable on Buffy's bed. "I see the way you look at B and I," Faith said out of the blue as she rolled onto her side to look at Missy who was sitting at her desk. "It's like you know something we don't."

"Maybe I do," Missy coaxed, hoping the conversation would go where she wanted it to. Faith smiled sadly at her, realizing just why Missy always looked at the two like she did.

"I'm leaving soon anyways, so don't get any ideas about playing matchmaker. This is the way it has to be. I think I realized that a long time ago," Faith told her as she got up to leave. Missy just watched as her look alike walked out of the room in stunned silence. She could only hope that Faith was only joking about leaving.


Buffy walked quietly through one of Sunnydale's many graveyards. It was still sunny out so she knew that there wouldn't be any vampire disturbances and it was the only place she could think of where she wouldn't be disturbed. After everything that happened earlier, she needed some alone time and she was thankful that when she asked Faith to be alone the brunette had agreed without asking questions.

She knew her friend's reaction to Faith wouldn't be good, but now she had no idea of how to get them to forgive her, or the younger slayer. She knew she couldn't, and wouldn't apologize for making up with Faith even if it was what her friends had wanted to hear. She knew she somehow had to get them to give Faith another chance but she didn't know how to go about it.

Then there was the matter of what Faith had said to her after all her friends stormed off. First the brunette had been telling her to go after Parker, and then she mentioned someone old, and from the look in her eyes when she said she had only been joking Buffy knew it had been a serious question.

She knew before everything happened Faith flirted with her all the time but she figured it was because the rogue slayer liked making her uncomfortable. It had never crossed her mind that she might actually like her. When it came down to it, Buffy realized she hardly knew the real Faith at all. Knowing that, and that she's willing to face the wrath of all the people she cares about to defend the brunette confused her even more. After realizing that she wasn't getting anywhere with her thoughts Buffy headed back to campus in hopes of finding her best friend.


Xander was busying himself at Giles appartment shelving some books hoping to get his mind off of Faith being back. As if the fact that Buffy's roommate looked exactly like her wasn't enough, seeing the girl that used him and tried to kill him put a huge damper in his day. He wanted to believe Buffy's judgment of her, but Faith had a way of fooling people, which he had seen first hand. He wasn't angry with Buffy like Willow for forgiving Faith, but it didn't mean that he had any plans of being anything but tolerant to her in the future, and that would only be for Buffy's sake.

As him and Giles bickered about the alphabet he noticed someone walking into the appartment. "You should lock your door," Anya said as she made her entrance.

"Believe me, I'm kicking myself," was Giles' reply.

Xander looked over at Anya a bit surprised, the last time he had seen her she was fleeing town in terror, which he didn't fail to mention to her. She pulled him outside and Xander shut the door behind him. "Your mother said you were working here," she said.

"Yeah, I need some money," he replied, wondering what she was doing back.

"Where is our relationship going?" She asked abruptly, and Xander thought his eyes might bug out of his face. This was definitely the last thing he needed at the moment. But then, maybe the distraction from Faith would be good.


'Fuck this,' Missy thought as she slammed her text book shut. Maybe she didn't know this whole group of friends well yet, but the situation was really starting to piss her off. She remembered Buffy pointing out which dorm room was Willow's. Maybe it wasn't her place to intervene, but she was going to anyways. But then, since Willow was mad at her, she had every right to get involved in the situation.

Pulling on some shoes, she left for Willow's room and knocked on the door loudly. When the red head answered the door and gave her an icy glare Missy just shoved past her into the room. "What the hell are you pissed at me for?" she asked before Willow even got a chance to speak.

"Missy?" Willow asked, just to be sure. When the brunette nodded at her, Willow went and sat down on her bed. "Let's see, could it be because you lied to me last night?" Willow asked.

"I did it for Buffy, and you can't tell me that under any other circumstance you wouldn't have done the same damn thing. Ever since I got here you've been treating me like I was Faith and I thought you finally got over that last night."

"I did get over the part about you looking like Faith, but I don't need friends that lie to me," Willow said coldly.

"So does that mean that you're not friends with Buffy anymore, because she lied to you?" Missy questioned.

"No, that doesn't mean she's not my friend. She always will be, even if she lied. It just hurts."

"Then why am I any different? I try to help her out and you get pissed at me for it. And if Buffy really were your best friend I'd think you'd trust her enough to know what she's doing and believe her about Faith. I know Faith hurt all of you, and I'm sorry for that but she hurt Buffy too didn't she? From what I hear, she tried killing her boyfriend and if Buffy can forgive that and see that Faith's a different person how can you not? Maybe you should stop being so selfish and see that you're only hurting everyone else by this, and yourself."

Missy stopped talking and walked to the door. "All I wanted was to be your friend Willow, but I don't need friends who are so self absorbed that they feel sorry for themselves about things like this. Too bad you couldn't get over it and see that I'm a good person just like Buffy, and even Faith now." Missy opened Willow's door to walk out but before she got very far she felt a hand on her shoulder stopping her.

"Stay?" Willow asked softly and Missy turned around. "I'm not mad at you. I'm just hurt. Let me at least explain my side?"


When Buffy made her way back to campus she decided to head straight for Willow's to make amends but on the way there she ran into the same guy she had seen earlier in the dining hall. "Buffy of Stevenson wasn't it?" he asked casually.

"Yeah, Parker of Kresge," she said with a smile.

"You going somewhere?"

"I've gotta go do damage control with a friend," was her reply. She knew she had to find Willow as soon as possible, but she still let herself get engrossed in conversation with the upperclassman.

Faith, who had been searching for the blonde finally spotted her as she was making friends with the 'hottie' from before. She smiled sadly as she noticed that Buffy seemed to be enjoying herself. She knew she couldn't deny to herself that she had feelings for Buffy any longer, but that didn't mean she had to share that with the older girl.

Besides, she couldn't stay in Sunnydale any longer. Tomorrow she'd be leaving, she was going to do the dutiful thing and turn herself in for murder and leave the town that she was supposed to make her home when she first arrived there. Maybe if she hadn't have screwed up, she would still be welcome in Sunnydale. Maybe she'd have friends and a chance with Buffy if she hadn't, but there was no room for maybe's any longer. Leaving was the best thing to do, if not for her than for Buffy. She didn't need to be a burden to the blonde any longer.

'But that's tomorrow,' she thought to herself. 'At least for today you can still pretend that things are fine.' After all, all she wanted was one more night with the only person she ever cared about.


