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The Cure For A Dying Heart

by Ashlyn
Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the original characters. All characters are property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
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PART 1… The Dream

I didn't exactly know where I was or how I got there, all I knew is that the sun created a warmth on my skin that I had an ache for as if I hadn't felt that feeling in forever. I could hear the soft whispering of the waves as they hit the rocks, and then strong arms enveloping me, and the familiar safeness I had longed for, that deep love that you only felt with one person in your entire lifetime and others never found, I sighed leaning against my partner's hard chest relishing in the moment, his familiar sent drowning my senses and I could feel that same hunger and desire rise in my belly, the annoying yet magical ache I had for him. I knew he shouldn't be there and part of me knew it was some dream or mirage even, but soon all I could think about was him, of course I lifted one of my arms to wrap around his neck my fingers diving into his hair massaging the nape of his neck, I smirked at the soft moan that escaped his lips, and pushed myself firmly against him the ache between my legs growing begging me for release, and in return I got that animalistic growl, I could feel his body shake with need as well and in my dazed state of passion I said the one thing I shouldn't have.

"I thought I lost you" my voice was over come with passion I felt him move his lips toward my ear his cold breath sending tingles down my spine.

"You could never get rid of me, not even if you killed me" those little words broke a piece of me and I had felt the whole moment come crashing down on me, I quickly turned to face him but all I saw was the stake through his heart then his ashes blowing past me.

"Angel" I had screamed I frantically looked around looking for the person who had done this and my eyes landed on a woman standing not too far from me, her long brown hair flowing in the wind that had begun to pick up, I frowned walking toward her intending to kick her ass but as soon as I got closer my breath oddly caught and I could only look at her I felt like I somehow knew her, not just personally but that we were the same somehow. I quickly looked her over, she was wearing a tight black top that graciously hugged her breasts making them seem round and full, her pants hugging her hip at every curve, and I suddenly felt the need touch her but my hand never reached out, my eyes rested on the crotch of her pants, I softly bit my lip forcing my gaze back to her face her lips coated in red lipstick that just added to her beauty they slightly opened as she began to speak, and my heart began to race with anticipation of hearing her voice.

"I told you. You had to make a choice" she said with a small shrug her words bringing me back to reality.

"Why" my voice was soft and barely above a whisper but she seemed to hear me anyway. The luscious brunette stepped toward me grabbing a handful of hair and pulling me close and tilted my head so her lips were near my ear.

"Because you're mine now, remember" her breath on my ear was so unlike Angel's, it was warm and sent my emotions into a frenzy, she turned my head so I was looking at her, my breath caught once again as she leaned toward me her lips inches from my lips "mine" she said again in a small whisper as her lips crushed against mine………………….

PART 2……The Mystery Woman Revealed

Buffy sighed as she left the table, her notepad firmly tucked back into her apron as she made her way behind the counter as she started to pour a cup of coffee.

"Honey are you ok?" She looked up at Barbra who usually had the night shift with her she sighed and nodded, she knew she probably seemed like a wreck, lately she had been afraid to fall asleep, she hadn't had the same dream in weeks and figured it was because she now spent most of her time patrolling the streets instead of sleeping, the dream had left her in a state of confusion, it had shaken her and she wasn't sure if it was because it had felt like one of those prophetic dreams she gets, or the fact that she wished and hoped for the dream to come again, that scared her the most. She lightly shook her head clearing her thoughts as she looked back at Barbra.

"I'm fine….really just a little tired" I was relieved that she didn't try and force anymore…not that I was really lying in the first place.

"Maybe you should just go home…… I'll cover for you" I shook my head "Anne" I heard her pleading and desperate voice, I knew she was worried she had become somewhat a mother figure to me these past months, and it pained that she had to worry about me, I shook my head again knowing my thoughts would trail to Sunnydale and I'd begin to wonder how much I was putting my real mom through, but every time I began to pack I couldn't leave and I'd end up unpacking everything and returning to this same job.

"I can't……. you know I need the money" I watched her lightly smile and nod before turning back to whatever she had been previously doing, I sighed again, seeming to do that a lot lately and turned around fishing through my apron to get my notepad as I heard someone ring the small bell at the counter, I walked over running my fingers through my hair getting ready to write down whatever they ordered.

