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I Had A Bad Day

by Allegra
Rating: R

Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy nor Faith, sadly enough, and everything I'm playing with belongs to Joss and Fox and UPN and Mutant Enemy and what have you. "Bad Day" is by Fuel and all the corporate people behind them.
Spoilers: S3, S5(because of Dawn's existance) and Sanctuary.
Author's Notes: []'s indicate song lyrics. This is set a year after season 5 in the summer, with Faith out of jail and Buffy back from the dead. Oh, and at some point they got together.



	[I had a bad day again
	She said I would not understand]

As per usual, Buffy stretched her arms out to the sides upon awakening. Usually her left arm would come into contact with her lover, and cuddling would ensue; however, today Buffy stretched to an empty spot on the bed. After glancing at the clock to her right, her preliminary shock disappeared- it was 3:00 in the afternoon. Of course Faith was gone, she had some mysterious business to attend to on that day that she had hinted about for weeks. A few months prior, Buffy would have been suspicious, still not finding Faith entirely trustworthy, but her opinion had gradually changed quite radically to the point where Buffy was confident Faith was keeping herself out of trouble, if not doing good. Had she been a bit more attentive, she would have connected today's disappearance to Faith's sour mood on the previous night, but as it were that remained unnoticed.

So Buffy confidently went through her morning routine, despite it not being morning. After showering, changing, and checking to see if Dawn was still asleep (she was), she quietly walked downstairs to grab a cup of coffee. Of course, Faith in all her wisdom had correctly predicted this was where Buffy would head first, as there was a note taped to Buffy's favorite mug. It read as follows:


	Sorry to have run out and all but I got something I can't miss. Can't quite 
	tell you about it either, sorry babe. Just something bad you'll end up hearing 
	about anyway. I'll be back by 7, tell Dawn not to touch my ice cream.

	Love ya baby, Faith
	[She left a note and said I'm sorry, I-
	I had a bad day again]

Buffy was smiling as she read and reread the note, taking in Faith's words, until the full meaning of them actually hit her. Something so bad that she couldn't tell her- Buffy had managed to get Faith to open up to her, so this lack of communication about the current problem worried Buffy just a bit- but again she reasoned that Faith was responsible enough to take care of herself, and would sort things out. With that thought in her mind, she poured coffee into her cup, walked over to the living room, and settled herself in front of the television for an idle afternoon.

	[She spilled her coffee, broke a shoelace
	Smeared the lipstick on her face]

Faith woke up around noon, and cursed in her mind. Her appointment was in under an hour, and not only was she obligated to be on time but she really had to look good too. Carefully untangling herself from Buffy, she ran to the bathroom and jumped in the shower, going as fast as she possibly could. She did everything she could to buy time, brushing her teeth while giving the conditioner time to stay in her hair, practicing her speech while getting dressed, and jotting her note to Buffy as she poured herself coffee. She ripped a piece of tape from the dispenser and stuck the note to Buffy's cup, and turned around to go back upstairs so she could apply her makeup. Because she was rushing, she didn't watch her foot placement, and ended up tripping over one of the laces of an untied shoe, ripping the lace and spilling her coffee all over herself. This time, Faith cursed out loud, and after mopping up the spill with a paper towel quick as she could, she hurried upstairs to change clothes.

A few minutes later, in a new outfit, Faith cast a glance at Buffy, who was thankfully still asleep. Ducking into the bathroom, Faith hastily put on her makeup, using lighter eyeshadow than usual and lighter lipstick. In her hurry and her nervousness, her hand faltered with the lipstick and smeared the pink cosmetic across her cheek, causing Faith to grow more frustrated.

	[Slammed the door and said I'm sorry, I
	I had a bad day again]

By the time she finished, it was 12:48, and she knew it would take at least ten minutes to get to the town center. She ran out the door, slamming it behind her and silently apologized to Buffy in case she woke up. Looking at the house one more time, Faith climbed into the car, started it up, then sped down Revello Drive.

