Drown In My Desire
by Anne
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Joss, UPN, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Mutant Enemy, Inc., Greenwolf Corp, Kazui Enterprises, and Sandollar Television own the characters. i.e. everyone except me, so don't bother suing!
Spoilers: Just general BtVS, it's sort of AU.
Author's Notes: Well, what can I say? I like to push deadlines. I also haven't had the chance to read any other of the responses yet, except for the brilliant fic by Sham, so forgive me if someone else has done much the same thing! So Honey, this one's for you - Happy Birthday *Mwah*
Request from Elizalover as Follows:

	Must have:
	Someone with an Angelina Jolie obsession
	"Underneath It All" song by No Doubt (enclosed lyrics)
	Either Faith is free from jail or alternate dimension
	Scooby gang happy with Buffy/Faith relationship
	A group outing at a dance club whether the Bronze or anywhere else

	Marriage proposal
	Camping trip
	Someone commenting on "The New Guy" previews not highlighting Eliza Dushku 
	and how stupid a move that was.

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"B. It's not that I don't love your friends. And it's not like they, well, they don't want to kill me any more, it's just that...well, we never seem to get any time together." Faith glanced over at Buffy as they walked down the street, making sure that Buffy knew exactly what she meant by 'time together'.

"Do I sense a little sexual tension?" smirked Buffy as she sipped on her soda. Sunnydale had been living up to its name. For the past two weeks, the town had been gripped by a heat wave, which had left the Xander and the two Slayers a nice tropical brown, and Willow just short of flaming lobster red.

"Don't pretend that you're not feeling it too."

"Ok, I'll admit it. But, with Dawn one side of the wall, and Willow and Tara the other, and you being so vocal and all -"

"Just showin' my appreciation B."

"Yeah, and my entire neighbourhood knows just how much you appreciate it after that time in the-"

"You're not helping here yunno."

"Well, what do you suggest Miss I Wanna Get Laid?"

"The gang could patrol and we could stay home," said Faith with a grin.

"Yes, of course I'll agree to sending my friends to their gruesome and untimely deaths so you can get a happy," replied Buffy, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"We'll you'd be getting a happy too. Doesn't that even things up a little?"


"Well, I'm out of ideas then. What is your brilliant plan?"

"I suggest," Buffy glanced slyly over, "that we all go out to the Bronze tonight. Have a few dances, pretend not to notice my baby sister participate in under-age drinking, and then you and I can slip away a little earlier. We can blow off patrol and you can have my undivided attention."

"I still don't think that'll give us enough time for me to do all the things I want to do to you."

"Poor Faith," pouted Buffy. "Take it or leave it."

"You drive a real hard bargain, you know that B?"

"That's why you love me."

"That and many, many other things..."


"I'll get it," yelled Buffy to the others as she bounded down the stairs, knowing that it would be Faith. As always, she loved it when her significant other arrived, but tonight she was unprepared for what greeted her when she opened the door.

Faith virtually lived at the Summers' house, but for some reason, she had insisted on getting ready at her own apartment. Now Buffy could see why. Faith had gone hell for leather on her look for this evening, quite literally. She had taken to dressing more conservatively these days (Buffy having started to get quite jealous of the number of guys getting more than a peak at Faith's cleavage), but all that had changed again tonight. As she saw Faith standing there in her low cut top and tight leather hipsters, Buffy was dramatically reminded of why she had always found Faith so irresistibly sexual.

Faith couldn't help but grin as she saw Buffy's jaw drop as her eyes roamed over her body. And the unabashed look of lust that followed.

"Good enough for you, B?"

"Come here, Slayer," Buffy pulled Faith roughly forwards into a deep kiss, not caring for once that she was *so* close to throwing Faith down and making love to her on her doorstep in full view of the street.

"Mmm, B, aren't we supposed to be saving this for later?" murmured Faith as she glanced over Buffy's shoulder to see Dawn walking down the stairs.

"Damn you Faith."

