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by Alexandria Olson
Rating: NC-17


PART 11: Discoveries

They stood twelve feet away from each other, Buffy in a fighting stance waiting for an attack. She looked so beautiful Faith had thought as she starred at Buffy. She could tell that the blond slayer couldn't make out her face due to the shadows that hid most of her facial features. Faith was breathing hard from both the fight and the sheer exhaustion that she felt. For some reason it was taking more of her energy here than in the other world to keep her appearances. She didn't want to change especially in front of the blond slayer, and the smell of arousal that was in the air wasn't helping anything either. Faith could feel her animal urges coming to the forefront, could feel her control slipping, and her mind becoming unfocused. Never before had it been this hard, she need to get out of here fast, if she didn't lord knows what she might do.

Just as she was about to back away into the shadows to disappear, she saw right behind her sister slayer a group of vampires that were looking to jump her from behind. Faith knew that there were too many for the blond slayer to handle on her own and that she wouldn't make it out alive. It was exactly at that instant that Faith lost control, as the realization came over her that Buffy might die. It was too swift for her to even try to stop. She was reminded of Dawn, of Clair, of all she had seen and the people that she had cared about die in front of her eyes. She was no longer in control, the beast was.

Jumping high over her head, Buffy ducked and turned to see another werewolf attack a group of vampires that she hadn't felt approaching her from behind. She had thought that the creature was going to attack her at first, so when she stood back up she was in a defensive stance, she hadn't expected it to go after the vamps. Buffy didn't think that the beast would be able to dust them with just teeth and claws, but she was wrong. Buffy watched as one by one the group of vamps turned into dust, only a few being either thrown at her to stake or a tree branch. Little did she know that behind her there was one unconscious pissed off were thing behind her that was starting to wake up. The other two nowhere to be found.

Shaking his head Marcus slowly got to his feet shaking his head to clear the cobwebs that were clouding his brain. Looking up he suddenly remembered his humiliating defeat and the reason why, Faith was supposed to be his. He looked at the blond slayer that had stole his queen's heart, stole her from him. He would make her pay, rip her throat out. Growling low in his throat he started to run to where she was jumping high in the air, and landing on top of her, going straight for Buffy's throat.

Buffy who had just helped finish dusting the last vamp, turned when she heard a twig snap behind her her stake rising as she turned her upper body. She was surprised when she saw a black mass of fur flying towards her. She didn't have time to duck and roll, the beast had already tackled her and was trying to go for her throat. She had just enough time to grab it by the jaw just before its teeth could sink into her throat. The demon's putrid breath making her want to gag. Buffy tried to buck it off of her, but it wouldn't budge, and she knew that if she moved her hands that it would be her undoing. Her strength was disappearing quickly and she was exhausted from the vamps that she had fought earlier tonight, plus helping dust that group of vamps a few minutes ago. Just as she was about to let go, feeling her hands slipping as the creature snarled and inched its head closer, the weight was gone.

Faith who threw the last vamp away from her turned to face Buffy, though she was fully turned and it was much harder to bring her human mind to the forward she somehow managed it. Feeling the rage leave her body she turned when she heard a growl her eyes now an amber color and growing darker and brighter than before. Her mind no longer her own as she saw what was going down. Rage filled her body, her blood boiling, the fire in her eyes growing stronger and brighter that it started to manifest itself to the outside. Moving quicker than she ever had in her whole life, Faith lept and tackled Marcus off of Buffy. Throwing him over into a grave stone which broke in two on impact.

The flames surrounding her, Faith went after him just as he was getting back up, the fire burning his hair everytime it touched him.

As Buffy turned her body and started to get up she heard growls and whimpers coming from the left of her, lifting her head she was struck motionless at the sight about twenty feet in front of her. There before her eyes was the were that had jumped her and the other one that had just killed about fifteen vampires not a few minutes ago or so she assumed it was. She couldn't really tell, one was covered in flames and the other looked like it was trying to look for an escape without being killed. If Buffy had been anyone but the slayer she probably wouldn't even be able to follow most of the fight that was happening in front of her they were moving so fast. She had just blinked her eyes when she heard it.

A sickening cry filled the air, its pitch making car alarms go off a block away, then it was silent. The only sound were the distant car alarms and the heavy breathing coming from the were in front of Buffy. The flames around it slowly coming down and going all the way out. Its eyes dimming in color and turning into a brown so deep that Buffy would recognize anywhere in the universe. Though she didn't want to believe it, those eyes just confirmed what she had feared, "Faith?" Buffy said in a voice barely above a whisper.

Buffy watched, as the sun rose into the sky, her suspisions being confirmed as the creature before her turned slowly into a very naked cut up Faith.

Faith could feel the sun rise, her body starting to change back to its human form, to her mask. She saw in the distance her clothes shreded and the weeping sisters in the pockets of the unrepairable leather jacket that had been torn in two because of the change. She had cuts on her body and parts of her was covered in blood from both the vamps and Marcus who lay behind her dead now. She was utterly and completely exhausted. She felt Sar'ah and Selena in the distance to her left sleeping in the bushes. She could feel that they hadn't of done much but play and mate and she was truly happy for them both. The had been entirely stressed out ever since they had found out where Dawn had gone. They had fought almost the whole two years it had taken to find a portal that would stay open long enough to transport them all and to put them in a specific place and time. Faith could feel the exhaution becoming stronger and start to take over her body as the transformation back to her human form. Just before passing out one word had left her lips as she fell face first into the ground, sleep taking over her mind and body.

Buffy thought that she heard Faith say her name before she collapsed onto the ground. She felt sheer panic run through her as she started to notice that more than half of Faith's body was covered in blood. Thinking that it was hers, Buffy crawled over to Faith and cradled her head in her lap as she checked for a pulse, heart beat and whether or not if Faith was breathing. Finding that everything was steady, Buffy picked her up in her arms and carried her towards the gate, out of the cemetary, and straight towards the magick box that she knew is where she would find Giles researching what he could find on this new demon that had kicked her ass not too long ago. Ignoring the body that was left on the grounds but not forgetting it Buffy moved forward with a naked Faith in her arms, the sun behind her slowly rising in the sky, towards the magick box without looking back. Just wanting to make sure that Faith was alright and plus there was the fact that now that Buffy had found her she was never going to lose her again.

Oh don't get Buffy wrong the anger was still there, but the concern and love that Buffy felt towards the dark slayer was simply stronger, and overrid anything and everything else. Little did she know that she was being watched silently by two naked women who were hiding in the bushes, clutching to their chests a red and black dagger, praying that nothing would happen to their Queen.

PART 12: Dawn

It took her ten minutes to get to the magick box, but by the time she got there Buffy was going into full blown panic. Faith hadn't moved once since Buffy had picked her up and if it wasn't for the movement of her chest Buffy would have thought that Faith had up and died on her. Her heart constricted at the thought of Faith dying. Holding back tears Buffy burst through the front door of the magick box calling for Giles.


"Giles help."

"Who is that? What happened."

"It's Faith, I don't have time to explain, she's injured I think. I need your help"

"Here let's bring her to the back."

Moving to the back training room Buffy carefully placed Faith down on the cot that she sometimes used to rest on when she finished a difficult routine. Covering her naked body with a naked sheet, Buffy caressed one of Faith's cheeks feeling the tears that she was holding back earlier spring forth. Silently she asked 'why Faith, why did you leave, I thought you loved me,' before she moved out of the way and let Giles check Faith for any serious injuries. Wiping the tears from her eyes Buffy helps clean off the dry blood from Faith's body. She could feel Giles eyes on her as he observed her and how each time she touched Faith it was with a lover's touch and not one of an enemies. She knew that he had questions, that when the scoobies arrived that they would also have the same. She just wasn't ready, to answer them, to answer her own, to answer Faith's when she came around.

"Buffy, might I have a word with you?" Giles asked already leaving the room.

Taking one last look at Faith, admiring how innocent her face looked and how her normal olive complextion was more pronounced as well as most of her facial features, making her look more sensual and grown up, Buffy followed behind Giles to the main part of the store where he was waiting patiently for her.

As soon as Buffy exited the training room, Giles turned with a question on his lips. Fortunately for Buffy it was that moment that Anya and Xander walked in arguing like usual. Halting Giles from his barage of questions.

"...An, I didn't mean it like that..."

"..Yes. yes you did, just because you have a penis and that I..."

"Anya?!?" Xander said with a hand over her mouth, shooting both Buffy and Giles an apologetic smile.

As if just noticing them Anya perked up a bit removing Xander's hand from her mouth.

"Buffy will agree with me," she stated walking with determination down the stairs straight towards them.

Just as she reached them Willow and Tara walked in hand and hand, bright smiles on their faces.

"Hey guys" Willow said cheerily to everyone.

"W-what's going on" Tara supplied for Willow, her smile disappearing when she saw the expressions on everyone's faces. If Tara hadn't of hung around them for awhile, the faces that she saw would be almost comical. If it hadn't been for the grave expressions on Buffy's and Giles' faces she would have laughed. Instead she asked with a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach "what's wrong."

Hearing the seriousness in Tara's tone which was rarely there everyone turned to Buffy and Giles. All had a questioning look on their faces. It was then as silence decended on the group that they heard it.


Looking up from the place on the floor that she had fixed her stare Buffy turned to the training room, running as quick as she could with everyone else on her heels following her. Fear gripping her Buffy walked over the to doubled over Faith who was shaking.

"Buffy?" Giles asked silently a few steps behind her read to move forward and protect his slayer if the occassion called for it. He paused though when she raised her hand letting him know that it was okay. That she could handle it.