Missy finally left Willow's room after a very long discussion with the red head. It had never occurred to her that Willow would feel threatened by Faith not because she thought that she might be physically harmed, but because she thought that Faith would take her best friend from her. When she entered her room to find Buffy sitting on her bed a plan formed in her mind. "Get up," Missy said as she walked up to the blonde slayer.

Buffy hardly registered her roommate's words as she once again found herself lost in thought. "Buffy, get up," she repeated. "You gotta go see Willow."

"I will later. I'm not in the mood to grovel right now."

"Aww, poor Buffy feels sorry for herself. What's with this whole damn town feeling sorry for themselves?"

"Maybe we all just have a lot on our minds," Buffy snapped.

"Tear. I'm heartbroken. Now go."

"Why?" Buffy asked, not really liking the way her friend was speaking to her.

"Because I just spent a lot of time talking Willow into forgiving you, and giving Faith another chance and if you don't go talk to her soon then all my effort will be put to waste."

"Huh? How did you…?"

"Don't worry about it. Just go talk to her."

Buffy stood from her bed with a smile on her face. She didn't know how the girl did it, but she must be one hell of a talker if she can get Willow to cave that easily. "Thanks," she said softly.

"Don’t sweat it. Just tell me where I can find Faith." Missy replied, hoping that things would go as smoothly as she hoped they would.

"Well it's kinda dark now so I'd say she's probably hanging around some graveyard. And I highly suggest you don't go out there trying to find her," Buffy said worried about her friend's safety.

"I'll be fine. Just meet us at the Bronze in like…an hour or so okay?"

Buffy's eyes narrowed as she saw Missy's smile. "What are you up to?"

"Nothing. Now get out of here before Willow goes somewhere and you can't find her. Remember, Bronze- one hour." Missy decided to leave Buffy with that and she set off to find Faith.


Xander stood from his bed and began to put his clothes back on as he watched Anya do the same. "I think I'm over you now," she said as she pulled her shirt over her head.

"Um, okay," Xander replied.

"Okay!?" Anya asked, obviously upset that he was okay with it.

"Not okay?" He said, hoping to calm the girl down. He really had no idea of what she wanted, and started to think that maybe all women were that confusing. He was at least grateful for the distraction from Faith.

"Good, because we have parts that interlock so well together, I think we should do that again," she told him with a hungry smile.

"Later Anya. I'm a man, not a God. I need at least a small recovery period. I'm going to the Bronze for a while. You coming?"

"Can we interlock bodies there?"

"No, we can only do that when no one is around. We dance, and drink there. Remember? Have other kinds of fun."

"Can we interlock after going to the Bronze?"

"Sure, let's just go," he answered her as he tugged on her hand and pulled her out of his room. He stopped in front of a mirror to check his clothing one last time before leaving his house.


"Hey Will," Buffy said softly as her best friend let her into her dorm room. "I thought maybe we could talk for a while, then maybe go Bronzing in a while if you're up to it?"

"Why don't you have a seat Buffy," Willow said as she went to sit down herself. Buffy nodded and sat down on Willow's bed facing her best friend.

"Missy said that you two talked, but she didn't tell me what about. I'm sorry if I hurt you Wills. I just can't give up on Faith."

Willow held up her hand and shook her head so Buffy stopped talking. "Let me go first okay?" Buffy nodded and placed her hand over Willow's. "When Missy came by here, we had a really long talk about everything. She made a really good argument, and I'm starting to wonder if she should become a lawyer or something." Willow let out a small laugh at that which caused Buffy to relax since she realized that her and Willow wouldn't have to fight about this.

"She told me that if you were really my best friend, I'd trust you and your decision on letting Faith back into all of our lives. When I tried to remind her of how dangerous Faith was in the past she made me realize that you'd never let her hurt us again."

"It's true Willow. I've messed up in the past and gotten all of you hurt, by Faith and Angelus but you know I'd rather die than let anyone hurt my friends. I'd do anything to protect you, even if it were Faith that was trying to hurt you. I'd never let her do it again. But I can assure you that she wouldn't even think about something like that now."

"Well I don't really believe that yet, but I'm willing to give her a chance to prove it. It just hurt Buffy, because it's always like you choose her over me. Like I'm not as important."

"That's not how it is Willow. You're one of the most important people in my life. You've been my best friend for a few years now, and you'll always be important to me. It's just different with Faith. Maybe because we're both slayers, but it's like she's a part of me and I just can't give up on her. No one could ever replace my Wills though," Buffy said with a smile.


"Of course. Now give me a hug," Buffy told her, and the two proceeded to embrace each other. "So everything's okay with us and Faith being back?" Buffy asked hopefully.

"Yeah, for now. But if she screws up-"

"You can do some scary magic stuff to her. Promise I won't stop ya." The two best friends stood up and smiled at each other, glad to be on even ground again. "So you up for some fun at the Bronze?"

"Yeah, but only if we can go get my Oz first." Buffy nodded and the two best friends walked out of the room, arm in arm with matching smiles on their faces.


"Okay, this is starting to border along the lines of creepy," Missy said aloud even though she was by herself. She walked through Restfield Cemetery with wide eyes, hoping she could find the brunette slayer before another vampire found her. She heard a twig snap behind her and she spun around to face the direction where the sound came from. The cross necklace Buffy gave to her was being held in a death grip in front of her to scare off a vampire, or at least slow him down if it had been one.

"It's wicked dangerous to be out here at night you know, unless you have a death wish or something," Faith said, startling Missy.

"I had to find you. We've got to get to the Bronze."

"Is something wrong?" Faith asked.

"Yeah. You're a dumbass and you're going to tell Buffy how you feel tonight."

Faith let out a hearty laugh at that and just stared at Missy. She couldn't believe someone actually had the nerve to call her a dumbass, but it felt good to know that there was actually someone who wasn't afraid of her. "I may be a dumbass, but I'm one with good intentions. Ruining B's life isn't one of them."

"Well then I suggest you tell her how you feel then, or you will. I put forth a lot of effort today and you are coming with me whether you like it or not." Missy grabbed Faith's hand and tried to pull her along but she quickly noticed that she couldn't even make Faith budge.

"Slayer strength. Can't get enough of it ya know?" Faith teased.

"Fine, I can't make you go if you don't want. You're only hurting yourself and Buffy. I talked Willow into giving you another chance you know. I've got her and Buffy meeting us at the Bronze, and I suggest you come."

