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by Alexandria Olson
Rating: NC-17

Disclamer: I do not own them though I wish I did but I don't. They belong to the king Joss and M.E.



It was restless that night as Faith prowled through the wood of Denver, Colorado. She had been here ever since she had left after the incident with Buffy and the whole body switching fiasco. She still had a few bruises from that fight in the church, the worst part of it was that it was her doing most of the damage, just not in her own body. But it did feel good to be in her own skin again.

After she and B had switched back she had run, not knowing what to do or how to make the chaos that she had caused better, she hopped the back of a truck and left SunnyD for good. Though she had no idea what B had been doing with her body she had a good idea that it had to do with the council. Faith really didn't want to think about right now. Right now she was on the hunt and yes to her it was a hunt.

Faith had figured out a long time ago after she was called that she was a huntress and predator in it rawest form. She had accepted the slayer within, the darkness that B had tried to deny. So she hunted, her hunting grounds the forest around her and the town's graveyards.

It was tonight exactly five months after she had left SunnyDale that Faith had been in Denver. It was on this night during a blue moon that in one of the town largest cemetaries that connected with the forest and rolling hills that out of the corner of her eye she saw movement. Stretching out her senses she felt that whatever it was was strong and she could sense that it was demon and something else that completely baffled her.

It wasnt like Oz, so she knew that it wasn't a werewolf, but it still got her curiousity peaked and with Faith that was never a good thing. Slinking through the forest and greenery using some mud as camoflouge she followed this seemingly new creature to a valley that stank of magick, dark magick at that.

Crouching down on the ground she watched as the creature who, out in the moon light look almost like an overgrown panther, approach the small mountain stream in the distance. She could see it pause for a second looking around as if it were expecting company. 'What the...' Faith thought as she saw it stand up fully on hind feet; almost looking like a really hairy man with a tail and the face of a cat. Just as she was about to come closer to get a better look she heard it. "Rooooooaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr." It sounded as if it was coming from all around her. She couldn't pinpoint how many there were or where they were and the sound was getting louder and stronger to the point where she thought her ear drums were about to explode.

Reaching her hands up to her ears to try and block out the sound that was getting higher in pitch she started to scream right along with them to try and dull the feeling that someone was driving and ice pick in her head very slowly. The creature forgotten at the moment Faith fell to her knees still clutching her head and screaming when all of a sudden the noise just stopped; as well as the pain.

When she took her hand away from her head and looked up panting she found herself no thirty feet away from ten of the same creatures and that was including the one that she had tracked and they were all staring at her.

"Oh. Fuck," she said before dropping into a defensive stance waiting for the attack to come. But they just kept staring at her not moving. It was as if they were assessing her, studying her almost, it was then as she had started to take a step back thinking that she might get out of this alive yet that the separated into two groups and fell back to all fours that she saw him.

Faith didn't know who the fuck he was but he seemed to be the alpha. She could tell by the low whimpering growls that he was in fact the Alpha. She could also tell that he was assessing her. Still in a fighting stance she called out to him trying to keeping up a front of bravery or stupidity, depending on how someone looked at it. The Slayer within her not backing down an inch and trying to asert its power. "Hey, what the fuck are you, some kinda pussy cat?" she asked, saying the last part sickly sweet. She knew that she was taunting him and a part of her brain knew that that was a bad idea especially with thirty of them and only one of her but she would never ever run it wasn't in her to back away from a fight. And her brain was right as all of them started growling in anger, including the leader, and though she was ready for it even expecting it she was still too slow to avoid the tackle attack from the leader.

With a stake in one hand in the other she and the Alpha fought.

Faith: Punch. Kick. Elbow. Duck.

Alpha: Kick. Claw. Flip. Tackle.

Faith: Side Step. One Hand BackFlip. Spinning upside down kick.

Alpha: Spin Flip. Growl. Bare Teeth. Tackle from below.

Faith: Jump. Flip OverHead.

Both Faith and the Alpha had been going at it for more than a half hour neither gaining the upper hand. Somewhere in the middle it had started raining hard that caused Faith to slip in the mud when she avoided the low tackle. She had fallen flat on her back knocking the air out of her. Feeling the rain pound into her and trying to get the air back into her lungs, Her body screaming in protest at her trying to get back up again. She knew that she only had a small window of opportunity to get back up again before she was done for. Unfortunatly she had under estimated her foe, 'cause just as she had climbed back up to her feet she was tackled from behind and went face first straight back into the mud. Struggling to get back up she tried to get the Alpha off her, his claws digging into her back, it was then that she felt it. His teeth came down and into her shoulder, breaking her skin and clamping down on the bone. Before she could stop it however a scream of pain fell loose from her lips as reached for her dagger, that she had dropped not so long ago, in front of her. When the Alpha had withdrawn its teeth, it was with renewed strength that she didn't know she had that she grabbed the dagger and brought it behind her and into the Alpha's neck instantly killing him.

Rolling his body off of her she tried to push herself to a standing position, for just a second forgetting the pain and just how badly her arm was messed up as she put some pressure on it. Which made her almost fall back flat on her face. Gritting her teeth to hold back the scream which wanted to escape when she caught herself from completely hitting the ground again. She pushed herself back up into a kneeling position breathing heavily from both exhaustion from the fight and the pain that was ripping through her body from the wounds that decorated her body.

Raising her head and looking around her Faith noticed that it had stopped raining and that she was all alone with the exception of the body of the Alpha that she had killed. Looking over at the horizon she noticed that the sun was just beginning to rise she didn't know how long they had been fighting but she sure as hell didn't feel like she had been fighting all night. An hour or two sure, but not all night.

Rising to her feet, cradling the shoulder that had been bitten and was still bleeding profusely she decided to take her chance of being caught by the police and going to one of the many hospitals within the city limits to get patched up. She headed off towards the direction of the rising sun, not even turning back to look at the remains of the demon that she had killed, though if she had she would have noticed that the so called demon had started changing back into a regular man just as the sun was rising.

PART 1: The Portal

Note: Fuyrsha Queen/Most High, Kran'al King/Mighty Lord, s' The.
Note 2: Chornas Demon a demon oracle. It has a long snout and can reach up to five feet tall, its body is covered in viscous fluid and its eyes are blood red with orange slits. They usually live in a dung hut, and they smell like rotten eggs.

By the time Faith had found her way out of the forest and back to the graveyard that she was originally in to begin with the sun was already high up in the sky. She would have gotten out sooner than she did if she hadn't of gotten turned around there for a second or two and the fact that her shoulder still hadn't stopped bleeding. She was covered head to toe in cut and bruises, her left ankle was sprained (which explain why she was limping), and from what she could feel she had two broken ribs, maybe a few more. Though she hurt and everytime she moved her pain spread through her body, she still kept moving. To her it felt like her brain and instincts were at war, her instincts were telling her that she should stop and rest while her brain was telling her to keep moving until she reached the hospital. She decided to for once ignore her instincts and to follow her brain and get help.

By the time she had come to her decision, she had already left Pine Creek Cemetary and was only three blocks away from Denver General. Faith was still hobbling down the street, now two blocks away, when a black SUV had speed past her in the same direction that she was going for. She didn't really pay that much attention to it at first, she was in too much pain. It wasn't until the car made a u-turn about a block passed her and started gunning for her that she really took notice. At first she thought Council and made to dive out of the way as it jumped the curb. She had landed into a bush that was nearby before it hit her. With her slayer hearing she heard the SUV come to a screeching halt a few feet away from her so she started to crawl towards the forest that she had just left. When she dived she agrivated her shoulder but ignored it and continued crawling using the bushes for cover. She could hear the Council's henchmen a few yards behind her looking through the grass, yelling at each other about missing her. 'I guess B must've pissed them off' she thought as she continued to crawl towards the trees. She was thinking that if she just made it there then she could move along the edge of it for the rest of the way of the way to DG hospital.

