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Christmas Blunders

by AsianObsidian
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from BtVS. They are all property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
Beta: Carolyn aka HotLezzi6969 *snicker*
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"B! Where did you pack my bra?" Faith yelled from inside Buffy's room. The little blonde was running around the house, packing for not only herself, but for Faith as well.

"I didn't pack it!" She yelled over her shoulder while she was folding sweaters and shirts at break neck speed.

"What?!?" The brunette had her eye brows raised.

"It's not like you wear it anyway dear, so don't worry." Buffy couldn't hide her smirk.

"But it'll probably be fricken freezing in the mountains! My nipples need that extra layer, B!" The younger slayer whined.

"God, Faith! You barely wear a bra and with all the sweaters I put you in, your boobs will be snuggly and warm."

"Sweaters?!? B! You know I hate those!" Faith stomped her steel toed boot in a huff. Buffy walked towards her girlfriend and rubbed her arms.

"They keep you warm Faith. And I won't have you running around in the snow with just tight leather pants and jacket with just your tank top underneath."

"But I thought you liked me in my leathers." Faith waggled her eye brows. The shorter slayer swatted her arm playfully.

"I do baby, but not if it risks your health on this vacation."

Faith groaned and walked into the kitchen to pack some food for the trip. Buffy poked her head out of the room.

"Sweetie! Do you want me to pack the sweater with the reindeer on the front or the one with Frosty?" The bouncy blonde asked while holding up two hangers with the sweaters hanging from them.

"B! I don…" Faith started to protest but Xander's car horn cut their dispute. "Fine, whatever. They're waiting, come on B!" Buffy lifted three bags down the hall towards the door. "What did you pack? B, we're on vacation for five days, not the rest of winter!"

"These are all necessities!" Buffy humphed and gave a pout. Faith dug into one of the over stuffed suitcases and pulled out two different kinds of hair driers.

"B! You call hauling two hair driers, necessity?!?" The little blonde whined in response.

"Well, one is for pre-drying and the other is for hair fluffing purposes only!" Their conversation was interrupted by the distinct sound of Xander Harris' car horn.

Beep! Beep! Xander popped his head out of the car window.

"Ok, everyone ready?" Anya was sitting in the front seat, a frown plastered on her face.

"Why do we have to bring them Xander? I thought this was supposed to be a romantic holiday vacation for just us! All they're going to want to do is play in the snow and talk by the fire. That will totally impede on our customary ritual of hour long holiday sex!"

"Ahn, we discussed this. Vacationing with friends on the holidays is what friends do together. It's not just customary to only have sex on the holidays. You share it with friends and enjoy good times together." Xander tried to explain.

"Ahh ha! So you do want to share our sex time with them! I knew it! If I can't have lesbian orgies, neither can you!" Anya crossed her arms and turned away from the confused brunette.

"I didn't mean IT as in our sex time, I meant…." Xander rambled on trying to salvage the conversation.

~Meanwhile up in Willow and Kennedy's room~

Soft moaning could be heard from inside the room. Kennedy's sighs of pleasure could be heard clear as day.

"Ooooh, baby right there."

"You mean right….here?" Willow asked oh so innocently.

"Oh, god yes! I can feel it."

"Oooh, baby you're so tight today. What's got you wound up?"

"I dunno, musta been those Racklor demons last night. Fuckin things had lead for fists!"

Kennedy lay on her stomach, her petite girlfriend kneeling besides her massaging her back.

"All better?" Will caressed her girlfriend's shoulder blades.

"All better. In fact…" Kennedy flipped the red head onto her back. The little Wicca gave a tiny squeal. "Much…much better" Kennedy leaned towards her lover's lips with each word.

Knock! Knock!

"Guys! Xander's here!" The petite blonde slayer hollered through the door.

"Ugh, time to go." Willow sighed while Kennedy collapsed defeated on her girlfriend.

"Don't wanna, it's nice here." Kennedy groaned and buried her head in the crook of the red head's neck.

"Come on baby, the sooner we leave the sooner we have a room up at the cabin, all to ourselves." Willow said the last sentence in her husky tone. Kennedy rolled off of her girlfriend and shoved the rest of her thing into overstuffed suitcase. Though, she stopped at looked quizzically around the room.

"Willow, do you know where my bra is?"

Willow was already half way down the stairs to meet Buffy at the door. The Wicca looked expectantly at Buffy.

"So which one did she pick?" The red head asked her best friend.

"She didn't exactly pick, but I'm going with reindeer." Buffy snickered.

"Oooh, goody! Kennedy looks so cute with the Frosty on!" Willow snatched the Frosty designed sweater and shoved it into her suitcase.

Faith and Kennedy walked out of their rooms. Both had scowls on their pretty faces. Faith asked with raised eye brows.

"She hid your bra too?"



~In Xander's car~

Buffy was snuggled into Faith's shoulder while the brunette leaned against the window; a slight trickle of drool escaped her luscious lips. Oh yeah, that's our Faith. Willow was busy typing away on her laptop while Kennedy was playing on her PSP. Anya was snoring loudly while leaned up against her window.

"We're here!" Xander announced as the car pulled into the driveway.

"Oooh, look at all the snow! Isn't the snow just wonderful baby?" Willow squealed. Kennedy was too enthralled with the video game. An inaudible "meh" was all the red head could get out of her.

"B, wake up." Faith tried to awaken her blonde girlfriend but without prevail. Buffy merely sprawled herself over the brunette.

"Mmm, wake me up later mom…" The tiny slayer nuzzled deeper on Faith's shoulder.

"Mom?!? B, wake up!" Faith leapt from her seat only to have Buffy fall not so graciously in a heap.