"I'll go, but it doesn't mean that I'm telling B how I feel about her." Faith began walking towards the Bronze and Missy walked by her side.

"At least tell her that you're leaving. If she lets you go, then I won't ever bother you about this again."

"My leaving or not isn't B's choice to make. I've gotta go whether she wants me to or not."

"Right, oh already completely whipped one," Missy responded with a laugh. Faith glared at her, but Missy just made a face at her and laughed harder.


"See Anya, people can have fun without interlocking," Xander said as he pointed out all the couples on the dance floor.

"Yeah but interlocking is so much more fun. Can't we go back to your place now?" Anya whined.

"Not yet, it's still too early. Hey, look it's my favorite slayer, wolf and hacker," Xander pointed to the trio as they made their way into the Bronze. It didn't take long for Buffy and Willow to reach their usual table up by the stage and join Xander and Anya. "So I take it you two made up?" Xander questioned due to the fact that last time he saw Willow she seemed to be furious with her best friend.

"Yeah, we're still bestest buds," Willow said proudly. Xander nodded his approval, glad to see that everything worked out for them.

"What about you Xander? Are you okay with the Faith thing?" Buffy asked, a pleading look in her eyes.

"Who's Faith? She's not Xander's orgasm friend is she?" Anya questioned as she looked at the gang.

Xander's eyes went wide in shock again, and he stood up. "I think I'm going to go get something to drink," he announced before taking off. Anya wasn't even two seconds behind him, calling out his name while she followed him.

"I thought she was gone?" Oz wondered out loud.


The blonde turned to where the now familiar voice was coming from and smiled. "Hey Parker," she replied.

"I was wondering if you'd maybe dance with me?" He asked almost shyly.

Buffy looked hesitant, knowing that Faith and Missy would probably show up at any time. "Go for it Buffy," Willow said encouraging her. "If they show up we'll entertain them."

"Are you sure you're okay with that?" Willow and Oz both said they were so Buffy took Parker's preoffered hand and let him lead her to the dance floor. She found it strange that as she looked at Parker now the only thing she could think of was Faith's earlier statement about starting a relationship with 'someone old'.


"I can't do this," Faith said as she tried to turn around and walk out of the Bronze.

"Yes you can, and you will," Missy told Faith as she stopped the slayer from leaving.

"But she's dancing with that guy. And everyone's here. They all hate me."

"Maybe, maybe not. But you don't want them to hate you do you?" Faith shook her 'no' and Missy gave her a knowing smile. "The only way they'll like you more is if you talk to them. Apologize and try to be nice. The hardest part is already over."

"What about B? She's having fun with that jerk over there." Missy started walking towards the gang and Faith hesitantly followed behind her.

"Don't worry about her, I've got it covered. Just remember you owe me big time when you get your girl."

Faith didn't even get a chance to respond to what Missy told her because she notice that Willow and Oz had spotted her. She remembered the red head's warning about not coming around so she held her hands up in the air, as if she were about to be arrested. "I come in peace?" she offered, hoping that Willow would let her hang around.

"You don't have to worry about us," Willow said as Faith and Missy sat down. "I think it's safe to say that we can all get along now, I think."

"What about X-man? He gonna try to skin me alive when he comes back over here?" Faith questioned, almost seriously.

"You're safe, really." Missy said. "I'm going to get Buffy. Faith's got something she wants to tell everyone."

Faith's jaw dropped as she looked at Missy. "Everyone my ass! I agreed to tell Buffy, not all of them."

"Oops, so sorry." Missy gave Faith a wicked smile and walked to the dance floor to retrieve the blonde. "Mind if I cut in here?" Missy shouted out loud enough to be heard over the loud music and get Buffy's attention. Buffy stopped dancing and looked at her, while Parker's smile grew and he stepped closer to Missy. "It's her I want buddy, not you." She put her hand on his chest to stop him and turned around to start dancing with the blonde.

"Never knew you wanted me," Buffy teased as she started dancing with Missy, leaving a rejected Parker to watch them.

"I don't, but Faith does. She's got this idea about leaving, and I just wanted to tell you before hand that if you let her go you'll be the biggest idiot in the world."

Buffy stopped dead in her tracks and looked at Missy slack jawed. Missy took that as her que and grabbed Buffy's hand to lead her back to the table. Buffy didn't offer any protest and let herself be led back to the gang.

"Hey," Faith said softly to Buffy when she got close enough.

Buffy just smiled at her and sat down next the brunette. Almost out of instinct she reached for Faith's hand under the table and felt herself relax a little as their fingers entwined. Faith swallowed hard, realizing how hard it really would be to leave Buffy right after they just made up.

"So Faith," Missy prompted, trying to get Faith to tell the gang about her wanting to leave.

"Shouldn't we wait for Xander to get back?" Faith asked, trying her best to stall.

"What's going on?" Willow asked as she looked from Missy to Faith.

"Tell 'em Faith."

"I...I'm leaving tomorrow." After that Faith felt Buffy squeezing her hand tighter, but she didn't dare look at the blonde. "The only way I can make up for the things I did is if I turn myself into jail for killing the people I did. I don't want to go, but it's the only way to redeem myself." Even though she couldn't bring herself to look at the blonde she let her thumb softly stroke the back of Buffy's hand in as much comfort as she could offer.

Oz nodded, and looked like he was about to say something but Willow spoke before he got the chance. "Are you sure? I mean, I know I'm not your biggest fan or anything but you'd be able to redeem yourself a lot better by like...fighting vampires and saving lives than behind bars."

"It's for the best Red. For all of you if you don't have to see me again. I gotta go, I've got some plans to make." Faith stood from the table still holding Buffy's hand in hers and nodded to the group. She knew if she looked at Buffy she wouldn't be able to leave so she let go of her hand and walked out of the Bronze without stopping to look back.

"You are an idiot," Missy told Buffy coldly.

"I don't know if I can feel that way about her though," was Buffy's sad reply. "There wasn't enough time to figure it out."

"You love her. Do you need me to spell it out for you? All this time I thought it was just a joke about blondes being dense, but you just proved it's true. I hope you enjoy living your life wondering what could have been if you would have stopped her from going." Missy got up and walked away from the table noticing that Buffy looked like she were about to cry. Willow was looking at her with an expression of shock. She knew it was not only from the fact that she just said Buffy was in love with Faith, but that she would even talk that way to Buffy.