It was then that she heard a gun shot ring out in the distance behind her. She didn't know if it was the grounds keeper of the cemetary or the council's henches. It was then as she was pondering where it had come from that she felt someone or something grab her arm and pull her somewhere to the left. At first she thought that the henches had discovered her so she tried to fight back, but she was too tired and weak from the blood loss that she had endured and from the fight with the Alpha to put much strength behind her punch and shoves. She thought she had at least gotten in a right hook at the stranger's face before she blacked out.

Marcus starred down at the beauty that had collapsed in his arms finally after much struggling. He wasn't sure why but he had felt an instant kinship with this strange woman. When he first woke up, about a mile or two away from where he had tracked her, he had the strongest filling that one of his kind was close to him. As Marcus took a closer look at the woman in his arms he thought that she looked familiar somehow, like he had seen her after the change. It wasn't until he caught her scent that he recognised her for who she was. s'Kran'al's murderer and heir; both in blood and bite. She was the same creature that had followed him to the clearing.

It was then that another gunshot rang out in the distance that Marcus looked up and took a good look around his surroundings and noticed that there were hunters in the distance to the right and heading straight towards him. Not wasting another moment, he swung his queen up in his arms and started to run away from the direction that the hunters were coming from. He knew that if he got to the clearing then he and the girl would be safe if only for a moment. Marcus could also tell that the hunters really didn't care about him, that they were just after her. That it also didn't matter that he appeared to be both a man and an innocent to those who were hunting s'Kran'al's heir, if given the chance they would kill him also just to get rid of any evidence or witnesses that was in connection with the girl.

Running through the woods towards the clearing that he and his kin were at last night, praying to every god that was willing to listen that they would make it safely. Marcus took a sharp left and cut his arm on a tree branch that was a good ten feet near the entrance of the clearing. It was then that the woman started to come around. He didn't have time for questions right know, he could feel the hunters gaining they were right behind them. Though he could probably take them in hand in hand combat if he were alone and they weren't carrying guns. But right now his main priority was protecting his Fuyrsha, and getting them both home before the magick energy disapates. Chanting the words of the ancients, Marcus called forth the portal that would take him not only home but someplace safe. They had reached the middle of the clearing just as the portal was opening. Taking one last look behind him, Marcus could see that the men were not that far behind he could also sense that they had spread out to block all sides of escape. He took a deep breath, holding the woman tighter against him and jumped.

It was then at that last second that Smith and Wetherby who were being flanked by three or four other henchmen emerged from the clearing.

"Shit.. Where... did... they go?" asked Wetherby still panting slightly from running through the woods.

"'ow the 'ell should I know, do I look like a bloody wizard too you." Smith barked out at Wetherby.

"NO. you look like a Chornas Demon which is why I thought you would know. 'Cause u sure as bloody 'ell look and smell like one." Yelled Wetherby out causing some of the others to laugh much to Smiths annoyance.

"Shut the 'ell up," he snapped at Wetherby, seething with anger, and then to the others said, "That goes for you too, you ponce' little prats. Now spread out, search the forest, 'hey couldn't of gone far. Find them. Now!"

The other henches scattering away in separate directions, to look for the rogue and whoever she was with. Now if they had bothered to look a little closer at their surroundings, both Smith and Wetherby would have noticed the shimmering pool not five feet in front of them making the tiniest ripples. Just as they turned their backs the portal closed to be no more until the one who would rule would open it again on the next blue moon. The Kragdon.

On the other side of the portal in his home dimension Marcus stood to his full height, and looked around his surroundings. He looked up and saw much to his relief the dimensional door close. It was then that he felt a stirring in his arms. He looked down and was captivated by the darkest brown of eyes that looked almost black in the dim light that surrounded them. He was completely hypnotised by her eyes and beauty, he felt his heart swell. He wondered why.

Faith had no idea where she was, or what happened for that matter. The only thing that she remembered was crawling away from the council, then being grabbed by the arm and then the next thing she knew she was being carried by some stranger back to the clearing that she had left at sunrise. As she and the stranger neared the clearing she felt a gust of air and then felt as if she was flying. At first she thought she was just hallucinating from the blood loss, so she closed her eyes again and drifted off back to the land of nod. Feeling the sensations stop, she started to wake up and only open her eyes to find herself to be staring at yellow cat like eyes.

"What the..."

PART 2: s'Hors'kal and A Whole New World

Note: Hors'kal Healer/Witch Doctor.

Faith scrambled out of Marcus' arms as soon as she had come to her full senses. She didn't know how she knew what his name was, she just knew. Scrambling onto her feet she moved into a defensive stance, preparing for an attack though deep down she knew he wouldn't harm her. But still it was better to be cautious than be caught unawares, Faith had learned that the hard way several times. Though in appearance he looked like a man Faith knew he was so much more than that. It was like the face before her was an illusion and only his eyes revealed his true nature.

They stood there staring at each other, neither moving. They were studying one another, Faith trying to figure out the best way to take him down should he attack and Marcus was wondering what he should do to subdue her without dying. It was then a few minutes later that Marcus did as when he was with any Alpha. He moved his body as close to the ground as possible, and started to growl in that low voice like before in the clearing. 'Okay what the fuck is going on and where the hell am I?' Faith thought when she finally noticed her surroundings and the fact that Marcus was still low to the ground as if he were waiting for her to kill him.

Marcus who had been knocked out of the spell that he had been under a few moments ago before the lady had moved was now standing staring at her, trying to read her. He watched as she moved into the same stance as the night before when she had killed s'Kran'al. He could sense that she was unwary of him and wished to appease her so he did the only thing he could think of. He bowed. As low as he possibly could to show her that she had the power. And growled in submission and respect.

Faith had no idea what was going on, at first she thought that she was going crazy or in her case even more crazy. It wasn't that she had no idea where she was or how she got here. To her it looked just like the clearing that she in before but it looked as if the sun had gone down. No that wasn't the reason why Faith thought that she was going crazy. The reason was the fact that the growls that were coming from Marcus sounded close to words. She didn't fully understand it but it almost sounded like he was repeating "forgive my insolence...I beg forgiveness and promise undying loyalty; Oh great Fuyrhsa."

Faith who had been staring at Marcus, thinking and trying to take in her surrounding, suddenly started to feel light headed again. She could feel that the wound on her shoulder begin to completely close. She still had no clue what was going on and she desperatly wanted answers. Just as she was about to open her mouth to ask the first of many questions that were going through her mind she started to feel herself fall.

Marcus raised his head slowly as he felt her stare bore into him. He could feel her uneaseness and wished to rectify whatever he had done to cause her to be uncomfortable. It was then as he rose his head to look at her that he noticed that she was injured. He hadn't really paid that much attention to her wounds earlier but now that he had he could tell that she was close to joining the last Kragdon and Kran'al in the next life. Not even thinking about how one should act with or in front of someone with a high position in royalty, he rushed to her side catching her a second before she collapsed. Not even thinking about anything else but getting her the help that she needs he started running towards his home where the rest of his kin were waiting for him. He was supposed to stay in the other world to report what had happened with the Kran'al and the stranger while the others traveled home before the portal had closed.

Upon arriving near the cave entrance that he lived at he took one last look around to make sure that they weren't being watched and ran to the entrance. There he was surrounded by most of his kin. All of them asking questions as to where s'Kran'al was and what had happened after they had left. The ones who had noticed the girl in his arms had quietened and the one who hadn't kept pestering him. It was only when he had shouted for s'Hors'kal that silence surround him as everyone got a good look at her. It was only when they noticed the smell of blood and the bite mark in her left shoulder that they gave him a questioning look. It only took him to say one word before without hesitation they all bowed low to the ground and let him pass to go to the healer.

Running faster than he had ever thought he could before he stopped at the tent entrance to s'Hors'kal and without thinking twice about it entered to where Sar'ah was writing at her desk. As he entered Sar'ah's head rose to see what was going on. As soon as she saw Marcus standing there with a bleeding woman in his arms she immediately stood up and started to parade him with questions as to what had happened and who this woman was, while she had him place her on the bed that she used in the corner of her tent.

