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by Alexandria Olson
Rating: NC-17


PART 21: Answers and Explanations 2

Author's Notes: For those of you who are still wondering Kragdon is my own made up thing that is a person who was exiled only to be reborn; a person who knew both good and evil, but still prevailed; a half breed that is a natural born leader/killer; a common contrast.

Morgan's eyes widening in recognition and panic. She raced forward calling on all the magicks that she had possessed to grab the girl and keep her safe, but she was a second too small. Having to watch Glorificus grab the girl and pull her body close enough that not even paper could penetrate the space a tear sprung to her face as she was reminded of a different time and place with a different god taking something precious to her away.

"DAWN!?!" Giles shouted reaching out to rescue the girl before he was viciously backhanded by the ex-god's striking blow. Knocked unconscious she watched as both Pantherians attacked in order to save their "cubbling" only for one to be kicked in the ribs and the other to be hit by a flying arrow that came out of nowhere, just as the scab infested minions entered into the fray. Frozen in place she stood there and watched as her husband pulled his own sword and entered the fray of battle. Charging in all of his glory thunderclouds following in a blaze of glory and anticipation as the fight began to get heated.

Glorificus already gone with her prize, the minions who were smart enough to follow her left with their tail behind their legs, while the others less intelligent died some swiftly others not. Lost in her memories she could only watch as the battle ended as swiftly as it had begun. Bodies littered the house, broken furniture was visible everywhere, one of the Pantherians was dead and the other looked as if it were on the heels of death itself, the old British mage was unconscious buried under a body of a dead minion, and her husband who had cuts all over his arms and chest, covered in blood, breathing heavily. She wanted to move and comfort him but she was lost in the past remembering what the oracles had told her.


"Welcome, lower being" Brother said to the little sorceress that stood before them unafraid. "What have you brought us?" He asked of her.

Looking up at him as if her were some sort of illusion, she spoke in a voice barely above a whisper "I am looking for my brother, I hath gotten lost in the mists. Would you par chance know the way through them?"

"Honestly Brother, show some decorum, it is we who have sought the child out after all?" A woman stepped into view a teasing smile on her face as she regarded Morgain and the man she called Brother.

"That is beside the point!" he stated staring at the woman annoyed, "She should have still brought supplication, forgive my sister she tends to be a little forgetful in her standing." He spoke looking now at Morgain like that would have explained everything.

"Ignore him child," the woman spoke directly to Morgain now "you have nothing to fear, we have no designs to lay harm to you, unlike others who you will come to know as you grow older," she said with a flip of her hand and a nonchalance posture.

"Where am I?" Morgain asked as she looked up at the man and woman before her.

"A conjuncture." The man spoke "A place in between, you are realm and that of the powers."

"Like the gods?" the girl asked, only to hear a chuckle that came from the woman's lips as she circled Morgain as if she were studying her.

"Why are you here" Brother asked pointedly looking at the young Morgain.

"I was playing in the mists and they led me here, why am I here?" she asked.

"To start a war" Brother started as sister jumped from there "Befall a kingdom."

Bro: "Betray a country and set the coarse of time."

Sis: "Bring down a god."

Bro: "Create a new breed."

Sis: "Watch all that you love die."

Bro & Sis Together: "Save the Last of a dying breed, a champion, a queen!"

M: "what how will I do all of this, why would I do such a thing I love my brother!"

Bro: "We did not speak its name."

Sis: "Her powers grow."

Bro: "She has yet to comprehend what it is she will accomplish."

M: "What are you talking about? Tell me so I should know of the evils you speak of."

Sis: "A child whose age is endless."

Bro: "But is no more than a waif."

Sis: "Shall have the power to open a gateway, to fold the fabric of time and collapse the walls of all dimensions."

Bro & Sis: "The Key will take that of what you most care about, render her human, dead."

M: "What who?"

Bro & Sis: "A daughter, The Kragdon."

**End Flashback**

"Morgan… Morgan?"

"Leave her, we have to find Buffy and tell her about Dawn!"

"I will not leave her, and Buffy can rot for all I care, the only thing I am concerned about my wife and the safety of my daughter."

"I don't think you understand the consequences of what has just happened."

"Don't talk to me of consequences, fool. If that little waif had been gone like she was supposed to be none of this would have happened."

"Why you…."

"Stop it both of you!" Morgan shouted, "Ares, dear, go and find Faith, Buffy should be with her, you wizard, call the witches, and have them call the boy, have everyone meet at the shop," she directed.

"Excuse me who do you think…" Giles started to protest before he was automatically cut off once again by Morgan.

"I have no time for insolence, nor do I care who or what you are, I have not lived over a millenia just to see the world end now." Morgan shouted out, no longer having patience of any kind to grasp onto.

"Dear…" Ares started.


With that both men, disappeared to do their tasks. Sighing Morgan walked into the house, a thin layer of mist following her trail, cleaning up that which did not belong. Turning she silently watched as the mist went to work, saddened by the amount of death that she had just witnessed and the wars that she had experienced in her past, it all ended in destruction. Though she wouldn't be Morgan the Fay, if she had not done the things she did and would continue to do for the lives of others.

Hearing a gasp coming from the left of her she felt tears come to her eyes as she spied the now changed Selena, dying from blood loss. Watching as the mists retreated and went on with its task she approached the now bloodied human.


"Shh… don't move, everything is going to be fine." Morgan said avoiding the question.

"Sar'ah" was whispered again with a pleading tone added.

"I… I'm sorry… she was very brave.." Morgan started.

"No…" Tears started to form on the young Pantherians eyes as she realized what she was being told.

Morgan seeing the pain on Selena's face knew that she didn't have enough time to ask but also knew how hard this was for the young woman. Moving forward she asked "Where are the daggers?"


"The Weeping Sisters, where are they?"

Pulling herself together Selena answered "safe… they are safe…"

"Yes but where?"

"It hurts… it hurts to breath… so tired…"

"Shh… I know it hurts now but soon it will be over, but I need you to tell me where they are?"

"Grim'ska, ranga tumosa leit. Ap'so nerwa." (Where, man treads no more and evil can not enter.) Selena spoke. "I'm… sorry… I can't…"

"Shhh… It's okay," Morgan interrupted, "you did good… Rest now."