Buffy looked up at Willow, her eyes begging for her best friend to tell her what she should do. "You love her?" the red head asked even though she could see the answer in Buffy's sad eyes.

"I don't know. I think I might."

"Then go," Willow said, not even having to think about it.

"How do you feel about it?" Buffy questioned, seeking the approval of her friend.

"What I feel doesn't matter now. Even if I don't understand it, I'm not the one who's going to hurt over it. Plus, it's not like I could judge you for it since there was that whole kinda gay evil me thing before."

Buffy stood up and smiled at her friends. "I'll see you guys tomorrow. Tell Xander I said bye." Buffy searched around the Bronze and saw Missy, who was watching her from across the room. She flashed her a smile before making her exit, hoping that she would be able to find Faith.

Missy let herself smile proudly as she watched Buffy leave. Things hadn't gone as smooth as she planned, but they went and now she could move on to better things. Like finding someone for herself for example.

"Where did Buffy go?" Parker asked as he walked up to Missy.

The brunette just rolled her eyes at him. "What, do I look like her mother or something?" And with that she walked back to the table where her new friends were, leaving Parker out to dry once again.


"Stupid, stupid, stupid," Faith muttered over and over again to herself as she threw some clothes in an old book bag. She had gone back to the old apartment the mayor got her in hopes that she'd be able to find some of her old things to take with her to LA. She vaguely noticed that the place had been fixed up again and that there were a few things laying around that weren't there before but she didn't bother to look around. All she wanted was to get what she needed and leave.

"Going somewhere?"

'Fuck, why is she doing this,' was the first thing Faith thought when she heard Buffy's voice behind her. She hadn't expected the blonde to come after her at all. "You know I am. How'd you find me?" Faith asked as she walked into her closet to grab a few shirts.

"Well I didn't want to waste time searching the whole town so I called the psychic friends network and asked them." Buffy joked and tried to get closer to Faith, but the brunette just walked past her as if she weren't even there. "Just stop and look at me Faith."

"I can't B. I gotta leave and I can't do that if I look at you."

Buffy grabbed Faith's arm and used her free hand to lift Faith's chin up. "Open your eyes," she commanded. When Faith didn't do anything Buffy shook her head. "Please Faith, I need you to look at me."

Cautiously, Faith opened her eyes and saw Buffy's looking right back at her. "Why are you doing this B?"

"What do you see Faith?" Buffy questioned as she let her hand go from holding Faith's arm down to holding her hand.

"I see you B," Faith replied, sounding confused. Buffy let out a small laugh at Faith's perplexed expression.

"Look harder," Buffy whispered as she moved a little closer to Faith.

"Your eyes?" Faith tried again.

"What's in them?" Buffy questioned almost breathlessly.

"I...I don't know B."

"It's sadness Faith," Buffy told her. "I can't let you leave. Stay, or else it'll never go away." Buffy reached her hand up to push a few strands of hair behind Faith's ear.

"What about the cops? They'll be after me now that I'm out of a coma." Faith now found that her and Buffy were even closer together and her heart started beating faster as she found it harder and harder to talk.

"We'll find a way. Just stay. I need you to stay." Faith could only nod, all her resolve melting into nothing as she felt Buffy wrap her arms around her waist. When she felt Buffy resting her head on her shoulder Faith let herself embrace the blonde. "Don't ever leave Faith. Let Sunnydale be your home," Buffy said softly.

Faith only smiled as she let herself stroke the blonde's hair. "Sunnydale can never be my home B."

Buffy looked up at her, hoping that she wasn't still going to leave. "Why Faith?"

Faith pulled away from Buffy and sat down on her old bed and held Buffy's hands in her own as she smiled up at her. "Sunnydale is just a place to rest my head. It's a place to spend my days and nights but it'll never be home. I've never had a home before, just a place to 'hang my hat' as they say. But that changed the day I met you. You're my home B. No, you're not a place where I live but if home is where the heart is, then you're it."

"Faith," Buffy managed to choke out even though there was an incredible lump in her throat after hearing what Faith just said to her. "If I wasn't positive before, I know for sure now. I love you."

Faith felt as if her heart could beat out of her chest when Buffy said that and she stood back up and placed her palm on Buffy's cheek. "I love you too B." Faith let her thumb lightly brush over Buffy's bottom lip and quickly replaced it with her lips in a whisper of a kiss still afraid that Buffy might not want the same thing she did. When she felt Buffy's hand around her neck pulling her closer she knew it was okay and deepened the kiss with the blonde.

When the two pulled apart Faith just held Buffy in her arms, fighting back the tears of happiness that she wanted to cry. She didn't believe she ever did anything in her life to deserve this, but she knew she'd spend what was left of it making Buffy happy. "Let's go," Faith said softly. She didn't really want to spend her first night with Buffy back at the dorm where Missy would be, but the apartment still carried too many bad memories for both of them.

"Let's go to my mom's," Buffy told her. "I know we'll have to deal with her and all, but at least we'll be able to be alone there once we get past her."

"The fun never stops with you," Faith joked.

"Damn straight," Buffy retorted as she gave Faith a quick kiss.

"Actually, neither of us are really straight now," Faith said with a smile.

Buffy just shook her head as Faith grabbed the book bag from her old bed. "A smartass is what you are," Buffy told her with a laugh.

"Funny you should say that since Missy told me I was a dumbass earlier. You people need to get your stories straight."

"But I thought we weren't straight," Buffy teased, glad to continue the banter as the two left the apartment. They could deal with the memories from that place at another time, but now wasn't it.

"You like trying to confuse me don't you?" Faith smiled as Buffy slipped her hand into hers and they walked down the street, perfectly content and happy. At least for the next few minutes until Faith had to face Buffy's mom.


Buffy walked into her mom's house dragging the reluctant slayer behind her by the hand. "Hey B I think there's some vamps that need dusting so while you talk to your mom I'll just go and…"

Buffy shook her head at Faith and let out a small laugh, obviously ignoring her attempts of getting out of the situation. "Mom, are you home?" Buffy called out from the bottom of the stairs, almost hoping there would be no response so she could have the night with Faith alone. Unfortunately for both slayers, they heard Joyce walking around upstairs after Buffy called out her name.

"Is everything okay Buffy? Why are you here so late?" Joyce asked as she walked down the stairs. When she noticed the dark haired girl standing behind her daughter she immediately stiffened, and her eyes narrowed. "Faith," she said flatly as she stared the girl down.

