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Death's Scene

by Angenlussis
Rating: R

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss, ME, Fox, and that crazy guy that works in the liquor store.
Spoilers: AU S7 Ending.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Sam Bennett for the great Beta read. This is my first completed B/F fic.
Listen: Norah Jones - The Long Day Is Over.
Feedback: If you don't, I'll transform into that little girl from The Ring and climb out of the monitor and turn you into a rotting corpse! lol Oops, sorry if I spoiled that for you.

Buffy's side hurt. She hadn't really noticed or felt it until now; her black tank-top was ripped to shreds, bleeding from her side as she staggered further into the biggest cemetery in Sunnydale: Chesterfield.

It was where she had buried her mother, and hopefully if she died again, she would be buried next to her. And tonight it felt like Death was escorting her further into the cemetery -- hurrying her along.

With each step, she could feel her body losing strength. How long had she been bleeding now? Hours ago --since that fight with -- Faith.

The one girl in the world who she didn't expect to show up NOW of all times, interfering with her duty. THEIR duty.

She had figured it out, what being the Slayer means. If only Faith could understand! If only they all understood! It was what she knew -- what she herself had said before. She was the law. She was judge, jury, and executioner when it came to this world, and the people who lived in it.

She didn't have to answer to anyone.

She figured out the Watcher's Council. They were afraid she would discover the true meaning of what being a Slayer really means -- by herself -- as it was always intended for every Slayer. To keep Slayers in line, they had to assert what power and influence they had over the girls who were chosen in order to keep them in check. They feared that with no control, no obedience, these girls would be unstoppable.

And she sure was unstoppable now!

The speed, the strength; it was like she WAS the First Slayer. No demon or human on Earth could stop her.

She felt like... a God.

She sure didn't look it; black circles under her eyes, the blonde in her hair replaced by her dark roots. But, she could definitely feel it; the new power that burned within her soul, increasing the small flame it once was into a raging inferno.

That was what the Slayer was. Power.

When she found out Giles had died, she did not care about the little things anymore. Her job. A normal life... all meaningless.

The Slayer was always alone.

The Slayer was death. Death was connected to the darkness. It's all connected.

She killed Dawn. Strangled the life out of her, and looked upon her with no feeling whatsoever as -- her sister -- struggled, desperate to breathe. Dawn was never her sister. Just dangerous universe-melting energy, wrapped in the mask of a girl with false memories of a life they never lived.

And after that, her friends, Willow and Xander turned against her. For what SHE HAD TO DO! They couldn't understand what it's like to keep this world alive. To have the weight of the world on your shoulders every, single, day. If she had not done her duty; killing Dawn, then what would happen if the next Glory came along and wanted to bleed her and rip another hole in reality up? She wouldn't allow something like that to happen again. Even though she had now become as strong as Glory, it was best for everyone if Dawn wasn't around anymore.

She owned Dawn's life anyway.

Willow tried to fight her, tried to use spells against her; the will of the Slayer is stronger. The POWER of the Slayer is stronger than any magicks conjured. Willow survived. But only AFTER using every ounce of BORROWED power she had in her.

And then somehow Faith showed up with that usual mischievous grin on her face, that familar spark in her eyes. Her sister-Slayer had looked older since they last saw each other.

Faith held a knife in her hand that resembled the one Buffy used to stab her with, and threatened to use it on her, saying: "You've gone too far B, you're out of control." No, she wasn't out of control! For the first time, everything was clear. Everything not human had to die!

And when they fought each other again, this time Faith was -- stronger than her. How was she? She should have been rusty, an easy win, but no. She didn't understand! Buffy was stronger now. She could lift a Mack truck over her head and throw it like it was a piece of cardboard!

A flurry of punches were exchanged between the two of them, reminiscent of the time they had trained together. Faith knew her weak points, and she knew Faith's; which led to Buffy being the first to slip up.

Buffy neglected to guard against a left-hook from Faith, and the dark Slayer's fist slammed into her jaw, slightly dislocating it as her head jerked to the side; a tornado of confusion swirling in her mind and suddenly feeling a sharp pain in her stomach. When she looked down to where it hurt, there was Faith's hand wrapped around the hilt of the knife that was now buried in her gut.

Faith had stabbed her.

And who knows... maybe she wanted it. Maybe it's the death-wish every Slayer had.

Now they both had come full circle. Faith was the good Slayer. She was the bad one now that needed to be stopped. She couldn't help feeling betrayed... maybe Faith felt the same when she had done it to her.

Blood brimmed over her lips as her eyes drifted up to Faith's horrified face.

"Look what you made me do B... why?" her shadow's voice cracked. But Faith knew the answer to her own question. She had to stop Buffy.

As Buffy spat up blood, in the distance behind Faith she could hear Xander scream out her name. She could even see the hopelessness on his face.

Her loyal, brave, Xander.

Buffy summoned what strength she had left and in a desperate move, she kicked Faith away, sending her flying across the lawn and tumbling to the ground. As she pulled the knife from her gut she bit her tongue and threw it down hard to the ground as if it disgusted her.

"Buffy! God..." Xander picked himself up and made a dash for her when Faith suddenly tackled him to the ground and straddled him, pinning his hands to the ground. "Faith get off! I have to save her. If there was anything in my life... I love her! I have to--" Xander struggled but was powerless against the Slayer's mighty strength.