Selena closed her eyes, feeling more at peace and free than she had ever felt before, breathing her last breath as she died, joining her Mate in death. Letting it be known that she regretted that she couldn't have been more help as a single tear ran down her naked cheek. That was the last Morgan saw before the mists swept the body away taking it to join that of its soul mate's.

Wiping her own tears Morgan then setting off to the one place that she could think of where the daggers would be safe. The Post Office. She just prayed that she could make it there in time.


A lightning blot hit the ground in front of Travers manor bringing with it an irate God of War. Paying no heed to the warning bells that were going off in his head he strode into the house and up the stairs to the study where he could feel the presence of his daughter.

"Ohhhh… Faith… yes."


Pausing at the door as his eyes widening to the size of saucers as he guessed from the heavy breathing and calls exactly what was going on behind that door. An odd blush colored his cheeks as he teleported himself out of the house to the front door, trying not to be embarrassed over what he had almost walked in on. He waited for a few minutes before teleporting himself into the room at exactly the wrong moment.



It was also at that moment that the God of War fainted for the first time, falling right next to an awakening Travers.

Hearing the noise both girls looked up to see an almost coherent Quentin and Faith's father passed out on the floor.

"Umm Oops."

"Hheehehaheha" Faith started to laugh at the predicament that both her and Buffy had found themselves in.

"Faith this isn't funny."

"Yeah it … ahhhhhh" Faith screamed failing to continue as she felt a deep internal pain spreading through her like wild fire, showing her images of what had happened after they had left for London. Tears springing in her eyes as sadness filled her which was followed by anger, knowing that Travers was the reason it did.

"Faith, what is it, what's wrong?" Buffy asked worried for her girlfriend.

Faith didn't answer instead she just got up and dressed herself, trying to buy time before she told Buffy that Dawn had been taken by Glory. Walking over to her father she threw a get dressed Buffy's way, bending down she gave a hard slap to Ares waking him up instantly.

"What?" he asked buresqly trying to get the image of his daughter and her mate together out of his head.

Faith only had to say one word making him understand what she was feeling and what she planned to do. "War." Standing up she looked over her shoulder to a now dressed Buffy, walking over to the blond she embraced her holding the blond slayer tight as she told her what has happened, feeling the blonde tears that fell on her neck joining her own. Pulling away she kissed the blonde with as much passion as she contained, releasing her only for breath.

"We have to do something." Buffy demanded putting her slayer face on, determined to take the bitch who took Dawn and killed Faith's friends down.

"And we will, trust me we will." Faith said the determination in her eyes shining a little bit brighter than Buffy's as images played in her head on all the thing that she wanted to do to the exiled god got more vicious by the minute to the point that her eyes no longer had color; just two black bottomless voids staring off into the distance.

"Faith?" Buffy called, a little freaked at the colorlessness that were Faith's eyes.

Snapping out of her thoughts Faith shook her head clearing the visions that were playing through her mind. She closed her eyes for a minute and when she opened them again they were the beautiful brown that Buffy had fallen in love with.

Shouting out to Ares as she teleported both her and Buffy out of the study and back home "Bring the traitor, alive."

Ares turned to the now whimpering Quentin who was trying to make himself as small as possible, an evil little smile spreading across his face as he looked at the little man. Walking over towards the man that had hurt his little girl and her… mate, temporarily killed his wife, and caused so much pain and suffering, bending down to face level; Ares stared at Quentin speaking in a sinister voice "She said alive, nothing about being unharmed" his smile growing as he saw the man freeze in fear.


Outside in the streets below a few miles away a man walking his dog crossed himself as he heard the scream that was carried on the northern winds.

PART 22: What's in a Dream

Author's Notes: I dedicate this to wicked (hoping u feel better). This chapter is well u guys and gals just have to read it to find out. I hope u all like it if not critisize away heh. Plus it gets kinda sappy and very well just read u'll see what I mean. //*// = dreaming, '*' = thought.

//Faith stood at the peak of the wobbling tower watching the destruction below her spread, staring death itself in the face. The black sword held tight in her hand dripping blood off of its sleek blade. The sounds of fighting, weapons clashing echoed in her head. The cries of pain coming from both her family and friends sounding like nails on a chalk board. She could here her mother's scream as Morgan watched Ares fall to his knees, his body covered in cuts, a sword protruding from his chest. Her heart was breaking as she felt each life that was stolen this day. Each heart wrenched agonised scream that she heard feeling as if they were her own, bringing both the warrior and beast that lived within her down to their knees.

In the distance Faith felt the heat of the rising sun, bringing with it two different voices. One that whispered what lay behind the breaking walls, of things worse than death and constant pain; a future that would make the strongest of the strong break. The second overriding the first, bringing hope that froze and warmed her heart, a whispered 'Death is her gift'.

Faith stood frozen, could only watch as the love of her life ran past her into the white abyss that offered a false salvation.

Standing not five feet away unmoving as silent tears fell from her eyes staring at her soulmate's broken and dead body on the cement. Falling to her knees Faith felt herself breaking, shutting down; she heard a faint whisper as what was left of the scooby gang gathered around her 's.s.stop...her'.//


"Faith...Sweetie what is it?" Buffy woke up breathlessly sitting upright turning to the love of her life. They had just gotten back to Sunnydale no less than a day ago. Everyone trying to figure out how to get Dawn back and also how to defeat Glory.

Giles had called the Watchers Council informing them of what Quentin had done, they were sending a team to come to collect him for trial on crimes against the council and the world. There had also been the mention of treason and the like, the blonde hadn't been really listening, being more concerned with her lover who was still dealing with the death of her friends. Though she should say not dealing. Faith had yet to shed a tear, though Buffy knew that her love was raging on the inside cause she felt it too through their shared connection. Buffy also knew that Faith would never show it on the outside, she would close herself off, push people away and then unleash what was inside of her when she got her shot at Glory. Truly that was what made Faith the most dangerous and hardest to kill slayer in all of history. Also the longest living, though Buffy was older and had been called before Faith she had still died, she just didn't stay dead.