	[And she swears there's nothing wrong
	I hear her playing that same old song
	She puts me up and puts me on]

Approximately six hours later, Faith walked out of the Sunnydale Town Hall with the same horrified look on her face she had been wearing for the past few hours. Things had gone from slightly bad to incredibly serious, and if things continues in this vein, she would have to finally tell Buffy what was up. Possibly get the rest of the Scoobies involved with this, to help, and... Faith cringed. She might even have to talk to the Council, such was the level of her current predicament. "Why can't anything ever be simple?" she wondered, as she sullenly walked to her car. Fumbling around for the keys, she further speculated about the future, wondering what life would be like if she went back. "For life," she thought to herself with a wry chuckle, as she slid into the seat, and started the engine. Switching on the music, she sighed, and let her mind melt into the beat as she drove forward. Over the music suddenly was the unmistakable sound of the front right tire hitting something, presumably something sharp since the car suddenly leaned to the one side. Faith slammed on the brakes, forgetting that she was still in the middle of the lane.


	[I had a bad day again]


Around 7:40, Buffy was in the kitchen again, stirring a pot of tomato sauce while Dawn watched spaghetti boil. Neither of them were saying anything, as both were preoccupied with their thoughts: Buffy wondered where Faith was, and what she was doing; Dawn wondered if there was any way to convince Faith to share her ice cream stash. After five minutes of total silence, Dawn couldn't help but ask, "Why're you so worried?"

"I'm not worried!" Buffy snapped back, betraying her emotions in her clearly anxious tone.

"Uh huh," Dawn replied, "And that's why you spent like an hour pacing in the bathroom?"

Buffy paused in her stirring, fixing a glare on her sister. "Firstly, it was only twenty minutes, secondly, that was just... letting out steam and thirdly, what were you doing paying attention to what I was doing in the bathroom?"

Dawn smirked, and gave Buffy an evil look. "You were babbling, like really loud, the whole time, and I was wondering if you were going crazy or something." Then Dawn did her best imitation of Buffy's 'pouty face' and a fairly accurate mockery of her voice, saying "But I love her so much- why can't she trust me? She's late! Eight months!" before bursting into giggles.

Before Buffy could respond, the phone rang, and Buffy frowned at Dawn. "Saved by the bell. You won't be so lucky next time," she declared before answering the phone. "Yes?" Dawn watched Buffy, straining to hear the conversation as her sister frowned. "Yes, I'm Buffy. How can I help you?"

As the words "....Faith....accident....stable condition...broken...bleeding" were heard, Buffy's face appeared to melt, losing all color. With a curt "Okay," she hung up the phone, then picked it up again, hitting the first number on the speed dial. Dawn watched with growing concern, as Buffy's voice became little more than a whimper. "Giles? Bring the car here, we have to go to the hospital." There was a momentary pause, during which Buffy's expression changed to anger, caused by her extreme fear. "Just bring the fucking car, Giles, I'll explain on the way there!" and she slammed the phone on the hook.


"Dawn, stay here, lock the doors, call Willow and Tara if anything evil comes. I've got to go."

"Buffy, what happened?"

Buffy sounded like nothing more than a scared child as she looked at Dawn, her eyes full of terror. "Faith got hurt."

Dawn bit her trembling lip to keep from crying; Faith was the only member of the Scoobies who didn't treat her like a kid, and she adored her nearly as much as Buffy did. "Is she gonna be okay?"

"I don't know... look, I'm going to go wait for Giles, you finish making dinner."

And with that, Buffy walked out the door and sat on the front porch. Then, and only then, she allowed herself to cry. She felt this was her fault, that the accident was somehow connected to Faith's secret, and all Buffy could do was wish Faith had trusted her with it.

	[She said I would not understand]

Giles pulled up to the hospital, dropping Buffy off at the front door. She rushed in, and went straight to the reception desk. "Excuse me, I'm looking for Faith Summers?"

The receptionist smiled, and typed a few letters into her computer. After a second, the machine beeped. "Faith Summers is currently in the recovery ward, room 203." After mumbling thanks, Buffy was on her way to Faith's room.