"No! What I need you to do is to get Red and get help. Can you do that?" Xander looked at Faith in shock. Faith could tell he desperately wanted to be the one... but this was a Slayer thing. Faith was the one who gutted her. Faith would be the one to help her now. "Just hurry." Faith jumped off of him and dashed where Buffy was headed.

And now as Buffy neared her mother's grave, she could feel her shadow loomed close behind, keeping her distance. She glanced down at her hand pressed against her wound; the warm, itchy sensation of her blood had really begun to get uncomfortable.

She stifled a cry as she came upon her mother's headstone; but the tears had begun to flow freely. Tears of endless emotional and physical pain she had endured all of these years stabbing into her, opening the wounds in her soul. Her knees buckled and she fell face down on to of the soft green grass, wet with dew. As her blood trickled out and seeped into the green blades, she begun to feel woozy.

"Mommy... help me Mommy," she cried. Her voice sounding like she was the little girl who scraped her knee, then Mommy would blow on it, bandage it, and kiss it to make it better.

Faith stomped up from behind and quickly took her jacket off, draping it over her. Buffy could feel a sudden comforting embrace wrap around her, cradling her.

Faith was aghast at all of the blood pouring out of Buffy. She felt like she was going to lose it; more blood on her hands. Somehow she managed to remain calm. "Shh, it's okay. I've got you B."

Xander, alongside a broken and depleted Willow watched them from a few feet away. Xander sat on a headstone, while Willow held on to him closely, crying with him. For some reason they respected Faith's wishes and stayed away. They called the paramedics, but doubted they would arrive on-time. Now all they could really do was say a silent prayer for their friend whom they loved dearly.

"I'm a murder. A killer. This is what I was made to be. Why was I made to do this?" Buffy cried out. "I never wanted... this life."

Faith kissed her forehead softly and answered as best as she could. "It chose us because... it knew we could do a job that no one else could do. You're the strong one B... you... always were," her voice trembled, then broke into small sobs.

"But-I killed Dawn. She was innocent. And I hurt so many others: my friends...." She couldn't take this anymore. If she had to live with, this pain, it would be unbearable.

"Dawn loved you and she still does! You know that B. So just, shut up...." Faith forced a smile, and lightly brushed Buffy's cheek with the tip of her thumb. After a moment, Faith laid down beside her and propped Buffy's head on her forearm. "I have a message from Angel."

Buffy's eyes drifted towards Faith's lips.

"He says that he's coming soon. So you have to stay awake B, you have to be here for him!" Faith tried to sound cheerful, but behind her words Buffy could see this was killing her.

"Angel...." His name smoothly slid off her blood saturated lips. "No... not like this. Not like I am now." Buffy knew that seeing her die might break his heart... might make him do something that he would regret. "Besides... it's not like he can just, POOF and he's here. I don't have long."

"Shut up B! Don't talk like that!" Faith grasped her jaw hard, her fingernails digging into her flesh. "You're not gonna die you here me?! You're going to beat this, you're gonna heal... I'll beat your ass so hard if you die on me!"

"Why do you care Faith? Isn't this what you wanted?" She tried to laugh but only spat up more blood. "You stabbed me... I guess, this is payback."

"NO IT'S NOT!" Faith leaned in and kissed her. The breath in Buffy's chest felt like it was being sucked into Faith, as their lips melted together. Buffy kissed back, with what little strength she had left. This was probably the last time she would kiss anyone; to be able to give love back to another person.

And besides. She was always kinda curious.

Their eyelashes, wet with tears, meshed as they gazed into each other. Buffy could see herself in her, and she knew Faith felt the same way.

"I LOVE you," Faith uttered softly, adding a quick kiss.

The starry atmosphere encompassing Faith had begun to blur and fade into blackness, until Buffy couldn't make out her face anymore. Buffy could hear her scream out her name. She could feel the violent jolts from Faith grip on her shoulders, trying to wake her up.

Spike, wherever you are, goodbye.

Dawnie I'm sorry, forgive me... Mommy, please come get me. I don't want to go to Hell.

"Faith... you are the Slayer now." Faith shook her head muttering no-no, as Buffy continued. "Listen, please. Don't let -- power... devour you, like it did me. It's always beneath you, and when you realize it... turn away, embrace the pain. I'm tired, of fighting... I can't, BE this anymore. Tell my friends, I'm sorry. Tell them to move on and to live -- for real this time. I want them to be...." She closed her eyes and went silent. Her body ceased to move.

"Buffy... I won't forget you, none of us will," Faith whispered in her ear, kissed her cheek and clutched onto her fiercely.

The Slayer had died once again...


{{Angenlussis Director's Cut. Insert deleted scene.}}

Los Angeles {{Insert flashy image break they do on AtS}}

Angel fell to the floor, his body covered in sweat. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest once again as he took desperate breaths for air. The first thing on his mind was to take Cordelia and run outside into the sunlight. He was human, which must've meant he did what was needed to be done.

His eyes drifted around his darkened bedroom for Cordelia... but didn't see her. Where did she go? he thought, smiling gleefully. Maybe she went out for food.

He took a few steps over to his window and looked outside. The sun was just beginning to come up; his heart raced with excitement.

He turned around and walked over to pick up his clothes off the floor. As he kneeled down to pick them up, a sudden warm heat flushed his body, and he froze in place.

He could feel her... she was here... all around him.


The End