Buffy remembered when the original had visited her and her friends that one night after the fight with Adam, the look in the slayer's eyes the vicious way her body moved like a panther constantly on the hunt, that was Faith to a tee. Only when they first had met it was less controlled than the now.

Faith didn't answer Buffy just grabbing the blond and pulling her into a fierce hug gentle rocking both of them to alleviate her fears and to banish the nightmare that she had just experianced. Her throat scratchy and dry, she again couldn't answer the blonde when Buffy asked her for the second time what was the matter. Faith just couldn't get her voice to work no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't get the words "I watched you die" out.

"What?" Buffy asked confused not thinking that she had heard the brunette correctly.

More tears rolled down her face as she realized that she had just said that out loud.


Placing a kiss on top of her head Faith spoke a little more clearly "I.. I watched you die," feeling the blond move away Faith kept her head down feeling more tears join the ones that she had already shed not two minutes ago she quietly continued knowing that Buffy would hear her because of slayer hearing. *Sniffle* "I...I can't lose you B, I don't... I... I wouldn't be able to survive without you... *sniffle*" reaching up to wipe the errant tears angrily away she continued "No one.." now looking into the blonde's eyes seeing the tears there she pulled Buffy into a hug crushing the light slayer to her. "No one in this world would ever match up to you, I don't think I could ever love... feel love without you."

"Faith? *sniffle* hah what brought this on."

Avoiding the question she said instead "B.. Buffy. Promise me... promise me that when the show down with Glory happens that you won't sacrifice yourself, that instead of putting others in front of you you will take the selfish route."


Shaking the blond a little bit she demanded of the blond "Promise Me." Little did she know that that one action had just shown Buffy everything that she had seen and felt in the dream through their connection.

Her eyes widening she pulled away from Faith a little bit trying to get her breath back from the flashes that she had just experienced, her own tears joining those of Faith's.

"Baby no... that... that nightmare will never ever come true. I swear Faith I swear." Buffy claimed pulling Faith into her kissing her on the forehead nose and finally pulling her love into her with a passionate kiss that stole both of their breaths.

Consumed with the desire to reassure one another that they were both alive, that they were real; tangible Buffy lowered Faith onto the bed. Hands were moving everywhere, every touch electrified by the pulse that was spreading within them. It was almost as if they were being controlled. Neither could stop touching the other their lips never losing contact as Faith flipped the two of them over gaining dominance over the blond who chose not to fight for it this time. Moving to Buffy's neck as her hand splayed on naked flesh moved down past the breast only once flicking a nipple teasing. Moving further stopping at the blond's abdomen sticking her thumb momentarily in to her navel ficking it as if it were an imaginary tongue. Placing her thigh between the blond's thighs sensually moving it against Buffy's crotch feeling the wetness that was there, smiling when she heard the blond moan at her actions. Feeling her grip her back digging her nails into Faith's back she moaned herself pressing her thigh harder into the blond making the light slayer start to move her hips in a steady rhythm.

Buffy pressing her body up into Faith's pleasure coursing through her body as she felt Faith worshiping her body like she had never done before. Not totally sure of herself feeling everything times 10 spreading through her body, tears falling from her eyes as she moaned and gripped Faith's back digging her nails into her love's flesh; exhaling a breathe, breaking the skin as she felt Faith enter her with two already slicken fingers, pumping slowly not submitting to Buffy's bucking suggestive hip movements. Finally admiting defeat Buffy moved with Faith scratching her nails up and down the brunette's back. Buffy's eyes rolling up into her head gripping Faith harder pulling her closer to her body, pressing her own thigh into Faith's wet dripping cunt, as Faith added a third finger curling all three so that it would hit her sweet spot just right with every thrust. There was so much going through her body that she failed telling the difference where she ended and Faith began. As far as Buffy was concerned they were both connected, one being, to her right at that moment as all of her muscles tensed she felt that there was no difference at all she ended where Faith began and vice versa. Just as that thought passed through her mind she exploded, encompassed in white light feeling warmth spread through her body, her toes tingling, her body feeling like it had just been shocked by a live wire. Gaining her breath back she looked into the starry soulful brown eyes of her Faith, reaching up she wiped the single tear that was making its way down her love face, bringing her down for a heart felt kiss she pulled back a little whispering against Faith's lips "I swear it, my love."

Moving in even closer Faith whispered "Forever" before capturing the blond's lips sealing the unknown pact that they had just made to each other making it unbreakable.


Slouching against the tree that was under the slayer's window the cherry red of a lite cigerette sparked into life as a certain bleached blond vampire stepped out of the shadows and into the moon light. Looking longingly up at the bedroom window that Buffy slept in, his eyes sparked with anger, and jealousy, remembering it all as it replayed in his head he turned back to the tree slamming a fist against the trunk his anger giving him the strength to punch a two inch dent into the tree as he silently swore revenge against the blond bitch who had played with his heart and brunette demon who had stolen what was supposed to be rightfully his. Buffy was his Slayer. His. He was going to make that bitch pay. Oh yes, they shall both pay for turning him into this. This thing.

Pushing himself bodily away from the tree, he angrily stalked into the night leaving almost no evidence that he had been there but for a lone burning cigerette that lay on the ground its light dying out slowly. The night growing darker. The only thing visible in the distance if a stranger had been going by would have been that faint orange turned red light, though would say if asked flickered out as if someone had just flipped a switch on a fading light.

PART 23: Complications

Rolling over her arm reaching across to be placed over the body beside her Buffy's eyes popped open when she felt nothing but a cold sheet. Sitting up wrapping the sheet that was covering her more firmly around her body.

Calling out "Faith?"

Hearing no answer she moved to the edge of the bed listening for any sound that might tell her where the others that had stayed last night were. The house was completely silent. Standing looking to make sure that the door was closed she dropped the sheet covering herself with her robe that was resting precariously on her vanity table chair.

Opening the door she tuned her slayer hearing for any sounds other than the normal house ones before venturing out of her room. Calling again "Faith?"