"Ugh! What the hell Faith?" Buffy wiped the sleep from her eyes.

"We're here, grab your bag."

The small cabin was furnished like something you would see in Country Living magazine. All the furniture was plush and cozy. A bearskin rug lay in front of the hearth.

"Aww B. Now I know where that picture of you naked on the bear skin rug came from!" Faith exclaimed. Everyone tried to stifle their laughs but Anya piped in.

"Why would you want a sexy picture of yourself on a bear skin rug. Bear skin isn't even appealing to me! Should I be aroused by bear skin rugs?" She looked to Xander at her last sentence.

"Umm, Ahn. Usually parents have baby pictures of their children naked on bear skin rugs. It's an unknown tradition."

"But why would they want naked babies on bear skin rugs? Perverts!" And with that Anya stomped into the kitchen. Everyone slapped their foreheads. Sometimes Anya could be so weird. Faith eyed the cabin and spotted the door she was looking for. The brunette scooped up her girlfriend and slung her over her shoulder.

"Faith! What are you doing?" Buffy yelped as she tried to scramble off her shoulder.

"Xan-man, me and B are gonna explore our new room. Wake us up when dinner's on, k." Faith smirked while slapping the squealing blonde's rear.

"Faith! When I get down, so help me!"

"Ok, then I won't help you. How's that?" Faith gave her trademark grin and waved to her friends as she vaulted over the couch and into their room.

"Yeah, we're doing the same." Kennedy grabbed Willow's hand. The red head giggled as she let herself be dragged into their room by her very horny girlfriend.

"Well, it's just you and me Ahn. We should start dinner. I was thinking mac and cheese or maybe spaghetti…." His train of thought was gone once he looked at his girlfriend. Anya was clad in nothing but her birthday suit and a pair of jingle bell oven mitts.

"Ooooh! Xander! Don't these oven mitts go great with my jingle bell nipple rings?" The ex-demon jiggled her breasts letting the bells on her rings jingle.

"Oh god do I love the holidays!" Xander clamped his hands together, giving out a prayer to the gods that gave him a nympho for a girlfriend.

~Meanwhile in Faith and Buffy's room~

"Ooomph!" Buffy was plopped onto the queen sized bed by a very horny brunette.

"Mmm, gotta taste you B." She licked her lips. "I was dreaming of your sweet cunt the whole car ride."

"Faith we just got here and we haven't even unpacked!"

"Come on baby, I know you were dreaming the same thing... me, you, here, in this bed."

"You are so sure of yourself aren't cha missy?"

"Without a doubt babe…now let me open my Christmas gift early." Faith dragged her body against the little blonde, making sure to grind her crotch against her lover.

"Mmmm, as much as I would love to baby, dinner is gonna be ready soon." Buffy bit her lip, trying not to take up the alluring offer. Faith was right. She was thinking of her the whole car ride. The thought of Faith's both writhing underneath her while her fingers plunged deep inside the brunette. It was a very, very pleasant dream.

"What about appetizers?" The taller slayer waggled her eyebrows.

"Oh no stud!" Buffy pushed her girlfriend off of her and stood by the end of the bed, hands on her hips. "We promised to spend time with the guys. Besides, what with Xander's new construction job, Willow's new teaching job, Kennedy at college, and Anya opening a new magic store, we haven't spent enough time together. I don't want the gang to split up just because there's no Hellmouth reeking havoc."

Faith could tell Buffy really wanted this vacation to be a "bonding" experience for all of them, a time where they could relax in the company of good friends. Though, it didn't mean any "bonding" couldn't be done behind closed doors. Faith grinned inwardly, well her attempt of it. The grin crept onto her face.

"Faith, I'm serious!" Buffy crossed her arms.

"Ok, ok." The brunette held her hands up. The older slayer let out a big sigh and sat on the edge of the bed.

"It's just…we haven't been close like we were before the Hellmouth closed. All we do is go to work, fit a greeting in during the morning rush, and maybe catch each other for dinner, but that's only if we're lucky." A tear was escaping from the corner of her eye. Faith kneeled in front of her troubled girlfriend and rubbed her thighs.

"We'll be tight like we were B, just wait." Her words made Buffy smile. "Come on, I smell the food already. Smells like….BURNING!" Faith and Buffy shot out of their room and dashed into the kitchen. Kennedy and Willow close behind. All three girls dropped their jaws at the sight before them, except for Faith who had a smirk of disbelief plastered onto her face. Xander was holding a place mat to cover his groin area while blushing furiously. Anya was clad in only a "Kiss the Chef" cooking apron and a pair of slightly smoldering oven mitts.

"Ok, this looks a little awkward…" Xander started off.

"We decided to have wild sex in the kitchen but unfortunately my lovely Christmas oven mitts caught on fire." Anya nonchalantly said while blowing at her oven mitts.

"Uhhmm, ok wha how did it happen?" Willow asked looking from her best friend to his girlfriend. Both very aware of their present lack of clothes. Buffy and Kennedy tried looking the other way. Faith however, crossed her arms and smirked, looking back and forth from the blushing brunette to the ex demon.

"See, Xander has this fantasy of bending me over andmmmfffph" Xander's hand clamped over his girlfriend's over descriptive mouth.

"Hehe, she's a funny girl isn't she? We just got a little carried away…going now." Xander dragged the ex demon and made a mad dash to their room.

"Well, dinner's not ready I take it." Buffy shook her head like she was trying to rid herself of the disturbing image of Anya and Xander half naked, in her kitchen, doing, bleck!

"So…" Kennedy added. She wanted to disrupt the awkwardness in the kitchen. Faith was unfazed by the incident so she went on like nothing happened.