"You were the one who wanted to get all hot and heavy later rather than sooner," chuckled Faith, pleased to see that her efforts were going to be rewarded. Now all she had to do was make Buffy sweat it out for the rest of the evening. Revenge was always sweet. Buffy appeared to be ready to stamp her foot like a petulant child, and that just made Faith laugh even harder. Tonight was going to be fun. In so many ways.


Sitting in the Bronze, with the air conditioning on full, the atmosphere was thick with the heat that didn't seem to be getting much better at night. But Faith really didn't mind the hot weather. And, to be honest, it was a good excuse to wear as little as possible and ensure that Buffy got even more hot and bothered, on that night of all nights. It made her feel good, knowing that Buffy was looking at her and wanting her, barely able to keep her desire from taking over. It was like just before they got together. Faith had thought she had known what it was like to be ready to pop, but nothing had ever come close to this kind of wanting. Well, she and Buffy had been dating for nearly a year now, so perhaps it was time to spice up their relationship a little. Every time Faith reached across the table and grabbed her drink, she knew that her strappy top was allowing Buffy a good full-on view of her cleavage. She also knew that Buffy was definitely making the most of the chance to look.

Despite the fact that even Dawn knew about the relationship (Faith had virtually moved into Buffy's bed, so it had seemed useless to even attempt to lie), Buffy still got a little uptight every now and again about the whole 'display of public affection' thing. And with the gang around most of their waking hours, Faith had to admit that the 'just holding hands when people are around' approach was not doing their sex life any good. Tonight though, Faith was prepared to use it to her advantage, and take the opportunity to make Buffy to squirm. It was like foreplay without the actual touching, she thought with a mental shrug. She slowly reached forward and placed her beer back down with infinite slowness and precision.

"So...are we still on for a movie tomorrow?" sidetracked Xander, who, unfortunately, was also getting a good view of Faith's cleavage. A subject change always seemed like a good idea at this point. As well as a sweet smile in Anya's direction. Her hand seemed to be ripping at muscle where she had rested it on his thigh.

"Sure," grinned Faith. "I'll see anything as long as it has some cute eye candy for you and me." She sent a wink in his direction.

"Faith!" Buffy swatted her arm playfully. And, obviously, with just a hint of jealousy.

"What? When we went to see Tomb Raider, you were drooling over Angelina Jolie more than I was!"

"She's different," muttered Buffy, sulkily.

"Different enough to make you get out the Play station," laughed Faith, ducking out of Buffy's reach. "Somebody's got a cru-ush," she sang. This time she didn't quite move fast enough. "Ouch!"

"You deserved it."

"You know B," said Faith, waggling her eyebrows, "there are better ways of making me pay."

"Faith!" Buffy began to blush. The whole reverting back to the old 'tude and leather was affecting her more than she remembered. But definitely in a good way. "Has anyone seen Dawn?"

"Chill B. I saw her talking to some cute guy in the corner. Just talking, so relax ok?"

"If you sure." She paused, and Faith nodded, rolling her eyes at the others. She wouldn't let Dawn get into trouble, and she had already scoped the guy to see if he set off her inner radar. He had come up clean, so she was satisfied. And Buffy trusted her judgement. Satisfied that there was nothing to stop their fun, Buffy took a final sip of her drink. "Okay, who wants to dance?"

"Like I'd say no!" grinned Faith, immediately getting up. "Xander? Anya?" She smiled as innocently as she could in Anya's direction, knowing that she was going to give him hell later, just for glimpsing in the vague direction of her breasts.


"Will? You and your lovely lady going to join us for a little musical fun?"

"I think we'll sit this one out," grinned Willow. "Like there'd be room for us on the dance floor with two slayers putting out the moves."

"Besides," smiled Tara, "if we sit here, we can guy watch."


"Watch the guys who start to get all horny watching the two of you together. It's like, a competition that Willow and I have. The one who can spot the most men covering their, um, pants, with their drinks, wins!" She began to laugh as Faith shook her head in disbelief and grabbed Buffy's hand, leading the blond out onto the floor. "Oh, look Will, there's one already..."


"You ready to make a move B?" whispered Faith, leaning over and taking the opportunity to touch Buffy's ear with her lips as she did so.