Pausing on the top stairs she opened up her and Faith's connection, she felt the brunette but had yet to hear from her. Slightly worried at what that might mean she started down the stairs, going first to the living room, seeing no one there she moved to the kitchen everything was quiet and spotless. Even the gang was gone. Confused beyond belief she headed towards the backyard feeling as if she were being pulled there by an unknown force.

Walking to the end of the porch Buffy froze spying the object of her desire. Faith stood ten feet away in the middle of the back yard in a sports bra and shorts practicing Tai chi. Sweat glistening off of her body made it seem like she was glowing as the sunlight encased her body, stealing Buffy's breath away just for a moment.

Faith was so caught up in what she was doing, in the peace and tranquility that surround and filled her whole being she had failed to notice the tingle that was spreading up and down her body that alerted her to the blond's presence. Finishing her set she walked over to the tree that she had laid her towel down at. Wiping the sweat off of her face she turn jumping just a little when she spotted the blond leaning against a pole with a cup of coffee in her hand.


Walking up to the blond and placing a kiss on her cheek Faith murmured "morning" into Buffy's ear, brushing past into the kitchen where the coffee was calling her. Fixing herself a cup while deep in thought. Faith had failed to fall completely asleep after the nightmare that she had had, even Buffy's reassurance hadn't been enough to stop the feelings of dread that she was holding within her. Feeling arms wrap around her waist she leaned back into the warmth that the body behind her provided.

"What's wrong?" Buffy asked quietly her head buried in the nape of Faith's neck breathing in the scent of her lover. Cinnamon and cherries with a hint of something that was uniquely Faith. Pulling her body closer when she felt Faith start to pull away from her both physically and emotionally.

"It's nothing I'm fine…" Turning her head seeing uncertainty in her lover's eyes, "Really." With a kiss placed on Buffy's forehead she disentangled herself from the blond forgetting all about her coffee she headed towards the stairs saying "I'm going to take a shower."

"Want some company?" Buffy asked as she felt the tingle of arousal spread through her body at the thought of a wet soapy Faith.

"Alone" Faith said disappearing around the corner, missing the perplexed and disappointed look that crossed the blond slayer's face.

Buffy could feel something very wrong, but at the moment couldn't pinpoint why. On the verge of following the brunette up regardless of Faith's feelings and say something she was distracted by the phone ringing.


'Ah Buffy, good you're up.'

"Hey Giles, is everything alright."

'Hmm oh yes everything is fine I was just wondering what time you and Faith would be joining us at the magic box to continue planning Dawn's rescue.'

"We'll be there as soon as possible, as soon as we are dressed."

'Right then…. (in the background) no Xander I will not ask, now please sit down and research.'



"Are you sure everything is alright?"

'Oh yes, Xander is just being his tedious self, I'll see you in a little while then.'

"Yeah, bye."


"Buffy?... Dawn? I'm home." Came a shout from the front door, eyes widening at the voice of her mother.


"Buffy good you can help me with my bags."

"Mom what are you doing here?"

"Didn't Dawn tell you?" Joyce asked looking confused for a moment before just waving it off reminding herself how forgetful her oldest was. "I got a call about an auction house that was willing to sell to the Gallery. I told Dawn to tell you, speaking of which where is your sister?"

"Uh mom, maybe you should sit down, there is something that I have to tell you."

"What? What's wrong is it Dawn? Did something happen to your sister? Buffy What?" Joyce went from curiosity to full blown panic in a fraction of a second when she saw the look on her daughter's face, she was so caught up that she started to hyperventilate.

Pulling her mother into a hug, rubbing her back trying to calm her down Buffy moved them to the couch ignoring the open door. Sitting her mother down and then joining her placing a hand on her mom's knee Buffy started her explanation.

"Mom there is something that you should know, about Dawn." Looking into her mother's eyes she told her mother about Glory and how Dawn was a key, leaving out the alternate universe and Faith parts; not knowing how her mother would react to those two things. When Buffy finished, Joyce stood up and started to pace, replaying in her head what her daughter had just told her, finally thinking that she had everything right she heard.

"Hey B. I'm gonna borrow a pair of your underwear I can't find mine I think they might of got thrown out the window last night."

"Okay Honey."

At which she did the only thing she could do, she fainted.

Hearing the thump of a body hitting the floor she looked, seeing her mother passed out on the floor she got up from the couch.

"Mom... mommy?" checking her pulse and any signs of bruising Buffy picked her up and placed her on the couch rushing into the kitchen to grab a bag of peas from the freezer. Not even stopping as she ran past a dressed and confused looking Faith and into the living room; where her mom was starting to come to.

"Buffy? What happened?" Joyce asked as soon as she was aware of her surroundings.

"Umm you fainted?" Buffy answered avoiding her mother's eyes. Hoping against hope that her mom wouldn't ask why.

Though whether it was a blessing or not the question that she was dreading was replaced with "Buffy, why is Faith standing in the kitchen?"

"Umm, because she lives here now?" she answered hoping that she looked like she was confident in her answering and not like she was asking for permission.

"Living here?"

"Uh huh." Buffy answered with a nod, completely prepared to pout if the need arised.

"I think I need to lie down?"

"Umm, you are lying down, mom."

"Good." Joyce answered with an affirmative nod of her head as if that were the most sane answer that she could give which was possibly true at that moment.

"Hey B. I don't mean to interrupt or nothin' but we really need to motor soon if we want to put the bitch down."

"Yeah, okay, I'll just run upstairs and get dressed, I'll be right back." Leaving reluctantly Buffy ran upstairs giving a worried look to both of the remaining women in the living room.

"Soo…" Faith started now feeling suddenly nervous, as she looked down at her shuffling feet.

Lifting the bag of peas a little higher on her head, opening her eyes slightly she starred at the fidgeting brunette for a moment of two her nerves jumping a little as an awkward air pervaded the atmosphere only to be broken as Buffy bounded down the stairs shouting she was ready to go.

Joyce laid there running through her head all that had just happened from learning that her youngest daughter who was really a key had been kidnapped by a ex-god and her oldest was now in a lesbian relationship with the only person who had switched bodies with her and try to kill her multiple times. Thinking this over and over Joyce came up with the most suitable solution that she could come up with.

