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by April
Rating: NC-17


Faith was sitting on the roof of the hotel looking at the stars and thinking. "What could all this mean? I don't think I can have her in my life again. Not now, I need to get myself together again. I need to be strong again. I have done a lot this past year I am not proud of and a lot more stuff I wish I could remember. But one thing is for sure, I have never stopped loving her."

Faith heard the door shut and she knew it was Buffy. She could feel her again; that scared Faith more than she thought anything could scare her. Faith just sat there waiting for Buffy to come to her. Beside Faith couldn't move. "What the fuck am I doing? Why can't I move? After all this time she still does this to me, well fuck that, she has beefstick and I am not going to let her fuck with my head again. I have to act like I don't care, no matter what she says. I know what I said earlier, we could just be friends, well there is no fucking way I can do that. She has to leave me alone and go back to Sunnydale." Faith was saying to herself.


"Yeah B, what can I do for you?"

"I just want to talk, is that alright?"

"Yeah, what ever, but can we make it quick I got somewhere I need to be." So Faith lied, she knew she needed to be the cold bitch.

"Ok, I won't take much of your time." Buffy says a little hurt.

Faith takes out her cigarettes and lights one and takes a long drag. "So B, what brings you to L.A.?"

"Well to be honest, Riley had a conference out here."

"That's nice she came out here for beefstick's little conference. Oh, and how nice of her to stop by and make me all fucked up in the head again. Ok maybe not again but at least a little more." Faith thinks to herself before she started to reply to Buffy.

"Well that's nice B, glad you and beef… I mean, Riley, are getting along great. Shouldn't you be popping out some kids or having a grand Cinderella wedding soon or something with your perfectly normal life?" Faith can't help but get sarcastic.

"That's what I am here to talk to you about."

"Oh you want me to be your maid of honor; no you want me to be your kids' godmother. Well sorry to disappoint you again B, but I think I am busy on those days."

"No F that isn't it at all. Please just let me finish. Can you do that; can you just let me get a word in?"

"Oh you got plenty of words in B, a whole letter's worth. And why should you get to speak when you didn't even let me talk. Only thing you did was tell me to get the fuck out of your life and forget about you. Well I am trying but you being all up in my face kissing me and riding my thigh in the middle of the dance floor isn't exactly the best way for me to forget about you now is it?"

"Faith I am sorry about that, and I know what I asked you to do. But please if I ever meant anything to you, let me speak. After I am done, then you can say or do what ever you want."

"Alright but again make it quick." Faith said as she took a seat on the ledge of the A/C unit on the roof.

"Thank you" Buffy started to pace again. Now that she had Faith's attention she didn't know what to say. She had all these thought in her head but they were all jumbled around and she didn't know where to begin. So she just started where she thought was the best place.

"Faith, I love you, I have never stopped. I have a picture of you in my guest room and every night I go in there and hold it and pretend it was really you. I know I have made mistakes. I made the biggest mistake of my life when I wrote that letter. I let the thoughts of other people get in the way of what I really and truly wanted. To be honest with you, the only thing I have ever wanted is sitting right in front of me." Buffy said the last part with all of her heart and looking directly at Faith. Buffy continued seeing Faith still wasn't saying a word.

"When I wrote that letter, I was confused. I had all these feelings inside of me and I knew I shouldn't have them. Now, I know better. Those were feelings that were so strong that they scared me and I thought; that if it scared me it was bad. I was afraid of what everyone else would think about me. When I should have realized that they would have been happy for me because I was happy. But instead I ran, or made you run. I figured if you ran then I wasn't the one to blame. But I am; I take full responsibility for all this. For letting you go, I should have never written that letter. I shouldn't have ever cheated on you with Riley. I shouldn't have left you that last night, I should have woken up next to you that morning and every morning after that. This past year has been hell for me; you are all I think about."

Buffy stopped talking when she noticed Faith not giving any kind of reaction. Faith just sat there listening to everything Buffy was saying. When Faith realized that Buffy was finished talking she got up and stretched.

"Are you done?"


"Good, because I have a couple of things to say to you, B you were my everything. But you wanted me to leave, so I did. Now you come to me and say it was a mistake. So now what do you want, you want a little Faith on the side while you keep up the charade of the perfect little couple. Well I'm not going for that. The thing is; I can't have you back in my life. I have to get myself together and with you involved in my life, well let's say I won't be able to keep it together."

"Faith it is over between me and Riley. After you left, I told him about us and told him that it needed to end."

