by AsianObsidian
Rating: NC-17

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So here I am at The Cat's Meow, the local sex shop. I came here yesterday to buy a face strap on but the cashier said they were out of stock. It would take a month till the order came in. A fucking month! So, being the horny devil I am, I ordered the Accomodator online. I even shipped it by FedEx. That bad boy is gonna be on my doorstep by Friday!

Ah, you're probably wondering why I'm at the sex shop again if my toy is coming in a few days. See, me and B have a healthy relationship. She surprises me with baked goods and sexy new lingerie; I surprise her with handcuffs and new toys. See, we're a well matched couple. Anyway, B just went shopping so that means new little skirts and lacey white thongs. So, knowing me, I'll pretty much pounce her once she walks through the door. Which means…I need something to tide the both of us over till my Accomidator arrives.

I walk down the isle and eye the familiar toys. We've used most of this stuff; fuzzy cuffs, scented oils, leather straps. No, I need something new, something that'll have B screaming for it. So I walk over to the wall decorated with strap-ons, leather harnesses, and dildos. Which toy will be the lucky one to thrust into B's silky cunt? Sure, we have a strap-on at home, but B always seems to have it in the dishwasher when we need it most. I'm just about to leave when I spot something on the top shelf. Aha!

I reach out and grab the large black dildo. The label on the box says:

Ever heard the expression, "hung like a horse"? Well, we've brought the expression to silicone life! The High Ho Silver model Butch will make your cowgirl scream "Yiihaaw" till the cows come home! It's 9 inch length and 4 inch circumference penetrates you to the max!

I ring up my order and haul ass out of the shop. With my luck, I'll get home a few minutes before B gets back from shopping. I run up the stairs and strap on my new toy. I pull on a pair of one of my looser fitting leather pants. This monster attached to me would tear right through my normal leathers. I'd be lucky if I even fit the whole dildo in my pants! Yeah, it's that huge. Ooh, I just heard B open the door. I start walking down the stairs and adjust my pants. Don't wanna spoil the surprise. With each step I take down the stairs the dong inside me shifts subtly. I hope B isn't too exhausted from shopping.

"B…what'd ya get at the mall?"

The breath from my lungs escaped once I walked into the kitchen. B is on her tip toes trying to reach a cookie sheet. She's wearing a blue and green checkered mini skirt and a tight white polo t-shirt. As she reaches up, her t-shirt rides above her stomach. The mini skirt is really, really mini. Actually, I don't even think it could be called a mini skirt in some states. From this angle it looks more like lingerie. Damn! If Butch was real, I think it just twitched.

"Faith, sweetie can you help me reach the cookie sheet?"

I'm kinda busy checkin you out B, give me a sec. I walk over to B and stand behind her, left hand on her hip.

"Which one B?" I make sure that I'm breathing right next to her ear. She gets so turned on when I do that.

"Uhh…the silver one." B shivers against my body. See, what did I tell ya?

I reach up to grab the sheet. My hips press lightly against her ass, making her gasp and inch closer over the counter.

"Faith…" Her voice barely a whisper. B's breath has gotten ragged.

"Yeah B…" I set the cookie sheet on the counter and she turns around to face me.

"What do you have in your pocket?" Oh god…she's looking straight in my eyes and wearing that 'I know you want to fuck me right now' look. She knows me so well. I capture her lips hungrily with mine. Her lips taste like peppermint today. She traces my pocket with her finger tip; it inches closer to my crotch. I break our lip lock.

"I dunno B, it's a surprise…" She grins and leans back towards my lips, barely grazing my lower lip.

"I wonder what it could be…" I groan as she squeezes my breast and teases my nipple.

"Can't know unless you look B…" B smiles and unzips my leathers. She kneels down and reaches inside my pants. When B takes Butch out she practically stumbles back into the kitchen island. What's wrong? "Baby, what's wrong?"

