Reach Out to Me
by AsianObsidian
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: All characters are property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.



“Why are we here again?”

“Don't know B. It's your dream.”

The chosen two were in a nearly deserted park. The only person there was a little brunette girl. She absently pushed back and forth on the swing. The little girl's hair swayed back and forth in front of her face with each swing.

“Hey, who's the kid?” Faith pointed in the direction of the swing set.

“Don't know. Is this one of those rewind to the past dreams? She doesn't look like you when you were younger.”

“How do you know what I looked like when I was a kid?”

“We shared memories when you were in your coma, remember. From what I remember, you were a scrawny brunette, and cute to boot!”

“Never…ever…refer to me as cute, Blondie!” Faith’s glare would have had people running but the flustered look she wore was just too amusing.

“Ok ok.” Buffy lifted her hands in surrender.

*Cough* “Scrawny!”

Before the brunette could smack her sister slayer the little girl turned her face to them. Both slayers smiled back and walked towards the swing.

"Hey there. Why are you here alone?" Buffy spoke first.

"Yeah kid, the park isn't safe this time of day. The sun is about to set." Faith looked around the abandoned park. The little girl looked at the women in front of her and giggled.

"Momma! You told me to stay here while you and Mommy fought a baddie. Oh well, can we go home now? Uncle Xander said that he'd take me and Blake out for ice cream!" The bouncy child looked up at the two slayers. Their look of utter horror confused the little girl.

"Mommy?" Buffy croaked, her throat becoming extremely dry.

"Momma?" Faith exclaimed a little too loud. The little girl in front of her scrunched up her nose and crossed her arms.

"What's going on? Why are you two looking at me like that? Can we go home now?"

Just as Faith was about to speak both slayers heard the low growl of an unidentified being. Both girls immediately went into their fighting stance, shielding their "daughter".

"Slayers! I thought I'd find you here." An unrecognizable voice bellowed.

Though the dream was cut short when both Buffy and Faith sat upright in their own beds.


"Momma?" Both girls whispered to particularly no one.

~The Next Morning~

Faith's POV

"It's Saturday and everyone knows what that means!"

Eek! I grimace from Andrew's morning chirpiness. Why did I agree to be put up on that fuckin Chore Wheel. Oh yeah, B. She pouted right there in front of everyone, just so I'd give in. Her pouting should be outlawed in at least forty states! It's not fair yo! She sticks that bottom lip out and there goes my pride. I'm waving to it as it flies out the window because then and there I was so pussy whipped. Oh yes, where was I? Yeah, everyone got put on the Chore Wheel. I have better things to do than scrub floors on a Saturday afternoon!

"Faith, you have garden duty!”

“Why the fuck am I stuck on garden duty? Isn’t that more like Red’s thing?” I’m lookin at him like he’s off his rocker. Seriously, I can do chopping wood or mowing the lawn (considering mowing the lawn only takes you having to sit in the mower and steer). I’m a slayer! Oooh, and here come the tingles. B’s coming down the stairs. I wonder if she remembers the dream. Me, a mom? Fucks no. Sounds like something B would concoct in that pretty head of hers. But I wasn’t just the mommy, B was her mom too. So that meant…

“Faith, ready to work?” Andrew held out a pair of gardener’s gloves and a trowel.

“Yeah yeah, thrilled.” I walk to the door but I feel eyes are on me. B turns her head away fast but I know she was lookin. She’s gotta explain to me later what the fuck that dream was about. I look ahead of me. God, I am so not gardener material! Ok then, get a grip you pussy! Watch out roses here I come!

~In the kitchen~

Buffy's POV

I didn’t get any sleep after that nightmare…dream…slayer dream. Damn! I don’t know what to call it but it gave me the wiggins. Does she remember? Gawwd! Faith a mommy? That little girl, she looked like a carbon copy of Faith. Same hair, same smile, same attitude, same…wait, she had green eyes. My green eyes! I can’t take this. Either someone’s playing a sick joke or that dream was actually the future. My future. Wait, then that would mean Faith and I had a kid. I can’t have a kid, let alone one with Faith. I’m only 24! What am I saying? Two women can’t have children. But Willow did say something about how Amazon women and their mates… blahhh Buffy get it out of your head. She’s barely in your life as it is. Why would she even consider a future with you?

She’s coming out of the kitchen and out the door. Ooh, tingles. I love that about us. After Willow activated the potential slayers I felt all of them, but me and Faith’s sensors seem different. Her tingles give me this fuzzy feeling in my stomach. I don’t feel that when I’m near Kennedy that’s for sure. Oh god! Run run! Go legs!

“Buffy! You know what day it is! Chore Wheel says you’re on…”

My ass is out that door before he gives my chore. I’m sorry but I can’t handle scrubbing floors while I have this on my mind. I need to train. I need Faith…wait no. That would make me think of it even more. I’ll just sit in the garden. That always cheers me up. My sanctuary, my place of contemplation my…

“Hey B. Did Andrew put you on lawn duty?”

Great! There goes my place of sanctuary!


"No, Faith I just came out here to think."

"So, you escaped Andrew the Chore Pirate. Slick B."

