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It Feels Like Home

by Amy Dias
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I own nothing but myself. All the characters used in this fic belong to Joss and a bunch of wealthy guys. Please don't sue you won't earn anything from me.
Author's Notes: This is a big great lovey lovey fic so be warned you who have cold hearts.
Important: I wanted to say a big thanks to Faithful Chickie who knows why I owe you big time.
Feedback: Do as you please but try to please me too. This is my first fic and I am French so any help and constructive criticism is highly welcomed.

She was at ease, she was at peace it really felt good to be back where she knew she belonged. The only place where she had ever belonged. She was by her side and that felt like…, it felt better than anything she had ever experienced. Feeling her this close made the bad ass attitude she put off leave her like a white fog which covers a beautiful landscape. This fog of course made her feel secure and safe as nobody was ever able to see through it, to attain her heart to grab her soul and then rip it to pieces.

But one person had made it through and that was the reason why she had flown off the handle and gone to the mayor. Someone had seen through the white shell that made her attractive and dangerous. She had seen a poor little girl hurting for she was so young and had suffered so much. But not in time to help her just soon enough to kill her.

Now not a single thing mattered for she was in her arms and all wounds were beginning to seal. Now that the fog was gone everybody could see who she was and that freaked her. But the blond girl who held her soul had told her not to worry for what everyone could see was a beautiful soulful woman with chocolate brown eyes that could freeze you or make you hot as all hell with one single glance.

But these eyes not only held passion they held fear too. Fear that the one she loved would leave her when she realised how fucked up she was. But must of all her eyes told everybody that would look into them how deep in love she was. It was this love that made her feel like home at least she thought that if she had had a loving and caring family, home would have felt like that. She was some trash Dorothy gone down some yellow fuckin' path, killing and assaulting and betraying only to realise after meeting some pen Oz that there was no place like home, near the ones you love, near the one she loved, in her arms feeling her heart in her chest thumping to hear hers.

She was feeling her life, not wanting to take it away from her. She felt whole, not looking for some one night stands, some cheap fuck in a shitty motel room. She didn't need anything but her and not even having sex with her just feeling the length of her body against the length of HER body.

This was really not about sex, this was a deep link between two souls recognising each other realizing that they were mates and that there was not in the world a force powerful enough to take them away from each not even them. This was stronger than anything they had ever felt and they wanted to express that to each other. The only way was to link them in a more corporeal way. She looked into these green eyes and she knew that they were feeling the same.

And slowly oh so slowly their lips met and a deep tickling feeling rose from inside of her. This felt like a first kiss. And then the girl did something so hot that it made her insides melt. The blond of the two liked the brunette's bottom lip with the tip of her tongue. OH DEAR GOD I THINK I AM GOING TO DIE.

Now she was not only feeling whole but she was feeling hot boiling touched like she had never been, with love and not only lust. But neither girl was willing to take it too far they weren't going to spoil such a blissful moment by letting their wild needs win upon their desire not to go too fast not to waste the magic that was just a new born. They were going to wait to build something strong because they felt like this could be forever. They stopped kissing and returned without even talking to their previous position.

The dark haired girl lovingly curled in the blonde's arms. Both of them burning to feel the other one even deeper inside but this had to wait for they had all the time in the world. They were lost in each other and this bond was enough. At least for now.

...continued in Before It Felt Like Home...