A Waxing We Will Go
by AsianObsidian
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: These characters are the property of Joss Whedon.
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~Outside of the Sunnydale waxing salon~

“Faith! No!” Buffy whined while trying to free her hand from the brunette’s grasp.

“Geez B! You act like you’ve never been to a waxing salon!” Faith rolled her eyes.

“I have been to one before! Just not for ‘that’ purpose!” Buffy protested, still attempting to free herself.

“B, stop being a pussy! A bikini wax is not as painful as you think!” Faith was getting annoyed.

“Yeah. Sure.” She remarked sarcastically. “Having the hair and skin ripped off by a strip of wax paper is a day at the beach! I’ll just shave! Shaving is O.K in my book.” Buffy shook her head making her point.

“But you have stubbles after!” Faith pointed out.

“Only when the blade is a little dull!” Buffy pouted and turned her back to Faith.

Faith looked at Buffy’s pout and could not help but let out a sympathetic sigh. Buffy was so cute when she jutted that pink bottom lip. The younger slayer walked up behind Buffy and wrapped her arms around the little blonde’s waist. Buffy relaxed a bit and leaned back into the embrace. Faith brought her lips to Buffy’s ear and whispered in her husky voice meant only for her girl.

“Besides B, I like to feel how slick and smooth you are when I trail my hand down to finger you.”

That did it. Buffy blushed from her face to down her chest. How could just one sentence from the brunette ignite her body? She only then realized that they both were still in public. Breaking away slightly she looked up into Faith’s pools of obsidian.

“But what if they mess up and I come out with a funky pattern?!? Hey, I don’t know exactly what they’re doing down there! What if they burn me?!?” Buffy’s eyes bulge out as she freaks.

Faith does the only thing that will make Buffy go into that salon. With a groan the brunette abruptly picks up the smaller slayer and wisps her into the salon.

“Faith! What?!? Put me down!” Buffy’s limbs flail as she tries to get down.

Trisha from the desk raised her eyebrow at Faith. “A newbie?”

“Yup.” Faith gives Trish a grin and puts Buffy back on the ground.

“That was so un-called for!” Buffy sputtered.

“Hey! You’re in, aren’t you?” Faith raised her eye brows. “Who’s working today Trish?”

Trisha tapped at her keyboard and looked at the screen. “Well, I’m on till 12 then Grant and Debbie come in around 12:30. Brent and Trevor are working till 4 then the evening shift kicks in. Do you want separate appointments or do you want to do it at the same time. I would suggest same time if it is her” Trish pointed to Buffy, she was sitting down with a magazine trying to calm her nerves, “first time.”

“You can take us both T if you’re free right now.” Faith smiled at Trisha. The brunette knew that Trisha had a thing for her but Trisha new her boundaries and remained friends with Faith.

“Sure! You guys can get undressed over there and go into that room when you’re ready. What did you guys want today, the usual?” Faith nodded and walked over to get the blonde bundle of nerves.

“B, we’re gonna get a full Brazilian wax.”

“A whatna?” Buffy looked back and forth from Trisha to Faith.

“The procedure involves the complete removal of hair adjacent to the anus, perineum and vulva. It’s painful but worth it.” Trisha explained with a grin.

The tiny slayer’s eyes widened like saucers once she heard the word vulva. It was quite comical if you where witnessing it.

“Oh hell no!” Buffy started to sprint for the door but Faith caught her tiny girlfriend by the shoulders.

“Oh come on B! We’re slayers, we can handle a little pain.” Faith grinned, leaned close to Buffy’s ear, and whispered teasingly. “Besides, weren’t you the one who told me the same thing last night after our little BDSM? Hmm?” Faith had a shit eating grin plastered on her face. Buffy relented with a pout and was lead into the changing room by the brunette.

~In the changing room~

Once the door closed Buffy found herself pinned to the door by a very feisty brunette.

“Faith!?! What are you doing? I want this waxing done and over with! We can’t just get down in dirty here, especially if Trisha is right behind the door!”

“Oh come on B! I know how to calm your nerves.” Faith dipped her lips over her girlfriend’s pulse point, sucking gently then giving it a little nip. Buffy sighed and tried to wiggle out of Faith’s hold. “Uh uh uh, B.” Faith swayed her index finger back and forth in front of the shorter slayer’s eyes. She turned her back to Buffy and reached inside her bag.

