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by Allegra
Rating: R

Disclaimer: UPN/Fox/Joss have the honor of owning the rights to these lovely ladies, and Daphne Rubin-Vega is the owner of "Broken".
Spoilers: Plenty for S3, S5 if you don't know Dawn exists, and Sanctuary.
Author's Notes: Sequel to "I Had A Bad Day". The song "Broken" is by Daphne Rubin-Vega (she was the original Mimi in RENT). Parts of this are depressing, I know. I had some bad issues an hour or two ago so this is the direct response. []'s are lyrics, as per usual.
Dedication: To you. Apparently you can't tear down and burn all the walls, can you? Oh well.



	[You've got that "I'm outta here" look in your eyes]

Faith wanted nothing more than to run. It was her gut reaction to the situations she was in, and every instinct she possessed screamed 'Go!' encouraging her to remove herself from the town, the state, the country, as quickly as she possibly could. Countering this need to leave was an equally strong desire to stay, to follow her heart. And her heart was quite forcefully leaping in the direction of Buffy Summers.

So, Faith's mind, which was the mediator between her instincts and her heart, created a compromise: Faith would stay in Sunnydale, but go to a friend's home. A friend who owed her many, many favors due to the many, many times she'd been of aid to him; including, Faith thought with a chuckle, the time she had quietly allowed him to watch while she and Buffy made love. Of course, she never told Buffy, and he never would either, but in her own odd way that was how she sealed their friendship.

Lying on a couch and lazily watching Passions, Faith considered how amusing it was that she, a Slayer, was closer friends, possibly best friends, with a vampire. Kind of ironic. But Faith appreciated the irony in things. 'Like how even though Spike's a good friend of mine, he still has the hots for my girl...' and in that way Faith's five minute break from thinking about Buffy ended, and she once again began to dwell on her girlfriend.... ex girlfriend? To no one in particular, Faith voiced one of the things nagging her. "But I left the house, so does that make her my ex? I don't want that..."

She didn't expect anyone to answer her, but of course someone did. The one person who could. "Fay," for that was what he called her, "I doubt she's even put a thought to thinking of you as her ex. She's probably propelling her haughty little self about town, searching for you with her little superfriends." Spike wandered into the room, drinking blood out of a mug, a gift from Faith. It was black, and written across in dripping red letters was 'I'm evil. Really.' Spike cherished it, and made sure to use it every time Faith dropped by. "I promise you, by tomorrow she'll be in such misery because you're gone that you could return dragging a dead body and she wouldn't give a damn."

Faith glared at Spike. "You really needed to mention 'dead body', huh? That's why I'm in all this shit in the first place." She purposefully kicked her feet up onto the side of the couch, and just as she expected, Spike growled at her.

"Get your feet off the upholstery. I paid a pretty penny for that... anyways, luv, you know I'd never bring up your faults around you on purpose." He sat down on the arm of the couch, and grinned at her.

Faith couldn't help snickering. "Yeah, right, you bring up whatever I do wrong whenever you get the chance, you know it as well as I do."

Spike shrugged, casting a glance at the television. "If you say so... Timmy! No, don't do that, you bloody sod..."

	[You thought that you could handle my jagged edges
	You're playing with matches, but you're afraid of fire]

Buffy was a sad sight to see. She hadn't washed in two days, hadn't eaten, refused to communicate with anyone, and she wouldn't move unless someone physically moved her. Her face had a permanently horrified, dejected look on it, and every so often she muttered the name "Faith" in a sorrowful tone of voice. Sitting in the moonlight made her appear all the more pathetic, like some photographer's idea of the personification of grief. All in all, Buffy was a disaster, and this particular 'dumping' had a far worse effect on her than when Riley left.

This was the unanimous opinion of the gathered Scooby gang, who all sat on various articles of furniture around the room; Willow was wrapped around Tara, and Xander was wrapped around Anya. Giles sat, thumbing through a medium sized book entitled "Mental Anguish and Distress", while Dawn just glumly stared into space. She had the duty of calling all the Scoobies when Buffy lapsed into her mental coma, and they'd been trying to lure her out of it for hours. Anya immediately suggested that Willow could try the spell she did last time; Willow retorted that it was a rather dangerous procedure, and with the weight of the world not in their hands, it wasn't quite so important. Of course, if she knew about Buffy's court date, she might have changed her mind, but she was in the dark about that particular event. All Willow knew was that Faith apparently did something to Buffy, chose to leave, and the combined shock had left Buffy in this state. She hugged Tara more tightly, shuddering slightly at the thought of her own lover leaving her.