"Mom, Faith's kinda awake now but she's good and we need a place to stay tonight so can we stay here?" Buffy asked quickly even though she already knew it would take more than that to convince her mom of Faith's being good.

"And I'm Betty Davis," Joyce said. Faith wanted to laugh at her attempt of making a sarcastic remark, but she knew since she was here to defend herself, laughing at the person you're trying to convince something of isn't a good tactic. "What have you done to my daughter Faith?"

"I didn't do anything," Faith answered, becoming serious again. "I'm sorry for everything I did before. I just want to make it up to all of you. B…Buffy's given me another chance and so has the rest of the Scooby gang. I just want another chance."

"Why should I believe what you say? You fooled us all before and put my daughter's life in danger. I don't think it's quite that simple Faith," Joyce snapped. Buffy noticed Faith wince and knew how bad her mother's words were hurting her girlfriend.

Buffy took hold of Faith's hand once more and stood half in front of the brunette in a protective manner. "I won't say that you're wrong for being angry with Faith. You have every right after all that happened. But you are wrong if you won't give her another chance. Out of the people that she hurt when she turned against us, who did she hurt the most?" Buffy asked her mother. She felt Faith grip her hand tighter and she knew it was just as painful for Faith to have to do this as it was for her.

"She hurt you the most Buffy. Why do you think I can't forgive her? I'm your mother and it's my job to protect you," Joyce told her.

"You're right about one thing, that she hurt me the most. If I, of all people, can forgive her and see the good that's in her, why can't you? I'm an adult now mom, I don't need you to protect me anymore." Buffy stopped talking and turned around to face her girlfriend. "Come on, let's go back to the dorm since we obviously aren't welcome here," she said softly, hoping that she could make the pained expression in her girlfriend's eyes disappear somehow.

The two slayers began to make their exit, but just before they got out the door they heard Joyce calling out to them. When they turned around they saw the older woman looking at them regretfully. "I'm sorry, just give me some time to come to terms with you being back Faith. If Buffy trusts you, then I'll try to as well."

Both slayers flashed brilliant smiles at her and Joyce knew she made the right decision. "Thank you Miss S. I'll prove to you that I'm good again," Faith told her as she walked out of the house. She turned around to see her girlfriend giving her mother a hug and smiled at the two of them. It made her wonder what ever made her decide being bad was better than being good in the first place. Maybe it was easier, but it was far less rewarding. Not to mention boring since you can't really make friends when you're trying to kill them all.

"Whatcha thinking?" Buffy asked as she closed the door to her mom's house and moved closer to Faith.

"Just that I like being on your side better than trying to fight you," she said softly as she gave Buffy a quick kiss. "It's much more rewarding." Faith took Buffy's hand into her own and the two walked down the street back to Buffy's dorm where they hoped they'd be able to get rid of Missy somehow. Unbeknownst to them, Joyce had been watching them from the window and saw them kiss. She just shook her head, hoping that her daughter wouldn't get hurt again. Joyce could only be thankful that at least Faith wasn't a vampire.


"Okay guys, I think it's time for me to head back. It was nice hanging with you all tonight without all the tension like before," Missy said to the group of friends as she stood from the table.

"Just remember that Xander's mine now," Anya told her with a smile as she held onto Xander's arm.

"Like I'd want him," Missy said suddenly and her eyes went wide in surprise of what she said. "Not that there's anything wrong with you Xander, I just...Not my type?" Missy offered weakly and Xander just smiled at her.

"Don't worry, I'm used to rejection," he told her. Missy laughed as she waved goodbye and started to walk away from the group but she heard Willow calling her name.

"You know it is pretty late and I have an early class tomorrow so I should probably go too. We could give you a ride back in Oz's van. It's quicker and not quite as vampire-y as it is if you were walking. And it's good because vampires are bad and then they go grr and it's not fun so if you rode with us it'd be fun because we're fun people."

Missy laughed, this being the first time she's seen Willow go into babble mode and found it endearing. "Chill Willow, I'll go with you."

"Does this mean we can go have more orgasms now?" Anya asked Xander, embarrassing him for the millionth time that night. Xander just nodded and the two left the Bronze without saying anything else. Missy just shook her head at them, amazed that she found someone with a bigger sex drive than Jan.

Missy, Willow and Oz were right behind them and they made their way back to the campus quickly. Oz dropped them off near Stevenson hall and Missy waited for Willow so she could walk the red head back to her room. When they reached Willow's room the duo saw the slayers walking up to them hand in hand. "Glad to see you two worked things out," Missy said as she gave them a proud look.

"Yeah, thanks for being brave enough to call me a dumbass," Faith winked at her. "I'll get you back for that one day."

"I'd like to see you try," Missy retorted, knowing full well that Faith wouldn't do anything to her. Willow watched the exchange between the two girls, amazed at not only how much they look alike but also how close their personalities matched. She was still uncomfortable around Faith but she knew that if Buffy loved her than she must be a better person and worth giving a chance to.

After a few more minutes of Faith and Missy's banter Buffy tugged on Faith's arm indicating it was time to move on to some more fun things back in the room. "Are you two staying in the room tonight?" Missy asked and they both nodded. "I feel bad. It's your first night together as being together and I'll be there kinda ruining it."

"It's better than the alternatives," Buffy said even though she really wished that Missy wouldn't be there as well. She liked having her roommate around, but she thought it was about time her and Faith got some real time alone.

"You can stay here tonight," Willow said to Missy hesitantly. She wasn't very sure if she liked the idea or not, but it would help her best friend out so she was willing to try. "My roommate's always at her boyfriend's, and it's better than being alone so if you wanted to stay you could. But if you don't it's okay. I was just trying to be helpful because it's nice to be helpful."

Missy grinned again at the red head's babble and nodded. "You know, I think I might just take you up on that offer. I'll go grab some stuff from the room and meet you back here." Missy walked back to the room and after Faith and Buffy said their goodbyes to Willow they followed.


Missy was in the room stuffing clothes into a bag when Faith and Buffy came in. She just gave the two a smile and went back to gathering her things for her night at Willow's. By the time she finished, the two slayers were already laying on Buffy's bed kissing and Missy found herself entranced by the sight. Missy couldn't help but stare as she watched what was practically herself making out with another girl. "You know, I would make one hot lesbian," Missy thought out loud which caused the two slayers to break apart.

Buffy was blushing and Faith just grinned at her. "You should try it sometime." She turned to Buffy and her smile grew even larger. "Her and Red would make a hot couple don't you think?"