“Faith? What are you fishing for?” Buffy eyed her girlfriend with excited curiosity. But once she saw what exactly Faith was searching for Buffy’s eyes widened and a flood of juice flooded out of her pussy.

Faith strutted sensually over to her dumb struck lover. “Remember that screaming control we’ve been working on in public places?” Faith’s husky breath was trickling lower onto Buffy’s neck. “Well, now would be the opportune time to exercise that new ability of yours baby.” With an amused chuckle she bent down onto her knees.


“Faith!” Buffy squealed.

“Yes baby?” The brunette just looked up into those emerald eyes she couldn’t get enough of.

“Not here! Especially if you’re going to use that!” Buffy pointed to the face strap-on Faith was holding in her hand.

“It’s called The Accomidator, B. Gives eating you out a little oomph!” Faith grinned devilishly.

“But here? Right before we’re getting waxed!” Buffy was near shouting.

“Shh shh, B.” Faith climbed back up to meet Buffy’s eyes. She looks furious, not to mention very very turned on. That’s my girl! The brunette trailed her fore finger from Buffy’s throat to her cleavage. “Hey, I knew you’d be nervous as hell so I brought it along. If you want to be shaking like a leaf while T waxes you, be my guest.” Faith watched as the blonde contemplated on the idea of being thoroughly fucked in a changing room. The shorter slayer blushed at the erotic thought. That’s my cue.

The younger slayer’s mouth crashed hard against the older slayer’s lips in a heated duel of tongue lashing. Faith didn’t know who growled first, all she could comprehend was the slick tongue dancing with hers. Buffy gave up protesting. Her mind was screaming I’m gonna be fucked in a tanning salon changing room! OMG! Trisha is outside! And where is Faith’s tongue travellll…

Slayer mind babble was discontinued once the brunette latched her sultry lips onto Buffy’s nipple.

“Unng!...Faith” Buffy’s strangled out.

“Mmmm, baby. I wanna try out our new toy.” Faith continued to kiss lower. Down her abdomen, into her bellybutton, then licking above the sunny curls.

Faith could smell the intoxicating aroma that was pure Buffy. The younger slayer took her left hand and cupped Buffy’s sex. The blonde immediately bucked her hips to gain more contact.

“Do you want me to eat you B? Do you want to feel me wriggling my tongue into your sweet cunt?” Faith’s questions were more like declarations.

“Oh god, baby. I need….tongue….mmmmm, please.” Buffy’s eyes were half lidded.

Spreading her girlfriend’s pussy lips to uncover that little pearl, the brunette touched it with the tip of her tongue sending shivers through her partner. The younger slayer groaned when she first tasted the pure essence that could only be described as Buffy. Faith lapped at Buffy’s clit while occasionally running her teeth over it for more stimulation.

“Do you like that baby?” Faith teased from between the silky thighs.

“Mmmm, oh god yes!” Buffy was too cut off from the world to form more words, until Faith pulled away. “Huh? Baby?” Buffy opened her eyes staring back into those dark eyes. The little slayer was near tears. The ache between her legs was still apparent and the trickle of wetness was flowing freely.

“I told you I was gonna rev you up first, B.” Faith grinned and put on the face strap-on.

“You look like an elephant with that thing on! Well, except that the trunk looks like a dick.” Buffy giggled making Faith’s eye brows knit into a scowl.

“Well, if you don’t want full penetration…..” Faith reached to pull off the appendage. Buffy darted her hand to Faith’s.

“No, no. It was just an observation. No need to stop.” Buffy whined. The short blonde gave her girlfriend those puppy eyes. Yes, you know the kind.

Faith moved her head forward letting the head of the strap-on brush up against Buffy’s soaked entrance. The groan from the blonde let Faith know that her girlfriend was ready. Dark eyes locked with emerald orbs and Faith thrust her head forward, embedding the dildo into Buffy’s tight pussy.

“Oh…my…god!” Buffy flew her head back and put her first into her mouth to prevent the screams that would surly come next.

Faith grabbed her girlfriend’s ass with both hands, holding her in place. Buffy looked like an animal. Riding the brunette's face while the dildo impaled her. It was an erotic sight to be seen. The younger slayer took one hand off of Buffy’s ass and strummed her fingers over the blonde’s already engorged clit.