The gang was settled on the bear skin rug in front of the hearth. Everyone decided not to bring up what happened a few minutes ago. Xander was still a little flustered. To pass the time until their pizzas arrived they settle for playing The Game of Life board game.

"I don't like this game Xander! I have a meager salary and I'm in terrible debt! We can't even afford to pay summer school charges for all of our children!" Anya sat next to Xander rummaging through her play money. He rubbed her shoulders to calm her.

"Don't worry Anya. Once I hit a payday we won't be too bad…" Anya scoffed sarcastically.

"Oh yeah. Your $20,000 salary will cover summer school for all your dumb-as-a-post children!"

"Maybe they need a tutor? That way they won't need summer school." Willow added in helpfully. Kennedy wrapped her arms around the red head's waist and gave a little squeeze.

"Sweetie, there aren't tutors in The Game of Life."

"What?!? This game is so politically incorrect! I mean, hello, kids need help with school, you don't just ship them off to summer school because they may be a little slow…"

Faith piped in. "Well, considering they're X-man's squirts, his kids must be slower than him, haha!" She gave a slight chuckle. Well, Faith doesn't chuckle, she bursts out in laughter. Buffy swatted her arm reproachfully.

"Now honey, we already had to pay for little Sicilia to go to summer school. You're not being fair to Xander and Anya…even if their kids are a little slow…"

"Beeeee!" Faith whined at her girlfriend. "Could you not call our kid Sicilia? It's so…tweedy! I thought we'd call her Faith junior?" She puffed out her chest at the name. Buffy rolled her eyes.

"…and I mean, come on! I tutored Buffy and Xander in high school and we all graduated, granted we didn't get to finish the ceremony but that not the point! The point is…" Willow's ranting was cut off by the door bell.

"I got it." Faith got up from the rug and opened the door. A thin pimple faced delivery boy stood shivering in the cold. His shivering stopped once he looked over the brunette slayer. Was that drool coming out of the corner of his mouth? "How much?" Faith raised her eyebrows.

"It's…" The delivery boy's voice cracked but he tried covering it up by clearing his throat. "It's one hundred seventy dollars and fifty cents." The boy tried to look into Faith's eyes but his gaze seemed to alternate from her eyes to her supple cleavage. The brunette gave him a mischievous smirk and yelled over her shoulder.

"Hey B!" The petit slayer trotted to her girlfriend.

The delivery boy almost fainted at the sight of the two gorgeous women in front of him. The blonde had on sushi pajama pants and a white spaghetti strap top while her 'friend' had short, emphasis on the short, sweat shorts and a blank spaghetti strap top on. He didn't want to take the night shift because of the mysterious death occurrences but this sight made it all worth it. Could it get any better? Hell yeah it could! Faith grabbed Buffy's hips and pressed her lips against the startled blonde. Their tongues did a duel that would have master fencers impressed. Buffy moaned soundly into Faith's mouth as she molded her body into her partner. The brunette broke away abruptly and turned to the gawking delivery boy.

"How much was that again?" Buffy stood swaying a little. She was too dazed from the kiss to comprehend what Faith was talking about, let alone who she was talking to. The delivery boy was in a similar stupor.

"Uhh…no charge!" He swiftly handed Faith the pizza boxes, stumbled to his delivery car, covering his groin the whole time with his hat, and peeled out. The sound of tires screeching on pavement broke Buffy's daze.

"Faith…" Buffy had brief idea of what her girlfriend had done. The mischievous brunette waggled her eye brows at the blushing blonde.

"Look B, free pizza!" Faith closed the door and gave her girlfriend a slap on her behind.

~After dinner~

"Ugh! How could you?"

"Arrg! More like, how did you?"

Faith and Kennedy groaned loudly while they rubbed their bellies as if to relieve the immense fullness in their stomachs. Buffy politely wiped the corners of her mouth with a napkin.

"You shouldn't of challenged me guys." The blonde smiled victoriously at her girlfriend and friend.

"And I thought Faith was the bottomless pit!" Willow's eyes were wide the whole time her best friend had eaten seven large pizzas. Faith had eaten six and a half pizzas before falling over defeated while Kennedy had eaten only four.

"Not fair! I was just activated recently. I haven't built up your metabolism yet!" Kennedy gave a groan. Xander looked sadly at the empty pizza boxes. He had only had three slices before the slayers had dug in.

"Aww don't worry Ken, I bet Red'll help you burn it off." Faith waggled her brows at Willow, who blushed furiously.

"Thanks Faith." Kennedy gave Faith a sarcastic smile. "I bet Buffy'll help you out too considering she just wooped both our asses at eating the most."

"Yeah, I plan on it." Faith leaned in to kiss Buffy's neck but the blonde pulled back.

"Oh, you're not getting off that lucking Faith. You manipulated that poor delivery boy into giving us those pizzas for free. For free Faith! That was over a hundred dollars. I feel a little guilty." Buffy was in her 'I'm not standing down, arms crossed, full Summers pout'.

"Aww, come on B! It was fuckin hilarious! The kid was about to cream his pants right there. Remind you of anyone in high school?" She grinned looking in Xander's direction. Anya caught the glance and smacked the back of his head.

"Ow! And I say again, ow! Anya, that was in high school…a long long time ago." The ex-demon walked out of the kitchen and into her room. Xander followed suit.

"Nice, Faith." Buffy rolled her eyes and sat on the couch.

"Nice going Casanova!" Kennedy gave Faith a pat on the back and left the kitchen with Willow. The red head called out to her best friend.

"We're going to bed Buffy. G'night!"

"Night Wills!"

Outside of the tiny cabin a dark figure stood looking through the window. The couples snug and warm in their cabin were unaware of the impending doom that awaited them. The robed figure chuckled maniacally.