Missy and Buffy's eyes grew larger as they stared at Faith. "Don't get any ideas Faith, I like men just fine." When Buffy started making stuttering sounds Missy stopped talking and both brunette's looked at the blonde, trying to hold back their laughs.

"Chill B, I was just joking. Red's like the straightest girl I know." Faith rubbed Buffy's back in a calming manner and the blonde relaxed.

"Okay, I'm outta here. You two can get back to whatever it is you were doing." Missy gave them a smile but before she could leave Faith stopped her.

"Be gentle with Red, she's the sensitive type." Faith winked at Missy and Buffy's mouth just hung open again as she wondered what her girlfriend was implying. Missy shook her head and walked out, a knowing smile on her lips and walked back down to Willow's room.


After Missy left the two slayers cuddled on Buffy's bed and just held each other in silence for a while. Buffy was resting her head on Faith's chest, enjoying the feel of it rising and falling with every breath. She could feel the brunette tracing patterns on her back with her fingers and she was sure that she would melt into the brunette at any moment. "This is nice," Buffy said softly.

"Mmm, it is," Faith murmured. "But you know what's better?" she asked as her smile grew.

"There's something better than this?" Buffy questioned as she lifted her head up so she could look at her girlfriend.

"Oh yeah," Faith said as she slid two fingers under Buffy's chin and brought the blonde's lips to her own. She slid her tongue over Buffy's bottom lip before letting it sneak into her mouth to continue its exploration. Buffy moaned softly and moved her body so she was half laying on the brunette and half off as she deepened the kiss.

Faith wrapped her arms around Buffy's waist and pulled her closer, suddenly craving more contact with her girlfriend. Buffy could feel Faith trying to press her body up into her own as her hands slid under Buffy's shirt. Buffy realized where this was going so she broke the kiss. "Wait Faith," she whispered softly as she caught her breath.

"I'm sorry B. Did I do something wrong?" the brunette asked, afraid that she had tried to move too fast.

Buffy smiled at her reassuringly and gave Faith a quick kiss. "It's not that baby. I want to...you know. It's just that I've never done this before. I mean I have, just not with a girl and I don't really know what to do so I'm kind of scared," Buffy confessed, hoping she didn't babble too much trying to get that out.

Faith sighed in relief and rolled the blonde onto her back. "Then let me show you B. Let me take care of you and make love to you, please?" Faith asked. Her voice was filled with so much love and desire that Buffy could only nod in response. Faith was amazed that Buffy actually wanted the same thing and she once again claimed her lips with her own. When they broke apart she brought the blonde into a sitting position and slowly lifted her shirt off. "Just relax Buffy," Faith whispered just before kissing the blonde again. Buffy was so shocked that Faith had used her whole name her nervousness floated away and she did just as asked, glad to get lost in the sensations of Faith's hands on her.


"You have no idea how glad I am to be here," Missy said as she reclined on Willow's bed. "The two were down each other's throats before I even got out of the room. You have no idea how weird it is to see yourself with another girl."

Willow laughed after Missy said that knowing by the look on the brunette's face that she didn't really mind. "Actually I do know what it's like," Willow said as she sat down next to Missy on her bed. "When we were still in high school Anya messed some things up and there was this vampire me from another reality and she was kinda gay."

"Kinda gay? Is there such a thing?" Missy questioned as she rolled on her side to face Willow. She had expected the night to be a million times more awkward than it was since it was only recently that the two truly became friends.

"Well there's bisexual people so isn't that kinda gay, or are they just confused?"

Missy laughed, the red head had a point. "So then the vampire you was bisexual?"

"I don't know. I guess she was more than kinda gay. It was kind of freaky at first but I guess it doesn't bother me."

"Yeah, I guess so," Missy said. She briefly thought about bringing up what Faith said about how they'd make a cute couple but she didn't think Willow would find it funny. Of course, even if Willow didn't find it funny she was sure she'd find Willow's reaction funny. "You know, before I left Faith said you and I would make a cute couple."

Willow's mouth dropped and she turned a few shades redder as she stared at Faith. "I... You and me? I have Oz. I love Oz," Willow nodded to help prove her point and Missy held back a laugh. "Not that anything's wrong with liking girls because it's okay I mean if you do or anyone else but Oz. I have an Oz," Willow concluded finally and Missy let her laugh out.

"She was right, you are sensitive. I'm just as straight as you, at least last time I checked. It's what she said, not me so just take a deep breath okay?" Willow did as she was told and finally relaxed again. "You have an early class tomorrow don't you?" Willow nodded and Missy stood up from the bed with a small sigh. "Just give me a pillow and a blanket and I'll crash here on the floor."

"You can't sleep on the floor. It's hard and cold and I have a bed," Willow said and shook her head.

"You sayin' you wanna sleep with me Willow?" Missy asked with a smirk. Willow started stuttering again and Missy laughed. "Okay, enough sarcastic girl. I'm sorry Willow. I was just joking. Ha, ha, funny type stuff you know?"

"I know it's just with Buffy and Faith and...God, I sound like an idiot don't I?"

"No, it's cute actually. You're like a little kid who's afraid they'll send their gayness to you like cooties or something."

Willow realized what Missy was saying is true and she felt like the biggest dope in the world. Ever since her encounter with her vampire self she had been afraid that there was some part of her that was gay but it was just lying dormant. Now with Buffy and Faith being together, and just Faith being back all together she'd been super spazzy lately. "I want you to sleep with me, just in the non gay way." Willow paused and Missy smiled to herself. 'You just keep telling yourself that Willow,' she thought to herself, then wondered what the hell made her think that in the first place. "You're like my guest and it's not right to make you sleep on the floor. "

"Yeah sure," Missy said and she crawled into Willow's bed. Willow turned out the lights and crawled in next to her new friend. The bed was fairly small and as the two lay next to each other they realized there was no way to sleep without their bodies touching each others. Willow quickly fell asleep, and sleep wasn't far behind for Missy. 'Maybe Faith was right, me and Willow would make a cute couple,' was Missy's last thought before joining her friend in slumber.


The next morning the two slayers woke to the sound of the door being pounded on. Buffy grumbled loudly and untangled herself from Faith's arms so she could answer it. She thought it might be Missy and that she had forgotten her key otherwise she wouldn't have even bothered to get up. Buffy was more than a little surprised when she opened the door to find Cordelia standing there. "Cordelia," Buffy said surprised. "What are you doing here? And so early in the morning…" Buffy pointed out, sounding slightly annoyed even though it was already noon.

