End of the Line
by Sam
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: N/A
Spoilers: N/A
Author's Notes: Still in a dark mood so the flood gates of torment flow. Feedback is welcomed.

My heart is cries in anguish; I have to remind myself to breath
Everyday through tear stained eyes I gaze to the heavens
Hoping you are looking down on me.
I recall all the good times we shared 
How your smile could make the darkest night go away
How your voice could put my heart at ease.
I lay in bed, waiting for night to come
Hoping that when I awake it will have only been a dream
But when morning comes, I wake and you are still gone
I cry out towards the heavens
It's not fair, you were far too young to have been taken away
We had only begun in our journey together
I shake my fist towards the cold merciless sky
Why did this happen, why were you taken from me
Why God Why
My heart cries in anguish, I have to remind myself to breath
Through tear stained eyes I look at the bottle in my hand
I pray to the heavens for mercy for what I'm about to do.

The End