Getting the story out of Marcus was harder than she thought but when she finally had it all she had already had patched up most of the wounds that hadn't already healed and was working on stitching up the bite mark on her left shoulder. When she was done she started to lecture Marcus about duty and protocol and why hadn't he brought this girl to her sooner. He was lucky that he had got to her when he did or else s'Fuyrsha would have died and then they would have had to go back to that world and search for her heir if she in fact had one. That was unless they wanted to be overthrown by their neighboring kingdom and be treated like slaves to the hunters.

After much insistance and reasurance that nothing would happen to the new s'Fuyrsha Sar'ah had finally gotten Marcus to leave. As soon as he left she sat down in a chair opposite her patient and studied her closely she could tell already that the girl was going to be alright and judging by the condition that she was brought in she could tell that it had been much worse a few hours ago. She didn't know what type of creature this girl was but she could sense that she was kin to her and the others also that she had a completely different chemical makeup. Sar'ah knew that the next full moon when this girl changed she would be unique compared to the rest.

Getting up out of the chair that she was in and going back to her desk to write in her journal Sar'ah made sure to keep an eye on the girl and record everything that she had been told and everything that she noticed from the injuries to the most shocking peice of information that she had found earlier on the girl's right arm. When she had been examining her she came across something that she hadn't seen in years. This girl whoever she was was marked as that of a slave and not just any slave but one who was born in slavery and taught at an early age what her worth in life was. She was a runaway from the looks of her. From the scars that hadn't healed on her back she could tell that the girl had had a very hard life and survived more than one could put in their imagination.

Watching her from the corner of her eye Sar'ah felt herself dozing lightly in and out of sleep as she was writing. Finally two pages later she decided to go to sleep. Getting up from her desk she slowly and quietly made her way to the other bed in a far corner near the fire thinking that her patient would be out for another few hours, she fell promptly to sleep. What she didn't notice was that her so-called patient's eyes snap open.

Faith woke up feeling warmth surround her. Her senses seemed to have come alive, she could hear a crackling fire next to her and another person breathing heavily in the distance she could hear kids laughing, people talking in a language she understood but couldn't really wrap her brain around. Taking a deep breath she thought she could smell green tea cooking. 'Tea!' Snapping open her eyes she bolted upright into a sitting position thinking that the council had caught her. The first thing that she noticed was that she wasn't chained and that her injuries had been bandaged and stitched up.

Looking around at her surrounding, she noticed that she was covered in the softest fur that she had the pleasure of feeling and that she was lying in a bed, she saw a wooden desk with a book on it in one corner, a bed in another with someone sleeping in it and a fire pit in the middle with a fire in it burning bright and warming what she had deducted was a tent that had more furs hanging from a rope from the ceiling, and low an behold in a black pot over the fire was a batch of green tea.

Looking down at herself to check how well she was fixed she soon took notice that she was as naked as the day she was born. Swinging her legs out of the bed she stood and stretched her limbs while keeping her senses open to everything around her. She had learned early in life better to be cautious than dead. Looking for her clothes she noticed that her tank top was torn in shreds and had probably been cut of her body. 'Oh well' she thought 'didn't really like that shirt anyways.' When she found her pants though she was far from happy or indifferent towards it, she was pissed off, "Shit these are my favorite leathers, man look at what these motherfuckers did to them they don't even look recognizable now," she said in a quiet angry voice with a pout on her face. Putting them down and starting a new search for something in what her mind she thought was decent to wear. The only thing that she had found was a dress and a pair of boots that seemed to fit perfectly on her though the dress was a little puffy and reached down to her feet it was still something to wear as she went exploring.

Exiting the tent when she had finished dressing, Faith found herself in what looked like a medieval village with all the trimmings there were houses and tents little farms kids running around cats running through alleys there was even a lake in the distance. In the middle of it all she saw benches and venders selling their wares. Walking down the path that lead from the tent that she had just exited and towards the middle of the town where it seemed most everyone was, she noticed that all the people she passed were staring at her, children would stop their play, the women would stop talking and like always in her life the men would stop and gawk at her. Though she paid that no mind she just continued walking until she came across a bench were upon that bench a little girl was sitting all by herself. For some reason Faith felt drawn to this little girl it was as if they had a connection one simmilar to the one she would feel when ever her B was around.

The girl seemed to be about seven or eight and looked as if she hadn't seen a bath in a while. She had smudges on her face, that Faith assumed was from playing in the mud. As Faith approached her the girl seemed to get scared almost like she was waiting for something horrible to happen to her. As the girl looked at her she noticed that she had brown eyes and long light brown hair. She could see in the girl's eyes that she was terrified, of what Faith had no clue but she guessed that it probably had to do with her. Slowing down just a bit Faith approached the girl with caution. Sitting down next to her when she had reached her; Faith and the girl sat there not speaking just watching the crowd as it passed by sometimes pointing at them while speaking in low growling voices. Sometimes it almost sounded as groups of children were passing by that they were purring at each other.

Finally giving into the silence that had surrounded her and the girl Faith asked "What's your name?"

After some hesitation the girl answered in a small voice "... Dawn."

PART 3: Kindred

They both sat there in silence, watching the crowd pass them by. Faith had no idea how long they sat there but she could feel that Dawn appreciated the silence. Faith figured that Dawn wasn't big on the talking thing, she really wasn't either but then again she wasn't really big on much of anything other than surviving and a certain blond back in sunnyhell. With her mind moving in the direction of locations she started to ask Dawn where they were. Unfortunately they were cut off by a scream in the distance.

Faith immediately standing up and looking around her, listening hard for another clue as to what direction that scream had come from. When she heard it again in the blink of an eye she was gone running so fast that leaves and discared trash literally whipped into the air. The only thing to tell if she even had been by the bench was the farwell shout she gave to Dawn before she left for the kid to stay there.

Turning down the alleyways she made a left and ran into a dead end; not even thinking twice about it she leapt into the air and landed on top of the roof of a house. Running down the length of one roof, leaping to the top of another she ran as if her life depended on it to whoever was in trouble. Again she had come to a dead end the next roof was a tent and she didn't feel like crashing into a roof so she jumped down to the ground of the roof that she was already on, landing on her feet not even feeling the shock of hitting the ground from a three story house. She continued on her way until she had reached the edge of the lake that she had seen earlier when she was taking in her surroundings.

It was there that she saw it a brunette was running straight towards her, not five feet behind her a Gnash'ed Demon was hot on her heels. 'Ugly sucker' thought Faith. She moved forward and grabbed the girl by the waist throwing her behind her Faith stepped in front of the demon and through a punch straight into its chest, breaking the flesh and muscle she could feel her hand moving through flesh, muscle, and bone hitting the creatures heart and killing it instantly. She had no idea how the hell she did that but she didn't really question it. Instead she just dislodged the demon from her arm and turned to the girl who was looking at her with both awe and abject fear in her eyes.

Looking down at her arm and then back at the girl who was still on the ground looking up at her. It was then that she noticed that the girl had a cut above her right arm but what was under it made Faith look right back up into the girl's deep blue eyes to know that her suspisions were confirmed. This girl was like her. A slave. Bending down she finally took noticed that the dress that she had don'd on this morning was practically in shreads. It looked as if she were wearing a grass skirt or something. 'How the hell did that happen' she thought. Giving up on trying to figure it out she looked up at the kid and sighed a long weary sigh, it was a sigh of a woman who had come to a decision that she knew others would not like.

Standing up she offered the girl on the ground her hand and starred at her with a silent question in her eyes. They stared at each other for a minute before the girl gave a nod of her head and reached to grasp Faith's hand. Pulling the girl up she offered her name in hopes of opening the lines of communication. And what she received was exactly the opposite of what she had expected. The girl just stood there staring at the ground and seemed to be waiting for some kind of punishment. It was then that Faith realized that the girl hadn't completely understood her. So she started to walk back to the village with the girl following behind her.

They had been walking back to the village for a while now and still not a word had passed between them, it was just as they had reached the out skirts of the village did the girl speak "Why," she asked.

"Why what?"

"Why are you helping me. Aren't you a Fuyrsha."