"That!" She's pointing at Butch. Yeah, I know B. It's not like you haven't seen a strap-on before.

"Meet Butch baby, our new toy." She's still wide eyed.

"But Faith…it's HUGE!" B's still crawling backwards against the table. Really, where are you gonna go?

"I know B, that's why I got it…we need some variety in our sizes." She's lookin up at me still unsure.

"I don't know Faith…" Is she intimidated by it? Cause if that's the case…

"Come here B." I pull her up from the floor. I hold her close to my chest while I talk into her ear. I don't want to make her uncomfortable. I wouldn't do that to her. "We don't need to do anything you don't want to…" I'm threading my fingers through her blonde locks. She shakes her head against my chest.

"No, it's not that…I just don't think…" She looks down and to the side, blushing like she used to when we first started experimenting with our sex. I lift her chin with my fingers.

"What B?"

"I just don't think I can fit 'Butch' in me; let alone all of it." She gives me her lopsided grin. I catch her pink bottom lip with my teeth, grazing it with my tongue. Speaking against her mouth.

"You don't have to worry baby, I'll make sure you're ready for me." Buffy let out a sigh against my lips. She wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me closer against her body. Butch rubbed up against Buffy's thigh which in turn stirred the dong. I almost forgot I was wearing it until I felt B reach down a stroke Butch, moving it against my clit.

"Mmm baby, is it inside you too?" God, is she trying to kill me? I groan and thrust my hips forward while she strokes the shaft. I love it when B does this. She makes me want it so bad, teasing me until I'm like a warm bottle of champagne.

"Yeah, it is B…but I'd rather it be in you." She stops her hand and brings it to my cheek.


"Yeah B."

I kiss her lips once more while running my hand under her skirt. My fingers play with the lace of her white thong and dip under to tease her slit. She's so wet. B always seems to be wet and ready for me. A thing I never want to change about her…ever.

"Faith…mmm baby…" She spreads her legs farther apart for me as I slip my finger tip inside. B gasps when I flick her clit. While gripping my sides, she rolls her hips towards me, trying to get me inside. But I don't want to be inside of you B. Not with my fingers and not quite in that position.

"Turn around baby." My voice is warm and husky against her lips.

She's dripping against my finger tips. One thrust of Butch and I think she'd pop instantly. B trembles as she turns around. My fingers find the hem of her polo t-shirt. I pull it over her head and toss it across the room. Her skin is so soft. Another thing I love about B. Her golden skin is soft, warm, and inviting. Fingers find more unnecessary clothing and unclasp her matching bra. Gently cupping her newly exposed breasts, she sighs and moans at my touch. While massaging her breast with my left hand, my right hand trails back down her stomach. My fingers circle figure eights around her navel then dip lower under the waist band of her skirt. I'm grazing my fingers against the silky curls on her mound as I kiss the length of her arched neck.

I step back removing my hands from her scorched skin. B groans in protest. I quickly tear off my shirt and remove my leather pants. I return to the warmth of my girlfriend's heated body. Pressing my groin against her ass, I place my hands above hers on the counter and tell her I want them to stay there. She's shaking again…trembling in want and fiery lust; the waves rolling off of her and overflowing onto me. It's like a sweet intoxication. It is pure Buffy.

"Faith…want you so much baby…" Her hands clutch the tiled counter for balance. I bend my knees slightly and rub the tip of Butch against B's soaking slit. She's panting and trying to thrust back against me but I hold her. I'm holding her with one arm wrapped around her abdomen and the other wrapped possessively across her chest. Her nipples are rock hard and rubbing against my forearm. She tries to thrust back against me again, but I still won't let her. I rub the tip up and down her slit, making sure to rub against her clit. If I thought I was dying before, this was even worse. I want so badly to just grip her body and impale this fake cock inside her. I want her to take all of it in with one downward thrust of her hips. I want to grip her hips and let her ride me until we're both screaming.