Xander wasn't quite as disturbed about the situation as he might have been; he hadn't liked Faith due to their past, and hadn't been able to open up to her and forgive her the way the rest of the group had. He quite frankly felt that Buffy was better off without Faith, and that Buffy should snap out of things and notice this. He threw an idea out to the group. "Hey, ever consider that maybe she's faking all this for attention? You know, the slayer who cried wolf... for six hours, given, but still..." he trailed off as Giles took a moment to look up from his book and glare at Xander.

"I trust you understand the severity of the situation we're in. With one Slayer in hiding and the other in shock, who knows what may happen. We need Buffy in stable condition again, and soon, but in the way best for her. And for you to suggest that this is pretense is simply farcical."

Anya nodded. "Giles is right, though I feel he could have avoided the word 'farcical'."

There was silence in the room again for a few minutes, as everyone uncomfortably thought about the situation. It was Tara who spoke finally, voicing a thought that had been bothering her. "Ummm... where's Spike?"

Xander blinked. "Yeah, it's not like him to miss out on something like this. He still digs Buffy, right? Breakup, sadness, perfect time for comforting. That's what I'd do- but not in the sick, twisted, sex way that Spike would, no sir, strictly non-sex friendship guy, that's me-"

Xander's chatter was cut off by Willow, who felt her own need to babble. "We get it, Xander... but Spike's really tight with Faith these days, which makes perfect sense, former psycho killer and former vampiric killer- not that I'm prejudiced against either of them or anything, but... he wouldn't be after Buffy. He'd probably be helping Faith."

Giles blinked, and slammed his book on the stairs next to him, causing everyone to jump slightly. "Or harboring her in his crypt!"

Dawn smirked. "I knew that an hour ago."

No one paid her heed, and Willow jumped up, pulling Tara with her. "Well, we go to Spike's crypt then, and drag that girl back here. I don't want to sit and watch Buffy all boo hooey. Who's with me?"

All the rest of the gang rose, except Dawn, who sighed. "I suppose I have to watch the vegetable?" She was scared, but she covered it with sarcasm. She'd picked that up from Faith.

Once again, though, everyone ignored her, as they all followed Willow out the door, headed for Spike's crypt. Their aim: the capture and return of one Slayer.

	[If something catches, and you run away]


Notes: Took me a while to finish this part. My eternal love to Wrigley’s for making that divine lemon Orbit gum- kept me up late. And to everyone who encouraged me to do this again- I forgot how much I loved writing B/F (and doing Dawn’s fun, too) (not in that way, you gutter minds).

	[You should have known there's always a price to pay]

Faith sighed, as she paced back and forth in Spike’s crypt. There was only so much time she was capable of spending slumped on a couch watching repeat episodes of Passions before her boundless energy got the best of her; she had reached her limit hours ago. Once more, she turned towards the bleached blonde happily watching the soap, frowning at him. After a minute or two with no response, she whined petulantly, “I wanna leave.”

“So leave,” retorted Spike, without once taking his eyes from the television set.

“I can’t! And you know that, because if I could I would have. But I can’t go back up; can’t deal with B, can’t deal with court, plus I’m still wounded and crap so I’m like vamp food right now,” complained Faith, pointing at the reopened scar on her midriff.

"Stop your bloody complaining, Faith… I’m trying to watch this… they’re using that videotape to frame what's-his-name and I want to-"

Spike was cut off by a loud outburst from Faith. “I don’t GIVE a fuck what you want to watch right now on the goddamned TV, I need your fucking advice!” she screamed. To illustrate her point, she grabbed a bowl of chips from the table and flung it at the television like a frisbee, the strength and accuracy of her pitch causing both bowl and screen to shatter. Spike was off the couch in an instant, in the brunette’s face.

“How dare you break my bloody telly when I’m the only one tolerating you right now!”

Faith, not one to back down, especially from a neutered vampire whom she had bitch whipped, held Spike’s gaze as a cool rage bubbled into her eyes. “What do you mean that you’re the only one tolerating me?”

Spike, slightly calmer though not a bit less angry, spoke through gritted teeth: “You’ve completely assed out on the people whose trust you only barely won back. You not only left Buffy, but you left her after dropping a fucking bombshell of bad news on her! ‘Sorry, I narced on you and now you’re getting pulled in for a murder I caused, gotta run!’ That’s bloody classic!”

“I…” started Faith, before tapering out, as the potential impact of her actions hit her.