"You know I keep hearing people calling me that name and I still have no idea what the hell it means and ya know it's starting to piss me off. You wouldn't by chance care to enlighten me now would ya?" Faith asked feeling irritated at the name.

"It means Queen," was the response given.

It was just that same response that stopped Faith in her tracks with a shocked expression on her face. Her mouth opening and closing like a fish. The only word going through her head was "huh?" which she had failed to notice that she had said out loud until it was answered.

"People call you Fuyrsha because you are the new Queen of Xairna," the girl explained.

"And you know this how?" Faith asked.

"I am Selena, I am the youngest sister of Marcus, he was the one who brought you hear. I was bought back by my brother three days ago when my master hunter got bored with me." Selena told her in a nonchalant tone of voice as if this were an everday acurance. "I thank you for saving me great lady," she said and then turned to leave.

Coming back to her senses Faith called out to her asking the one question that she knew would make Selena stop.

"You ran didn't you?" And just as she perdicted Selena stopped right in her tracks and turned to face her with a horrified expression on her face.

"What ... How ... What?" Selena stumbled on her words, she paused to get control but in her head millions of different situations were running through her head. Some were of her past and others of the future that she had thought up when she was dreaming about being reunited with her family.

"The mark on your arm." Faith stated when Selena's attention was back on her.

As if she hadn't known it was there Selena looked down and saw sure enough the mark of slavery on her right arm. Looking defeated and a bit scared she looked back up to Faith with complete confusion in her eyes. when her brother had secretly visited her and told her that he had brought home the heir to the throne from the Catheira dimension she thought with dread in her heart that a hunter had been turned and was now in charge. But how did she know 'bout the mark. Only people from her world knew about it.

Seeing the question in Selena's eye Faith ripped the sleeve off her right arm and showed the girl the same mark.

Along with an explanation to the inquiry she saw replace the questioning look. "Twelve years before I ran away and another two after they caught me. That demon that was after you is called Gnash'ed, they're strong and quick but they are also stupid as fuck and their weakest point is five inches below their heart which is located in the middle of their chest." Seeing another questioning look she said "when I first ran they sent one of them after me to bring me back," by way of explanation. She could see understanding dawning on Selena's features and continued with her explanation. "When I was fifteen when a lady came and told me that I had a destiny, she was like my only family, she made me free and she was dead a year later by the hands of a vampire named Kakistos." She stated the last part with great sorrow in her voice.

"You were there." Selena ask though it was more of a statement of fact than a question. Faith just nodded her head in confirming what Selena already knew.

"I'm sorry," she said in way of condolence and meant it.

Faith just nodded her head in acceptance and started to walk again with Selena following behind her. Both silently wondering what would happen next. They reached the village and still in silence walked to the village square where Dawn like a good little kid was still sitting on the same bench waiting.

As soon as she saw Faith she jumped up from where she sat and started parading her with questions. Smiling at Dawn's excitement and enthusiasm she answered as many questions as she could avoiding almost all of the demony parts. Dawn quieted when she was satisfied with all of the answers that she was given.

She had no idea why but to Dawn it felt like she had known Faith for years and that they were the best of friends. Even though she was only nine and extremely small for her age she knew that with Faith everything would fine as she, Selena and Faith all made their way to s'Hors'kal's tent to get Selena fixed up. In her heart Dawn felt that they were almost like kindred spirits.


Meanwhile back in the real world Buffy Summers is about to get a suprise of a lifetime.

A Little Sister.

PART 4: Surprise

Waking up after her short nap Sar'ah yawned the yawn of the well rested. She had been dreaming of her mate Selena again. It had been three years since she had been stolen away from her by the hunters. In the beginning her brother in law Marcus had tried to help her get Selena back and he almost died in the process. Laying on her bed thinking about that time and the time before, Sar'ah could have sworn that she felt the presence of her mate outside of the tent that she had been calling home for two years now.

Shaking her head of the impossibility of that thought she went to stand and check on her patient's wounds. Sar'ah looked over to the cot in the corner that her patient was supposed to be on but when her eyes settled there she noticed that the girl was gone. Panic filled her body as she immediately stood up and scanning her eyes around to see if the girl was still inside the tent but much to her disappointment and making her worry even more the girl was nowhere in sight.

What she did notice was that one of her dresses was missing and that the tent flap was a little open. Rushing to the entrance she reached to open it and just as her hand grabbed onto it, it lifted and standing right in front of her she saw her patient, a little girl who she had seen maybe once or twice, and much to her shock her Selena, all of them looked as if they were talking and stopped when they saw her as if she had surprised them.

She didn't pay much mind to the other two standing in front of her cause her eyes were solo on the object of her desire, her affection, her wife.

Both seemed to be in their own little world, looking into each other's eyes searching for something that only they knew. It was Sar'ah who broke the silence first when what she saw confirmed her suspisions.

"Selena?" she uttered in a voice barely above a whisper before she promptly fainted.



Buffy was strolling through Restfield cemetary looking for vamps, for something, anything to slay. It was the second time this night that she had been out. The first time it was with the gang, and they only ran into one vamp that night. Xander had been fighting with Anya again over some silly thing and Willow and Tara were hanging in the back making googly eyes at each other. After about two hours of all this going on Buffy had gotten irritated and walked everyone home before going back to the cemetary. Everyone thought that she had gone home but she really wasn't ready to go home yet. School was starting in a week and everyone was getting ready for it. Every one but Buffy herself.

Lately she had been just going off into her own world. She was slipping into Slayer mode more and more lately and she was even starting to block out most of Willow babble whenever she was with the red head. It was like she wasn't even there. Willow thought that she was still bummed about Riley breaking up with her, but little did the redhead that Buffy was the brakee of that relationship. When she had found out that he had slept with Faith when it wasn't her body, it felt as if something inside her had broke. Her knees had begun to go weak and she had the urge to cry until her tears turned to blood like Angel's. He had tried to fix it and she let him, but there just wasn't anything there. She broke it off with him a week later.

But during all that time not once did she break down crying like she felt like doing everytime she saw him. He wasn't the reason though that she wanted to cry, it was the thought that he had touched her Faith and Faith had let him was what made her want to cry. When Faith had first come to SunnyDale she had been this force of life that called to her entire being. She had tried to deny it at first by pushing her away and then when she finally did give into her Allen Finch happened and she freaked. She pushed Faith away and made her go to that monster who said he loved her.

She still remembered that one night they had shared, though no one knew about it. It had been before Allen and the Mayor. In that back alley way where they shared their first kiss and so much more. Sometimes at night she'll dream and when she woke up her whole body would tingle and she would be so hot that one touch would send her to her emminent release. Imagining Faith soft but calloused hands roaming her body making her feel thing's Angel never could invoke. It was like she was complete.

It was after that he left that Willow had found her on their dormroom floor, her whole body shaking from the convolsions that the tears sent her in. Though she didn't scream or vent she felt a war warring through her entire body. Willow had thought that she had loved Riley, but the truth of the matter was he did nothing for her, that it was Faith that she was in love with. The only reason that she was even with him in the first place was because he resembled something that was as close to normal as Giles was. She had thought that was what she wanted but she knew now that that wasn't true, the only thing that she wanted right now was her sister slayer here with her again being the Chosen Two.

It was Willow who had pulled her through and reminded her of the Adam problem and got her to focus on that. It had been about two and a half months since they had destroyed Adam and the Initiative. Almost six month since Faith had disappeared. They still had no idea where she was. The last sighting that the council had of her was in Denver before she completely disappeared off the face of this earth and that had been about a month ago. The only reason that she knew about it was because of the contacts that Giles still had who were involved with the Councils inner working.

Buffy looked at her watch and noticed that it was three in the morning and she still hadn't made any kills. So she decided to pack it in for the night and look tomorrow. Disappointed and a little aroused from thinking about Faith she headed home, to a cold shower and a warm bed to sleep in. She had to get up early today, she was supposed to be helping her mom at the gallery, moving boxes and things of the like.

Little did Buffy know that in the distance following her, hiding behind the trees was one not so stealthy Riley Finn.