"I need a drink." Standing up, heading into the kitchen she grabbed the bottle of vodka that had been up until this moment unopened and well hidden in the basement. She paused coming across the sleeping tied up Travers near the washer and dryer. Placing her hand over her eyes, taking a deep breath, shaking her head once and then again. She turned away from the man not being able to handle what she had seen at that very moment. Finding what she was looking for opening it and taking the first of many drinks from the bottle as she turned and headed back up into the house to her room, planning to get incomprehensibly drunk no matter what. She would just deal with everything tomorrow, she vowed as she closed her bedroom door.


The scoobies had been researching all day and night, trying to find a solution only to be met with dead end after dead end and they were starting to get fed up. Even the information that they had gotten out of Quentin had helped them much. It all just ended in a missing passage or page being missing, even just stopping. They had no info at all and they were all running on empty at that moment the only good thing that had happened was that they had a starting place to look. Which thinking about it was pretty depressing; considering that they had only gotten through a quarter of the books that was still weighing the table down. They were just about to stop and take a doughnut break when the slayers came in somber looking or in Faith's case empty. Both Willow and Xander shivered at the look in her eyes remembering the last time that Faith had dead eyes. Silently thinking 'thank god I'm not in Glory.'

As both slayers entered the shop they were met with a deafening silence, it was like everyone was frozen in place until Giles spoke up.

"Faith, Buffy… how are you?" Giles asked embracing his slayer in a hug, sending a smile Faith's way to let her know that he truly cared.

Though she appreciated it she was really running on empty at the moment, so instead of acknowledging his heart felt concern she asked what she had been wanting to know as soon as she had found out about her sister's abduction and the death of her friends. "Where are the Daggers?"

Everyone looked up when they heard what she had said. Most of the scoobies, including Buffy looked confused at her inquiry. Separating herself from Giles comforting hug she looked at the love of her life, a question on the tip of her tongue when the door jingled announcing the arrival of Morgan herself, a thin film of mist trailing behind her as if it we trying to latch onto her like a leech.

Turning to look at her as she stopped at the edge of the step that took a person deeper into the store and towards the scooby table; in her hand a box that looked made out of Dragon skin or a least Anya thought it looked like dragon skin. The rest thought it was snake skin of some sort.

Looking at the curious faces that were before her she stayed still, observing each face individually trying to read them before focusing solely on her daughter's face.

Mother and daughter remained in a staring contest neither flinching nor looking away. One pleading for forgiveness and compassion the other challenging, daring even for the other to look away and admit defeat.

Xander starting to feel the awkwardness and tension that was rising in the room did what he always did. Hoping to break the tension he called out "So daggers huh? What's that all about?" This earned him a few raised eyebrows, glares, and a clearing of the throat from the watcher man himself.

"Yes, though I am reluctant to admit it, Xander does raise a good point…"

X: "I do?"

"Yes," focusing a level two glare towards the boy before turning his attention to the two women who were still glaring at each other Giles continued, "what daggers are you talking about Faith?"

"The Weeping Sisters." Spike answered appearing in the doorway directly behind everyone. A smile appearing on his face as he took in the mix emotions that were flaring as he entered the room, swaggering as he walked a little bit further confidently avoiding the streams of sunlight that were streaking across the room.

Rolling his eyes Giles regarded Spike with barely concealed contempt as he watched the vampire creep his way closer towards Morgan and the box that she was holding, until the words that were spoken truly registered into his mind. Eyes widening he took a step forward, looking between mother and daughter while keeping an eye on Spike, Giles asked, "The Weeping Sisters?" receiving a slight nod from Faith who had yet to move Giles blustered and started to clean his glasses in earnest while continuing, "But that is preposterous, they are a myth… there is simply no way that they exist… it can't… It just can't." Not getting a reaction at all from Faith he turned pleading with his eyes for Morgan to tell him that he is right. That after years and years of searching from the council that the Weeping Sisters, simply did not exist, that they were just a fable.

"Sorry I'm late, did I miss anything?" Ares asked appearing out of thin air to stand by his wife. In his hands he held a box much like his wife was holding only it differed in energy and color. Looking around at all of the stoic faces and the stand off that Morgan and Faith were having he could only guess that he had arrived just in time. "I wouldn't if I were you Vampire." Ares stated after a moment to long of silence. Turning his head to look in the eyes of the bleach blond vampire that had his hand stretched out trying to grab the dark box without anyone noticing, his eyes flashing lightening as he stared the half breed down, challenging him to make a move.

Willow standing from her spot next to her girlfriend asked what was on everyone else's minds that weren't in the know how "Giles what's going on?"

Turning her head to stare down the still defiant witch, the ground started to shake, Faith's body tensing as she started to yell. From the glares that her father and Spike were sharing to Giles trying to explain everything to the scoobies, to just what had happened to make her come back here, she had had enough and was very close to snapping in a very bad way.

"ENOUGH! We don't have time for this, we have less than forty-eight hours to come up with a plan to rescue Dawn and put this bitch who not only will killed her but has killed the two people who reminded me of the most important thing that I had in my life. Now, unless you hold in your hands the two weapons that have the power to destroy a god I suggest that everyone shut the hell up and get back to researching, because it will be a cold day in hell if I have to bury another person that I love."

With that said, Faith walked over pick Spike up by the back of his jacket and threw him across the room and into the glass counter not caring if he was alright or not; she moved to Ares and Morgan and took both boxes from them ignoring how one of them was burning her hand as if she had just stuck it into a vat of acid turning back to the groups seeing them staring at her with wide eyes and open mouths Faith walked over to the table ignoring the stares and gasps as the gang took in her completely black obsidian eyes. Slamming both containers on the table standing still waiting for someone to do something, she slammed her fist on the table shouting "Now!" a lightening bolt following after her outburst making everyone jump. The shaking of the ground slowing down to a stop as Faith felt herself being drained of power. Looking behind her she saw Morgan looking at her with sympathetic and saddened eyes. Feeling the mist surrounding her Faith was lulled into a hypnotic state as she peered over her mother's shoulder and looked into the emerald eyes that had captured her heart, though Faith couldn't place her finger on it there was something different about the blond, something shiny.