"Soon you will be mine my precious brunette." And with that, the mysterious being shimmered out.

Buffy turned and looked out the window. The little blonde had a suspicious frown on her forehead, "Faith, I thought I just saw something outside…we may have attracted some stray vamps." She walked closer to the window.

"Nahh, B. Vamps don't like New Hampshire weather. They like their meal warm, not frozen."


Buffy was splayed out on the couch, a snoring Faith snuggled closer into her stomach. Both slayers didn't bother moving from the plushy couch after their intense love making. The sun streamed in through the curtains of the living room.

"Xander! They're even too lazy to put a blanket on after their wild lesbian sex!" Anya strolled on through the living room to the kitchen. A very groggy Xander emerged through the door.

"Ahn. What have I said about chirpiness in the morning? And what about…" He stopped his sentence once he eyed the two slayers on the couch; two very naked slayers. A husky voice snapped him out of his trance.

"You better put that tongue back in your mouth X-man before Anya and I snap it back in your throat." Faith leered at him while covering up the naked blonde cuddled up against her.

"Uhh, well…I just…it's morning and…breakfast?" The red faced brunette walked swiftly into the kitchen. A groaning Buffy stirred next to her partner.

"Why do you have to tease him AND have a strait face about it?"

"What can I say B? We're two hot chicks with super powers. Gotta tease drool boy once an awhile." Faith nuzzled her nose into the crook of the blonde's neck.

"Mmmm…did I hear breakfast? Wait…we forgot to put our clothes back on!" Faith grinned as her girlfriend's eyes became excessively wider.

"I do recall a certain sexy blonde saying 'clothes be damned!' after we came down from our big O's."

"Still! We have people in the house and did I mention we're naked?!?" The brunette merely raised an amused brow. She scooped Buffy in the couch throw and headed for the bedroom. "Faith! Put me down…you're naked too!"

"No I'm not B. I slid my boxers back on after you fell asleep." Low and behold, Faith was wearing her silk boxers, just not a top. Buffy sighed in relief. She would take seeing naked Faith any day but the little blonde didn't want anyone else in the cabin to have a free show.

~In the Kitchen~

"Sometimes I don't understand why humans do this! I mean…you chop down a tree then you put mindless ornaments on its branches then ceremoniously toss it out or burn it after Christmas! It's bizarre!"

"Anya. We chop down trees and decorate them because it's a tradition. You don't turn your back on tradition." Buffy explained while taking a sheet of Christmas cookies out of the oven. Willow walked through the room carrying Christmas tree ornaments.

"Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, Buffy's right about tradition." The red head chimed in.

"Fine fine. But I still say it's pointless."

Kennedy, Faith, and Xander walked in the kitchen. They were all bundled up and ready to hit the chilly outdoors. Faith held the axe over her head while a very grumpy Kennedy tried to jump up and grab it.

"Faith! Come on! I had dibs on cutting down the tree! Willow…" She started to whine while continuing to try and snatch the axe from the brunette slayer.

"Oh go on, whine to Red." Faith teased Kennedy and sprinted around the living room, a red faced potential-turned-slayer on her heals.

"What did I tell you two about running around in the house with an axe! And Faith…give Kennedy the axe, she had dibs." Buffy had her hands on her hips. The brunette slayer handed the axe over to a smirking Kennedy.

"Come outside with us B, we were gonna have a snowball fight before heading off to get a tree."

"Oh no…I'm not falling for that again! Last time you said 'just an innocent snow ball fight' it turned out to be another Apocalypse complete with killer snow balls!"

"Willow... you'll come out and play with us right?" Kennedy gave Willow her puppy dog eyes.

"Sure baby…but play gentle."

"Wahoo! My girl's in…what about yours Xander?" Xander turned to the ex-demon.

"Anya do you wanna come outside and play with us too? I'll make snow demons with you…"

"Oooh! I love making those in the snow! Yes yes, let's go!"

"Beeeee… everyone else is going! Come on, be one of the cool kids and join us. You know you want to." Faith waggled her eye brows.

"But what about my cookies? I have another batch to bake." The little blonde held out the platter of partially burnt cookies. Everyone tentatively grabbed a cookie and bit into it. The five had sour looks on their faces after their first chew. "That bad?" Everyone nodded. "Ugh! Fine, but only if you promise to put on your sweater. I packed it for a reason." Faith groaned and Kennedy snickered.

"Oh yeah! I packed yours too sweetie." The red head bounced up and down. Kennedy gave out a groan of her own.

"Ha! Take that Brownie!" Faith gave Kennedy a playful punch, only a playful punch from a slayer actually hurts. Kennedy scowled at her.

"Let's make a snowman Xander!" Anya was already pulling Xander out the door.

"Ok Ahn, but remember where to put the carrot this time. The little kids at the park looked at us funny the last time. I don't think they were prepared to listen to your anatomy lesson.

"It doesn't make sense though. Why would you give me a carrot and expect me to put it on its face? You can plainly see that it's for the snowman's pen…" And they were out the door.

"Come on B! This sweater is so lame!" Faith whined like a five year old while Buffy shoved it over her head to get into.

"I have to agree with Faith on this." Kennedy was scowling as her girlfriend helped pull the Frosty sweater over her head.

"But they're so cute baby!"

"And they put you in the Christmas spirit!"

Willow and Buffy stood side by side admiring their handy work.

"I feel like one of those life size Dress Me Up Barbies." Kennedy looked down at the Frosty sweater with a look of loathing.

"Fuck man!" Faith trudged outside.



A snowball hit Faith square on in the face. The brunette slayer hadn't anticipated the throw because she sneering down at her reindeer sweater. A laughing Xander ran as fast as his human legs could take him.