"Faith" Buffy asked when she got close enough to the dark haired slayer slowly reaching out to touch her shoulder ignoring the collected gasps that she heard from the scoobs who were behind her. When she was about to touch her her hand froze in mid air. Shocked when she heard a deep resonating growl come from her sister slayer. The growl was so deep and long that an involuntary shiver ran down her spine, both from arousal and fear.


Faith raised her head her eyes glowing a yellowish brown the sheet that was covering her body had slipped a little ways revealing her upper torso. She didn't really remember what had happened just that she was aware again and her mate was kneeling in front of her with an arm stretched out towards her, frozen in place. But there was something else, something strong and had the potential to do great wrongs or great goods. she also had an after taste of death and ash in her mouth. She was confused for a minute, her growling became stronger when the memories of what happened last night assulted her mind again. This time not stopping, she felt like her head was going to explode, it hurt so much. the power, the bloodlust that complete abandonment of everything she held dear to her, the extra boost that the hellmouth gave her. It all hit her a once strong and fast not quitting until it was stored away. The power of it knocking her out for a minute or two and when she came around again it was staring into the eyes of the most strikingly beautiful blue eyes she had ever saw, filled with compassion and understanding. There was no pity or worry, just pure and simple compassion. It was then looking deeper into this girl's eyes that she saw what she thought didn't exist. A sister soul.

The power and love that she experianced in those eyes almost nearly literally brought her to tears. She had no idea who them belonged to but they reminded her so much of Clair when she was alive that she almost did start to cry. A single tear rolling down her eyes, Faith reached up to cup this girl's cheek and whispered so quiet that only she would hear and understand. "Frusta Natura, Com'us Tratia fo 's Grumnal." (Natures priestess, Claims the Queen's Soul for the goddess.)

Tara who was the last to arrive at the door to the training room pushed her way through when she felt the presence of a Pantherian close by paused when she saw Buffy approach the half naked woman on the floor. Looking at the woman's aura she thought that she had seen it before. It was when she heard the name that Buffy uttered that she understood, this was the dark slayer, the one that switched bodies with Buffy last year. But there was something different about her, she was stronger, less damaged. It was at that moment that she knew what was different about the dark slayer, that she couldn't place her finger on. She was the Pantherian that she had been feeling. Tara was shocked at first then curious, as she had only met one of them in her lifetime and she was only a little girl then.

Tara could feel Willow tense as she started to move in front of her. Though Tara wanted to reassure Willow that nothing would happen she couldn't, for some reason she felt drawn by the dark slayer as if something was about to happen that she was supposed to witness. Then it happened everything started to slow down and a blast of power shot out of Faith knocking Buffy and Mr. Giles back, throwing Faith five feet away from her initial spot on the floor and onto her back where she then started to convulse. It was then that she felt the after shock of that power blast pass through her and the others bringing Anya and the others to their knees as it passed through them knocking all of them but Tara herself out. The reason that Tara was still standing was because she had prepare herself for it brace her body for contact like a football player would when up against an opponent. When the shock passed Faith had stopped moving. Tara rushed over to her checking for a pulse and when she found one she tried to wake her up. She could feel the others coming around but she knew that they were fine and that the dark slayer needed her more. Putting her fingers on Faith's temples Tara prayed to the goddess feeling a jolt go through her and enter the dark slayer.

Opening her eyes Tara saw that Faith was coming around, she had saw it all when that jolt went through her and knew all that had happened from her childhood, her calling, everything, even the death of Riley and the reason she had come back to Sunnydale. She saw and she understood, she accepted and didn't judge her cause she knew all she had seen to be true and knew why she felt so drawn to Faith that instant. It was Faith who had voice it however. What felt like hours to them both was just a few seconds in reality. Tara blushed when she heard her love call her name and finally noticed Faith's nudity which made her blush even harder the color in her cheeks matching her Willow's hair.

Placing Faith's head off of her lap Tara backed off a bit, then stood and went to Willow grabbing her in a kiss that was filled with love and passion, letting her lover know that everything was alright and that she had nothing to worry about. When she ended it she saw Willow had a smirk on her face and her eyes were glazed over she was lost in her own world.

Turning around, Tara blushed and hid her face behind her hair when she noticed that every one was staring at her with their mouths open. Biting her lip she looked up through her hair, shooting a glare Faith's way when she saw that she was trying not to laugh. Tara was just thanking the goddess that Faith had covered up again.

Faith thought that it was the most hilarious thing that she ever saw, inside she was saying 'Hee Hee way to go blondie, get down with your bad self'. But on the outside she was having trouble holding it in. She spied the sheet next to her naked body and sitting up wrapped it around herself, looking back up and at the still glazed look in Willow's eyes she felt another burst of giggles trying to get free so bad that her body was shaking, but she still held back. It was when she saw blondie glaring at her like she was going to kill her that she just couldn't hold it back any more and brust out laughing, when she saw that every one was momentarily brought out of their mind farts and were now staring at her like she had two head she started to laugh even harder, harder than she had ever laughed before. It was just too funny for her that she just couldn't help it.

"Buffy?" Came a voice from the door.

That voice, however, shut Faith right up. Looking towards the door she saw the deciding reason that she had come back to this hellhole in the first place.

"Buf.. Faith?"


PART 13: Little Sister

No one moved or said a word, holding their bated breathe as they watched Dawn launch herself at Faith's prone body on the floor. All for different reasons did they stare at Faith and Dawn as they almost fell to the floor because of the young brunette embracing the older one.

"Not your fault." Dawn whispered as soon as she felt the other girl hesitantly embrace the other girl back. No one spoke for the longest time as they watched some in awe others in apprehension as they saw the tears that ran down the hardened brunette's cheeks. If a stranger perhaps had walk in on the scene that was the training room they would have been touched to the point of tears as the scene unfolded. For what that stranger would have saw would be two brunettes who bore a striking resemblance to each other hugging as if their life depended on it, surrounded by four females and two males, three of them looking dumb founded, one with tears in her eye, the older gentleman looking cautious and a female who looked indifferent, all being illuminated in an orange hue of light coming in from the windows.

Faith couldn't believe it. After years of searching and enduring trials of pain, heartache, and control she had found her Dawnie. She felt a warmth inside her spread throughout her whole being as the knowledge of what that meant sunk in. The priests had explained it to her in the beginning but her moment of clarity didn't come until that moment as she raised her head and stared in to the eyes of those she had brought with her arrived. Their gasp of surprise and joy breaking the trance that everyone had been in. Bringing Buffy and the rest of the gang back to the reality of what they were witnessing.

"Dawnie?" both Buffy and Tara said at the same time, looking at each other first then back to the two brunettes that were still hugging.

Dawn extricating herself from Faith turned to stare at her sister and the rest of the gang who had now moved further into the room. She was wiping the tears that had started to fall from her eyes when she started to hug Faith, and memories of another life had assaulted her mind, ones of castles, wars and a love for a sister/mother feeling that she got when she first saw Faith. She remembered, everything. Just as she was about to respond to her sister's unspoken question she was all of a sudden tackled and in a wash of breathtaking hugs by two tanks better known as Sar'ah and Selena. Both who were crying like their queen had been earlier as the relief filled them over the fact that they had found their lost cubling.

Before they knew what was happening the lovers were being thrown off of Dawn by the slayer. Hitting the ground and getting the air knocked out of them the clothes that they had been carrying and that had still been in Selena's hands flew and landed about a foot away.

"BUFFY! Why did you do that for?" Dawn shouted at her sister reprimanding her at throwing Sar'ah and Selena. She started to move towards them to help them up only to be stopped by Buffy's hand.

"Dawn, they're demons, they were going to hurt you." Buffy told her sister slowly as if she were talking to a five year old who couldn't possibly understand. Just as Dawn was about to protest she was cut off from an outburst by Willow.

"Will someone please tell me what is going on and why the frilly heck Faith the psycho slayer is here. And who the heck are they." Willow yelled pointing at the two new strangers, which was followed with nods and concurences from the rest of the gang except for Buffy, Tara and Dawn, two of which knew or had guessed at the answers.

PART 14: What's Mine

Selena was the first to get up, picking up the fallen clothes that were for her Queen. Helping Sar'ah up they both turned and started to growl at the witch that would dare to insult their friend and ruler. Tossing Faith the clothes as she had requested they both were starting to advance on the witch.

Faith quickly changed into the sweatclothes that her friends had brought her and when she saw what they were doing she quickly moved her body in front of them.

Faith: "Mas. Dra ni mika s' oasi. Dra nicras." (Stop. It's not worth the fight. It's deserved.)

Selena *gesturing to the group that had put themselves in front of willow*: "No. no dra ni. Cara slaw no mina ca toka vi." (No. No it's not. They have no right to insult you.)

Sar'ah: "Ca toka vas." (To insult us.)

Dawn stood there watching and listening to their interaction, and that of the gang. She had no idea what to do. Part of her agreed with Sar'ah and Selena and the other part that had memories of what Faith had done to the scoobie gang was plotting right along with them. She was confused and she was starting to get a headache listening to both sides and having Buffy trying to explain herself and why Faith and the others were here. Finally she just couldn't take the arguing anymore so she went up to Buffy grabbing her wrist she dragged her over to Faith. She grabbed Faith's wrist in her other hand and ignoring the protests from the others dragged both the slayers into the main room knowing that the gangs would follow.