Closing her eyes Morgan felt Faith give, catching her in her arms Morgan turned to Ares silently asking him to take their daughter and to help. Faith maybe be controlled most of the time, but she still had no idea how powerful she truly was, she also needed to learn how to control her emotions better. Though when she was Clair she had worked with Faith on controlling her emotions but it seemed as if this were too much for the brunette at the moment.

Silently striding over to where his daughter lie in his wife's arms he picked her up and in a burst of lightning disappeared to the bluffs, lying her on the ground her watched as the sunset and waited. It was time for the lessons to begin.


Buffy was still in shock over what had just happened. Her mind was still trying to comprehend what had just happened. Turning to look at Morgan she saw the look that the woman was giving her and closed her mouth abruptly cutting off what she was about to say. She turned to Giles asking Willow's question again. "Giles, what are the Weeping Sisters?"

Walking over Giles placed a hand over the containers, not touching, but close enough to feel the power that was radiating off of them. He was still in amazement that they even existed.

"Giles?" Buffy called again finally grabbing the attention of her watcher.

Jumping slightly Giles turned, taking himself away from the power and answered his questioning slayer and the questioning glances that his children were giving him. Looking over to where Faith had thrown Spike he noticed nothing but dust and despite himself, 'no in spite' of himself he was greatly relieved that they no longer had to deal with the annoying vampire ever again though he did grieve that he had to fix that counter again that was besides the point.

"G-man, you with us?" Xander asked in his usual way with amusement and concern in his voice.

"Yes, I am quite alright Xander, and please never call me that again" Giles said, sending a glare at Xander who had the decency to look sheepish like always, "the Weeping Sisters is or was I should say a myth. Forged in the fires of heaven and hell they are quite simply put twin daggers, the story goes that in the time when man needed a champion there was two, one who possessed the light and the other the dark. Chosen by their given master they each forged a dagger that held almost all the same properties as the other. Driving their very souls into the creation of the daggers they blessed the dagger that they had forged with their very blood making them strictly indestructible. Said to be created for one purpose they were hidden never to be found until the true chosen found them. For centuries the council has search for these twin creations but have failed to even come close, like all who have heard of the Weeping Sisters the council thought that they were a myth."

"Then why search at all?" Tara asked from her seat at the table.

"In the beginning the council found two prophesies one of two slayers who would use the daggers against the council, and the other of a demon who would bring forth a creature with the ability to destroy life as we know it." Looking at Buffy as he said this, he held regret in his eyes knowing that he could have stopped Faith from going evil in the first place and knowing why he didn't.

B: "Wait but that means that the council knew all along that Faith would be called right?"

G: "They had suspicions but nothing that could be confirmed at that time."

B: "You knew and you did nothing?" she asked looking for all that was inside of her betrayed.

"Buffy it wasn't like that. You must understand that there were circumstances that were relevant to what happened that I alone had no control over." Giles stated hoping that he appealed to the woman that was standing before him.

"No, no. You could have stopped all of this, any of this, but you chose not to. Why what did you have to gain. My god Giles you knew how I felt and still you did nothing." Buffy cried out, no longer caring who was listening.

"It had to be done." He stated simply staring straight into Buffy's eyes waiting for her outburst when a voice spoke out behind him.

"He is right Buffy. The prophesy had to come true, if not the demon that the second prophesy talked about would have been you."

"What?" Buffy asked totally confused.

"The council was correct in its assumption that the postcard of the daggers was the slayer, after all it was a slayer who forged the first dagger in the first place."

"What are you talking about?" this time it was Giles to be curious.

"You don't honestly believe that Christ was really a man do you?" Morgan asked.

G: "Of course he was what on earth are you saying."

M: "Christina Marcos was the third slayer to be called, in her reign she lived to be almost forty, during such time she and her watcher Judas forged the two daggers, He if you will recall your studies Mister Giles was a founding father of the watchers council. When the trials' of the roman's started Judas was turned and Christina was put to death on the cross, the same symbol that you use to help you in the fight against vampires. That day was also the day that the daggers got their infamous name for when they put her on the cross Judas' dagger turned black while hers remained red. When she dropped the dagger a single tear fell from her eye, touching not only hers but his dagger as well turning both blades a brilliant white. Hence The Weeping Sisters were born. As for you Buffy, if Faith had never crossed the line fulfilling the prophesy of two slayers on light and dark then you would have not only strayed but become the worst being ever to walk the earth. I believe Faith explained it to you best once, all slayers have a bit of demon within them, it's what they do with the darkness within that makes or breaks them."

"How do you know all of this?" Giles asked her.

"I have been alive for a long time now Mister Giles there is a lot that I know that you and your council don't." Morgan stated simply with no sympathy in her voice.

"What are you saying that I needed Faith to be evil?" Buffy asked now staring at her shoes as if they were the most interesting things in the world at the moment.

"No Buffy, I'm not saying that you needed Faith to be evil, I'm saying that Faith needed herself to be evil to save you or she wouldn't be here now. She would be six feet under, never getting the chance to fulfill her destiny." Morgan said walking over to Buffy lifting the blond's head so that she could stare into Buffy's eyes to make the blond understand. When she saw what she needed she turned to the rest, moving silently from her place she moved over to the box and opened the red one and pulling Christina's Dagger out she tossed it to Buffy.

Catching it in mid air Buffy felt power coursing through her. Working purely on reflex she felt her arm shoot out feeling heat and pain course down her arm and into the dagger she watched fascinated as it turned into a short sword.

"How does it feel Buffy?" Morgan asked ignoring those around her who were watching fascinated at what had just happened.

Looking up Buffy answered "Right, like it's mine. Only mine, like it's apart of me an extension." Her voice filled with awe.

"Good." Morgan stated, "Let the lessons begin."

PART 25: WHAT!!!

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Sunnydale was quiet as the town clock struck midnight; the scoobs, Faith, and the two immortals stood atop a rise in the middle of Sunnydale. All staring at the contraption in front of them, knowing that their time was limited they paused only to pray to all that would listen, that they would make it this day a little worse for wear but alive.

The others behind Faith exchanged meaningful glances at one another, after years of doing this learning how to say all that need to be said in a glance had been the best gift they received. With that done they all went their separate ways, the same war marching song playing in their hearts as they made their way to their respective corners to prepare.