Room 203 was easy to pinpoint, since Faith's unmistakable voice carried out through the doorway. "I'm NOT gonna stay overnight!" Half of Buffy's tension dissolved, as she ran towards the door: at least Faith was awake. Had she been in another coma... Buffy shook her head, and stopped outside the door, to listen for a moment.

"Despite your oddly speedy recovery, Ms. Summers, you're going to have to spend another night here. It's hospital policy."

"Screw hospital policy, I'm not staying!"

Buffy chose that moment to enter the room, to see Faith sitting on the side of a bed. The first thing Buffy noticed was her face: stitched lines on her forehead and cheek, tiny red scrapes all over, yet the same determined look as usual. Eyes traveling quickly, Buffy saw that Faith's left arm was in a cast and sling, and that... "Oh god," she thought, as her eyes found the scar on Faith's midsection, under her tubetop; the incision Buffy made three years ago was retraced by a new cut, the same size and length. She couldn't pry her eyes away from the scar, and it took Faith's voice to snap her out of her memory induced reverie.

"B, it's okay. It was from the car..." and with that Buffy went to Faith and enveloped her in a huge hug, not saying a word. After a bit, Faith pulled Buffy into a quick, yet passionate kiss, stopping only when she noticed the funny look the doctor was giving them.


"We're close," Faith answered with a sardonic grin.

"Right then... well, I'll leave you with your...sister... and see what I can do about getting you out tonight."

"Thanks, doc."

The doctor nodded, and exited the room. Buffy remained on the floor by the bed, kneeling, as she looked up at Faith. "What happened?"

Faith blushed, and she looked at the floor. "I kinda wasn't paying attention, and I stopped the car in the middle of the road after I got a flat. And then there was this truck behind me... well, you can guess that it hit the car..." she paused for a second, and looked at Buffy guiltily, "It's kinda sorta totaled, like in the unusable way, and I'm so sorry B and I swear I'll work it off and buy you another car and-"

She was interrupted by Buffy placing a finger on her lips. "Faith, hush. I don't care about the car, the important thing is you're all right." Faith started to laugh bitterly, causing Buffy to ask confusedly "What?"

"It's kinda ironic, but this survived the crash without a tear to it," Faith gestured to a previously unnoticed envelope at her side. "It's for you, B. I'm so fucking sorry that I gotta pull this on you now and even sorrier that I gotta be the one to give you this, but..." she trailed off and shrugged. Buffy reached for the envelope, to have her hand stopped by Faith's. "I mean it, B. I'm sorry... I'm gonna go to the bathroom while you read it, kay?"

Buffy nodded, completely bewildered by Faith's continued apologizing. Faith stood up, careful of her wounds, and walked out the door. Buffy grabbed the envelope, and gingerly opened it, pulling out the enclosed letter. She began reading, and slowly it dawned upon her what was so wrong.

	[Left a note and said I'm sorry, I
	I had a bad day again]


	[And she swears there's nothing wrong
	I hear her playing that same old song
	She puts me up and puts me on]

Buffy was turning red. It was really quite a comical sight, but there was no one else in the room to enjoy it, and the angry slayer would have made it not quite so enjoyable, especially for a particular brunette. So Buffy simply continued to turn red, as she skimmed through the contents of the paper in her hand.

After she reached the end of the letter, she sat still for a quiet moment. Then she started trembling as her emotions overwhelmed her. Love, hate, fear, anger... the byproducts of what was in her mind a hideous betrayal. It took all of her self control to keep from unleashing a scream due to her current level of frustration.

Faith could not have chosen a worse time to return to the room. Hobbling a little bit because of her various injuries, she stopped when she saw the look Buffy was giving her. Pure ice. All of the love, trust, compassion, warmth that was usually ever-present in Buffy's eyes had turned cold and angry; it crippled Faith as surely as her wounds, and she crumbled to the ground. "B?" No answer. She tried again. "B? Baby?" Still not a sound out of Buffy. Faith was determined to get her to say something, anything, so she tried once more. "Buffy, I'm so sor-"

She was interrupted by Buffy, her voice surprisingly calm though trembling as much as her body was. "Apologize to me and I will beat you to death."