When she got to the round table she shoved Buffy towards a seat and told her to sit, her voice and the fire in her eyes letting Buffy know that there would be no arguing about it. She did the same thing to Faith only she went to the other side of the table and had them sit opposite sides from each other.

Selena and Sar'ah both went to Faith's side while the Scoobs stayed on Buffy's side. Looking as if the arguments were about to start again Dawn went and grabbed one of Giles heavier tombs and dropped it on the table. A feeling of satisfaction filling her as the room was once again silent and she had gotten everyone's attention.

Taking a deep breath Dawn stood up straight and addressed everyone in the room. "I don't care who you are, what you are, what your protests are, or what you could do to me. I am sick and tired of having to listen to you guys arguing. So here's what you are going to do. The scoobs are going to listen to Fai and everything she has to say, if you have questions ask them one at a time, there will be no interupting, no scoffs, no whimpers or growls from any one. If you can't listen then I suggest you leave." Looking everyone in the eye with Buffy's slayer face on as her facial expression. Dawn took a deep breath and sat down near Faith and the others with her hands folded in front of her waiting for someone to start. Mentally channeling Faith to get this ball rolling as she waited patiently. But much to her disappointment it was Buffy who started and the question was directed at her.

"What are you doing here anyways Dawn? Aren't you supposed to be at home with mom."

Looking sheepish for having forgotten what she had come here in the first place Dawn looked down at her hands twiddling her thumbs "Oh, um mom had to go out of town again. She found out the last minute so she dropped me off here cause she thinks that I can't take care of myself. I mean hello I am fourteen years old, can soo take care of myself."

"Sai, vaser futna? Ska vi tran'as fastosa." (Wait, you're fourteen. Shouldn't you be 15) Faith asked.

"Umm, no, dra cosa'cus grrousa kunal. (Ummm, no, it's different here year wise.) Sumul a dras nucalrrras sovana truchca. (About a month has passed since I have been here.) Dawn answered her soul sister's question.

"Umm, Dawn?" this was from Giles.


"How did you know what Faith just said, when we don't understand a word she is saying, or what language she is speaking?"

It was Dawn, Anya and Tara who all answered Giles question at the same time. "It's Pantherian." All three looked at each other with a questioning look on their faces.

D, T, &A: "How... What... How?"

Tara: "My mom was friends with one, she taught me the language when I was a little girl."

Anya: "Back in my demon days I went to Xairna to curse a man that had fallen in love and cheated on his wife with one."

A & T: "Dawn how did you know"

Dawn: "I was born there... *eyes widening* oooppss." Looking at Buffy to see her staring straight at her as well as every one else.

"What?!" Both Buffy and the scoobs asked with their eyebrows shooting up to reach their hairline.

"Ummm" looking sheepishly again Dawn looked pointedly at Faith who just shrugged her shoulders and said you dug your own grave.

"What do you mean you were born there? Born where exactly Dawnie?" Her attention going back to Buffy Dawn struggled with answering not knowing how her sister would react. Instead she stuck with her first answer.

"Ummm.... Shouldn't we be listening to Faith right know trying to figure out what she is doing here and what not." Which earned her a glare from both of her sisters, before both turned to appraisingly look at each other again, not realizing that they were doing it to each other, Dawn rolled her eyes and decided to change the subject even farther to what it was supposed to be, silently thinking 'those two need to get a clue and fast or a room either one works.'

"So Faith whatcha doin here and in English please." Dawn stated, addressing Faith still looking for an out.

"Yeah Faith, here to try to kill us again like last time or just join up with whatever latest baddie that will take you?" Xander said with a sneer as Willow nodded her head for once lost for words.

Faith just glared at them before answering them, fixing her gaze on Buffy as she did.

F: "Man X, hold a grudge why dontcha, though can't says I blame ya after all I did kick you out on your lily white ass, after I took a go at ya."


A: "You had sex with a Pantherian and you didn't tell me."

X *rubbing his chest where anya had hit him*: "An... as far as I knew she wasn't one of those pan-whatevers back then. She was just a Slayer and besides it was a long time ago."

A: "Xander's Mine." Speaking straight at Faith while latching onto Xander's arm.

Faith just held her hand up in supplication saying "Have at em he's all yours, 'side he isn't even why I came here."

G: "And why did you come here Faith, last I heard you were in Denver, being chased down by the council before you disappeared." He said looking intently straight at her.

F: "To help and to get what's mine," she said still looking straight at Buffy.

A: "Buffy's your orgasm buddy. Oh that's great. You hear that Xander, Buffy's and Faith are orga...mmphhmm hmphmm." Anya started to say before being promptly cut off by Xander's hand over her mouth.

X: "An hun, I'm pretty sure that you have that wrong there is no way that Buffy would ever lower herself to sleep with psycho slut slayer. Right Buff?" He asked looking oh so hopeful, his statement being followed by a yeah from Will.

In response all they got was one blushing Buffy and an exclaimed 'I knew it!!!' from Dawn.

W: "Buffy?"

Faith cut Buffy off before she could answer "Not mine. Not now, not then, not ever." The look in her eyes betraying her to Buffy as the memory of their one night was replaying in her head. "Like I said I came to get what's mine and to help out with things." Faith stated again, shaking her head to disband the memory from her mind knowing that Buffy would never love her like Faith wished she would, that she was just a fuck to her.

"And what would that be Faith." Buffy spoke softly not looking up at Faith for fear of revealing what she was feeling.


"What!?!?!" this came from the whole gang turning to Dawn who had answered.

"Dawn, what do you mean when you said "me"?" Giles asked her tentatively.

"Ummm" Dawn answered not sure how to explain to these people the memories that were growing more detailed by the second and coming a lot faster than the first few. How did she tell people that she wasn't even born in this dimension but was. Heck it even confused her. So far the only thing that she was sure of was that Faith and the others were here because of her and that Riley was a part of why.

Dawn looked towards her soul sister seeking help and guidance.

Faith stared at her for a minute before looking at the others trying to decide who would be more perseptive to her. She looked at each one dismissing them as soon as she laid eyes on them knowing that their attitude would be hostile, She didn't really feel like getting into a fight with the scoob at the moment. What with the moon rising in the next two hours and the fact that there was still an exiled god after her little sister because of some idiot monks. Too much information was running through her head at the moment that she didn't think any thing would clear it.

"Ffrraithhhh?" Selena asked quietly behind her, her and Sar'ah placing a reasuring hand on her back which she instantly leaned into, seeking the comfort of her pack if she couldn't find it in her unclaimed mate. It was when she felt that the sun had reached the horizon that she interrupted the scoobs from their interrogation of her and Dawn.

"Ummm as facinating as this little inqusition is there is a small problem that unless you have a few tranq guns will be a lot more scarier than little old me." Faith said slowly sitting up straight feeling the change, silently hoping that she will be able to hold it off for a few minutes.

"Oh, and what just that be Faith." Willow sneered.

"Willow, I really don't think you should antagonize her right now, as a matter a fact I'd suggest running." Dawn supplied from where she was getting up from the table and walking slowly backwards towards the training room keeping her eyes on Faith, Selena, and Sar'ah, all who were breathing heavily.

"Faith?" Buffy asked concern filling her voice as she stared at her sister slayer who had started to sweat profusly.

"B, I'd suggest.... you..... run." Faith spoke through clenched pointed teeth, looking up at her love as her eyes glowed yellow, her voice even more husky and smoke filled as she spoke. It was the full moon tonight and Faith felt like she couldn't even control what was going to happen, the only thing she could do was warn her love before it was too late Selena and Sar'ah already half way changed withering on the floor as the pain riddled their bodies.

Anya who was dragging Xander by the arm to where Dawn was heading ignored his protests and questions he was asking about what was happening. Willow and Tara following behind them, both sensing the power that was coming off the three weres, Giles right behind them seeing what was really going on and cursing himself for forgetting to unpack the tranqulizer gun. Buffy was the last to get up and follow the others that was at least what they thought.

Following them to the door Buffy against her better judgement grabbed the knob to the door and closed it locking it from the outside. Turning around when she heard growling from the other end of the store, she stared at Faith and the others now in full form.


She sat by the stairs of the magic shop watching her blond haired goddess. She knew no fear nor could she smell aprehension coming from the blond warrior. Her kin was behind her watching also, waiting. For what she had no clue, she didn't think that they knew what either. She heard the click of the door being locked and watched as her one turned. The only thought going through her head was one word. Mine.

Stalking over while her kin explored this new place that they found themselves in, She held her head high as was per her station, smelling the air she could smell her perfume and feel it intoxicate her. She paused a foot in front of her and stared in front of her staring into the sea green eyes that hunted her dreams.


Buffy watched as the panther came closer, she assumed it was Faith due to the way it looked close enough to an actually panther and not like any were that she had ever saw. Bending down to its head level she stared into its unwavering golden eyes, not knowing what was going to happen. Ingnoring the pounding and shouts that were coming from the door behind her, Buffy reached out to touch the animal, expecting to get bit. Instead what she got surprisingly brought a smile upon her face and a shiver to run down her spine.


She watched as her golden one reached out a hand and laid it on the side of her face, closing her eyes as she felt a tingle go through her body, she let out a deep resonating purr that had started from deep within her chest. Bending her head down and towards the hand that touched her, she gave it a kiss.

Faith felt as if she was watching this from afar, she didn't know what was going on, she just knew that what ever it was, was giving her control back. She felt a new type of energy coursing through her being and somehow it was enough to give her control and allow her to change back.

The first word out of her mouth as she returned to her human form was "Mine" right before she grabbed the back of Buffy's head and crushed the blond's lips to hers in a passionate kiss that left them both breathless.