"Yeah you better run Harris!" Faith wiped the snow off her face, balled up a clump of snow, and aimed.

Must run! Must run! Those were the thoughts running through Xander Harris' head while he ran for his life. Any moment now a very pissed off slayer would tackle him and he liked his head not buried in the snow.

Womp! Thud!

"Whoo! Take that hyena boy!" Faith had hit Xander in the back of his head which made him fall face first into the snow. Anya stood over him and rolled her eyes.

"You knew she would catch up with you eventually…why did you do it?"

"Hey, it's those little moments in life where you savor the look of surprise after hitting Faith in the face with a snowball. Then, after the moment is over you run for your life." He brushed himself off and helped Anya roll up pieces for her snowman.

Kennedy and Faith immediately took off chasing each other with snowballs. They looked like little kids.

"Aww, look at them all Buffy. We're like a family again." Willow and Buffy were sat on a bend watching their friends play and laugh.

"And don't they look so cute in their sweaters?" Buffy squealed in delight. Willow just laughed.

The brunette slayers had a plan of their own. They made eye contact while Faith spoke just so Kennedy could hear.

"Let's make them regret putting us in these lame ass sweaters."

"On three?"


Willow and Buffy were enjoying the snowy weather and talking about the old times before Sunnydale became a crater. Though their past time was interrupted when two brunette slayers ran and picked the girls up; slinging them over their shoulders in a fireman's hold.

"Gahh! Faith!"

"Eep Kennedy!"

Buffy and her best friend were dropped into a snow bank. The two brunette slayers were holding their sides while they laughed.

"Serves you right for putting us in these things!" Faith pointed at her girlfriend. Willow and Buffy did not have amused looks on their faces when they dug themselves out of the snow bank.

"I'm gonna…" Buffy fumed.

"Not funny…" Willow scowled.

Both snow covered girls stomped inside. A miffed ex-demon was not far behind.

"Now that was priceless!" Kennedy was trying to catch her breath.

"Anya! The hyena thing was a long time ago…" Xander called out to his girlfriend. Faith patted him on the back.

"Don't worry Xan man. She'll forget all about yen for B when you were dog boy. I know I did a long time ago."

"Can we get the tree now?" Kennedy was taking practicing swings with the axe.

"Sure Brownie. The girls need time to cool off." The three headed off into the forest.

~Back in the cabin~

"I can't believe they!"

"I know…and I thought they liked the sweaters."

"Well, I know they didn't exactly adore them like we do Buff…but that's no reason to toss us in the snow unawares."

"Maybe we should give them a taste of their own medicine." The blonde slayer smiled.

"Oooh Buffy. I see that look in your eyes…what do you propose we do?" Buffy's smile grew even wider while she dug through her duffel bag.

~An Hour Later~

"Oof! Xander…watch where you direct the end! You almost took me out!" Kennedy dodged the Christmas tree's trunk for the third time.

"Well, I wouldn't have so much trouble if either one of you gave me a hand." Xander looked pretty funny trying to carry the humongous tree all by his lonesome.

"Sorry X-man. I was grown up to believe that the women chop down the trees and the men carry them."

"Willow! Buffy! Anya! Honeys we're home!"

"Maybe they're still miffed at us."

"Nahh. B'll get over it."

"Let's get out of these clothes...." Xander started to peel off his jacket while two brunettes raised their eye brows at him. "Before we catch cold. What? Anya makes me take off my wet clothes before I catch cold. Oh, you thought I meant…haha…no I didn't…" Anya walked into the living room with her bathrobe on.

"Xander! Why don't you have your wet clothes off! Jeez, haven't I told you enough that the worst colds come after having your wet clothes on?" She dragged him back into their room.

"Yo Ken. I'm gonna take a quick shower and get ready for the part down the street."

"Yeah, I'll take one after. I'm gonna check up on Willow."


Faith was standing in front of the bathroom mirror applying her mascara. She was wearing her tight read top with the v-neck and string tied back. If only I had my bra then I could push the twins up, she thought.

"B…are you sure you didn't find my bra?"

Buffy sat on their bed reading and merely pointed out the window. Faith ran out of the cabin with a towel clad Kennedy behind her.

"Ahh come on! It was only snow!" Kennedy whined while her teeth chattered.

Both brunettes' bras were slung on the branches of the tree outside the cabin window. They looked like Christmas tree ornaments on a tree… but bras.

"The only thing left is to get them down." Faith rubbed her chin and thought.

"I dunno. But all I know is that I'm not go…"

Faith picked up Kennedy mid sentence and threw her up on a branch. Luckily the smaller brunette landed feet first on the branch.

"Faith! When I get down here I'm gonna..."

"Just get our bras Brownie!"

"If you look up my towel Willow will fry you!" Kennedy yelled back down at her partner in crime.

"Bras Brownie! Hey, isn't it a little cold out here?" She wiggled her eye brows.

Kennedy finally got their bras and leapt from the tree branch into Faith's arms. The taller brunette cradled her friend in her arms and walked back in the cabin. They were greeted a smug looking blonde and red head.

"Serves you right!" They both sing songed.

Faith and Kennedy were on them like white on rice. Faith pinned Buffy's hands above her head and sat on her kicking legs. Kennedy took Faith's bra and strapped it on the squirming blonde. She duck taped it on for good measure too.

"Oh goddess Buffy!" Willow covered her mouth trying not to laugh.

"Oh no you don't Red!" Faith leered at the now pale red head and grabbed the duck tape from Kennedy.

"You're not getting off that easy baby." Kennedy pinned her girlfriend down while Faith strapped and duct taped on Kennedy's bra to the wiggling red head.