Shit, what is B thinking right now? All I thought about in all this shit was me, not her; just how I felt about it and how I would deal. I didn’t give a rat’s ass about her feelings. Crap, I’m a horrible girlfriend… oh, god, B… my B…

Satisfied that he finally had Faith realizing the likely consequences of her hit-and-run news with Buffy, he grumblingly turned back towards the slightly smoking wreck of his television, wondering when he could steal himself another.

Faith, on the other hand, merely stared into space, and thought, What could she possibly be thinking right now?

	[You can't get fixed til you're broken]

Buffy wasn’t really thinking about anything at all. Her mind was a blank; despite her sister’s frequent nervous jokes about Buffy having turned into a ‘vegetable retard’, Dawn was incredibly worried. After a quick consultation with one of his numerous contacts who happened to be a psychologist, Giles informed the Scoobies that Buffy was suffering from a very severe form of post traumatic shock, what with the combination of Faith’s accident, Faith’s unexpected departure, and the event none of Buffy’s friends knew of yet, the court summons. Although Giles assured everyone that the behavior would pass in a few hours, Dawn was freaked nonetheless. Her big sister had always been the strong one, and to see her brought down to this level- and Faith! If she was here, I would like so kick her ass, slayer or not. Nobody messes with a Summers.

Dawn sighed, and paced back and forth in the living room, looking at the collapsed slayer on the couch. Suddenly, an idea popped into mind, and with one quick reassuring glance to make sure her sister wasn’t going anywhere, Dawn raced up the stairs and into Buffy’s room. Almost leaping back down them, she ran up to the couch and kneeled near Buffy’s head. “Hey, Buffy, look what I got!” Dawn said excitedly, almost shoving the stuffed pig she was carrying into Buffy’s face. Not Mr. Gordo, but a white fluffy pig with a black leather studded dog collar. A present from Faith for their six month anniversary. Dawn remembered the event clearly, as she had cracked open her door to watch the two in the hallway.

“I know we agreed none of that monthly anniversary crap, but, you know, I thought Mr. Gordo needed a little company. A pig who was a little less straight laced.” Buffy smiled at Faith as she pulled the little pig out from behind her back and presented it to the excited blonde. “I love it. It’s so cute! Looks just like you, only less sexy.” Faith smiled, “Wanna see just how sexy I can be?” and Buffy grinned back, “Uh huh.” They both leaned towards each other… and Dawn quickly shut the door, not incredibly interested in seeing the ensuing display of affection between her sister and Faith. Correctly interpreting their mood for the night, Dawn put on her headphones and turned up the sounds of the Backstreet Boys reeeeeeeeeally loud…

Dawn’s reverie was broken by muffled sounds from Buffy. The teen blinked, and noticed her sister was starting to sob, her tears falling faster and her cries growing more soulful with every second. Dawn was half relieved; Buffy seemed out of her shock episode; however, she was in more pain than the young girl could begin to fathom. Without a second of hesitation, Dawn hugged Buffy, and awkwardly told her everything was going to be fine, over and over. As her sobs settled down, Buffy, choking on every word, mumbled, “No, it’s not… she thinks I hate her. And we’re both in so much trouble…”

Dawn sat back and looked at her sister. “Shhh…. What do you mean by trouble?”

“I mean… Dawn, we may both go to jail.”

Dawn’s expression instantly changed to shock, surprise, and fear, before she asked Buffy to explain. As she did, the terrible feeling that had been resting in Dawn’s stomach all day grew worse and worse and she started to feel as broken as her sister was.

	[You can't get fixed til you're down and out 
	And choking on your spit, and your tears
	And the words that hurt you most have all been spoken]

After thinking for a few minutes on the possibilities, Faith turned to Spike. “Stop worrying about the TV, I’ll help you get a new one later… right now, I need to fix everything going on, so I can go back to Buffy.” She paused, and then walked closer to the vamp. “Will you help me?”

Spike looked at her incredulously. “I have an idea about what you want to do, and no, I won’t. I’m not touching this.”

The previously collected appearance Faith was keeping dropped in an instant, and she looked for all the world like a hurt and vulnerable little girl. “Spike… please. I need you for this. You’re the only one on my side right now.” He sighed, as his resistance melted in an instant at the sight of Faith looking so pitiable.

“God, how do I get into these things… alright, I’ll help, but only because it would kill me to see you like this forever if I wasn’t dead already.”

	[Til you’re broken, like I’m broken]

...to be continued...