Breaking the kiss, Buffy looked into Faith's eyes and before bringing her into another hungry, passionate breathtaking kiss she said the one word that Faith didn't think she would ever hear the blond say to her "Yours."

Thinking that this was it and that they would finally get their chance, they were thrown apart by a gust of air powered by magic.

Faith looked up and into the completely black eyes of


PART 15: Goddess

Like Willow, Faith's eyes turned completely black as hair covered her entire body. A deep resonating growl escaped from her throat as she took in the threat. Standing full up right Faith saw but didn't react as Sar'ah flew towards the red witch only to be turned into a kitten. Selena seeing this was the next one to attack. Raising her hand Faith conjured a wall stopping Selena mid air and putting her down. She heard her sisters growl and sympathised with her but could do nothing about it. This was not what she wanted. This was not the reason she had come here for.

"Willow! No!" Tara yelled as she watched what was going around her. She couldn't believe what was happening. Tara knew that Willow was powerful but not this powerful. It hadn't been until Tara saw Willow's eyes that she knew it wasn't her Willow, but a black magick possessed Willow. She didn't know what to do any other person she could stop with a simple prayer to the goddess and a quick binding spell but this was Willow. Her Willow. She was at a crossroads. She watched as Willow turned one of the likens into a kitten and was about to give the same fate to the other one. Thankfully before that could happen Faith had errected a barrier keeping Selena back.

Buffy stared in amazement at what was going on. She was too shocked to react at first but with Faith and Willow challenging each other like this she felt that she had to do something. Hearing Willow chant she rushed forward to tackle her, only to be stopped by Willow's hand.

"Omnis curla tre. Take mine enemy away from me." Willow chanted throwing her hand out towards Faith, the power flowing from her hand seemed a mix stream of black and green.

Faith stood there watching it come to her knowing that if she braced herself at just the right moment it wouldn't affect her in any permanent way. Of the six years that she had been in Xairna she had learned a lot about magick and of how much damage she could take, and still be able to stand up fighting. About how much power she personally had. She had also learned that the panther had always been inside her; even though Willow may be powerful she wasn't strong enough to take down a high priestess like Faith.

Dawn pushed her way through Xander who was trying to hold her back while still rooting for Willow to take down Faith. She had to see what was going on. Having enough from Xander, Dawn took a page from Faith's book, bringing her foot up she slammed her heel down on his instep, grabbing his head as he bent down she brought her knee up slamming it into his face knocking him out and breaking his nose. Though she hoped that she didn't. Running for the door, she pushed Anya back as soon as the ex-demon tried to grab her. Dawn got to the door just in time to see the blast hit Faith and cosume her.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAITH!!!!!!!!!" Wanting to rush to her, Dawn hadn't anticipated Giles grabbing her around the waist preventing her from coming any closer towards the blast. "FAITH!!!!! Let go, Faith!!!!" hitting Giles didn't help she could only watch with tears in her eyes as the light got bigger, 'she didnt even scream' she thought as more tears fell down.

Everything seemed to start moving in slow motion. Buffy could only watch as the love of her life was consumed by a magickal blast, her sister trying to fight Giles to let her go as it got stronger tears falling from her face, screaming trying to get to Faith. Willow with her black eyes floating down from where she was levitating, Tara falling to her knees as she stared at the devastation that was happening in front of her. Buffy's eyes were shifting from what was happening around her to the light that was still getting bigger and brighter. In fact it was getting so bright that she had to sheild her eyes from the glare.


Faith had braced herself a second before the blast had hit her. She used the time before to channel her energy enough to where she would be able to absorb the blast. She had done it only once before, a year ago. It had almost killed her cause the power that she had gathered by absorbing that blast gave her too much power. She took out the surrounding forest and abandoned village located a mile away just releasing it as well as destroying the warlock hunter that had tried to kill her.

As it hit her Faith felt the grief, betrayal, worry, and anger that had transported itself from Willow to the blast that she had shot out at her. It was almost too much for her to bare. It was so wrought with feeling that it brought Faith to her knees. Grimicing through the pain Faith absorbed most of it, adding her own fire to the mix. Tears were streaming down her face, when she heard Dawn heart wrenching cry for her, she just couldn't take it. Reaching down inside her asking for the slayer within to help her eyes were no longer black but a deep dark brown, green and yellow flecks flashing as slayer, animal and Faith the girl combined into one being. Turning the dark greenish light into a bright pure white light taking away all the negative that was collected in to it and latching on to only the good. Instead of the cold that she had first felt, she felt warmth surrounding her, caressing her skin like a baby blanket. She could feel love and joy, happiness and ecstasy all in one surrounding her. The hair on her body receded, her flesh became smooth and glowed as if she had been touched by something holy. The hair on her head grew longer, wavier and seemed to weave around her as a if it were a blanket. As she rose from the ground she allowed the light to fill and surround her. As it got brighter to almost blinding, she could feel all those around her. Could feel the devastation, the pain, the sadness that the world had to offer. She felt the joys, the happiness, and the love that was within the world. She was exhalted, connected to the world like no other person, she could feel cloth cover her body, shelter her. It was in that moment that she knew her destiny what she was here to do. What needed to happen. And it saddened her, it made her feel such sorrow that she knew only one way to express it.

The light grew brighter and larger touching everyone in the shop, even Willow. Feelings of love, warmth and joy filled everyone in the shop. Casting out all the black magick that had stain Willow soul. Casting out the fears and sorrow that filled all that were near her.

"Oh, Goddess." Tara murmered still on her knees crying only this time they were tears of joy.

Giles had put Dawn down a while ago staring in awe at what was happening before them. Buffy stood there with her sister by her side both staring at the light receding before them. Willow who was also crying had moved over to Tara and was holding her as her lover cried with her. In her head she was thinking 'wow'.

Xander was staring from the spot on the floor, no longer knowing why he had felt such hate earlier. Looking up at his soon to be fiance, tears also appeared in his eyes as he thought of the love that he felt for this woman. Anya who had been staring at the light with a hand over her heart, a single tear slipping from her eye as the light disappeared and there stood a woman, Faith. Whispered under her breath "A Goddess is born."

PART 16: After Effects

Author's Notes: This chapter is dedicated to Wicked for giving me a poke in the side and getting my ass in gear I hope you all like and feel free to poke me anytime. ;)

Faith landed on her feet when the light dissipated. She felt so renewed, like she had been born again. There was new power coursing through her veins. She had no memory, no thought, but did. Hearing a mewling off to her side Faith turned to face the small kitten. Picking it up she held it in her hands, giving it a kiss on the nose she turned and tossed it to the floor.

As soon as Sar'ah had hit the floor she was already transformed to her adult self. Running to Selena as the both embraced each other giving off purrs of pleasure. Faith then turned only to be tackled by Dawn who after head butting him had finally gotten out of Giles arms.

Dawn just couldn't believe it Faith was alive. She had thought the worse possible outcome but here she was hugging her "sister" as if it were the first and last time that they would ever see each other. "Fa..ith?" Dawn sniffled, checking to be sure.

"Dra mo'a Dawn, dra mo'a." (It's me Dawn, it's me.)

That proclamation just made Dawn cry harder. She was just so happy. The Scooby gang was quiet watching the interaction before them. It was then however that Anya's words got through to them. Though they had heard them they didn't truly register until that moment.

"Goddess?!?!" Everyone but Giles, Anya, and the still two panthers had exclaimed.

Giles was just pinching the bridge of his nose trying to stop it from bleeding looking very much like an annoyed Englishman should. Silently he was thinking 'Bloody hell, that girl's got a hard head'; not even paying that much attention of what was going on or at that moment caring.

Anya had a smug look about her face, acting like she knew what would happen and that she was once again superior over everyone else. It looked kinda like the expression she gets when she thinks about her demon days.

Tara was trying to comfort Willow as her redheaded lover cried in her arms, her own silent tears joining those of Willow's as she thanked the goddess that Faith was alright. Not the least bit shocked over Anya's revelation. It made perfect sense to her, though that could be because of the power that she had sensed coming off of Faith.

Willow felt so much guilt running through her that she couldn't do anything but cry and laugh a little at Xander's impersonation of a gold fish that he was currently practicing. She was a little shocked but not overly much over the turn of events. She was just happy that there was no more rage within her and the fact that she hadn't felt this free since she performed her first dark arts spell.

Xander was standing there next to his love staring agog at Faith who was standing there in tight black leathers a top that was the purest white he had ever seen with black lining. He thought she was hot when they were younger; clearly there was no such thing as hot. He was simply dumb struck only coming out of his stupor when Anya hit him in the chest. 'Really hard' he thought as he shot her a 'what was that for' look.

"It's not nice to stare at the hot goddess when I'm right here for you to fantasize about." Anya harrumphed as she shot him a glare before turning back to the scene in front of her.

Buffy was staring at Faith and Dawn not quite believing what she was seeing, but she could feel it. In her heart to her very soul she could feel that Faith was no longer a slayer but something more. Her slayer senses were going off like they did when Glory was kicking her ass, but it was a lot stronger, more powerful. She could feel the single tear that was the last but not least of the thousand tears that she has cried in the past twenty four hours. Stepping forward she silently called to her love. Breaking into a run when Faith looked up at her.

When Faith looked up, hearing the call of her soul mate she broke the hug that she and Dawn were sharing. Catching Buffy as her love ran to her felt tears of joy escape her as Buffy threw her arms around Faith's neck, jumping up and wrapping her legs around Faith's waist. Kissing each other as if it had been an eternity since they had seen each other only to break apart when oxygen became an issue.