"Oh so as I see it, now that you don't have your little boy toy, you figure lets get our jollies with me. Well like I said I am not playing these games anymore."

"Faith, do you still love me?"

Faith just stood there. She couldn't say a word. Yes of course Faith still loved Buffy but was that enough.

"Yes, with all my heart and I always will, but that isn't enough. I can't have you in my life Buffy. So this time I am telling you to leave and forget about me."

As Faith finished she started to walk off. Only to be caught by Buffy and thrown to the top of the roof on her back with Buffy straddling her.

"Get the fuck off me you crazy bitch. B I don't want to…"

With that Buffy interrupted Faith with her lips. Buffy kissed Faith with everything she had. All the passion she could find in her body, she throws in the kiss. Faith was trying to resist the kiss but her heart and hormones got the better of her mind. Faith started to kiss Buffy back. Buffy was begging for entrance with her tongue and she was finally granted access. When Buffy slipped her tongue in Faith's mouth they both moaned and Faith couldn't hold back anymore. They started to kiss each other with such passion and force; if it would have been anyone else they would have been hurt. But not Buffy and Faith, they only wanted more. Buffy let Faith's hands go and started to roam her hands down Faith's body. Faith wasn't having Buffy top her so in only a move that a slayer could do, she flipped Buffy around so Faith was on top. Faith didn't waste any time, she ripped off Buffy's top and leather pants and everything underneath. Buffy was left nude and she didn't want to be the only one. So just like Faith, Buffy ripped off all of Faith's clothes.

After all clothes were discarded, Faith positioned herself on top of Buffy. Legs were in between legs and they started to kiss passionately again. Faith removed her lips from Buffy's and trailed her lips to her ear. She took Buffy's earlobe in her mouth and bite down on it. Receiving a loud moan from Buffy. Then she left her ear and went to her neck and did the same thing. Again Buffy let out a loud moan, followed by a growl. Faith liking the sound of that decided that she wanted Buffy now. So she slid her fingers down Buffy's body to her dripping center. Faith took Buffy's clit in between her fingers and gave it a nice pinch and then let go. Buffy couldn't take much more, she need Faith now.

"Please Faith, take me now."

With that Faith drove her two fingers into Buffy. When those two fingers went in easily she added another filling Buffy. Faith started on an extreme path to send Buffy into ecstasy. But Buffy didn't want to leave Faith out so she ran her hands down Faith's body and started to enter Faith's wet core. They were riding each others fingers like they couldn't get enough.

"Please Faith, harder, faster…"

And just like that Faith started to move her fingers in and out of Buffy in slayer speed only to be matched by Buffy moving her fingers in and out of Faith in the same slayer speed. They both started to buck against each other wanted more and more of each other inside. They were sweating like they just got done running 100 miles. They were both getting very close. They both knew what the other one needed to push each other over the edge. Buffy curled her fingers up to hit Faith's g-spot and Faith did the same. Only Faith added her thumb to Buffy's clit and started to rub hard and fast. They were both pumping in and out of each other when Faith was the first one to feel Buffy's inner wall clench around her fingers and when that happen, Buffy felt the same from Faith's inner walls. In almost unison they both screamed each others name in a sound that only dogs could hear. It was all the anger, passion and love built up from the past year and like that it was all let out. That is for the moment at least.

They both laid there with Faith still on top of Buffy letting each other come down from the intense orgasm. Faith was the first to come down so she pulled herself off of Buffy and got her ripped up clothes and put them on the best she could. Faith then did something Buffy never thought she would do. She didn't come back. Faith walked over to the door and then looked over her shoulder. Turned around and spoke enough so only another slayer could hear it.

"B, I'm sorry, but I can't do this. I need to figure things out. I wish things could be different, but right now they can't. Please, just go back to Sunnydale. Let me get myself together and then we will see. Until then don't contact me." She started to walk away and said something under her breath that she didn't think Buffy could hear. "I love you and always will." With that Faith went out of sight and left Buffy all alone on the roof.

Buffy gathered her stuff and decided to walk down the fire escape instead of going through the hotel again. She couldn't stop crying. She thought after what just happen; Faith would come back to Sunnydale with her. But instead she is going back by herself. But one thing was for sure this time around. This time Buffy has hope; that they would be together. Buffy knew they were soul mates and after Faith figures things out and Buffy settles and reveals some things in Sunnydale, she knew Faith would come to her. The only thing is she didn't know how long she had to wait. She knew no matter how long it was; she would never give up hope. Now she knew exactly what and who she wanted and that was Faith.

...to be continued...