On The Line
by Anne
Rating: R

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and any others who own the characters of BtVS, I'm just dabbling. Please do not sue.
Spoilers: Set after series four, sequel to The Jack Daniels Effect and The Morning After.
Author's Notes: Okay, probably unnecessary smut in this one, but it will fit in with the plot, I promise. Just fancied having a little fun in the story and knocked this out.
Feedback: If you think it's worth writing home about...

There was so much that Riley would never understand. He had missed so much, all those near death (and temporary death) experiences. He was stuck in a world that, although more enlightened than most on the whole demon issue, still dismissed magic, and only believed in slayers because a tiny girl had kicked his ass halfway across the room. Buffy knew that she had been attracted to him to begin with because she had thought he was normal. In a life like hers, she really needed normal. Now she had spent the night with Faith, something that had been inevitable from the moment that they had first met, while she was still with him. She wished that somehow she had played it differently. She also knew that Faith had not had the self-confidence to bring it up again yet, but she knew that it was only a matter of time. Faith was not stupid, and she would not be a fling unless she wanted to be. And Buffy knew that right now, that was the last thing that Faith wanted to be. It was something that she just couldn't be. But she was stuck here in LA and he was in Iowa, sitting out another holiday. And she so desperately wanted to phone him and call it all off, but she knew that was the wrong thing to do all round. Now all she could do was sit tight and hope that Faith did not bring the subject up before she had a plan.

"Earth to Buffy. We gonna spar or what?" They had cleared all the furniture in Angel's apartment to the sides of the room, giving them enough space to practise. Angel had gone to see Kate, and had offered them free range of his equipment and weapons.

"Sorry. A little distracted."

"Let's burn some energy then." Faith knew exactly what was playing on Buffy's mind and did not want her to be thinking about it. Did not want her to be thinking about him. Even practising punching the hell out of each other was better than that. She threw a half-hearted punch to let Buffy know that she had started, and then the fight began. Both of them needed to do this, to practise together, to make them a stronger slaying team. But both of them had that other fight in the back of their minds, and were pulling their punches. Faith raised her hands in the air in a gesture for them to stop. "B. We're doing it again. Just try to hit me and I'll try to hit you. Let's only start to worry when one of us has a knife heading for the gut, K? This is doing neither of us any good. Now give it to me," she said with a smirk. Buffy nodded and threw a rally of punches at Faith, only giving her time to block, not counter. Suddenly one of her punches shot way over Faith's head as the dark slayer dropped down and swept her legs away. Buffy felt all the air knocked out of her as her back hit the floor hard, and she found Faith straddled on top of her, pinning her arms at her side.

"Faith. Try to focus. Are we fighting or making out?"

"Whatever you want honey," said Faith through a raised eyebrow. She lowered her lips within inches of Buffy's, but with the way that she was holding her arms, there was no way that Buffy could reach up that little extra distance to kiss her.

"I choose fighting." Buffy brought her knees up hard, straight into Faith's back, with such force that Faith found herself falling forwards, her head connecting with the floor over Buffy's shoulder.

By the time she rolled over onto her back Buffy was standing again, defensive position. "I told you to focus, Faith." Faith flipped herself onto her feet, rubbing her temple.

"Jeez B. Now is that the second or third time today you've made me see stars?"

"Faith! Concen-" her words were cut short by a blow to her face from Faith's right hand, and a jab to her gut with the left. In full swing now, the two slayers threw punch after punch, matching each other step for step.

"Woh. Guys. Hello?" Cordelia was standing in the doorway.

"Telephone call for you Buffy."

"For me? Oh no. Mom-"

"No some guy called Riley. Said Willow gave him this number."


Buffy's thoughts were racing as she went to answer the call. It must have taken Riley a long time to work up the nerve to call her Angel's place. She also hated the fact that she had had to leave Faith downstairs, not knowing which way this was going to go. They really should have talked about this, and Buffy was cursing herself for being a coward.


"Buffy? It's Riley. I've been trying to call you at your hotel. I take it you've been spending a lot of time with, urm, Angel."

"Actually no. I'm with Faith. Sorting things out with Faith, I mean."

"You sound nervous. Angel still has his soul I take it?"

"You just never trust me around him do you? How many times do we have to have this conversation?"

"Steady on Buffy. You're starting to sound guilty."

"I am not, it's just..." She stopped when she heard a noise inches behind her and then felt Faith's hand on her shoulder. This was just too much to handle.


"I, urm..." she felt Faith's arms slip around her waist, and her lips kissing the way up the back of her neck, pausing to nibble on her earlobe. This was so wrong. Faith shouldn't be doing this to her when she was on the phone to Riley. She should not let Faith do this to her. She should stop it. It was so not right. She stifled a gasp as she felt Faith's hand slip under the material of the sports top she was wearing, gently cupping her breast and tracing her thumb across her rapidly becoming harder nipple.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable," came Riley's voice down the receiver. "Guess you can't really talk about it now. Other people there?"

"Yes." She squeaked. She could feel Faith pushing her hips into her, gently rolling them, teasing her. Buffy could not help herself as she threw her head back, resting her head on Faith's shoulder, telephone receiver still pressed to her ear, as she offered her neck to Faith. Faith, kissed and nipped it, as she slid her hands around to Buffy's stomach.

"So how are things going with Faith?"

"With Faith?"

"Yeah. You two managed to sort out your differences yet? Must be difficult for you."

"Huh huh." Buffy could feel Faith's hands slipping lower. Surely she wouldn't? Not that? She found herself biting her bottom lip hard as she felt a hand slip into the waistband of her shorts, barely touching her, but still making its way lower...

"You sound really distracted. Is something wrong?"

"Riley, I have to go. Really. I have to, erm, go...." Faith was touching her a little bit harder now, stroking her a bit more insistently, pinning her securely between her hand and the hips that were still rocking against her.

"Okay. Talk to you soon."

"Yeah, Bye." Buffy managed to slam the phone down seconds before she came.

"I can't believe you did that in my office." They both turned to see Cordelia standing there.

...continued in Return to Faith...