“Ahhh…mmpphhh.” Buffy gasped between her knuckles. The tension in her stomach was growing stronger and release was soon to come. Well she was, literally. “Ahhh, baby! So close…”

Faith was pushing into Buffy’s core at breakneck speed while rubbing her clit rapidly.

All was right in the world. Faith fucking Buffy’s brains out and Buffy moaning her girlfriend’s name. But those damn PTB can’t keep it to themselves!

*Knock Knock*

“You guys o.k in there?” Trisha started opening the door.


Buffy let out a frustrated groan. She was so close to cumming all over her lover’s face. Faith froze upon hearing Trish’s voice. With all the will power she could muster she pulled out of Buffy. The younger slayer removed the appendage from her face and slid up the blonde’s sweat drenched body. She whispered sensually into her ear.

“Be very quiet B.”

Buffy was about to ask why considering they had to get dressed before Trisha walked in. All questions were forgotten once Faith thrust two fingers into Buffy’s tight channel. The little blonde clung to Faith by the shoulders, her nails making impressions.

“Just give us a sec T!” Faith yelled through the door, the rhythm and speed of her hand didn’t waver.

“Uhhh, ggddd.” Buffy wrapped her leg around Faith’s waist to draw her closer to her body. “Unnnggg…baby…my clit” Buffy was so close. Her juices were dripping down her thighs. Faith placed kisses on her collarbone and jaw line. “Please.” The smaller slayer was on the verge of tears, so close to her climax, only needing that small contact.

“Is this what you need B?” Faith ground the heel of her palm onto Buffy’s clit while pounding her fingers in her girl’s clenching pussy. Before Faith knew it, Buffy was cumming all over her hand.

“Oh…uhhh…oh mmmgggg god!” Buffy rode out her orgasm while clutching to Faith. The little blonde had a dreamy expression on her face. The euphoria of her climax was intoxicating.

“Better clean up B, we still have waxing to do.” Faith smirked at her girlfriend’s reaction.

“Oh my god! Trisha is out there! She heard! Where are my panties?!?” Buffy looked like a chicken whose head was cut off. Just picture a spazzing blonde chicken, yeah you get the picture.

“Don’t worry babe. We’ll get this done and then we can go get ice cream.” Faith tried to coax her girlfriend before another spaz attack.

The two slayers picked up their clothing and Faith stashed the Accommodator in her bag. Once the two girls were prepared for waxing Trish walked through the door, wax in hand.

~After waxing~

"See B. I told you it wouldn’t hurt that bad. Damn, we fight baddies every night and you don’t think ya can handle a little hot wax."

Poor little Buffy endured the whole waxing session, only allowing a few whimpers to leave her mouth. Faith went through the waxing with a slight grimace but that was it. After all, she had been through a Brazilian wax before. It was apparent in the little blonde’s gait that she was going through some pain after her session. The luscious brunette just gave her trademark smirk and wrapped her arm around her girlfriend’s waist.

“Geez, B. You better fix your walk or else Red’s gonna think I fucked you silly with Butch again.” She grinned at the memory. She and Buffy got a little carried away with Faith’s new strap on “Butch” the night she bought it. Hey, it wasn’t her fault that Buffy was wearing the shortest skirt known to man! Faith had bent the sexy blonde over the dining room table and pounded into her until she was screaming. Ah, memories.

“Well, since I indulged in your new experience, I’ll introduce you to mine.” No one could have missed the glint in the little slayer’s eyes at that moment.

“B…” Faith on the other hand was stuck between excited and a little fearful. Buffy rolled her eyes at the look her girlfriend was giving her.

“Ice-skating ya big dope!” She bounced up and down, giggling. However, the Bostonian was not as giddy.

“B…ice-skating! Sorry to disappoint, but prancing around on the ice in a little leotard and tights doesn’t rock my boat babe.” Buffy gave her the pout. Oh yeah, jell-o on the floor in 3…2…1. “Fine! Fine! Geez! Do you always have to do that?!?” Faith crossed her arms in defeat. Did you know that Faith has her own pout too?

“Aww baby!” Buffy wrapped her arms around her pouting girlfriend’s waist and leaned in closer to her ear. “We don’t need an ice rink in order for me to wear my leotard and tights.” Buffy flicked her tongue over a very delectable earlobe. Faith stopped walking and grabbed the surprised blonde’s hand.

“Home…now!” And with that, the two slayers were just a blur down the street. The faint whining of Buffy could be heard from afar.

“Faith! The waxing, remember!”

The End