Buffy was so happy, she didn't care that she was being starred at or in Xander's case gawked out nothing was going to ruin this moment. She didn't even care that Faith was setting her slayer sense off like nothing before. The only thing that she knew was that her love was alive and that she need her now in every way possible or so help her she would explode; and not in the pleasant way.

Faith feeling Buffy's relief and need for her kissed her one last time before she teleported them out of there all the while groaning and growling with need herself. She knew now that Buffy loved her and she felt the need to show her right then and there what Buffy meant to her, screw what the scoobs or Giles thought of her. But she knew that no matter what Buffy wouldn't want that so with and aroused growl in her throat she teleported them out of the magick shop and straight to 1630 Revello Drive.

The two panthers for their part were just starting to change back to their human form as the sun started rising. Selena was the first to speak as she came to seeing her queen teleport out of there she figure through her animal memories what had happened. A huge smile came over her face as she heard her lover, wife, and soul mate wake up and ask where Faith was. Turning she gave Sar'ah a kiss on the lips that left her lover and herself breathless and purring in arousal, resting her forehead against her wife's who was breathing as heavy as she was she said one word before kissing Sar'ah again in the same manner as before. "Kragdon."


Buffy jumped off of Faith as soon as she noticed that they were in front of her house. Giving her a last peck on the mouth, Buffy took Faith's hand leading her love into the house, up the stairs and straight into her bedroom.

Faith being the last one in the door turned to close it only to be turned back around and shoved against it finding Buffy's mouth on her own, taking her breath away.

Buffy pulled back to regain oxygen and to look into Faith's eyes. Seeing the love and lust that was there burning just as bright as it was in hers, she pulled Faith to her in another kiss. This one sweeter and softer than the last one. Groaning when she felt Faith's tongue pass over her bottom lip asking for permission to enter. Opening her mouth the kiss deepened into something that was almost animalistic. It was soft and rough with the added lip bite all at the same time. Both of them growling and purring in the pleasure that that simple act gave them.

Buffy could feel the wetness in her panties grow more pronounced as her arousal grew with the kiss and caresses that Faith was doing to her body. Feeling Faith's thumbs briefly pass over her nipples made Buffy moan into Faith's mouth which made Faith herself moan with pleasure; knowing that what she was doing was giving Buffy pleasure made Faith want to continue with what she was currently doing.

Walking forward, subtly pushing Buffy back towards the bed Faith using her finger tips and feather light touches move down Buffy's arm and clasping her hand with Buffy's gave that final push both fell onto the bed giggling and kissing. They were both too caught up in what they were doing that they didn't notice the spark of electricity that passed through both their bodies. Neither did they notice the pair of eyes that was staring at them through the window as they fell.


Smiling to herself the figure in the tree hopped down and started walking towards the street. Raising her palm she made a slashing motion in the air; tearing through the dimensional walls and opening a portal to her home dimension, the girl paused. Turning her head, looking back at the house, she whispered to herself and to the Chosen two "Good Luck" before both she and the portal disappeared.

**Buffy's Bedroom**

Pulling back, breaking from the kiss Faith looked deeply into Buffy's now emerald eyes. Thinking silently to herself that if she could freeze time she would choose this moment in time to stop just to relive it over and over again.

Bending her head down Faith kissed her again this time making it as sweet as possible just to prolong it if anything else. She realized that it wasn't about rushing anymore. It was about them and who they both are when they are in each others presence. It was about pain, passion, love and above all else heart. When oxygen became an issue again, both Faith and Buffy pulled away, bring in her hand up, cupping Buffy's face, stroking her cheek with her thumb Faith asked "Can I keep you? Forever?"

Her breath hitching at the question, BUffy starred up at Faith, seeing the vulnerability there she knew that there was only one answer that she could possibly give. Reaching up she cupped the back of Faith's head pulling her to her for another kiss. Moving her hand down Faith's body along her back and sides, until reaching the hem of her shirt. Tugging at it trying to move it up and off. Pushing herself up onto her elbows making Faith move with her not breaking the kiss she started to lift the shirt off altogether separating only when it was neccessary.

Faith sitting on her knees and hills repeated the action, taking Buffy's shirt off before returning to the kiss. Feeling her bare skin touching with that of Buffy's made her groan with pleasure both internally and outwardly. Reaching around Faith unhooked Buffy's bra as she felt Buffy reach for the buckle of her belt.

Resting her forehead against Buffy's as she heard the zipper of her pants go down and the feel of Buffy's hand slipping inside the small space there and cupping her sex, Faith purred out her feelings and growled in pleasure. She could feel the part of her that was still animal/Slayer coming out to play making her already obsidian eyes turn completely black to where they took an almost blue hue. Reaching down she put both of her hands on the top of Buffy's sweat pants, looking up in to Buffy's Dark Emerald eyes asking for permission. Seeing the answer in her eyes and the desire, Faith literally tore away Buffy's sweat pants from the body that it was concealing. Looking down at the apex of her legs she saw that Buffy's panties were not only white but completely see through. Faith could see the wetness that had spread out of Buffy. Looking down at her object of desire Faith unconciously licked her lips, moving her hips as she felt Buffy pulling her leather pants and silk panties down and off of her.

Bringing Faith back down into a kiss Buffy brought her hand back down to Faith, stroking the outside and around Faith's pussy feeling and playing with the wetness there. Feeling Faith gasp as her finger slipped inside of her and brushed against her clit, Buffy smiled as Faith pulled away to look at her licking her lips. Her hands running up and down Faith's back as she felt her love move to her neck, her shoulder, and then down to "Oh God.. Faith... yeah" capture her right nipple giving it a tentative lick. Buffy's breasts had always been ultra sensitive, even before she had become a slayer they had been like this; but with Faith it was different. For every flick of the tongue Buffy felt as if her entire body would catch fire and all of it would travel down to her pussy.

Faith was enjoying herself switching from one breast to the other, kissing around the areola, teasing but not yet pleasuring until she would hear Buffy ask her to. Taking the nubbin in her mouth she used the flat of her tongue licking the length of it then circling. Then she would bite down gently earning herself a few gasps and sighs. She could smell Buffy's arousal, it was pure intoxication. The feeling of Buffy's hands in her hair encouraging her, wanting her to stay where she was Faith knew that if she was going to do this properly she needed to move.

Stradling Buffy's leg Faith pressed her sex down on to Buffy's thigh groaning at the sensation that the contact had caused throughout her body. Placing her hand on Buffy's panties, closing her eyes wishing and when she opened them the silk underware was gone. Running her hand along the length of Buffy's sex she purred/growled as she felt Buffy's body arch into hers. Smiling she laid her body down on top of Buffy's positioning herself to where her thigh would be pressed into Buffy's heated sex. Both groaning as they felt it.

"Huu.. god .. Faith."


Raising her leg to give Faith some leverage both started to grind their hips into both of each other. Feeling each others wetness making them grind and pump harder and harder.

"...yes... Buffy..."


Both kissing on the lips as they both started to feel the tension and fire in their belly grow even stronger. Knowing that the end was near and wanting to prolong what was happening Faith moved to where both her and Buffy sex were touching.

"God... Faith.."

Spreading both her and Buffy open she laid down so that their clits were touching.


Making a circling motion Faith alternated clockwise to counterclockwise starting out going slow with rotating her hips groaning, both of their moaning got louder as Buffy met Faith thrust for thrust, moaning and groaning as Faith speed up their jointed movement.

"...B...Buffy...yes..right there.. so close baby" Faith groaned out through teeth that were partially clenched as she felt her orgasm approaching.

"..Faith...god Faith..yes...harder..there..so close.." Faith answered in turn as her hips met Faith's, one hand keeping Faith's skin touching hers and the other gripping the sheets tight enough to tore them apart.

As both of their climaxes approached a bright light started to glow off of their bodies growing the closer they got to release in intensity. Biting down on the knob of Buffy's collar bone as Buffy bit into her shoulder; crying out each others names as they came.



The light consuming them and the room as their orgasms tore through their bodies, exploding within them spreading the light even further to where it consumed the whole house including anybody who happened to be in it.


Dawn who had been coming home from the magick box, she had stayed a little longer to talk with Sar'ah and Selena getting the info on what had been happening Xairna since she had left. She was so raptured in the stories that they were telling her that she almost didn't notice that the sun was starting to set. She was about to walk home by herself, and was about to leave but she was accosted into bringing Willow and Tara with her just for protection when she refused the ride that Giles had offered.

Remembering the near argument that was going to happen when Sar'ah and Selena volenteered to drop her off at home, she rolled her eyes and then smiled as it was Tara who had suggested a compromise. They would all walk Dawn home and Giles would follow in his car while Anya locked up. Which meant of course that Xander had to stay behind with Anya or else she would have a cow.

Shaking her head Dawn put the key into the door; unlocking and pushing the door open, Dawn, most of the scooby gang, and Two Pantherians walked into the house. To be hit by an energy blast, making them weak in the knees as it passed through them, taking their breath away. When it went away Dawn had a hand over her heart feeling it pounding so strongly in her chest she had no idea what the heck it was but whatever it was it wasn't unpleasant. She had never felt any thing like that. Turning around to ask what was that and if she was the only one who felt it. Seeing sly, satisfied smirk on both Sar'ah, Selena, and Tara's face she thought about the last time she had seen them smile like that; then it hit her. Her eyes going wide she turned her head towards the stairs then back to the rest of the group who were still smiling, except for Willow who was too busy blushing so hard that her face matched her hair. And Giles who had just run inside asking if everything was alright. Looking at him Dawn started to blush as hard as Willow, then she started to giggle, which made everyone else but Giles giggle and laugh too.