"Yeah, isn't that bad for your pores or something?" Faith asked grumpily from the bed and Cordelia noticed her for the first time.

Cordelia's eyes went wide in surprise as she saw Faith for the first time and she shot Buffy a questionable look. "I knew you liked bad boy's but what the hell is Faith doing in your bed?"

"Not that it should matter to you, but she's good now and she's my girlfriend. Now why are you here?" Buffy stepped aside allowing Cordelia entrance into the room for the first time and the ex cheerleader sat on the other bed.

"First off, eww. Secondly, I needed a break from the LA scene. Angel's still all broody and it started to depress me. So anyways I thought I'd come back here and see you all. Xander told me to come find you since his girlfriend was intent on having more orgasms," Cordelia shook her head in disgust at the thought.

"So, are we supposed to entertain you or something?" Faith asked jokingly.

"Well it would be a start," Cordelia told her arrogantly.

Buffy shook her head but smiled. She knew Cordy was trying to sound like a bitch because that was her method of protection. It was a sort of self-defense thing. "I've got classes all day." She gave Faith a quick kiss, not really caring what Cordelia's reaction might be. "You can keep her entertained while I'm gone," Buffy told her girlfriend.

"You want her to keep me busy? Hello, last time I saw her she wanted to kill us and now I'm supposed to spend time with her?"

"I've got a better idea. Missy can entertain Queen C and I'll sleep."

Missy chose then to walk into her dorm room and she caught the end of Faith's sentence. "Who am I entertaining?" she asked as she noticed the girl sitting on her bed. Cordy did a double take when she saw the brunette walking into the room.

"I'm not seeing things am I? Because there's two Faith's in here and that's kind of creepy."

"This is my roommate Missy, and yes she does look exactly like Faith. Why don't you two try getting along and tonight we'll all have a sleepover at mom's or something since she's got another auction." Buffy grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom to change.

"Hey Missy, what do you say to spending the day with the ice queen here? I think you two would get along good, and then I'd get to sleep." Faith smiled and positioned herself more comfortably in Buffy's bed.

"Well what do we have in common then o wise one?" Missy asked jokingly as she sat down on her bed next to Cordelia.

"Other than B, you're both the only ones with enough balls to speak your mind to me and not be afraid of me kicking your ass for it."

"Yeah, well I know you're still afraid of my spatula of death." Faith and Missy both broke out into laughter at that. Even though Missy didn't know what she was talking about, the phrase 'spatula of death' was still funny. If nothing else it eased the tension in the room considerably.

"So what time is it?" Missy asked. When she woke up alone in Willow's dorm room she felt incredibly awkward and rushed out of there without even noticing the time. Cordy informed her that it was almost noon and she was surprised that she managed to sleep that late.

Buffy came back into the room and grabbed her books. "So are you all going to be able to play nice today?" All three nodded at her and she gave Faith another kiss. "I'll tell Willow that we're having a sleepover when I see her. Be at my mom's at five," Buffy said with a sweet smile. "Faith and Cordelia both know the way so if you stick with one of them you'll be able to get there," she said to Missy. "If you want to come and all that is."

After that Buffy made her way out of the door for class. "So are you ever going to get up or what?" Cordelia asked. Faith's grin grew, and she actually thought about getting up but Buffy would actually kill her if she did that now.

"I don't think you want me to C. Unlike B, I sleep in the buff. So unless you wanna see my goodies…" Cordelia held up her hand and Faith stopped talking.

"So you wanna get out of here and do something? I figure I can keep you company and you could show me around town since I haven't gotten familiar with it yet."

"Deal," Cordy said with a smile. "Be good Faith."

Faith just grinned at them as they walked out. She was glad she wouldn't be there interfering with them. Of course now, she had to reconsider her position on Missy and Willow being a cute couple. Suddenly Cordelia seemed so much more appropriate.


Some hours later Cordelia and Missy were walking around the mall, actually enjoying each other's company. "You're actually from LA?"

"Yeah, but we moved senior year and then I ended up here," Missy told her.

"How can you move from LA to here? Are you insane?"

"Maybe," Missy grinned at her. "But I wanted to get away from all that stuff. After last year I just wanted to slow things down a bit and come to someplace small. You don't ever miss it here?" she asked as they went into another store.

"Of course I don't miss this place. I miss some of the people but Sunnydale itself sucks," Cordy spotted a shirt she liked and held it up to her. "What do you think?"

"It's nice if you're going for the 'I'm a total slut' look," Missy said with a laugh as she looked through some other clothes. "And Sunnydale isn't so bad. It's got some weird stuff going on but it's a lot less stressful being here than it was at home. The only thing I really miss is cheerleading."

"You were a cheerleader?" Missy nodded her confirmation and Cordy grinned at her. "I guess Faith was right, we do have a lot in common."


Faith was walking around the UC Sunnydale campus trying to figure out what to do for the next hour. Buffy had said to meet at her mom's at five, but Faith knew the blonde was probably already over there setting things up. She just didn't want to seem over eager, but then when did she start caring about that stuff? She grinned to herself and set off on her way to see her girlfriend. Besides, if she got there early, they might be able to have a little fun before everyone came.

"I…I'm s-sorry," Faith heard a girl stutter from behind her. She spun around and saw a blonde girl looking up at some beefstick and he was looking down at her angrily. "I d-didn't mean to," she said softly.

"You better not ever do it again. It's not like you're blind," the guy said and Faith noticed the girl looked a little scared. The guy gave her one last glare and walked away. Faith didn't know why, but she felt like she should make sure the girl was okay.

"Hey," she said softly as she approached the girl. "Everything five by five?"

The girl looked at her and smiled weakly. "W-what's five b-by five?" she asked softly.

Faith grinned even bigger at that. "You know, everything okay here? I saw that guy being an ass so I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

The girl's smile grew at Faith's concern and she nodded. "I'm just new here a-and people are being a l-little mean so far."

"Then you need to find the fun," Faith stated. "What's your name?"

"Tara," the shy blonde said as she held out her hand.

"Faith," the slayer replied as she shook her hand. "Come on, we're having a girl's night over at my girlfriend's house. You can hang with us if you want. It'll be fun," Faith offered with her best smile. It wasn't usually her thing to be that nice, but it was obvious the girl needed a few friends.

"I…I shouldn't i-impose on y-you like that."