"Yeah," shuddered Buffy, as Faith's gesture sent a shiver up her spine. Licking her lips in anticipation, she turned to the others. "Hey guys, we're going to go patrol ok. Make sure you all get back safely. In say, about two hours. If not, um, longer."

"Ahh," began Xander before he was promptly cut off by an elbow in the ribs from Willow. "I mean, of course we will enjoy the very entertaining and distracting, and did I mention long, night at the Bronze."

"Thank you Xander. Just make sure you all get back safe. And keep an eye on Dawn. Promise?"

"Don't worry Buffster, I'll take care of the women. What?" he whined at Faith's snort of disbelief. "Or maybe they'll take care of me. But whatever. You two go 'slay'." He watched in fascination as the two of them walked out of the door, walking a little too close to just be friends, their bodies touching just a little too often to not be lovers. Xander would bet that many men would give their right arm to know what the two of them got up to in the bedroom. He knew he would. As long as he still had one arm left...

	<<There's times when I want something more
	Someone more like me
	There's times when this dress rehearsal
	Seems incomplete>>

The two of them walked through the streets of Sunnydale, pausing every few steps to smile at each other, but never really slowing down in the journey home. Both knew better, if they hung around on a street corner, shared a slow kiss, then some evil would make sure that it turned up to wreck their night alone. It was fate, destiny, and for once it was not going to get in the way of anything. After all, this wasn't like having your night at the movies ruined. This was serious. This was sex.

	<<But you see the colors in me
	Like no one else
	And behind your dark glasses
	You're something else>>

"You know I love you Buffy," Faith muttered as soon as the door closed behind them. She slipped her arms around Buffy's waist and pulled her close, her head instinctively dipping to meet Buffy's kiss. Slowly, gently, she traced her tongue over the blond slayer's lips, revelling in the fact that this was not a stolen moment that could be interrupted at any second. She felt Buffy's almost inaudible moan and chose that moment to slide her tongue inside Buffy's mouth, kissing her deeply, and pulling her tighter into the embrace.

"Upstairs," whispered Buffy. "I want you to make love to me, not have sex with me in the hallway." She eased out of Faith's grasp and, taking her hand, led her up the stairs in silence.

	<<You're really lovely underneath it all
	You want to love me underneath it all
	I'm really lucky underneath it all
	You're really lovely>>

When they got to the room, Buffy led Faith over to her bed, pulling her down to sit next to her. She smiled as Faith reached out to her face and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. There was such an open expression of love and lust in the brunette's eyes that Buffy felt her stomach tighten with joy. Faith had been right; it had been a long time since they had been able to do this with each other, and she wanted to discover what was under that leather exterior inch by inch. As Faith moved closer to her, Buffy closed her eyes in the anticipation of this kiss.

Like the one they had shared moments earlier, it was soft and tender, but as Faith began to ease her down onto the bed, the passion ignited between them, and Faith began to plunder her mouth with her tongue. She could feel the weight of Faith's body pressed against her side, the heat of where Faith had slid her thigh between her own slightly parted legs, and her skin began to tingle as Faith's hand rested on her stomach, sliding upwards over her flesh.

Faith broke off the kiss, moving her mouth to place tiny kisses on Buffy's neck, as her left hand continued to move higher and over Buffy's breast. As she brushed her thumb over the hard, sensitive nipple, Faith began to nibble on Buffy's earlobe, hardly able to control her passion as she heard Buffy moan and arch up against her hand, pressing their bodies closer where their hips met.

Even the thin material of Buffy's blouse was too much of a barrier between them, and Faith began to undo the buttons, slowly at first, and then faster as the need to make contact with the soft skin underneath became more urgent. She slid the material open with the palm of her hand, using it to graze across Buffy's breasts in the process. As the cloth was pushed off her shoulder, Buffy lifted herself off the bed to help Faith remove it completely.

