The Old Fashioned Way
by Amanda
Rating: NC-17

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Date: 042603
Spoilers: Nope.
Author's Note: This is for John. Happy Birthday. *grin* Lots of commas in here for ya!
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The blackness of the room was nearly tangible. It was as if a group of living shadows that moved closer to the bed at the center, framing it and keeping the occupants cloaked. The bodies were moving in tandem, four hands dancing over bared flesh, exploring, rediscovering. There was no need to see anything, as they had hands and mouths to lead them. No need for all five senses, four would do.

It was planned this way, they wanted to cut off a vital part, and cast it aside. There was no need for it in this place. They refused to speak names, and both were attempting to not speak beyond the low moans and growls that came from swollen throats. Hours, seeming days had passed with the two of them locked away from the world in this place. The harshness of daylight had burned crying eyes earlier, illuminating flesh in such a way that the vision was now burned into their minds. It wasn’t needed now. They knew where to touch, where to feel.

Two hands moving over the thighs were gentle, and questioning. Fingers curling around inner thighs, thin skin sensitive to the slightest breath, pulling outward. The owner of the legs followed the request, opening wide. The body arched above them, and the bed shifted slightly, as it was repositioned between the spread legs.

The shadows parted, and in a flash it was as though looking up a smile could be seen. A smile brilliantly awash with the feeling of being surrendered to. Fingers slipped through drenched folds, gathering arousal before leaving. Someone’s breath hitched in a throat. A pressure, solid was felt against the open center below.

“Breathe,” was the whispered command from above.

As a deep breath was taken, then a quaking moan ripped from parched lips. They felt the length slipping inside, completely filling the body below. All sound, all movement stopped. It was if both of them were just feeling. Completely filled, and completely filling. Connected intimately like they had never been before. Waves of trust rolled between them, knowing the other would cherish each one’s emotion. They would do this together. Trusting each other.

The motion began. Slow withdrawal, nearly to the point of loosing the claim of being inside. A pause, with a whisper of love, said low, alighting the hair covering a forehead. Smooth forward stroke of controlled speed, and inner muscles were gripping, tightening around the invader. They could both feel the automatic response, the pull of wanting more. Abs flexed, buttocks tightened and the length was pulled back again, not as far. No pause. The return push, faster this time.

They were building a rhythm. The body above was setting a faster pace, slipping through the wet channel, claiming and touching places that had been kept from them before. Learning new areas inside of the body below. Pressing the length deep, the body below bucked off the bed, and both moaned, knowing that this was deeper than either had been. But the moan was one of want. They both knew it could be deeper.

Faster now. Sliding in completely, pressing hard, moving back, friction sparking against the muscles that tightened, back in, then out. The bed, though sturdy was beginning to sway with them. The sound of it rocking, mixed with their panting became as erotic as the freedom they were both feeling. Both knowing that they could let go, loose themselves in each other. Even faster, and they didn’t know how much longer they could keep it up. How much more their bodies could take before shattering. Drops of sweat were falling, raining on the face below, signaling that the face that was adored and loved was above them, and both opened their eyes, trying to see the other. But the shadows were too thick, and all they could do was imagine being impaled by the glance, as the connection between them was pistoning.

The sound of wet skin slapping together, of the arousal coating with each intrusion, a groan that was short but coming faster from the lips, and was echoed by a low, long sound of pure emotion that signaled what both felt. The heat was becoming an inferno in the stomach of both, the two hearts were clenching and releasing, and clenching, forcing more and more liquid to spread, the air in the lungs did not seem like it would ever be enough, and they were gasping for it. Pulling each other’s into themselves, and it was coming faster than they wanted, but knowing that the pace was too fast, and they couldn’t slow down, nothing would make them slow. It was right there. Twin tongues snuck out and ran over individual lips and neither knew the other was doing it. Neither knew any more who was inside of the other, who was controlling anything. The bodies had taken over the rapid rhythm and everything else in the world dissolved. It didn’t matter; nothing mattered except that they were both on the edge,

“Together.” Ordered in unison.

It shattered everything. Screaming out sound, the pleasure of being taken by the one person who held your heart. The person you trusted more than any one else in your world. The only person you would ever trust enough to see you like this, animalistic and letting go of everything but the connection that was shared.

Drops of sweat were replaced by a few uncontrolled tears that fell on her face, rolling down to her open and gasping lips. She knew by the taste they were tears. Tears that only she was ever blessed enough to see coming from her mate.

As the high abated, she became aware of her body first, then the body that was still arched and held above her with strong arms on either side of her head. The thick length that she had not been sure before they began that she could accept was buried to the hilt inside of her. She could feel it move slightly with each deep pant of her mate. She knew she was smiling. She was sated; she was loved. There was nothing that she couldn’t smile about at this moment. Shifting her hips slightly, making the body above her moan, her smile turned feral, and she lifted her legs, wrapping them around the strong body that was still above her. Her arms followed, and using her strength she pulled them down against her. She had to feel skin on skin. She wanted to feel the sensation of being completely filled, and the softest skin under her hands, and the full succulent breasts against her own.

“Love you.” She whispered into the ear of her mate, and she felt a low sigh, and then her lover whisper back,

“I love you too. Are you okay?”


“I should.”

“No. Don’t move, Faith. I love feeling you inside of me, around me.” Buffy raised her hips once, feeling the length shift inside of her, deeper. “God.” She groaned.

“Feel good?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Wanna go again?”

Buffy laughed. “Maybe.”

Faith leaned her body back, and moved slowly, pulling the phallus from inside of Buffy who groaned involuntarily at the loss. The brunette reached to her sides and unsnapped the harness.

“What are you doing?” Buffy asked, sitting up, still not able to see too much in the darkened room.

“We don’t need this anymore. I want to make love to you the old fashioned way.” Faith said, followed by the sound of rubber and leather hitting the far wall. Buffy swallowed.

“That so?” She asked.

“It is.” Faith growled back, and leaned back down to press her lips reverently against Buffy’s. Beginning soft and gentle, their lips just barely touching, Faith moved to rub her nose against Buffy’s inhaling her scent. Soft, swollen lips meeting again, a little harder, the kiss becoming hungry. Tongues lashing out to taste sweat and tears. Buffy’s hands wound themselves in Faith’s hair, pulling her even closer, before she turned, and Faith was on her back, Buffy straddling her. Sitting up she broke the kiss and her hands rested between the full breasts on Faith’s chest.

“You okay?” Buffy asked, her finger circling a taunt nipple.


“What was it?”

“You just blew me away.” Faith shrugged. “I could feel how much you loved me, trusted me, needed me. Emotional overload I guess.” Buffy kissed the left nipple softly, then moved to the other, giving it a peck as well.

“I know. Me too.”


“Oh yeah.” Buffy nodded. She leaned over the body below her, and finding Faith’s lighter, flicked it on, holding the flame to a candle she kept there.

“Whatcha doing?”

“I know you like to see what you’re doing.” Buffy grinned. “And I like giving you what you want.”


“Let me show you.” Buffy’s eyes twinkled in the faint candlelight. She slinked up Faith’s body, making sure that she left a trail of arousal from her stomach past her breasts, before rising up and kneeling above her mate’s smiling face. “The old fashioned way.” Buffy whispered, before lowering her sex to Faith’s smiling, waiting mouth.

The End