"Haha! Is it cold baby?" Faith and Kennedy laughed while running back into their rooms.

"Oh my god! They're snow cones!" Willow wailed in agony trying to find scissors.

"I think nipples have frost bite!" Buffy jumped from foot to foot. It looked like she was doing Xander's Snoopy dance but with a painful look on her face and frantically waving her hands in the air.

"Buffy…just rip the bras off us! Use your slayer strength!"

"I can't…too cold! And the duct tape is on too tight!"

"Looking for this?" Faith dangled a pair of scissors from her hand.

Both girls looked at Faith in the doorway and ran towards her. Though neither of them were in the right state of mind to avoid a head on collision. Buffy and Willow collapsed on the floor rubbing their heads. Faith decided to give them a break and cut the icy bras off. Anya and Xander were in their doorway watching the whole scene. They might as well of had a bowl of popcorn in their hands because it seems that it had been very amusing to watch the fiasco.

"Xan-man, if you're done watching, can you get some more fire wood? Seems Red and Twinkie need some warmth. Ken wouldn't mind some heat either."

Kennedy, teeth still chattering, wrapped a blanket around herself and Willow. Faith grabbed the couch throw and wrapped it around Buffy while her teeth chattered also. The blonde spoke up first.

"Let's agree to never play pranks with snow ever again."

"Here here!" The three agreed. However, the ex-demon thought otherwise.

"Oh no…please continue on with the highly amusing pranks! Xander and I thought it was quite humorous." Anya smiled cheerily and nodded her head.


"How come I always have to get the wood?" Xander grumpily piled the logs in his arms. A tall hooded figure emerged from behind a tree. The brunette gave a yelp and dropped the logs.

"Alone at last my sweet." The tall hooded figure stalked closer towards Xander.

"Who are you? What are you?" Xander stood in what a slayer would call 'a lame fighting stance'.

"I'm going to take you away from these mere mortals. You will be my princess of the dark for eternity." The tall hooded figure was three feet away from touching distance of Xander.

"Princess? Eternity? I'm a guy! Wait a second…I've heard this before! Sweet has already done this story before buddy!" The dark figure removed his hood.

Xander couldn't believe his eyes. There stood an 8 foot deer like demon in front of him. Instead of standing on four legs, it stood on its hind legs like a human. The Deer demon was complete with pointy antlers and cloven hands. From where Xander was standing he could also tell that the Deer demon was male.

"Oh great googly moogly!" Those were the last words Xander muttered before blacking out.


~Earlier That Evening~

"Ahn! I can't believe you brought it! I mean…come on, it's…it's…"

Xander was walking hurriedly after his girlfriend who was deciding where to place the tasteless novelty.

"Xander…Halfreck said that this will bring many laughs among our friends. And it's cute too!"

"Ahn…it's… a pooping moose!"

Well, it wasn't a literal pooping moose. It was a novelty dispenser that rolled out peanuts from its rear once someone pulled its tail. Haven't you heard of them?

"We got it as a wedding present from Hallie and I intend to use it." She placed the little moose on the coffee table. She looked down at it and smiled.

"From Halfreck! The demon that locked us in Buffy's house Halfreck?!? We didn't even have our wedding, why did you accept that gift… a very weird gift?" Xander looked at his girlfriend then grimaced at the dispenser.

"Oh…you just HAD to remind me of the day you left me at the alter!" Anya stomped off into their room and slammed the door. Xander yelled through the door.

"Anya! I thought this was behind us?" No answer came from behind the door. Xander heaved a sigh and plopped down on the couch. He picked up the pooping moose and stared at it. "It's just you and me buddy…" He placed it next to him and flicked through the channels on the television. Xander, who was engrossed in an army movie, didn't notice the red glowing eyes of the pooping moose.

~Present Time~

The fire in the hearth crackled. The five girls huddled closer to the flames for warmth. A shivering Buffy snuggled closer in Faith's arms. Kennedy, who was still in her towel, had Willow curled up beside her.

"How are your nipples Buffy?" Anya asked while staring at the blonde's chest.

"They're fine Anya, and stop looking!" Buffy crossed her arms.

"It's not her fault that she likes your goods B. I know I do." The sexy brunette gave her a wink.

"Woah…so not checking out Buffy's rack right now guys." Kennedy averted her eyes to Willow's chest. "I'm more of a kosher girl, anyway." The subtle licking of her lower lip made Willow blush to her roots. She wasn't used to being praised by Kennedy's glazed look in front of her friends.

"Oh, yes. Willow you have a perky rack of breasts on you as well." Anya piped in and switched her attention to the red head.

"Hey! Hey! No looking!" Kennedy tried covering her girlfriend as much as slayerly possible. Willow looked like an Eskimo with all the blankets wrapped around her.

"Ok…lets all stop with the staring of perky breasts…Faith…Faith!" Buffy swatted Faith's wandering hand that had been preoccupied with warming up the blonde's nipple.

"What? I was helpin' out the twins B. They looked like they needed some heat…" So she continued to rub her palm against the frozen nipple.

"Ugh! Faith…not in front of the guys! At least wait till we're in the bedroom…"

"Relax B…Red and Brownie don't seem to mind."

Willow was whimpering slightly as Kennedy ran her pierced tongue up her neck. The two seemed unaware of their surroundings while they caressed each other. Kennedy kept whispering in Willow's ear while sneaking her hand under the blanket. Anya was sitting Indian style between the two couples. With a smile on her face, she watched the two couples engage in their intimate moment. The ex-demon looked like she was a spectator at a tennis match.

"Ooh, this is no fair! Xander's not here to touch me too…can I touch?" Anya reached her hand out to caress Faith's voluptuous breasts.