That smacked Faith harder than if Buffy had punched her in the face. "B, you gotta listen to me, it's not what it looks like-"

"What do you mean, 'it's not what it looks like', you fucking testified against me, Faith! It says 'Due to the testimonials of Mr. blah, Mr. blah, and Ms. Faith Spencer! Is there -another- Faith around here who has the capability of going to the police and saying 'Hey! Buffy Summers was in on this, too'? What is it Faith, you think that if you have to go back to jail, I do too?"

Faith could only take so much of this. She clenched her teeth, and looked Buffy straight in the eyes. "I didn't exactly have a choice in the matter. Two vamps who worked for the mayor, survived graduation, got it in their little heads to exact revenge on the slayers. Somehow or other the assholes got out in broad daylight and they were just sitting there in the sunshine and not burning or anything. I KNOW they were vamps, B, I recognized them... but they were there testifying against both of us. I had to say something or, you know, perjury and that kinda shit. All I need is another charge on my record. Between that and my old confession- well, you read the letter. Two weeks til court."

Buffy seemed to calm down just a bit, but she was still fairly enraged. "Why the hell didn't you tell me about this, Faith?"

Faith shrugged weakly, as she stood up. "I guess I didn't want you to worry. I thought it was nothing. Shit, just found out they had dragged -you- into the whole mess earlier today. That's what had me so distracted in the car."

"I... whatever. You know what? This is all giving me major head blinking things, so I just want to go home and sleep on this." Buffy shook her head a couple times, as if to clear it, and walked over to Faith. "Let's just forget about this for the time being, and..." she trailed off.

Faith took a look at Buffy: the ice had receded from her eyes, although they were still somewhat cold. Faith hated that look, but she hated it even more when it was directed at her. But now it was just general, even though Faith knew in her heart that this was all her own fault. Buffy must have caught on to Faith's thinking, as she tended to do, and she sighed. "I got angry. I think that's my right, since suddenly I'm a criminal... but I shouldn't have gotten angry at you." Faith just shrugged in response, and they exited the room together, walking several feet apart and looking like misery incarnate.

	[I had a bad day again]

Back home, the next morning, Buffy awoke feeling an amount better. Sleep can do that to a person, refresh and encourage and such. Newly determined to stay cheerful despite the crisis, she turned to say good morning to Faith; they had slept on the far sides of the bed as opposed to cuddling. Much to Buffy's surprise, Faith wasn't there; she assumed that the younger slayer was out running or something like that; occasionally Faith went to lift weights to break her tension.

So, once again without worrying, Buffy went about her standard morning activities in the bathroom, changed into extra bright pastels to try to lighten her mood, and went downstairs for her customary cup of coffee.

Of all the things she expected, none of them were another note on her coffee cup. Frowning, Buffy ripped it off, and put it on the counter, too tired to read it. After two cups of coffee and cream, she was more prepared for whatever the contents of -this- note were. But all the coffee in the world wouldn't have woken her up enough for this note. Buffy's eyes widened as she started reading, and the coffee cup fell out of her hand, smashing to the ground, as the words sunk in.


	Firstly, I love you. A hell of a lot. But, you know, your eyes yesterday, and what 
	you said... it got to me, and I realized that since this is all my fault, maybe 
	it's best if I'm not living in your house right now. So for right now I'm staying 
	with someone who owes me a favor. I know you're gonna think this is a bad idea, 
	but I think it'd make things better. It's good for us to spend a little time apart, 
	I guess. I don't want to screw this up anymore, so... that's it. Tell the kid she 
	can have all my ice cream if she wants.

	I'm sorry and I love you, Faith

	[She said I would not understand
	She left a note and said I'm sorry, I
	I had a bad day again]

Dawn was in the living room when she heard a crash. Of course, she was obligated to go look, because it was a little sister's duty to make fun of her older sibling if she broke something. But what Dawn saw in the kitchen wasn't what she expected- Buffy sitting on the floor, surrounded by glass shards and staring blankly at a letter in her hand. "Buffy? What happened? Where's Faith?"

And Buffy didn't, and couldn't, answer.

	[She left a note and said I'm sorry, I
	I had a bad day]

...continued in Broken...