Squeezing Faith's shoulder in a loving way Buffy felt how tense she really was. Knowing that her mind was on the nightmare that she had had a few nights ago Buffy did the only thing that she could do. Hugging Faith from behind, resting her head on her love's shoulder Buffy whispered into Faith's ear, "I promise," before departing, walking down the hill, her dagger hidden subtly in the waistband of her pants. "I promise" repeating in her head as the blond walked away.


Faith stood motionless seemingly void of all emotion as her eyes watched one of the only things that she would sacrifice her life for no matter what, walk down the hill with dread in her heart. The only motion that she was even aware was the hand that wiped the single tear away as it fell down her cheek. Her hearing registering the last few chimes coming from the town clock. Closing her eyes Faith took a deep breath remembering as she recited the words until recently unknown to her.


"Now concentrate Faith, imagine before you stood men, warriors, demons, gods; all under the rule of their faith. As they raise their weapons, shouting at the top of their lungs the promise of death; a war cry. Charging to beat you and rape and pillage what is rightfully yours." Ares explained walking around his calm standing daughter, painting the images of war in her mind as he gave her a crash course of what he knew at birth.

She was his last after all, the heir to it all and he would be damned if he failed her, hell he'd 'freeze time if it were to save her from death's grasp' he thought; which was the exact moment that Faith opened her eyes uttering "teach me".

**End Flashback**

Faith opened her eyes as soon as the last word was uttered from her lips, watching as a pale clear blue light expelled from her hand freezing everything but her and Glory in a fifty mile radius, all but actual time itself that is. Making sure to be tuned into her and Glorificus' signatures half a second before acting on her last betrayal; after all she was such a great actress if the stories rang true.

Walking down the rise, Spike's leather duster flowing majestically behind her as she moved. Thinking at the time when she had found it, putting it on, that it was actually poetic justice, having been taken from a slayer as a trophy only for one to wear is for almost the same cause, besides she shrugged thinking out loud, it looks good on me; as she approached the frozen Buffy.

Turning Faith placed her hands on Buffy cupping her face between her hands kissing her on her lips, grabbing Buffy's head from the dagger. Kissing her on the cheek then hugging her for a moment or two before releasing her and walking away, heading towards the tower.


Kicking the door open, having wasted no time skipping around the minions and mental patients that were frozen in mid pose of what they were doing earlier all but those exceptional few who she killed just `cause they were in her way. Walking into the room, she spied Glory lounging against a red poofy chair, her legs crossed and fidgeting as she examined her nails.

Standing there waiting Faith pulled up a chair, knowing that Glory was just waiting for what she thought was the right time to let Faith hear the gift that was her voice. A minute and a half had passed as the silence had finally gotten to Glory speaking in a disapproving tone to Faith.

"You took your sweet time getting here ya know?!" she said but Faith knowing that it was all dramatic stayed silent knowing that it would infuriate her "Dickie would have at least called, chick-a- poo." Glory pointed out annoyed that the brunette didn't rise to her personal dig.

"Yeah, well he's dead," Faith deadpanned smiling a faux cheerful smile at the fallen god continuing "so what's that tell you Glo?"

"That he is…" pausing in mid sentence as her memories recalled the now dead sorcerer "simple, just another gnat that feasted on my magnificence."

Faith suppressed the urge to roll her eyes as the goddess continued, keeping herself occupied by as evil as possible, tuning back in only to hear the last remark.

"Call me by that name again and I will kill you, little one."

Look for all her part as sarcastically shocked as possible Faith exclaimed "Whatever name to you mean GLO, I mean I call you so many, it's hard to keep track of which one you like and dislike." Holding her fingers up as she began ticking the names off smiling "I know you hated Bitch and Blow Me the magnificent, crone, or numb nuts. I mean unless you have a preference" she said giggling at some of the insults she had made nicknames for the goddess, remembering how it would infuriate her but made the boss laugh even though he was trying to be reproachful with her.

Glory stared at Faith fuming then just as suddenly burst into laughter, plopping back down in her chair as she finally fully relaxed in front of the dark haired girl.

"Ah Faith," she sighed "you never cease to amaze me." She said changing the subject, "what did you bring me?" she asked sitting up.

Faith just smiled amused at Glory's child like excitement at the thought of getting a present, pretending that she didn't know what it already was.

"I don't know, what will I, get in return Glo?" Faith teased the fallen goddess.

"Faith" Glory whined out as if she were a spoiled child, though Faith could detect that she was on a fine line as it is, considering their earlier conversation so she switched modes. Standing up, with a devilish smile Faith bent her head to the side as if deep in thought taking a package out from behind her where she had hidden it when she first came in.

"Close your eyes Glo" Faith said keeping her voice neutral making sure to add a hysterical happy lilt to her voice for effect.

Jumping slightly in her chair in excitement, covering her eyes as if she were a little girl getting the biggest surprise from the king of England as Giles would say.

Slightly rolling her eyes Faith looked down at the package that she held in her hands, still wondering about the voices in her head that keep chanting 'change it' over and over. Looking briefly up at the clock she noticed that close to four hours had passed, frowning slightly before shaking her head a satisfied smile playing on her lips as she handed the package to the still awaiting Glory stepping back and to the side slightly as Glory opened it.

"This is just what I wanted." Glory exclaimed holding up the newly severed head of the blond slayer, looking at it more closely in the light.


Author's Notes: This is it the End for Kragdon, I hope you all enjoy it and that you enjoyed reading my story. It's been fun writing it for you guys and myself. *air kisses to all*

"Huh" Glory sighed turning the head up side down, not really paying attention, as she looked closely at the neck of the severed head. Suddenly smiling in amusement, at her no longer quickly boring present; her head lifting slightly as she shouted out "Hey did you know that the bitch was a robot?" to apparently no one. "Faith?" she questioned, turning confused, thinking to herself that she should have heard her jester leave. Then again shouldn't she notice the dark slayer's presence anyways she was after all a god.