	<<You know some real bad tricks
	And you need some discipline
	But lately you've been trying real hard
	And giving me your best>>

Faith was determined not to rush things, despite the throbbing that seemed to fill her whole body, as she slowly removed each item of Buffy's clothing, kissing each newly exposed area of skin as she did so. Her eyes drank in the sight of Buffy's perfect stomach and toned legs, and even the tan lines from where they had been sun-bathing during the week. This woman was hers, and Faith wanted to have every inch of what she owned. More than anything, she wanted to make love to Buffy like she needed to be loved.

Buffy's lips were slightly swollen from their kisses and there was the soft flush of desire on her skin. Faith watched her eyes darken as she began to remove the items of her own clothing, eager for the feel of skin against skin. Once she was as naked as the woman in front of her, Faith stepped forwards back to the bed, and slid her body down on top of Buffy's, her lips unerring finding those that were waiting for her.

This time she allowed her hands to roam the length of Buffy's body, feeling each response reverberate against her own body. As Buffy began to arch her body, pressing her hips into Faith's desperate for more contact, Faith slid herself down, taking first one hardened nipple into her mouth and then the other. As she teased them with her tongue, and let her teeth graze over the sensitive flesh, she could feel Buffy's nails searing the skin on her back.

"Please, Faith," Buffy groaned, her need for contact, to be touched, becoming unbearable. It was all the invitation Faith needed.

	<<And you give me the most gorgeous sleep
	That I've ever had
	And when it's really bad
	I guess it's not that bad>>

Pushing up on her elbow, Faith stared deep into Buffy's eyes as her hand slid down across the flat plain of her stomach. Instinctively, Buffy's legs spread slightly, wanting to feel Faith against her, wanting to take her in. As she felt the first touch of those fingers against her, her eyes closed. Biting on her lip, she silently willed Faith to give her some kind of relief from the tension she was feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Faith truly believed that what lay in front of her was the most beautiful thing in the world. The thin sheen of sweat that coated her body and the heavy scent of desire in the air took over her senses, until all she could see, all she could feel, was Buffy. As her fingers slid over the slick folds of skin, Buffy arched further into her, not satisfied with the light torment of such gentle touches. Faith slowly slid two fingers inside her, capturing Buffy's mouth with her own as the woman beneath her let out a moan of aching need.

	<<So many moons that we have seen
	Stumbling back next to me
	I've seen right through and underneath
	And you make me better
	I've seen right through and underneath
	And you make me better>>

Faith began to move faster inside Buffy, her fingers curling to stroke deep within her, as their kisses became more and more frantic. Feeling the tension beginning to build, becoming more intense, Faith began to move her thumb against Buffy's swollen flesh, slowly increasing the speed and pressure as she began to feel the first spasms of pleasure clutching around her fingers.

Buffy grasped onto Faith as she felt the first waves of her orgasm wash over her, pulling her lover closer as every muscle in her body seemed to go taught, snapping her head away from Faith's lips and arching her back of the bed. Faith continued to move inside her, refusing to let the pressure abate, drawing it out of her for what seemed like forever, until the sensations finally began too much. Buffy's breathing became shallow as she began to sob with the agony of the pleasure she was feeling.

Slowly removing herself from Buffy's body, Faith scooped the weakened woman into her arms, kissing her gently on the forehead and removing the damp wisps of hair that had stuck to her face.

	<<You've used up all your coupons
	And all you got left is me
	And somehow I'm full of forgiveness
	I guess it's meant to be...>>

"Faith, that was..." Buffy was lost for words, and exhaustion didn't make the words come easy. She was sated, but made a mental note to make sure that they did not wait this long again for time alone.

"Shh. It's okay." Faith reached around the body that was nestled in her arms and drew the blanket over the two of them.

"But you. You didn't..."

"That doesn't matter. It was beautiful. *You* were beautiful." She smiled as Buffy giggled and buried her head against her shoulder. She tucked her fingers under Buffy's face and drew her head up to face her own. Lowering her mouth, she kissed Buffy's lips gently. "I love you, so much."

	<<You're really lovely underneath it all
	You want to love me underneath it all
	I'm really lucky underneath it all
	You're really lovely>>

"I love you too."


"Forever," answered Buffy with a quiet certainty.

"Marry me?"

The End