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Catwalk Queen Awards
This site has been awarded The Best Shipper Site by the Catwalk Queen Awards.

What is the purpose of this site?
This site intends to archive all (if possible) Faith/Buffy fan-fictions that I have enjoyed reading. Faith/Buffy fics are those that implied that they are in love with each other. I love happy ending and I don't really like sad fics because they make me cry. But occasionally, some of them are really good. So, I'll include them anyway.

Why create a site about Faith/Buffy?
Simply because I love them together. They complement each other very well. Actually, I have never thought of them "that way" because I've always wanted Buffy to be with Angel. So, I have never looked at their interactions from a different angle. But my friend pointed out the scene from "Bad Girls" where Faith drew a heart on the window and the double meaning behind it. At first I thought she's looking too deep into it, but I found Faith Rocks and Slayer Pride sites. After reading their assessments and after watching back the tapes, I can finally put them together. So, I have been a B/F shipper ever since. Besides, they look so damn cute together :-)

Who designed the layout?
That will be the lovely miss Paula who is also the author of "Dark Secret". She also created the buttons and banners for this site.

What about the fanart section?
That section is run by another lovely girl, miss Sarah-Jane.

Who provided the server to host this site ever since it changed its old host?
It's the wonderful redwitch, who is one of the many who kindly offered to help with hosting the site and it's been wonderful so far.

The Webmistress

Nickname: piper

Dreams: to build a life with the one I love, to visit all the countries in the world, work with National Geographic, have a musical wedding, and to boldly go where no one has gone before :-)

Loves: the one person that I can't have, anything beautiful to my eyes (it's a Libra thing),smell of paint, marker, and all that weird stuff :-), smell of wet grass, sounds of rain on glass windows, looking at the sky, star-gazing, roses, smell of roses, poetic words, medical jargon, deep conversation

Dislikes: hypocrite people, having not enough money, people telling you what to do, rude people

People that I find intriguing: gothic people, left-handed people (although they're pretty common nowadays), people that converse in sign-language

Person that amazes me: the one person that I can't have

Passion: now it seems just one thing, or one person to be precise

Obsession: The Amazingly Gorgeous Miss Eliza Dushku, Faith, Faith/Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel:The Series.

Adore: my passion, Eliza Dushku (is it any surprise?), Sarah Michelle Gellar, Angelina Jolie (beautiful and an amazing person), Gillian Anderson, Drew Barrymore (my guru in life), Brad Pitt, Georgy-boy Clooney

How did I become a B/F shipper?
Let me think back.....I think I was searching for sites about Faith or Eliza because after watching "The Zeppo" (I watched it around August 2000 because they picked up the show quite late here) I instantly fell in love with her, more specifically, I fell for her when she said to Xander, "That was great, I gotta shower." Not that it's right to use people, but there's something about that part and I just don't know how to explain it. Anyway, I'm glad that there's nothing more between Faith and Xander after that. So, while browsing through lots of her sites, I came through Slayer Pride and i didn't really bother much about their implications of the slayers being in love with each other. In fact during that time I thought it was kinda absurd to think of them that way. Then, I came across a fanfic by Kirsten, the "Coming Around" series. For those who haven't read it, you should!!! I can't get my eyes off the computer screen, and I even have to print a couple of the chapters so that I can read it at home, and I slept around 4 or 5 a.m. just so that I can finish them. That is one of the best B/F fics ever. Actually when I read "Coming Around", I thought it's just a friendship between them, but in "Pieces by Pieces", the scene where Buffy realized that she loved Faith and she told Faith was so moving. And the ending in "Burning Strong" made me cry. I also read a fanfic by Pat Kelly, the "Who Am I?" series. That is another great B/F fics. After all those extensive readings, I've become a devoted shipper :-)

I guess if anybody pick the right B/F fic to introduce them to that couple, they'll get hook up too. What I love about all these fics are that they make the relationship so beautiful and how Buffy & Faith are really meant for each other. And now I don't even like the Buffy/Angel relationship at all. For one thing, I think they're too mushy and lovey-dovey when they're together and they're better off on their own, but probably deep down inside I want Buffy to be only with Faith. I secretly wish that Joss will realize that there are lots of B/F shippers and will help to make our dreams come true :-) B/F shippers unite!


E-mail: piper2210@yahoo.com

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Since March 21, 2001

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