PART 5: Memory Lane

Author's Notes: This will go straight from Faith in the AU world to SunnyDale. Though just to let you know in case you get confused in later chapters, in Buffy's world one hour equals up to one day in the world that Faith is in, though twelve months still equals a year in both worlds this way I can still stick to the time line in the Buffyverse.

When Sar'ah had fainted Selena rushed to her side, though the shock of seeing her mate was still coursing through her it was quickly replaced with worry for her lover's wellbeing. Casting a quick glance Faith and Dawn's way she gave them a questioning look. Faith went down by her side and checked for a pulse, when she found one she made a motion to Selena, telling her without words that they needed to pick her up off the floor and put her in one of the beds.

After making sure that according to Selena Sar'ah was comfortable Faith went about starting a new fire and heating the tea that had gone cold. It was as she was doing this that she spied Dawn in the corner looking for the life of her utterly pathetic with nothing to do.

Calling Dawn over to her she put her to work, telling her to add three more tea leaves when the pot started boiling. And when it steamed to add one more cup of water and to stir constantly so that the leaves that reached the bottom wouldn't burn. As soon as she saw that Dawn was alright with her task she went about looking for gauses, rags and a bowl to put the tea into. As she started to go through the sacks and bag she found what she was looking for, and set about getting a tray ready to carry the stuff on.

When Faith approached the boiling tea, Dawn was so into her task that she barely even noticed when Faith had come near her that she jumped nearly five feet in the air when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Looking at Faith with one hand over her heart and her other hand gripping the spoon as if it were a weapon, Dawn could see that Faith was trying to hold in a laugh. Glaring at her Dawn asked "What?"

Faith didn't say anything just held out the bowl and let out a small giggle with a shrug of her shoulders as if offering Dawn an apology. Dawn just continued to glare at Faith as she dipped the laddle back into the pot then bringing it out to fill the bowl, sticking her tounge out as Faith turned her back to her and smiling as she herself turned back to the tea to take the pot off the fire to cool. Faith who was smiling as she turned towards the couple let her smile drop when she noticed that Sar'ah was still passed out. She approached them slowly and kneeled by Selena, lifting her torn dress slittly to get a better look at her wound that the demon had caused her. It wasn't too deep, in fact it was shallow at best some might call it a fleash wound, but it was still bleeding a bit, so Faith took a strip if gause and dipped it in the tea. It was a trick that Clair had taught her the fumes from the tea help with getting rid of infection should infection occur and it also helped reduce visibility of scars. Plus you didn't really need any tape to keep it over the wound the tea water made it genuinely sticky.

It seemed placing the bandage on Selena's wound seemed to bring her out of the daze that she was in. As she looked with questioning eyes at Faith.

"Your wound." Faith said in a matter of fact way. Selena just nodded her head and looked back at Sar'ah holding her hand like it was the only thing keeping her grounded. Standing up with a nod of her head, Faith made her way over to Dawn. Seeing her trying to stifle a yawn, Faith knew that it was way past her bedtime. Walking over to the half asleep little girl Faith picked her up like a parent would to their child and placed her in the second bed. Fading in and out of sleep Faith heard Dawn say a small goodnight before she passed out from shear exhaustion.

Smiling to herself, Faith went back to Selena who was trying to stay awake like Dawn was trying earlier and she too was fighting a losing battle. Faith walked up to her and suggested that she get some rest too. When she started to protest Faith firmly put her foot down saying that she would sleep on the floor so that she could share the bed with her lover.

Agreeing relunctantly Selena slid her body close to her mate and like Dawn fell fast asleep. Faith standing back looked at all three of them thought silently of the family that she once had had. Faith didn't like to talk about her past but looking at the three individuals before her she was reminded of her two sisters and of Clair her Watcher who had saved them on that hot summer day in Boston.

Faith had been sent by Micheal to the store to pick up some more supplies from the "hardware store" again. She had been walking down Raspers hill and the quarry where her and her 'friend' would dare each other to jump of the 40ft ledge and into the pool of water at the bottom. She had been the only one brave enough to do it. She paused at the entrance to the gate and stared at that ledge reminiscing about happier time when they would let her go out to play with the other children so that no one would get suspicious as to why she got so many bruises on her arms and legs. She remembered that it was the first time that she had gotten to taste freedom for the first time too. She was only twelve but she still remembered that feeling of freedom. That was before they had found her using one of their experiments to catch her.

"Faithy, we wanna go" said little Abby, the oldest by two minutes of her seven year old sisters. Abby was the outspoken of them both while little Angie was shy and quiet. They were truly two side of the same coin.

"Yeah, okay." Faith said to them while holding out her hands for them to take. Usually she wouldn't get to take them with her because Micheal or papa Walsh as he told Abby and Angie to call him feared that she would run away if they were with her. She would have too but now she knew that that was an impossibility since they had marked her with that tatoo. All they had to do was a certain locator spell and they would be able to find her. But today was special, today was her 15th birthday and for some reason when she woke up today she felt invicible.

After she had got what she was supposed to they all started heading back but instead of taking the short cut back across Raspers hill Faith decided to take the long way through Beacon Hill Park, much to her little sisters delight. Looking at her watch she notice that they had about an hour or so before they had to get back. Faith made the decision to sit down and let Angie and Abby to play on the playground before they had to leave if they didn't want to get into trouble.

As she was sitting there watching her sisters play with the other kids she felt someone sit down besides her. She looked over and saw a woman in her late thirties dressed in tweed clutching a duffle as if it were the most precious cargo in the world. At first Faith thought Druggie then she decided that the lady was dressed too nice to be one so she ignored her and continued to watch her sisters play.

The woman who she would find out later name was Clair Hutchinson turned to Faith and started to tell her about her destiny and how she was the Chosen one, the one girl in all the world to fight against the darkness and the forces of evil, yadda, yadda, yadda. Though she didn't believe her at first Faith had found out that she was telling her the truth, it was later that night when she was cleaning up the guts and blood on the floor of what she called in her head the butcher room that the woman came again, only she wasn't alone, with her she had a group of men who wiped out pretty much every one but her and her sisters.

Clair took her to her flat she proceeded to train Faith in the way of the chosen and told her who those men were. They apparently were demons or shape shifters according to Clair. Apparently the only one aside from her family who was human was Micheal. And Clair made sure that he had gotten his just desserts. Clair had saved them given them a home and they were happy for once, that was until Kakistos had found her it turned out that he had had his eye on her for awhile, hr had wanted her for his First Childe. He took Clair from her but not before he had his minions rape and turn her sisters.

When she had come home that night it was to find the house a mess and their little bodies on the floor looking as if they were sleeping peacefully. It reminded her of the time when they were babies and she had found their mom dead on the couch in the little apartment that they were allowed to live in. She died when she saw them dead on the floor. She had loved them dearly, as if they were her own and when they rose they starred at her in game face not understanding what was going on, so she simply pulled both of her loves in to a hug and using the stake in her back pocket she slayed them. First Abby and then Angie, tears streaming down her face as she told them that she was sorry before they turned to ash.

Snapping out of the memories that she had been momentarily stuck in, she wiped the tears from her face and looked one last time at the people she looked at now as family, then went straight to setting up a bed for her using the furs that she pulled from their roof hangings. Laying down Faith thought one more time to that time and place where she was happy and loved and then tried to imagine what B was up to right know. If B still hated her or even thought about her.



Riley Finn had been following Buffy for the past two weeks now, in his mind keeping her safe. To him it was his right. He watched as she had taken the gang with her and then two hours later dropped them off to their homes before going back to the cemetary to do one last sweep. She had been doing it for all the two weeks that he had been in Sunnydale spying on her. In the beginning she would pause and look around as if she had sensed him but then she just went on back to patrolling for vamps and other nasties.

Lately in the past few nights as he would follow her she appeared distracted to the point that she didn't even notice that two vamps had almost gotten the drop on her. Thanks to him and his crossbow they didn't even get the chance but she was still so distracted that she didn't even notice, she just kept on going through the headstones in the cemetary with her thinking face on.