"Nah, come on blondie. I'll show you that everyone around here isn't mean." Faith gave Tara a reassuring smile and the two started walking towards Buffy's house.

"What if they g-get mad?"

"They won't, just relax." Tara nodded, and did as Faith said. She could tell the girl wasn't lying and she figured since her first few days on campus were so bad she had nothing to loose.

"So we're going to y-your girlfriend's house?" Tara asked, making sure she had heard right.

"Yeah. You don't mind that sort of thing do you?" Faith asked and Tara just smiled at her.

"Not at all," she said. Maybe she had found the right group of people to be friends with finally.


"So how come Cordelia's back all of the sudden?" Willow asked as she helped Buffy carry a few groceries into the house.

"I don't know," Buffy sighed. "She said she just needed to get away from Angel brooding all the time. I think it might have something to do with Xander though. I wonder how she felt about seeing him with Anya this morning," Buffy said. Just as she set the groceries down the doorbell rang and Willow went to get it while she put the stuff away.

"Hey Faith," Willow greeted her as she let Faith and the other girl in.

"Oh, Red this is Tara," Faith said pointing to the blonde.

"H-hi," the shy blonde said softly as she looked at Willow.

"Oh, where's B?" Faith asked and her face lit up at the thought of seeing her girlfriend. Willow pointed to the kitchen and Faith took off, leaving Willow and Tara alone.

"M-maybe I should go," Tara said, feeling a little uncomfortable with the situation.

"No," Willow said quickly. "I mean, if you don't have anything else to do you should stay here. It never hurts to make new friends right? We might be a little weird but we're fun people and yeah," Willow stopped once she realized she was starting to babble. Tara, like most anyone who met Willow found the babble cute and she once again relaxed. "You should meet Buffy," Willow said and then she realized that Tara still didn't even know her name. "And my name's Willow. Faith just likes to give people nicknames a lot."

Willow and Tara walked into the kitchen and saw Faith and Buffy sharing a very intense kiss. Both girls blushed and finally Willow cleared her throat to get their attention. "Buffy this is Tara."

"Hey," Buffy said with a smile. She didn't get the chance to say anything else though because Missy and Cordelia walked into the kitchen laughing.

"Don't you people knock?" Faith asked them.

"Why? It's not like we're vamp-" Cordelia stopped when she noticed the new girl in the room. "We brought movies," she said, changing the subject.


The six of them spent the next few hours watching the movies that Cordy and Missy brought. Tara still seemed very shy around the group of friends but eventually they all realized she's just a shy person all together. But then Faith had an idea about how to get her, along with the rest of the gang a little more loosened up. As the last credits on the movie played she shut off the tv and smiled at the group. "Okay guys, it's game time," Faith said with a wicked grin.

"Oh, can we play Pictionary?" Willow asked excitedly but Faith just laughed.

"That's not fun enough. We'll play truth or dare," Faith said. Willow looked at her a little skeptically along with a few others but eventually they all agreed. After they all got comfortable on the floor they began the game. Buffy, Cordelia and Tara had their turns, and so far everyone had picked truth.

Finally it was Faith's turn to ask and she eyed them all carefully and finally settled on her look-alike. "Truth or dare Missy?"

Missy studied Faith's eyes for a minute and she could tell that she was up to something. Of course Missy wasn't the type to back down from a challenge. "Dare," she answered.

Faith's grin grew and she glanced at Willow. "I dare you to kiss Red."

Everyone in the room looked at Faith like she was crazy. "Just because you and Buffy are gay doesn't mean we are," Missy told her.

"Yeah, and Oz. He's my boyfriend and that would be cheating," Cordelia nodded furiously when she said that remembering when Willow and Xander cheated on her. "Cheating is bad. Wrong even," Willow added and Buffy put her hand on the red head's back to calm her down.

"Fine, I'll change the dare," Faith said. "Missy, I dare you to kiss Queen C," she laughed as she said that. Missy glared at her but she still wasn't going to back down from Faith's bet.

"Sorry about this Cordy," Missy said quickly.

Before the girl could even respond to what Missy said she felt soft lips on hers. Much to her surprise she felt herself responding to Missy's kiss. Everyone watched the two of them with wide eyes until they finally broke apart. Cordelia looked at them as if nothing had just happened and Missy smirked. "Satisfied now?" she asked Faith.

"Not really," Faith replied but Missy knew she was from the look on her face.

"Thanks for inviting me over but I have to get back to campus now," Tara said after the group recovered from the two girls kissing.

"Are you sure you have to go?" Faith asked their new friend.

"Yeah. But thanks for inviting me over. It was nice meeting all of you," she said with a smile.

"Well I'll walk you back to campus," Willow offered and she stood as well.

"Oh, well you don't have to. I know my way, I think," Tara admitted shyly.

"Really, I'll go with you," Willow said a little forcefully. "It's not safe to walk around here by yourself at night and I don't mind." Tara finally agreed and after a chorus of 'be careful's' the two left to make their way back to campus.

"So who's sleeping where tonight?" Cordelia finally asked.

"Well obviously me and Faith are sleeping in my room. You two can stay in the guest room if you want, unless one of you really wants to sleep in my mom's bed," Buffy joked. Missy and Cordy both crumpled their faces up and shook their heads no. "So then we'll go up there and get the room ready for you all and you two can do whatever," Buffy said making sure to say the whatever in a suggestive manner.

Both girls knew Buffy and Faith were most likely going up there to make out some more so they sat on the couch in an awkward silence. Finally Missy snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Cordelia. "Why did you respond to my kiss?"

Cordelia looked at her, not even phased by the question. "It happened by instinct. Usually when someone kisses you, that's what you do," she said in a 'duh' type of voice.

"But you're straight right?" Missy asked.

"Of course. Aren't you?" Cordy quipped.

"Yeah, but I can't say that kiss wasn't enjoyable," Missy confessed.

z"Wanna try it again?" Cordy asked, with a bit of a dare in her voice. Missy shrugged, acting like she didn't really care but when she looked into Cordelia's eyes she figured 'why not?' and smiled. Both girls met in the middle and kissed again, this time however it was a very cautious kiss. It didn't last long, and when they broke apart Missy smiled at her.

"How long are you in town for?" Missy asked, remaining close to her new friend.

"Just the weekend," Cordelia replied.

"Wanna make the most of it?" Missy challenged, and Cordy nodded. Without saying anything else to each other they kissed again, not as shy as before. Little did they know Buffy and Faith were just outside of the living room watching them.

...continued in part 11...