"What, what's so funny?" Giles asked confused, when he didn't get an answer. He started to get frustrated, demanding; "What the bloody hell is so funny?"

It was Tara who took pity on him, whispering in his ear what had happened when they had come into the house. Blushing as she backed away from him and then turning to Willow who was still giggling with Dawn.

His eyes widening as he heard what Tara had told him, took his glasses off and started to vigerously clean them, poping out the lenses by accident. Saying simply "Oh. Bloody hell" which got him even more giggling from a certain redhead and brunette, even a small one from the rest who were there.

Taking a page out of Buffy's book Giles rolled his eyes stating "Come now children it's not that funny. Sighing, Giles looked at Dawn "come on Dawn why don't you go upstair and grab a change of clothes, if you'd like you can spend the night in my guest room."

Nodding her head she snuck upstairs grabbed a bag, a few change of clothes then headed back down to where Giles and the rest were waiting. Leaving Dawn looked back at the house then with one last giggle they were off.


Faith laying on top of Buffy was about to move off when she woke up but was stopped by Buffy asking her "Stay. Stay with me. Forever."

Faith's answer was a kiss to her love lips and the mark that she had made claiming Buffy as her mate. Lying back down Faith and Buffy fell back asleep in each others arms.


Notes: Morgain and Morgan are the same person, just so you know.


Walking through the mists had always gotten to her when she was a little girl. She used to think that they were a gift from the goddess that would hide her from the world and the evil that it possessed. She had later found out that they weren't a gift but the worst curse that could ever be imagined. They surrounded her, cut her, at time lost her within themselves. She remembers how her mother used to laugh at her and how she talked as if they were alive. How her mother used to say "Honestly Morgain, you talk as if the mists can hear you, they aren't alive child" with a roll of her eyes.

No one believed me, only Merlin really believed. He would tell me that I had a gift that most don't and can't comprehend. I had the sight he would say, he would take me along with him and my brother Arthur when he would teach us of the old ways. I was easily distracted then, alway listening to what others could not hear.

One day as I was walking, wondering off away from the lesson I heard such a sound I thought it was a dream. It was then that I learned of my destiny, of how I would betray my brother, how I would bring my home and land to ruin, how I would be the one who controlled the mists from now to the end of days. It was the mists that showed me all of this and then was confirmed by the oracles. They told me that my ruin would bring about the greatest triumph. That I will have a great daughter one day who will know love and hate, good and evil. They called her Kragdon. I called her Faith.


**Kingmans Bluff**

The sun rose quietly bringing with it the knowledge of millions of years of wisdom. Standing on a cliff stood a woman, whose long flowing hair framed her body as the wind ran its fingers through its waves; wearing a long flowing blue gown. The mysterious woman's face turned up towards the sun, her eyes closed it was almost as if she could hear the rising sun's voice like it was speaking to her of the coming dark and of what it had seen before the end of days approached.

Standing a little ways behind her was a tall and dark man. His eyes glued to the woman in front of him wondering to himself what made his wife compelled to do this every morning that they came down and visited the mortal coil. Though he would never admit it to anyone it was moments like these that had made him fall in love with her. Shaking his head at the thought he called out to her to get her attention.


Turning her head towards her leather clad husband she gave him an inquiring look before turning her face back to the sun that was almost fully risen saying a silent good bye before she turned and faced her mate completely.

"Yes husband?" she asked running up and giving him a kiss on the cheek and putting her hand in his. "You called for me?"

"Yes, my love I did indeed. I believe that it is time to go after all it is an occassion to be remembered like all wars and family reunions no?" Ares subtly reminded his wife of the upcoming appointment that they need to keep.

Looking up, a little disappointed, she reminded her husband "Ares I have already seen her and her mate, they seem happy and I have given them my blessings why can't we just leave them alone?"

"Because my dear I have yet to meet this so-called mate of my daughter's and while you may have given your blessing on their union I have not and I have no intention on doing so until I see and speak with both of them myself!" Ares said speaking in a calm voice, though the electrical storm that had slowly been gathering behind him revealed his fury and rage a being left out of the loop this time.

Giving his hand a slight squeeze she felt his rage slowly dissipate and though she knew it didn't completely disappear she knew that he would remain calm if just for a little while. And that was enough, slowly the couple turned as a shroud of mist surrounded them sweeping them away and to their intended destination.

1630 Revello Drive.


**Buffy's Bedroom**

Faith woke before Buffy, she was up in fact before the sun had risen. She just had this feeling within her that she needed to be up and dressed. She was tempted to wake B up but just couldn't bring herself to do it. The expression on her love face was just so peaceful and happy she just couldn't bring herself to disturb her dreams. The thought of shattering that look made Faith's heart feel as if it would break.

Placing a kiss on her mate's forehead, lips and finally the mark that will stay forever, she, with a feeling of almost pain, disentangled from the warm haven that was Buffy's arms and body. Flushing slightly as she stood and turned to only be faced with a naked sleeping Buffy. Tilting her head Faith absentmindedly licked her lips at the sight. Shaking her head, Faith reached down and brought the down comforter up covering her B's nakedness, before guest started to arrive.

She didn't fully understand it, the power that now coursed through her veins made her feel as if she had control of everything around her and yet no control at all; as if she was falling and flying at the same time. It was confusing and exhilarating all at once as Faith made her way downstairs wrapping a robe around herself covering her nakedness. She didn't even know where the robe had come from she had just thought about one half way down the hall and there it was waiting for her on the banister of the stairs.

She figured now that the magic high was gone she would have expelled all that energy like she always had but when she woke up she felt fine not tired in the least. In fact she was so aroused when she first woke up that she decided to continue with what she and Buffy had started earlier in the day. That was how Buffy had found her at 1 in the morning. She had woke up on the verge of orgasm only to look down and see a blanket of brunette hair and a bobbing head as she felt Faith's tongue licking and fucking her, Faith capturing her clit and sucking not sort at all but harder than Buffy thought possible making her explode as Faith fingers replaced her tongue. Faith smiled at the memory of bringing her love's soul to newer heights multiple times, as she started cooking breakfast.

As the sun crept across the floor and in through the open window of Buffy's bedroom, a figure under what looked like a ton of blankets began to stir as the sun crept further in and penetrated the darkness and dream filled mind of one miss Buffy Summers.

Buffy woke up to an empty bed, turning over she opened her eyes as soon as her arm hit an empty indentation in her bed. Sitting up she looked around her, looking for any type of sign that last night had been a dream. When she saw the shreaded tattered clothes she let out a breath that she didn't know she had been holding. It was then that the smells of breakfast being made penetrated her senses that she let out an even longer breath and a smile spread across her face. Throwing the covers off her body she hopped out of bed, streching she let the sun kiss and caress her body for a minute breathing in deep as she took in the remaining smell of last nights events and the lingering smell that was purely Faith that remained almost permanent on her skin. Reaching for her robe she headed to the door, covering herself she quickly headed down the stairs, through the living room and straight to the kitchen door. There she was greeted by the most beautiful sight she had ever seen in her life. Faith in front of the stove clad only in a black and gold silk robe, humming silently to herself.

A coy smile spread across both slayers faces as Buffy made her way over to Faith and wrapped her arms around the dark slayer's waist placing a lingering kiss on her dark lover's exposed shoulder.

"Morning" Buffy whispered into Faith's shoulder as she felt the dark slayer shudder under the feel of both the feel of Buffy's body pressed up against hers and the ear nibbling that Buffy was currently doing to her.

"B..Buff...Buffy" Faith, turning around to face her love, groaned out breathlessly as she felt the blonde slayer's hand start to travel up and into her robe to her breasts. Faith could feel herself start to get aroused and quickly to the point of no return just when the door bell rang. Both slayers groaned and growled out their disappointment as they separated from each other. Pecking Buffy on the lips Faith placed the spatula in the blonde's hand she moved around Buffy placing her love in front of the stove, she moved toward the door where the unexpected was waiting but not before fixing her robe and giving Buffy a pinch on the ass. Smiling at the jump and shriek she got Faith walked out of the kitchen and went to answer the front door which was being impatiently pounded on by who ever was waiting out the door.


**Outside 1630 Revello Dr.**

Ares and Morgan had arrived just as the sun was completely risen. Morgan had a smile on her face as she watched her husband practically run up the walk, she almost giggled and laughed outright to his face when he turned realizing that she wasn't by his side and came to drag her right along with him. Though she would never admit it to his face, she thought that when he acted like this he reminded her of a little boy she once knew who would always get so giddy at the prospect of a trip outside the castle walls. But she would never admit it no never to his face. Cause certainly the God of War never got excited about a tiny prospect like visiting a girl who he had only met once. A smile spread across her face as the temptation to tease him got stronger as she looked at him impatiently fidgeting in front of a mortal's door.

"Is the almightly God of War actually nervous" Morgan said with amusement shining in her eyes and showing through her voice, when he had asked her for the fifth time within the last two seconds why no one was answering.

Her grin just got wider when her turned to glare at her pointing a finger in her direction, just as he was about to open his mouth in reply the door opened.


Ares turned around to the door his jaw hitting the floor as he took in the sight of his little girl. Before anyone could respond he had captured Faith into a bone crushing hug as tears started to well up in his eyes. If any one had heard about this they wouldn't of believed it, unless they saw it with their own eyes.