He had wanted to approach her and let her know that he was back in town after the debriefing that he had gone to in Washington but he was still stinging from the way she had broken up with him. He just couldn't accept that that 'Slut' had done this to him. He refused to believe that he and Buffy weren't meant to be together that was why he had told the government about her. They didn't say anything to him about what they were going to do. They just thanked him and made him sign some documents saying that the Initiative and the sub t's had never existed.

Deep down Riley hoped that if they found her that they tortured her before they killed her. Moving from tree to tree as he watched his soulmate walk out of the cemetary and towards home he waited until she had turned a corner a block away before moving out of the shadows and started back home. There he would listen to the phone recordings that he made from tapping her phone. Though only a little bit of him felt the tiniest bit guilty he justified to himself that he was not obsessed or crazy he was simply protecting the woman he loved.

Entering his apartment Riley turned off the recorder that was connected to the reciever of the tap that he had put in Buffy's mom's phone and put a new tape in for tomarrow. He listened to the silly conversations that went on between Buffy and her friends, some business calls that Joyce made for the Gallery; pretty much everyday stuff that was until that last call that was on the tape that Buffy had made to Giles.



Pause. 'B-Buffy?...' fumbling in the background, then 'Buffy it's three in the morning is something the matter are you alright did something happen to you on patrol.'

'NO, no, Giles nothing's wrong, nothing happened on patrol, it was pretty much dead or deader I guess it's all how you looked at it but...'


'..then a cemetary would be dead I mean it is the place where the dead go right I mean..'


'..where else would the dead go if not to the cemetary, unless they were undead then I guess they would go...'


'Huh, whatsat.'

'Aside from that inane prattle that you were just speaking, if there is nothing the matter then what do I owe the pleasure of this phone call.'

'Oh... um I was wondering if you had heard anything more about where Faith was?'

Longer pause '... No Buffy I haven't as of late, I promise that you know as much as I do. I'm sorry.'

'No that's okay, thanks anyways Giles.'

'You're quite welcome, now good night Buffy, I'll see you in the morning.'

'Kay, goodnight Giles.'



When the tape stopped Riley was practically seething, his hate for Faith went up another notch and in his rage he stood and put his fist in a wall. Not even feeling the pain that was shooting up his arm he made a vow to himself that if it was the last thing he did he would see that bitch die.

Removing his hand from the hole that he had made he went to the kitchen and put his hand in ice that he had put in a bowl. Sitting at his kitchen table with his hand in a bowl of ice he saw sitting on the counter near the sink a folder that he had pulled out earlier that day. In it contained his birth certificate, his adoption papers and most important his identity. He was Riley Walsh aka Riley Finn. It turned out that he had been Proffessor Walsh's nephew his biological father Micheal had been killed by, according to the police reports a wild animal. In the photos the only thing that he could clearly see that was unmarked by gash marks was a tatoo on his left arm. It was the same one that Riley had gotten when he was in the Army though it on his lower back instead of his arm. It was that of an eye that had a slit in its pupil and around it was what looked like teeth marks. He was told it meant Hunter, just thinking about it made a cold ugly smile creep across his face to the point that it looked manical.

PART 6: A Decision is Made

Sunlight streamed through the flap of the tent hitting Faith's face, warming her, waking her up from her own induced nightmare. Sitting up in a cold sweat, tears streaming down her face as she remembered the peaceful look on her sisters faces as they slowly disintegrated into ash. The look in their eyes as they were set free. Faith put her face in her hands as her tears turned into quiet sobs at the memory that hit her again this time more vivid than before.

It was her sob that woke Dawn from where she slept peacefully. At first she wasn't quite sure what she was hearing until they started to get louder. Looking over in the direction where they were coming from Dawn saw Faith her head in her hands and her body slightly shaking from the force of her sobs. Getting up, in her still sleep induced mind Dawn moved over to where Faith was, pausing when she reached her rubbing the gunk out of her eyes waking up.

Faith felt someone beside stand beside her, not knowing who it was she looked up with tear filled eyes to see Dawn standing there rubbing her eyes trying to get the sleepies out of em.

Dawn stopped rubbing as soon as she noticed that Faith was staring at her. It was too early for the others to be up so it was just the two of them. They stared at one another, both not knowing what to do. Dawn out of instinct did what she would have done if her mother were still alive, she dropped to her knees beside Faith and hugged her as tight as she could leaning her head on Faith's shoulder.

Faith was simply shocked, she was about to tell Dawn to go back to bed when Dawn just knelt down and started to hug her. The last person who had hugged her not expecting anything in return had been Angie and that just brought more tears to her eyes as she squeezed Dawn tight to her being ever mindful of her strength so as not to crush Dawn.

They just sat there holding each other as Faith cried and Dawn tried her hardest to comfort her. That was how Sar'ah and Selena had found both of them when they woke up a few minutes later.

"Dawn, Faith, you guys ok?" Selena asked grogily when she smelt the tears.

Pulling away from each other they both answered at the same time "Yeah."

"What's going on." Sar'ah groaned out while putting an arm around Selena, making sure that she was real and not a dream like she had thought last night.

"Nightmare" Faith answered facing Dawn with a look of thanks as she said it.

"Oh, okay, you wanna talk about it, I mean is it about ... " Selena trailed off.

Picking up on what she thought it was about Faith quickly assured her that it wasn't about that. Then Faith asked the question that had been on her mind since she had found both Selena and was told that she was a Queen. "What Am I?"

Sar'ah perked up right away, instantly waking up when she heard the question. She and her mate both shared a look of confusion. "Wh-what do you mean?" Sar'ah asked Faith hesitantly.

"I already told you Faith. Your s'Fuyrsha, the new Queen of Xairna" Selena said before Faith could answer Sar'ah's question hoping that that would be the end of her questions, but apparantly she had under estimated Faith's curiosity.

"Yes I know but I still have no idea what the hell that is or what the title which I am assuming it is entails me to do. And I know that neither one of you is human well not really, 'cause in certain lights all three of your guys eyes turn to cats eyes and I also know for a fact that I have never heard of this Xairna Dimension. So explain." Faith said while thinking in her head 'dear god I'm starting to sound like Red.'

Selena and Sar'ah just stared at her while Dawn thought about what what being asked. Finally Dawn answered in a quiet voice "Xairna means mirror world."

"What?" Faith asked with a frown on her face as she looked at Dawn, not sure if she heard right.

Dawn looked straight at her and said it again in a louder voice this time "Xairna means Mirror World."

"What does that mean Mirror World?" Faith asked, turning to look at the couple on the bed who were looking at each other in shock. "Guys?" Faith called when they gave their attention she asked again. "What does that mean?"

This time it was Sar'ah who after thinking hard on what to say answered Faith; "Xairna is like Cairsa or Earth as you call it. We have demons and shifters, half breeds and hunters," she said slowly, looking at Faith for a reaction only seeing a questioning look when she mentioned the Hunter's did she clarify. "Hunters are what you call men who use magick to control us. Um in your world you would call them Scientist or Shadow men like the ancient scrolls call them. Mostly they mutilate our kind and try to make Scrask or um monsters who would do their bidding." Sar'ah explained.

"Okay so then what are we and why am I queen of y'all all of a sudden?" Faith asked.

"Were's." Dawn answered.

"Were's? Like Werewolves." Faith asked incredulously.

Dawn simply nodded her head quietly.

It was Selena who then answered Faith. "Not really Werewolves but we are Likins. Its all the same family just different branches," she then supplied as if it were an afterthought "though I guess we are like werewolves I mean both of us change during the three days of the full moon."

Faith looked at Sar'ah who was nodding and then at Dawn, who just starred back at her. Faith could feel a different type of power raidiating off of her and wondered what it was that drew her to Dawn.

"What are you" Faith asked point blank at Dawn.

With a shrug of her shoulders Dawn answered, "I don't know."

It was after that that Faith turned back to Selena and Sar'ah who went on into explanations about who and what she was, their history and that there were differences between them and her like her chemical makeup, and the fact that they had no idea what she was.