"Ahem…I think we should all take this to our respectable rooms now…" Buffy got up on her knees, about to bolt to her bedroom but a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist. A certain sexy brunette slayer gazed up at the blonde.

"Ah, come on B." Faith nuzzled Buffy's stomach while running her hands up the shorter slayer's thighs. Much to Buffy's dismay, she released a throaty moan.

She couldn't make love to Faith while everyone was watching! Could she? It was just too odd, Anya was there, Xander was right outside… not to mention her best friend of seven years was making out with her hot girlfriend right in front of her…did she say hot? No…Kennedy was her friend, a very good friend…with a very enticing tongue ring. Buffy thought about how said tongue ring would feel against her hot pulsating skin. Woa!

"Ack! Faith stop!" Buffy waved her hands to signal stop. Faith released a sigh and looked into the emerald green that she got lost in every time she looked at her.

"Do you trust me?" Faith looked straight into Buffy's eyes.

"Of course I trust you… I just don't think having an orgy is a smart idea. And we have that party down the street to go to. I don't want to miss it. And hello! My best friend and her girlfriend are right there!" Faith looked over her shoulder, still gripping Buffy's waist unless she decided to bolt.

"You guys don't mind, do you?" Faith received two groans of approval from the red head and preoccupied brunette.

"What about me? I don't mind." Anya raised her hand like she was in class.

"Faith... Anya's here too remember."

Faith licked from Buffy's throat to her ear and whispered.

"Forget the party B...we're already having a party of our own...Red and Ken don't care if we make it a free show...look at them!" Faith was right. Kennedy had Willow breathing heavily underneath her while her hand massaged the red head's breast.

"And Anya?" Buffy raised her brows.

"It doesn't hurt to watch..."

"I agree with Faith. Innocent here...not touching...no sir-ey..." Anya nodded her head enthusiastically.

Buffy surrendered and let Faith continue to roam her hands over her body. Anya hopped onto the couch to gain a better view of the two couples pleasuring each other. Kennedy laid Willow down on the floor more comfortably while showering kisses upon her face and unzipping the Wicca's pants. Faith removed the blanket that was covering Buffy. Anya didn't have Xander there with her so she opted to play with herself while watching the four sexy women in front of her.

"Mmm…Faith" Buffy sighed her girlfriend's name as she reached under her shirt and massaged her breast. Willow tangled her fingers through Kennedy's hair and gave a throaty moan. Anya, still perched on the couch, whimpered at the sight and trailed her hand down into her pants. No one had in mind where Xander was…all thoughts were out the window once all five girls were naked in front of the fire.

~Outside the Cabin~

"Wake up my love." Someone's hand was stroking Xander's cheek. A very rough hand…kinda felt like a hoof…

"Anya?" Xander groggily opened his eyes. To his utter horror, his nightmare was real! There was indeed a moose-like demon hovering above his face. How hard did he hit his head? He got up off of the ground.

"My name is Rodnicoff but you can call me Rodney my sweet…since we are to be married in a matter of minutes." The demon moose blushed. Did you know demon's blush? Yes, they do indeed.

"Now look buddy…what's with the Hell's bride thingy? I'm already with someone! Someone who is a woman, might I add!" Xander inched away from the demon as it approached.

"It's alright my sweet…you will be with me forever…"

"But why me? There are a lot of very single men in the world…a lot of GAY single men in the world…men which are not me and happen to not be madly in love… with a woman!" Xander babbled.

"I was trapped in that damned plastic prison but your love released me. I can give you riches and power! You would rule by my side in the courts of Hell…think of the possibilities Xander my love…" Rodney embraced the shaking brunette in its hairy arms. Xander tried to pry his head out of the mass of moose hair and squeaked out.

"Wait… I've already got an ex-demon Anya…she's the best…well she's not a demon anymore but I've had enough of my bad boy self to not get involved with another demon." Rodney abruptly released Xander from his embrace.

"Anya? You mean…Anyanka?" The demon had its hooves on its hips; a stance which Buffy used time to time when fuming at Faith.

"Yup…she's my girlfriend…uhh ex-demon…" Xander was looking for an escape.

"You mean to tell me that your girlfriend…is Anyanka?!?" Rodney towered over Xander, using his height to his advantage.


"I can't believe it! That hussy!" Rodney threw his arms in the air and started to pace while he ranted.

"Uhhh" Xander scratched his head.

"She does this every time! First Oalof, now you!"

"Wait…what?" Xander was beyond confused at the demon's plight.

"Anyanka took my last boyfriend…things never change." Rodney shook his head. "Well, fine I will go…don't want another quarrel with Anyanka, she's a hair puller!"

"Yea, tell me about it…" Xander gave a small smile. He loved all of Anya's quirks, no matter how pesky.

And with a swish of Rodney's robe he shimmered out.

"Why is it always me God? Did you stamp a sign on me at birth saying ONLY DEMONS BE ATTRACTED TO ME?!?" Then a thought flickered in Xander's head. Why did the demon moose say 'his love released him'? Wait..moose…demon…moose…pooping moose! His eyes got wider and he rushed back to the cabin. Xander came to the conclusion that Rodney was indeed the pooping moose which meant the girls were in danger too.

Xander took the wood axe and charged through the cabin door. He eyed the moose dispenser on the kitchen table and chopped it into tiny pieces. The brunette's chest heaved from the exertion and he finally let the axe slip from his fingers. Wait till Anya hears this, he thought. His musing was stopped abruptly as he heard a drawn out moan coming from the living room. Had the pooping moose gotten to the girls before Xander killed it? Xander rushed into the room, expecting to see wounded bodies writhing in agony. Only the girls writhing on the floor didn't seem to be in pain.