Placing a hand on her husband's shoulder she communicated for him to let their daughter go. Knowing that Zues' punishment had hit him harder than he had ever allowed himself to show and also feeling her daughter's inner turmoil and panic as she was hugged.

Buffy having feel Faith panic slightly, turned the stove off and went to see what was the matter. what she saw however was a man and a woman both dark in complexion standing a little ways in the doorway looking at her love who was standing a little ways away as if she were the second coming.

"...Faith?..." Buffy asked a little uncertain and hesitantly knowing the way Faith's body was coiled that she was in danger caution mode and wasn't to be snuck up upon. She smile slightly when she saw Faith's body relax at the sound of her voice.

When all eyes turned on her Buffy started to blush realizing her and Faith's sorta undressed state, the slayer however taking precedent over the situation felt that no matter how she was dressed her mate needed her more right now. Coming up and standing at her side she clasped Faith's hand and both faced the strangers. Faith and Buffy taking notice at how the woman's smile grew bigger as she took in the action that the blonde slayer had just done while the man's face turned into a thinking cautionary frown.

"Can we help you" Buffy asked politely, though her slayer senses were off the wall crazy right at that moment.

"Yes, we have just arrived in town and are here to visit our wayward child." Morgan answered for her speechless husband.

"Oh and who might that be" Buffy asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Faith." Ares said though it was more growled out than anything else.

PART 19: Family Reunioun

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Faith just stood there her mouth open a little. She had nothing to say after that revelation, once her mind kicked into to drive the first thing out of her mouth was a dry emotionless "ha". Closing the door she turned and walked back into the kitchen where she could smell the bacon burning.

Buffy looked on in shock as she watch her love completely close herself off from herself, moving like a zombie into the kitchen to she assumed finish breakfast. Before she could truly respond a strong knock on the door knocked her out of her revelry, followed by the door bell sounding. Opening the door she was pushed aside as the man and woman who Faith had closed the door on walked inside and started to head to where Faith was. Not really understanding what was happening Buffy closed the door and meakly followed behind the dark haired woman who now that the blond slayer looked almost identical to Faith.

When she entered the kitchen she had arrived just in time to catch the flying frying pan that was heading her way. She had assumed that Faith had aimed it at the man who was now yelling at her. Looking around she saw Faith's 'mother' who was sitting off to the side watching what was happening with a sad neutral expression as if she was waiting for something devastating to happen. Deciding to take a page from the older brunette's book she moved over to where she was and sat in the seat next to her and watched avidly as the man and Faith starred at each other in a mexican standoff.


By this time Ares was pissed. Not waiting for an invite he stomped passed the shocked blonde who he could see was sporting his daughter mark like some sort of trophy with her robe partially undone. He could feel Morgan behind him, could feel her worry and sadness. But he was beyond caring at this moment. For what felt like a millenia he had been denied access, sight and touch to his only living daughter and the one day that he finally gets that access not only has she chosen a mate without his approval she had laughed and slammed a door in his face. It was that last straw that had broken the mold. Daughter or not she was going to listen to him or so help him Zeus heads were going to fly preferably the mates and then who ever else was within a hundred mile radius.

As soon as he enter the kitchen that his daughter had entered he exploded. He had been so full of anger that he couldn't hold back no longer. In his best god voice he called his daughter to the metaphorical carpet.

"Francesca Faith Lehane Pendragon, How Dare You Act With Such Insolence To Your Mother And I. You Will Apologize This Instant OR So Help Me Blood Of Mine Or Not I Will Send You To Tartrus Along With That Slut You Call A Mate And Leave You There. Do You Understand Me."

He had only a fraction of a second to sense and duck the pots and pans that Faith started thowing at him. He could here his wife now telling him how she had his short fuse temper and passion for violence the one time that she had been granted a visitation right in another body, who as it turned out was a temporary loan. He had forgotten that little detail and was reminded of it quickly when a jar of jam hit him in the head and shattered.

After a few moments of nothing being thrown at him Ares guessed that she had run out of ammo. Standing up he found that she hadn't in fact run out of ammo but was waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Seeing the sinister and cunning smirk that was spread across her face holding a blender in her hand made him freeze as he was momentarily reminded of himself when he was younger and full of passion, confidence and arrogance. He always had the same smirk that she had on just as one of his warlords striked down an enemy or martyr. His eyes widening as she threw the blender, her smirk widening the gleam in her eyes brightening as it hit him a small smile spread across his face as a fleeting thought ran through his head before he hit the ground. "Yep definitely my daughter alright."


Morgan stood to the side watching the proceedings with a cautious eye. she had just entered the kitchen when Ares had started his rant. Flinching when she heard him call their daughter's mate a slut she could only hope that Faith had learned to control her anger better than when she did when she was younger. Looking up into her daughter's eyes she saw the fire flare and knew that she hadn't just surpressed it and Ares had just opened the gate to a fury that could rival his on his best day. Though she didn't know how Faith would strike she knew that it would be fast and hard.

Sitting down just in time to watch the first projectal fly, just as the blond had walked in to catch it. She smiled to herself at the semi amused expression on the blond face as she evaluated the situation before her, finally deciding that it would be safer to take the lead that Morgan had. Silently thinking to herself "I knew I liked that girl for a reason." She went back to watching the proceedings that were happening before her. It was when Faith had hit him with a jar of strawberry jelly that she was reminded of that time that Ares had accidentally crashed a baci party and landed in the pot of demon and human entrails when he had first started courting her. Placing a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

Seeing Buffy looking at her with a questioning expression on her face she quietly explained to the blonde slayer why it was so funny getting again the raised eyebrow from the blonde she just rolled her eyes and turned back to the show just in time to see Ares get hit in the head with a blender. She just couldn't hold it any longer. Bursting out laughing she slipped off the chair holding her sides she was laughing so hard.

Recovering slightly she laid on the floor regaining her breathe she looked up to find Faith staring down at her with a raised eyebrow and an amused expression on her face. holding out a hand for Morgan to use as leverage to help her off the ground. Accepting the help up with a thank you, she was pulled fully up to her feet. However when she was pulled up completely she was standing flush against her daughter who was looking intensely in her eye. Brown staring at blue Faith answered...

"You're welcome....Claire."

Morgan's eyes widened as she realized a little too late the connection that her daughter had made before she was pushed away back to the ground. With silent tears in her eyes she looked up to find Faith gone and Buffy nowhere to be found, the only thing that signified that they had been there was the lingering scent and the thin layer of mist that surrounded her and her husband's body. The fact that the mist literally chilled her to her bone told her how deeply she had hurt her daughter. The pain alone that she felt through the mist made her ribs hurt, that as soon as it was there it was gone, leaving her no trail as to where they had gone.

Crawling over to wake her husband she said one sentence before she let the mists surround them both...

"She Knows!"

PART 20: Answers and Explanations

Author's Notes: This is dedicated to my muse, who has inspired me greatly. Just a forwarning it gets a little NC-17 in this chapter and yeah.



"Where are we?" Buffy asked as she starred out into the great expanse that was before them.

"Don't really know, England I think." As if on cue a clock chimed the hour out, their surroundings become more aparent and voices sounded as people pushed past them with out even looking in their direction.

Buffy started to freak when she saw the crowd of milling people appear before her eyes. Looking down at herself as she had remembered that she was in nothing but a robe when she and Faith had left. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the jeans and shirt adorning her body. Looking over at Faith, Buffy got a confused expression on her face.

"Why are we in England Fai?" she asked.

Faith looked behind her straight into Buffy's eyes saying one word before turning back and striding off with the blond slayer following her. "Answers."

B: "What?"

"Hurry up!" Faith shouted behind her, quickening her pace as she got closer to a building in the distance.

"Faith, wait up, what answers?"

Faith didn't even answer, instead she paused waiting for Buffy to get close enough, grabbing the blond's wrist she took a step forward, seeming to move at the speed of light, she arrived at the door step of the one person that both slayers hated the most. Mr. Quentin Travers.

Not one for formalities in the least, especially now that she had ascended, Faith threw her palm to the door, knocking it off its hinges and down, tightening her grip on her mate's wrist, she moved forward breaking through the paltry wards that had been placed in certain areas of the house and setting alarms off through the house. Faith had no time for them, instead she blocked them out as she barged right in to Quentin's office who as she had suspected had been waiting for her for this exact moment.

He had his jacket off and his hands were behind his back. Though his demeanor was calm both Buffy and Faith could smell the fear that was raidiating off of him. A small growl came from Faith as she smelled the dried blood that was like a natural part of this man physiologly.

"Ms. Summers, Ms. Le... Faith," Quentin quickly corrected when he heard the growl that came from the brunette and the blonde who was standing slightly behind the taller of the duo, "what an unsuspected surpri..." he continued only to be cut off by Faith.

"Cut the crap Travers. I want answers and now."

"Faith what the hell are we doing here?" Buffy asked seething at the look of contempt and hatred that Quentin was directing Faith's way as if she were some sort of abnormality, nothing more than another demon.

Faith didn't take her eyes off Travers, her eyes narrowing even more as she answered Buffy's question "I saw my watcher today, the one who I watch die at the hands of that bastard Kakistos."

"What?" Buffy asked, disbelief filling her "where, when, who?" was followed after that, as shock replaced the disbelief, which was followed by sadness. She knew that if she had a chance to see Merick alive and well just once after he had died she would think she was going crazy and would want answers also.

Quentin didn't deny knowing either simply saying with a sneer "and how is Claire, still immortal?"