Faith explained about her past on how she was a slave, about her two sisters, her mom, the fact that she was a Slayer, second only to B. She didn't explain much about B, just that she died and came back to life, thus activating her. They listened and nodded their heads at the right intervals the only one who teared up was Dawn when Faith mentioned Angie and Abby. Faith thought that was 'cause she understood.

The day had past quickly cause when they had finished talking the sun had already set. It was then that Faith was given a choice. Stay and learn about what she could do or leave before the full moon rose tomorrow and face the world that she was born in. Lying down on her little makeshift bed listening to Sar'ah and Selena fool around a little, Dawn's snores and the crikets outside Faith made her decision to stay for Dawn's sake if for anything else.


Three years later

Three years had passed since Faith had made her decision and not once did she regret it. She had been taught by the kingdoms elders the history of this dimension, things that she had not known, she had also moved her and Dawn into the Castle two miles away from the village. She learned more languages and had Dawn with her when she was learning what was what. Faith had also learned that thanks to her Slayer heritage and the magicks that went with it that she could change at will and also choose how far the change went. Her senses were more acute, she was faster, stonger and had better control of her rage than she had before. Though that last part she gave the credit to Dawn. For some reason Dawn had a calming effect on her.

Though Dawn had not changed yet it was confirmed that she was a likin also, just a late bloomer. The monks who had performed the tests were sure that she would change also by her half birthday, which was two days away during the new moon. Because they hadn't had any attacks from the hunters in a while Faith had a huge surprise planned for her heart adopted sister.

The days had passed quickly and Faith still didn't feel ready for the night when she would surprise Dawn and take her hunting. Just as the moon was rising she heard a scream come from Dawn's room. Running with all she had Faith burst into Dawn's room just as Dawn was body disappeared out her bedroom window. Rushing to the window Faith saw that Dawn was being carried by a man towards the forest that served as the divider that separated the kingdoms. Running out of Dawn's room and out of the castle towards the forest as fast as she could, Faith felt her blood start to boil as she started to change. Slowing down just a fraction as she attempted to stop it she almost missed the kidnapper make a right straight out of the forest and to a cliff.

Faith speed up when she saw where he was going hoping in her heart to get there before he had a chance to do something that she would kill him for. Her worst fears playing in her head as she neared the exit and towards where she thought she smelled the kidnapper. Not keeping focused on what was around her upon exiting the forest Faith tripped on a tree root that was sticking out of the ground, only to slide straight through the mud and come face to face with a pair of combat boots.

It was then that Faith focused her senses and spread them out to see that she was surrounded by hunters, and one of her own. Looking up, moving her eyes past the combat boots and what looked like army pants, and straight to the face of a sneering Riley Finn who had Dawn up against him holding her by the throat.

Fear shown in her eyes for the briefest moment before she supressed it but it was enough for Riley to notice and get a happy tingling feeling pass through him.

Still sneering at her Riley stared at her revealing in how his plan had worked. He had found a portal a year ago straight into the Hunters Camp and after disposing of their current leader made himself the man in charge. He had been planning this for a long time. After another week of listening and watching Buffy and her friends he got angrier everyday his anger directed at Faith for in his mind she was to blame for everything that had gone wrong in his life and in Buffy's. He had tried three days before he had come here to get with Buffy again but she just rejected him telling him to get a life and then to have Spike of all people to stop stalking the slayer. That was what did it for him. After he had beat the crap out of Spike he left and walked right in his place tearing everything up destroying all the taps he had made and everything else that he could get his hands on. Now staring down at Faith while holding the life of something she cared about literally in the palm of his hands his insides rejoiced and glowed at the victory over the Slut that had distroyed his life and his values. He felt positively giddy. He watched as she slowly stood up, her eyes flashing yellow and orange as she tried to control the rage that was bubbling within her. He could also see shock pass over her features but it was brief. He watched as she surveyed her surroundings and took in his men that were waiting patiently behind him with equal cold smiles and sneers. Riley had been picturing this moment in his head for a long time waiting for the right moment when he would make his presence known and then take and destroy everything she held dear like she did to him.

Faith who had been surveying her surroundings and assessing the situation before her was trying to figure out how to save little D and get back to the castle. She had no idea how Riley had gotten here or why he was with the hunters, Faith had thought that he was a good guy. But looking up at him now, the only thought that was going through her mind was 'save Dawnie'.

Riley who was still waiting to see defeat enter Faith's eyes was starting to get angry. No one had moved since Faith had stood up, all waiting to see what he would do. Waiting for some one to say something it was Faith who spoke first. "Let. Her. Go." She said to him in her most commanding tone.

Though there was no threat in her voice, Riley saw it clearly in her eyes as she looked straight at him. Even if he wanted to Riley knew that there was not going to be any turning back now. Mustering all the courage that he had he stared right into her eye, as a manical, psychotic smile spread across his face and said "No" just as he snapped Dawn's neck.

Though it didn't kill her as say just keep her down and out for a few days the sound of it reverberating across the clearing was just enough for Faith to unleash her beast. Hitting Riley in full transformation she ripped him to shreds in a matter of seconds though to Riley it seemed as if it were hours before he finally did die. But Faith wasn't finished with just Riley, oh no in her grief induced rage Faith went through every single hunter that was in that clearing. Those who ran got hunted down and torn apart and those who didn't died swiftly and painfully for to Faith all of them were to blame for her sister's death.

As the sun rose in the east Faith woke up in the middle of the clearing five feet away from Dawn's body. Faith looked at Dawn lying there, dead, not even caring that she was as naked as the day she was born and covered in blood. Though she remembered everything that she had done she felt that she had been justified it was when she saw Dawn's chest move that she started to fill hopeful and a little guilty.

Limping towards Dawn she knelt down besides her and checked her pulse. Much to Faith's relief Dawn was still alive though she could feel that her pulse was weak and knew that Dawn would die unless she got the help she needed. Faith was afraid to pick her up, fearing that the slightest movement would finish the job and kill Dawnie, but aside from leaving her side (which was not an option) that was her only option. It was then Faith remembered the first day that she had become a likin, she had hunted Marcus to that clearing where he called the rest of their kin. Faith thinking on the lessons that she learned, she had discovered that it was like a distress call, that other who were like you whether they were miles away would hear it and they would always answer back. Change by will into her animal stated Faith with everything in her called to those who would hear her and help her.

Waking up Marcus stretched and flexed his muscles on top of his makeshift bed of leaves and twigs, rubbing his eyes as he heard a call in the distance. His ears perking up as he recognised the call, though it had been three years since he had heard it. Remembering that it had been coming through his own mouth at the time three years ago. Though this call was not like the regular warning call, this call was filled with so much grief that as he listened it made his heart sink and his eyes to water. He wonder what on earth could have happened to cause such pain. It was then that he caught a scent in the air that he recognised as Faith's.

Marcus tilted his head back and smelled the air, it smelled of death and defeat, getting up from where he was Marcus ran towards the cliffs where both the smell and call was getting stonger. Upon exiting what Marcus saw before him brought him to his knees and bowed his head in sadness.

Faith who had been calling from the depths of her soul for help stopped as soon as she saw Marcus. She tried with all her might to hold back her grief as she used the link that she had with Marcus and the others of her kin. Though try as she might she only held it back a little, causing Marcus to flinch at its force and those within a mile radius to feel it.

Raising his head Marcus looked at his surroundings with tears in his eyes, looking straight into Faith's eyes he nodded his head then got up and ran. He ran, and ran. He ran through the forest, through the great clearing, past the lake, straight into the castle and into a troupe of castle guards dressed in war garb.

One he recognised as Tomas stopped him from going any futher, demanding to know what had happened. What was the reason of the call.

"Monks." Marcus said out of breath, "the Monks are needed."

"Why? What's happened?" Tomas demmanded.

"The Queen... something happened to Krayl Dawn... sent me to get the monks." Marcus answered his hands on his knees as he took a deep breath for each few words trying to calm his breathing.

Tomas sent two guards to get the monks as he had Marcus tell him everything that happened. By the time Marcus had finished with his explanation the monks had arrived carrying a wooden box with them.