"Can I help you?" I asked, this odd feeling settling in my stomach, the same feeling I got when something out of the ordinary was around, or I knew something was going to happen, I slowly looked up after a few minutes of the person not answering me, and as my eyes met these beautiful brown ones, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I looked the girl over, she was exactly as the same from dream from her long brown hair to her intense eyes, and she even had similar clothes on. I watched as she rose her eyebrow a sense of confusion seemed to cross her face then it was quickly gone, and she lightly chuckled I frowned as my heart sorta fluttered, my gaze moving down toward her breasts.

"Go ahead stare all you want, but I'd like some breakfast to go with it if ya don't mind" I looked up at her inwardly slapping myself for getting caught, she probably thought I was some nutcase……….why do I even care what she thinks, for all I know she's some demon.

"Yeah fine what'll it be" I asked I knew my tone was kinda harsh but I was still recovering from my embarrassment.

"Well……" she paused looking at my name tag "Anne….I'd like a cup of coffee and do you have yogurt?" I rose my eyebrow and held in a small chuckle, not once had someone asked for yogurt here.

"Yeah will that be all?"

"For now" she gave me a smirk and walked over to a table waiting for her order.


The whole night I had watched as the brunette sipped her coffee only taking orders close to her table I mostly claimed to myself that it was because I wanted to make sure she was safe, but I noticed my eyes liked to drift over her body, by the end of the few hours she was there I had almost begin to admit to myself I liked her. When I looked at her she'd be looking out the window or looking in her coffee, but the minute I turned around I felt her eyes on me which only increased the heat already filling my body. I frowned shaking my head every so often to get rid of thoughts of touching her; I went into the bathroom wetting my face noticing that I was red, probably from blushing most of the night. When I had come back I barely noticed her walking out the door, without thinking I quickly turned to Barbra and took her offer claiming to need sleep, of course she complied wishing me a good night and I left.


I knew I was being followed I turned hoping that it would be a fledgling stupid enough to follow behind me and not hide but every time I saw no one at least no one that looked at all dangerous, there was a pregnant woman and her lover, and then a paper boy but I kept my guard up anyway, soon it really started to bug me, so I turned into an alley and crouched behind a trash can and waited, it didn't take too long and I noticed a shadow walking into the alley I waited a few more minutes and came out from behind pinning my stalker against the wall, I smirked as I realized it was the blonde from the diner, I had felt something but I had merely thrown it off as an attraction but now the feeling was stronger but I still couldn't seem to place it. I smirked narrowing my eyes "well what have we got here" I said tilting my head I knew she must not have been human, the pin would have hurt something in a normal human being but she seemed unphased, I pursed my lips then stepped back I could have sworn I saw a look of disappoint cross her lovely features, but it was gone before I could tell "I guess you're not human…..so what are you?" I asked a look of confusion crossing her face.

"What do you mean I'm not human….you're the one who's the demon" I couldn't help but laugh at her statement obviously she trying to fuck with my mind….oh well the mouthy ones are usually the funnest.

"I guess you haven't heard then there's a slayer in town."

"I know…….geez…..I'm the slayer" I coughed almost choking….what the fuck……..

"Ha ha very funny…………but come on you're not the slayer, there's only one slayer………geez don't you guys ever read" I watched her features turn into a frown and I couldn't help but think she was sexy even then "geez you don't have to get so angry, let's just fight get it over……." I didn't get to finish my sentence as I felt her shoe hit my nose, I backed up against the wall my hand covering my nose, I was shocked to say the least, but the cocky smile on her face just made me even angrier "you know I was thinking about letting you live, maybe go back tell your friends you got a little piece of the slayer…but now you done pissed me off" I said walking toward her.

"Wait you're a slayer?" I stopped hearing ask and frowned frustratedly.

"Well duh" the look on her face made me stop in my tracks she looked almost devastated even broken "what……." I began but stopped as she stepped back away from me and realization hit me "you're Buffy……..Buffy Summers right?"

...to be continued...