Xander stopped in the door way. He had to rub his eyes for a second, hoping his imagination wasn't getting the best of him. Kennedy had Willow spread on the floor with her thighs clamped tightly around her neck. The gasps of 'oh gods and goddess' filled his ears. Buffy and Faith were straddled over each other's faces while emitting groans and throaty moans into hot drenched mounds. The next sight made Xander's cock twitch in excitement. Anya was lying naked on the couch with her hand buried deep in her pussy and her head tossed side to side. Her look of rapture and concentration snapped Xander out of his trance. He immediately stripped and picked up Anya from the couch. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. They kissed with heated passion while he laid her down on the floor behind the couch. The couple was hidden from view of the other four lovers but their cries of passion could still be heard.

"Xander… I need" Anya gasped against her boyfriend's lips. Her hips thrust eagerly against his stomach.

"I know Ahn, I love you" Xander stroked her cheek then lowered her on his cock. They both gasped at the feel of each other's tight embrace. Anya clutched his back and they resumed an all familiar dance.

Faith crawled off from Buffy's face. She was very worked up from the blonde's delicious tongue but she had another idea in mind. She wanted Buffy to enjoy the group love fest as much as she was.

"B…B…open your eyes baby." Faith laid her body over Buffy's quivering form.

"Mmm…Faith…oh god...baby." Buffy gasped as the brunette circled her lover's clit.

"Look at them B…" Buffy turned her head to see Willow on top of Kennedy. She was thrusting her fingers in and out of her girlfriend's tight channel. Kennedy's back was arched as beads of sweat rolled down between her breasts.

"Faith…" Buffy didn't know how long she could hold on. The whole situation turned her on. Her best friend and her girlfriend were making love feet from them while Anya and Xander were fucking like bunnies behind the couch. Wait, Xander?

Faith grinned when realization hit Buffy. "Yeah B…Xander joined the fun too…don't worry, they can't see us and we can't see them." Anya's high pitched keening pieced through the room while Xander's groan accompanied hers.

"Doesn't mean we can't hear them though…" Faith was taking pleasure at seeing her girlfriend torn in such a state. Buffy was thrusting her hips against Faith's hand for more pressure. Anya's scream spurred something in the blonde…something primal.

"Mmm…you like this B? Me fucking you on the floor with Red and Kennedy right there?" She thrust two fingers in Buffy's pussy.

"Oh god…yes…" Faith stayed close to the blonde's ear.

"You like that Anya's getting off with Xander right behind that couch?" Thrust. Grind.

"Unnng….yeesss" Buffy was talking through gritted teeth. All abilities to form coherent sentences were lost.

"You're a dirty girl aren't ya baby? Gettin' off from the sounds of our friends…wanting to get the big 'O' soo bad…"

"Please…baby" Faith sucked Buffy's earlobe between her lips and continued to speak.

"But you know they can't make you scream like I do? Isn't that right baby?" Faith added another finger.

"Oh god…"

"Say it…tell me I can only make you scream." The brunette brought her lips down and swirled her tongue around the blonde's erect nipple.

"You're the…uhhh…only.." Buffy panted, clutching Faith's shoulder. Faith took her other hand and rolled Buffy's clit between her fingers.

"I didn't hear you B…who's the only one that can make you scream?" The muscles in Buffy's pussy clenched down on Faith's fingers. She rode Faith's hand as the waves crashed over her.


Buffy wasn't the only one that had exclaimed their lover's name. Kennedy screamed Willow's name after seeing Buffy climax which triggered Anya to orgasm again and scream Xander's name. Xander groaned his release while his face was buried between Anya's breasts. The six friends collapsed spent. They all dosed off into slumber after their breathing calmed.

~In the Morning~

"B look! They didn't even bother to pull a blanket on themselves after their crazy sex!" Faith walked by and joined Buffy, Willow, and Kennedy in the kitchen. They all wore identical smirks.

"Gahh!" Xander covered himself with a couch throw. Anya grabbed a small blanket and walked into the kitchen. Buffy handed her a mug of coffee.

"Sleep well Xander?" Kennedy raised her cup of coffee to hide her smirk. Xander blushed.

"Uh, yeah. Like a rock." Visions of naked Buffy under naked Faith flashed through his memory. "Umm, did we all…uhh" Xander looked very confused. Everyone looked very calm this morning and he couldn't figure out why. They did just have sex in one room didn't they? Xander thought he might have dreamed it.

"What Xander?" Buffy smiled.

"I just… last night." He raised his eye brows expectantly. Buffy coughed to cover her blush and walked back into the living room. Willow and Kennedy joined her. Kennedy threw Xander and smirk and Willow, red faced, smiled at him. Faith walked up to him. She crossed her arms and raised her brows like she was impressed.

"Nice to know you've learned a few things since high school." Faith smacked him on the back and joined her girlfriend and friends in the living room. Xander stood there stunned. Not only had he had sex with Anya in the same room as his friends, at the same time. But they also knew how he performed in bed. Xander had a proud grin on his face.

That is until…

"Xander!!! What happened to my pooping moose?!?" She was staring in horror at the pieces left on the table.

"Ahn…It was a demon! I swear!"


The six friends would never forget their Christmas vacation together. A demonic pooping moose, ghastly sweaters, and snow cone bras didn't dampen their spirits. They were together and safe. Faith hugged her girlfriend and held a green bushel above their heads.

"Faith...what's that?" Buffy smiled at Faith. Under that bad-ass exterior, an old romantic could be found.

"Hey look B, mistletoe." The brunette waggled her eye brows.

"Goof." And they kissed. A kiss that wasn't just hot and steamy, but passionate and loving.

The End