"I'm not escaping! I'm taking a break…"

"You would have to start a chore before you take a break Blondie."

"Fine fine! I'm escaping."

The petit slayer collapsed into a lawn chair. Buffy ran her fingers through her hair and sighed. Faith stopped her work and gave her a worried glance. "What's gotcha stressed B? I know that look. It's the "I'm about to freak out and blow a gasket but I won't because that is so un-Buffy of me"."

"Umm so not me…but yeah, I got things on my mind…is all. I'll be fine." She gave a slight shrug.

"Whatever, B. Can you hand me that spade by your foot?"

Buffy picked up the spade and handed it to Faith. Once their fingers grazed each others both slayers gasped. Two visions flashed through their minds. The vision of Faith swinging a little girl on a swing set flashed first. 'Momma! Push me higher! Higher!' The next flash was Buffy standing by a window holding an infant in her arms and Faith spooning her from behind. 'We made a good one didn't we B? Hey there little B…'

When the vision ended both girls retracted away from each other's contact. Faith was the first one to break the silence.

"What...the…fuck was that B?" Faith was looking like she was about to run away, far away from her sister slayer. Buffy remained mute. "Well?" The brunette slayer demanded, trying to comprehend what she had just seen.

"I…I don't know." That was all Buffy could squeak out. Not only had she seen the vision but she felt the emotions of happiness and love while gazing into the eyes of the infant…and also into Faith's eyes. The feelings were too overwhelming for the smaller slayer, everything was coming too fast. Buffy tried to reach out to touch Faith's hand. "Faith…I…" But Faith recoiled back like she was afraid that if they touched the vision would replay…or worse.

"No B! I wanna know what the hell just happened here?!?" Buffy sighed.

"I don't know Faith. But I have an idea of what I'm feeling right now. You feel it too, don't you?" She looked into the scared brown eyes in front of her, searching for the emotions that matched hers. Faith shut her eyes and shook her head violently.

"I…I don't know what you're playin at B, but I aint feeling anything but freaked shitless!" She was shaking from…fear?

"I don't get this too but we'll figure it out…together." Buffy tried to walk towards her again but Faith stepped backwards.

"I…I…no." The taller slayer retreated back into the house. Tears in her eyes, Buffy softly sobbed.

"We were happy."

~In Faith's Room~

Faith's POV

What the fuck happened?!? The girl…B…our kid… ugh! I roll over on my bed and bury my face in the pillow. I smile, just a little. We were happy…

Knock! Knock!

Ugh! It's alright…I'll just tell her I need to sleep for a couple hours. Besides, I did gardening…it was rough work…sounds like a good excuse, doesn't it? I open the door and my resolve is breaking. B's arms are wrapped around herself so tight, like she's trying not to fall herself. Yeah, I feel ya B.

"I just wanted to see if you were O.K…" Aww, she's all shy.

"Yeah I'm good B, just a little wiped out from gardening." How pathetic am I? 'Wiped out from gardening' never gonna live that down, that's for sure.

"Oh…ok. Umm…" Just spit it out B! "I'm gonna go downstairs and be… downstairs." She walks away and I'm still standing here a little dazed.

~Later that night~

"I…*punch*…don't…*kick*…want…*stake*…her!" Buffy finished off her last vamp in a huff. She continued to rant to herself, content in her state of denial. 'I know I don't want her! She's get some get gone girl…she slept with Robin so she's not into girls…wait! I'm not into girls! Ok, so technically I'm just into one girl…no…no girl! Damnit!...she has really nice legs…thighs…Fuck!'

"And I thought I was the crazy one." Faith had her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face.

"Faith! I thought you were covering Restfield while I swept here?" The little blonde tried to hide her blush, considering she just got caught in her own denial rant about the brunette.

"Finished early. Damn, these vamps don't fight like they used to!" They walked through the cemetery, avoiding each other's gaze. Buffy occasionally glanced over at the brunette and opened her mouth about to say something but closed her mouth after rethinking.

"What B?!?" Faith threw up her hands and stopped in her tracks.

"Nothing…nothing." Buffy looked down at the grass and played with the hem of her shirt. "It's just.."


"The dream…" Buffy whispered out. Faith stepped closer to Buffy without thinking.

"Yeah, we were..."

"Happy…together" Buffy finished and smiled up at Faith.

"But it couldn't have been real…right?" The older slayer sighed.

"I don't know Faith. But whatever it was, it felt…right." To Buffy's surprise Faith reached her hand out and stroked the blonde's cheek.

"Yeah, it did, didn't it?" Buffy closed her eyes and softly spoke.

"Faith…" Faith dropped her hand back to her side and muttered angrily.

"Shit, sorry B."

"It's alright Faith." The older slayer tried to reach out to the brunette in front of her but a snarl could be heard from behind them. "I'll get this one. Talk about this later?" Buffy looked hopefully up at Faith.

"Sure..later B" Faith stepped back and leaned against a tree, arms and ankles crossed. She absently licks her lips while watching the shorter slayer fight. 'You wouldn't have to worry about losing weight after the baby B, that's for sure.' be continued...