But I don't. You know why? Because it's all about Buffy. I don't want to hurt her and I want her to have as much pleasure as I'm experiencing right now. So I go slow. Maybe a little too slow, but good things come to those who wait. And I just hope that the "good things that are soon to come" come hard and come screaming.

"Gawwd Faith…you're killing me…" Me too babe.

"Shh, just wait B…" I move my hips in tight circles, spreading her juices around, making her slick and ready.

"Mmm….baby….oh that feels so good…" She's bites her lower lip and lets out another moan.

"Yeah…just like that baby?" I circle a little faster and push the head of Butch about half an inch inside her cunt.

"Oh god yes!" B's knuckles are white from gripping the edge of the counter.

"Mmm" I push in an inch more. It's a lot harder to fit this into her than I thought and I think she notices that too. Her brow is scrunched up; sweat dripping down the side of her face. "You ok B?" I stop moving and lean closer to her ear, breathing heavier and nuzzling her neck.

"Yeah…just push baby…" She's still shaking. I can feel the rings of her pussy contracting against Butch, pulling it in further. So I push. "Ahhh!" B's hands fly off the counter and grip the hands wrapped around her body. I'm afraid I've hurt her so I stand completely still. Her chest heaves for a few seconds and she lets out a trembling breath. Was that a groan? Wait…she's moving against me. Holy fuck! My eyes practically roll in the back of my skull as I feel B's body slide against mine. Her pussy walls clenching around the cock and moving the dong inside me. She's positioned in just the right way so that the base of Butch rubs against my clit, the dong almost rubbing my g-spot. "Oh god…oh god…oh Faith…" She's doing her mantra again. It's like music to my ears. And mine isn't that different from hers.

"Oh fuck baby…god yeah…oh B…" My long strokes inside her soon turn shallow. Our breaths coming in bursts. Our grips tighter against each other. "Uhhh….B…mmm…"

"Oh Faith…I'm gonna…so soon baby." And I'm not too far myself.

"You like this B?" I use both my hands to grip her waist and pump the cock faster inside her.

"Fuck…fuck…oh god yessss" She's cursing like a sailor, that's usually the signal. I'm about to explode in a second so I make it count. I pull her body tightly against mine and wrap my arms around her abdomen and chest. I lick her neck while continuing to thrust my hips faster and faster; my slayer strength and stamina in full use. Her moans are higher pitched and she's beginning to tremble.

"That's it baby….fuck yeah…come while I pump into you…"

"Faith….oh god Faith…oh oh." The hand clutching her abdomen travels down to the little bundle of nerves that I know will explode once I touch it. I roll it between my fingers. "OH FUCK FAITHHH!!!!" Buffy is bucking against my hand and against the cock still pumping quickly into her channel. Her pussy walls clamping down while the orgasms crash throughout her nervous system. The dong rubbing against my g-spot makes me come seconds after her; moaning my release against her neck.

I slow us down to a slight rocking. Still feeling her pussy walls contracting around the cock, it shifts the dong inside me. I rub her clit once more and she shudders. The tiny orgasm rippling through her system, leaving her spent.

B collapses against the counter while I slump against her back, also spent. Hey, slayers need a short intermission too you know. I'm about to pull out of her when I feel her hand on my forearm.



"But you're gonna be sore if I keep it in you…" B squeezes Butch with her pussy, making me shudder from the vibration.

"Just stay in me baby…I like you inside…" I turn her face towards mine and pull a lock of hair behind her ear. She is so beautiful.

"Ok B…" I sigh into our kiss. "I love you B."

"I love you too Faith." She captures my lower lip and suckles on it. "Oh, and Faith?"

"Yeah, baby?"

"I really enjoyed my surprise."

"I'm glad baby."

And we stayed in that sweaty afterglow. I knew B would be sore later on but she insisted that I stay inside. As for her enjoying Butch as my surprise, she'll just love what is being delivered on Friday.

The End