by Anne
Rating: R

Disclaimer: Joss, WB etc etc own them, not me.
Spoilers: Between 'Amends' and 'Bad Girls' somewhere.
Author's Notes: Just a little 2 minute piece of plot...Faith's point of view...
Feedback: I'll even beg nicely...

I want her so much.

I need to feel her against me.

I need to touch her skin.

I need to feel her lips all over me.

I need to get a grip.

I'm sitting in the library and it is wicked obvious that I am just staring at her. Thinking about it...about her...about last night and the fact that I am a fucking coward. I mean, she never read anything into it at all. Why should she? She is B. Buffy. All straight, pastel wearing good girl. Happy. With Angel...and did I mention straight? But last night....

I mean, it was just a regular patrol. Okay, so I might have looked at her ass a couple of times as we swept by the crypts, but that ain't nothing unusual yunno? I been looking at her ass since the moment I got to Sunnydale. Then came the vamps, a quick slay, and I trip over as I poof one of 'em. And land on her. I mean *right* on her. So she is lying there flat on her back and I have my hands either side of her head. Her legs were a little bit apart, so my thigh was straight between them and we were so close. It was like all my fucking dreams had come true and all I wanted to do was lean down and kiss her. She was breathing so hard from the fight that I could have convinced myself that she wanted me to yunno? And then she says...

"Uh Faith?" And looks at me wondering why the fuck I haven't moved.

"I'm out of breath B.." and I roll off her kicking myself. Hard. She gets up and reaches out her hand to help me...and I am fucking falling to pieces and I haven't been able to get her out of my head since.

Like she wasn't in my head enough already.

Goddammit, what the hell are they all talking about. Gotta focus. Listen to what she is saying. Her lips moving...the way that she licks them as she talks to keep them moist...moist Buffy...lips....pull yourself together girl! Okay, well they gotta be talking about the slaying....or we wouldn't be in the library right? That makes sense, so we are talking about vamps and demons and impending doom..the usual crap.

"So what do you think Faith?" Oh *really* don't want to know what I think B.

"Yeah, sure. Whatever." Gotta be a safe answer right? She smiling at me so it's got to be the right answer, she looks so happy with me, I like it when she's happy with me and oh my God I think that I am losing it again. I must be giving her the goofiest grin coz she laughing that little embarrassed laugh. She is just so damn cute.

"So, my place then, say about eight? We can do a quick sweep before it gets too late. And don't forget to bring your PJs." She turns and walks out of the room and her ass looks really good in that skirt and why the hell do I need PJs? Red looks at me, and smiles.

"So you're finally willing to share in the joy of sleepovers, huh Faith?"

I think my world just fell through the floor....

The End