As if just thinking it started it all, a huge explosion sounded outside as a rush of energy passed through her, retreating back to where ever it came. Looking at the head in her hands suddenly feeling nauseated and not at all like her powerful self.

"Glory, you're really not the brightest god in the heavens are you?" Buffy ask as she bitch slapped the god with the troll war hammer that Ares as a "wedding present" juiced up a little.

"It's not possible," Glory stammered standing shakily to her feet wiping the blood away from her mouth, "you're dead. She gave me your head."

"Yeah about that," swinging the hammer straight into her gut sending her through the wall "I really hate it when people try to use the people I care about against me" Buffy finished as she followed running and jumping through it hitting the god under the chin with the handle of the hammer while still in the air. "Just thought you ought to know." She told the unconscious god, before running off to help with the surviving fighting minions that Ares hadn't beheaded or blown up, then see how Dawn was and more importantly Faith.


Faith emerged out of the shadows; having waited until Buffy had left so that she could do this. Her eyes a black that rivaled oblivions own darkness, her hands and fingers looking like some type of crude claws. In one hand a new sword was in her hand; growling deep in her throat as her canines elongated and her ears sharpened into points. Gripping the sword tightly in her hand as she charged forward, all the pent up rage that she had been feeling since the knowledge of her friends' deaths and her sister's kidnapping enveloping her whole as she pounced.

Reaching a hand up Glory threw Faith away having recovered from her shock and the betrayal that Faith had committed against her. HER! She was a god, as Faith was nothing but a fool that she thought had great potential ruling by her side.

Glory was practically fuming at this moment, thinking with an uneven head that she could and would beat the disgusting meat bag to death, Glory charged forward, screaming.

Faith just as angry at the violations and the gal of Glory charged also a part of her mind that would forever be slayer, keeping the sword that she had dropped from her grasp after she had landed awkwardly on the floor disconnecting her right shoulder.

Wrestling on the floor trying to shred each other to pieces both forgot about the battle surrounding them, not caring really just trying to kill the other. Faith forgetting about a mine she had set up and Glory not knowing about it, sent the both sprawling to the floor knocking the sword fully away before Faith could reach it.

Glory who didn't seem as dazed as Faith at having her head slammed into a solid concrete wall after an explosion, took the opportunity to strangle Faith, murder in her eyes fueling the fire within her enough to fight off been for the moment, gritting out "I. Just. Wanted. To. Go. HOME;" through clenched teeth tightening her grip around the fragile neck. Intent to finish the job when she felt a sharp pain in her back that spread through her whole body, thinking one last thought before she died collapsing on top of Faith, "Such pure energy."


Dawn had kneeled and watched from the safety of the crevice where Faith had shoved her and told her to stay put with Tara and an injured Willow, who looked just as exhausted as she felt. Looking back at them she noticed that Willow was unconscious and Tara was too busy paying any attention to her, so she decided to go look for Faith remembering the training from Xairna and Faith, she snuck away, hoping to find her sister to thank and maybe help her.

Dawn found Faith half way transformed and Glory fighting, hiding in the shadows waiting to see if Faith needed her help and if so when would an opportunity arise to be of any help at all. Ducking behind some solid rubble covering her ears as the room exploded.

Shaking the dust out of her hair and off her body Dawn stood up slightly hunching over to see what had happened. Eyes widening Dawn held the urge to scream out for Buffy or someone else who was too far away at the moment only just slowing down their movements as the realization that the battle was just about over. Knowing that she was the only one that was close enough to keep Faith from dying looked frantically for a weapon. Spying the sword that came from combining the daggers, Dawn ran to it finding that it wasn't as heavy as it had felt earlier. Hefting the sword towards them Dawn raised it above her head bellowing in a loud almost inhuman scream that went unnoticed as another explosion went off bringing the sword down with all her strength closing her eyes feeling the sword come against resistance and then slide right through like it was warm butter. It felt like every word that her sister Buffy had written in her journal about stabbing Faith for Angel only she didn't feel guilty really just shocked that she did it at all.

Being broken from her thoughts at a groaning she looked down berating herself at forgetting that Faith was under Glory. Then a thought hit her with full realization, 'Oh god Faith was under Glory'. Acting quickly she pulled the sword out and push Glory off of the now human Faith. Falling to her knees Dawn frantically looked over the bloody and battered body of her sister stammering through tears that were starting to shed.

"O-oh god F-Faith I am s-so so sorry, it was an accident. Oh god what have I done? I-I'll go get the others," she asked looking at her bloodied hands, starting to feel that guilt.

Coughing a bit as she felt herself dying, Faith tried to get Dawn's attention. Seeing that what she was doing wasn't working and was in fact hurting her even worse she grabbed Dawn by the shirt pulling her down.

"An'w grtes't… *cough* tunI proteggere Buffy" (haven't time…. must protect Buffy).

Faith paused to catch her breath knowing that she didn't have a lot of time left.

"Proteggere s' ki'benia" (protect the baby) Faith got out laying back down exhausted closing her eyes, a single tear running down the side of her face as she stopped breathing and let herself be taken knowing in her heart that Dawn would do what ever she had to in her power to protect the next generation. Knowing with certainty, that she would spend her after-life in peace.

Buffy had come running to find her sister sobbing over the body of her mate knowing the pain that she felt in her heart was real. Faith was really dead. Falling to her knees Buffy buried her head in her hands folding into herself crying for the love and happiness that she had with Faith being stolen from them so soon.

**Ten days and eight months later**

"Congratulations, Mrs. Lehane. You are now the proud parent of a beautiful baby girl." The doctor exclaimed holding the bundle of joy high in the air for her mother to see the child, before handing her to the nurse to clean the little girl up.

Lying back breathing a sigh of relief, 32 hours of labor was exhausting even for a slayer who had immortal in-laws and a way overprotective family of friends. Shaking the sadness she felt when she thought about Faith she looked down at the bundle that had just been handed to her, smiling the hugest smile as she looked at her… 'no,' she corrected herself 'our daughter, Faith, our daughter, … Amelia Joyce Lehane.'


And that ladies and gentlemen is the true ending to this long adventurous story of two women who against all odds fought for and against each other to only find in the end that they were always fated to be.

Thank you.

...continued in Fallen...