"What!?!" It was Buffy who exploded at that moment outrage replacing all the emotions and stupor she had found herself momentarily caught in. "You mean you knew that her watcher was alive and immortal and all this time you let her think that she was dead!?! You bastard." Buffy pushed pass Faith and was about to throw herself across the desk to get at Quentin and forget what it meant to be a slayer for five hopefully long blissful minutes beating the crap out of the head of the watchers council. She was so enraged that she failed to notice that Quentin had revealed what was hiding behing his back, when she did it was too late. He had already fired, expecting to feel pain and blood she was slightly surprised to feel perfectly fine aside from her muscles tensing. Opening her eyes that she had shut tightly when she noticed the gun Quentin had pulled on her, what she saw instead gave her a small shiver of fear and happiness. There standing a few feet in front of her was Quentin pressed against the wall the gun on the floor a few feet in front of him, clawing at a hand that was connected to Faith who; Buffy's eyes widened when she noticed the trail of blood that was flowing from her shoulder, down her side and to the floor.

Faith was holding Quentin there against the wall feeling his life slip from her and was reminded the reason that she was known as the psycho slayer, the Dark One. A sinister, evil smile spread across Faith's face as she felt the rising panic and the smell of pee permitted the air around her. Looking down she chuckled when she saw the dark wet spot that was spreading down the length of Travers pants. Feeling him now only half heartily claw at her hands Faith looked directly in his eyes, making sure she held back nothing, she saw his eyes widening in fear and knew that he saw who she truly was and that smug self confident smirk that he usually wore was nowhere in sight. Distantly she heard the crash of thunder, felt the flash of lightning as it were scorching her skin and feeding her anger. It was almost like a caress, in the way it hit the ground and spread across the sky warning those who didn't get caught to flee. She pressed harder wanting so badly to kill him, to end his tyrancy, his dictatorship. Just as she was about to take that final step she let go, pushing herself away from him feeling suddenly dizzy, past crimes flew through her head from the petty ones to the village of hunters that she had massacred when she thought that Dawn was dead. Sparing only the women and children. Eyes widening as she looked down at the unconscious man who she had almost killed, realising almost too late what he had done and what he had planned. Backing away further, until she felt the desk hit her in the back she sat slightly on the edge her hand flying to her mouth as she tried to hold back the bile that was quickly rising up her throat.

"Faith?" Buffy hesitantly asked suddenly feeling an assortment of feelings that she had no idea if they even belonged to her or Faith. She was still worried about the wound that was on the brunette's shoulder, but was hesitant to approach in light of the pure ferocity that she had just seen cross the brunette's face not just ten minutes ago.

Faith looked back at her love with tears in her eyes not knowing how to answer the unspoken questions that Buffy had unknowingly thrown her way.

But she hadn't need to speak a word as soon as Buffy had seen those tear she was overcome with emotions that she had never known existed, instantly she rushed over to Faith, embracing her love, making sure not to avagrate the wound that was now bleeding more profusely. Reaching a tentative hand out she examined it, the sight confirming that they needed to dress the wound though it wasn't extremly deep, it worried Buffy, the wound was just a flesh wound it shouldn't be bleeding as bad. Looking back at the unconscious body of Travers making sure he was alive she turned back to Faith "come on we have to get that wound cleaned up and patched," standing as she said it.

"Buffy? I..." Faith wanted to say that she was sorry but knew that it would be a lie, she knew who Travers was, what he stood for, and what he was about to do. In Faith's eyes death was too good for Quentin, though that didn't mean that she wouldn't kill him for his crimes if need be. When she had first touched him she had seen every crime, murder, and sadistic pleasure that he had gotten conducting them. She had also gotten the answers to her questions. She knew, everything, including the deals that Quentin had made with certain vampires and a certain deputy mayor.

Grabbing Faith's hand Buffy looked deep into the dark soulful chocolate eyes, that the Dark Slayer possessed pulling her love out of what ever reviery that she had been trapped in. Touching her face lightly Buffy kissed her deeply and possesively, putting every thing she felt, everything she was in that one kiss; pulling her body taunt against Faith's slightly sitting body, leaning against the brunette pulling her love's body down against the desk, making the kiss last longer.

Tears running down both of their cheeks, breaking the kiss only to breath and come together again. Neither understanding what was happening or why just that it was right, that nothing and no one would be able to stop what was happening save divine intervention. Placing a hand over the already healing wound on Faith's shoulder Buffy slowly moved her hand down her lover's arm and side, tracing the hem of Faith's shirt and the little skin that was there. Inching her hand under and up when she heard the approving moan from the brunette under her. Moving her body up until it was fully on top of Faith's, her hand reaching a breast as she teased the nipple that had been begging for her touch, pulling away from Faith's lips she moved her mouth to the brunette's neck nibbling until she found the brunette's pulse point, just above her collar bone, smiling slightly when she heard the groan that accompanied it. Moving down Buffy traced the contours of Faith's bra teasing the brunette.

"...Buffy..." Faith groaned again through kiss swollen lips, her eyes hazed with lust and desire, hooded in their need to feel the blonde's skin as she ran her hands up and down the blonde's back lifting the shirt that Buffy was wearing wanting it off arching up into the blond at the same time as she felt Buffy nuzzle and tentatively lick at her clothe covered left nipple. Groaning a little in disappointment when the blond sat up again.

Buffy feeling the Dark slayer's need, groaned in anticipation as she discarded her shirt then her bra, moaning through her own kiss swollen lips when she felt Faith's hands encircle her breasts, teasing her and driving her crazy. Moving her hips to the rhythm that Faith had begun as the brunette played with her like a pianist playing Beethoven's fifth. Buffy sucked in a bout of air feeling the brunette mouth latching on to her pulse point stroking her soft hand up and down Buffy's sides teasing her was getting Buffy more aroused by the second. Pulling at the brunette's shirt up and over her head which was followed by the bra, Faith's hands moved to the clasp of Buffy's jeans not caring where they were or who was still in the room as soon as Faith got the clasp undone and the zipper zipped she reached in much to the approval of Buffy cupped the blonde's sex, alternating between lightly rubbing it and pressing in all the right places.

"A'nioma, bu'gis u'rs." (God, I want you.) Faith whispered feeling the blond's wetness before latching onto a breast.

Her moans becoming louder Buffy removed Faith's mouth from the breast that it had just been entertaining. Pulling her face up, kissing her, Buffy bodily pushed the brunette back down on the desk keeping to the rhythm that Faith had started.



Ares starred up at the moon, silently trying to get a lock on his daughter's whereabouts, while keeping a stoic stance under an elm tree. Morgan starred at her husband worried and afraid for her daughter. Just as she was about to speak up and ask, he turned to her. Seeing the question in his wife's eyes, he sadly shook his head confirming the conclusion that she had come to, 'if Faith wants to be found, then she will come to us, no more no less' Morgan thought once again. The only thing that made her not go insane with worry was the maternal link that she and Faith shared by being mother and daughter. She had always felt horrible for that short time that she had spent with Faith, lying to her, not being able to tell her who she was. But she had made a pact with that little man who to this day just hearing his name through a thought made her shiver. It was his fault that Ares had been bitten in the first place, they didn't know that their little junction into the mortal realm would have set thing that Hera had set into motion five thousand years ago, to a startling halt. That they would be punished just cause they were young and in love.

It was as they were both lost in thought remembering the reasons that this whole mess had started that an arrow bolt hit Morgan in the shoulder, making her fall into Ares' arms. Looking up Ares saw who the culprit was that would dare to hurt his wife even though it was a mortal weapon and had no effect on them, it still enraged him that some stupid mortal girl would try. Taking the arrow out he stalked over to the little human, with murderous intent in his heart after making sure Morgan was okay.

He paused however when a large deformed panther lept out in front of the girl growling at him, warding him away from the girl. Off to the side another panther stepped into the light, growling the same warning that the first had. Recognizing them he growled for them to step aside, only to have the utmost contempt, distaste and refusal thrown his way by the two guardians.

"Dawn, are you alright?" An old man stepped outside and into the light shadowing his features giving his stone like face a more menacing look to it.

"Fine" Dawn answered Giles smiling slightly at the man who seem to be stuck where he was holding the arrow that she had shot at the woman.

"What Is The Meaning Of This" Ares grounded out of clenched teeth, not moving from where he was itching to reach for his sword but knowing that on this plane his powers were limited. Holding off he heard his wife communicating with him telepathically, telling him to calm down.

Though his shoulders were still tense he did force himself to calm slightly. Waiting for an explanation from the mortals he instead got one from his wife when he heard her gasp and breathe out "The Key."

Looking back at his wife with a confused look on his face only seeing her widened eyes he looked in the direction and saw only the girl who had now been pushed back behind the older man. Smelling magicks in the air he took a closer look at the mortals and saw exactly what his wife had seen and so much more.

Morgan stepped forward heeding the warnings that were sent her way by both the pantherians and the old mage saying "It's alright, we have no wish to harm you, child." Looking closer at the girl now and not at her aura she now knew who the girl had reminded her of, her brother Arthur.

Ignoring the snort that came from the now sitting pantherian off to the side she moved cautiously forward. Reaching her hand out "We are here to help you."

That earned her another snort this time coming from the girl and a "I think that's far enough" from the British mage.

Just as she was going to speak again a voice came from inside the house. "Well, well, well, I came here to threaten the slayer to find my key but looks like I didn't need to do that after all," followed by a clapping sound. "Thanks honey, couldn't of done it without ya." Glorificus exclaimed with an under current of sinister joy.

...continued in part 21...