They set off going as fast as they could, reaching the cliffs. The monks having had to push through all of the villagers to get to the clearing. Faith who was still in her animal form sat a foot away from Dawn's body growling at anybody who tried to get nearer to Dawn.

When she saw the Monks and Marcus she immediately changed back to her human form. Looking over at her for a moment, they shook their heads and looked over Dawn. They knew that she was going to die no matter what they did, though they couldn't save her body they could still save her soul. The light in Faith's eyes died when she heard that Dawn was going to die her anger and grief hitting everyone surrounding her. At the mention of saving her soul got her attention however, making her feel hope again. The monks explaining to her the consequences of such magicks and what it might do. Faith didn't care. The only thing that she cared about right now was pounding her fist against deaths door, waiting for him to answer. To everyone's astonishment she told them to do it.

"But my queen, you can't possibly." One monk said trying to persuade her against it.

"I don't want excuses just do it now." Faith interrupted him, the light turning to fire.

Exchanging looks with each other the monks reluntantly agreed with their queen not wanting to cause her more pain. They went about to perform the ritual. Taking some of Faith's blood and some of Dawn's, they opened the wooden box that they had carried with them, inside was this green energy mixing the blood with that energy they said the words that hadn't been spoken in a millenia. Dawn's body started to glow green, the glare got so bright that those who were near had to shield their eyes from it. When it disappeared they looked back to where Dawn's body should have been but instead found grass. Seeing this Faith grabbed the monk closest to her and pulled him to her face demanding to know what happened.

"Where is she?"

"Umm... we don't exactly know," he said nervously.

"What do you mean... you don't know where. she. is." Faith asked quietly, her grip tightening on his robes, anger flashing in her eyes.

"There are factors about where she went, most likely to a dimension similar to this one. Probably to someone who shares part of your blood line," he stammered as the others looked on waiting to see what Faith would do next.

The fire in Faith's eyes dimmed as she thought of the implications of what was just said to her. Looking up into the monk's eyes she saw the truth in his words, breaking the contact she saw the rest of her kin looking at her with bated breath. She knew that they had figured out what had happened from the bodies that they could see. Taking a deep breath, Faith put the monk down and started to move towards the crowd who separated for her as she passed the only ones who followed her was Selena, Sar'ah, Marcus, and after some hesitation the monks. She walked straight through the forest to her castle where she climbed to her personal wash room without saying a word. The women who had come to the forest with their mates or husbands slowly left to go back to the village to tend to their kids, while the men and castle guards stayed to bury the dead. Those who had followed Faith waited for her in her room, well Selena and Sar'ah did while the monks and Marcus went to the observatory tower to figure out which dimension they had put Dawn.


SunnyDale: Someone New

The sun was almost completely risen in the sky as Buffy and Giles reached his flat. It had been a long night and a long couple of days. After the fight with Dracula, Buffy felt exhausted but she needed to talk to Giles, so she stayed and waited as he brought out some tea and 'ohh, cookies'. She had realized that Dracula was right when he said that she was hunting. She didn't want to be that person, like them, she wanted to be the Buffy she was before, the Buffy she was in high school only less naive.

They talked for awhile and decided that Giles would start training her again. The talk alone was exhausting and Buffy just wanted to go home and sleep. Walking through the door with a resigned sigh Buffy marched up the stairs towards her room. As she reached the top of the landing, she noticed that her door was slightly ajar. Having a slight suspision as to who it might be, she slowed her determined walk to her room. Pausing outside her door she heard rustling, placing her hand on the door she pushed it inward, crossing her arms over her chest as she spied her culprit.

"What are you doing here." Buffy asked, as she watched the little thief turn around.

In the next room a door was closed as Buffy and the thief both heard Joyce call to them "Buffy if that's you I need you to take Dawn school shopping."

Both girls turned to the door saying at the same time with the same whine "MOM!"

PART 8: Fire Eyes

It had been two and a half hours since Faith had disappeared into her personal washroom. The only noise that could be heard was the running and draining of water. When Faith come out in her robe both Selena and Sar'ah immediatly stood up, moving to her to see how she was. Faith didn't say anything, she allowed them to fawn and take care of her. She was deep in her mind, the events that had happened playing through her head as if she were watching a movie. It just didn't feel real to her. It was like everything from the time she met Dawn, their time together, to the masacre, to her body disappearing, was just a dream that she needed to wake up from. That the blood that took two hours to scrub off her body wasn't real, the screams of those she killed just figments of her imagination. At least that is what she was trying to convince herself of.

Selena and Sar'ah were starting to get worried, as they were dressing her and brushing her hair, Faith hadn't moved a single muscle, she just starred off into space. Selena knelt down in front of Faith and looked into her dark chocolate eyes that were usually full of fire and passion. What she saw made her gasp in shock 'cause what she saw in Faith's eyes was nothing but ice. It made her look all the more dangerous and frightening. You see, Faith could stand in one place looking perfectly calm and relaxed but if one looked in her eyes they would see a fire burning in her so bright that the power of it would make the gods themselves take a few steps back. But what Selena saw made her want to cower back and hide, there was no fire in those once beautiful eyes, it was just ice, pure ice. Gathering the courage and strength not to run, Selena tried to get her to look at her. Failing to get her attention Selena used the connection that she and Faith shared with each other alone. She searched though Faith's thoughts and memories and found exactly what she needed to bring Faith back to them.

Pulling back from what Faith had once called a mind meld, Selena looked first to her lover and then back to Faith. Using the picture that she had found Selena yelled "Faith!" both internally and externally, just loud enough to break through her thoughts and to bring her back.

Faith jumped about half a foot coming out of the thoughts that were starting to take her back to the time when she was lost. Looking at Selena she saw relief fill her friend eyes. It was then that she remembered that this wasn't a dream and that Dawn was really gone. As she came to this realization tears sprang to her eyes, though she tried to stop them. Now Faith was not a crier, as a matter of fact it took a lot to make Faith cry. Faith didn't even cry when Buffy stabbed her, even though she was dying on the inside that she had forced her angel to stoop to her level, but this, this just hit her like a ton of bricks. As a matter of fact the last time that she had cried was when she remembered the nightmare of staking her little sisters'. Just like that same night, Faith couldn't of stopped these tears even if she wanted to.

Faith looked at her friends and cried even harder the sobs shaking her body. Selena and Sar'ah both enveloped her in a hug and held her as she cried, tears streaming down their faces as well as they remembered the waifling that had like family to them all. When they calmed down a bit, they wiped their tears from their eyes, sniffled a bit and then stood up when they were ready to go to the observation tower to see what the monks had found out. Though Faith had a pretty good idea as to where Dawn was sent, she still wanted to be sure. Not a word was said as they one by one left the room.

Quietly moving down the hall and out into the courtyard to the observation tower, the grass crushing and bending beneath their feet. Birds in the trees chirping and calling to them singing and talking to each other. The sun was high in the sky not a cloud in the sky, a slight breeze blowing through the trees, it was a beautiful day, if that is they paid any mind to it.

Arriving at the tower, Faith stopped at the door pausing for just a brief instant, thinking about what she would do if her suspisions were confirmed. She knew that if they were that she would have to do something that she really didn't want to. She really, really didn't want to face B again, especially now. Faith wasn't too sure how B would react but she knew that she would go regardless.

"Faith?" Selena questioned, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm fine."

"You sure?" Sar'ah asked.

"Yeah, I'm good." Faith said before she pushed the door open and entered.

Moving up the stairwell the three girls could hear arguing above them. The voices were muffled though so they couldn't hear what was being said but whatever it was it sounded serious. Reaching the top of the landing, the door to the monks room was slightly ajar. They could see Marcus and another monk pacing, while one was sitting in a chair at the desk going over papers and jonting down notes while another one was sitting near the window surrounded by books, flipping every once and awhile a few pages in one of the tomes that was near him.

"It's impossible, there is just no way." Marcus was saying as he paced, looking at the monk at the table.

"He's right, John you have to be wrong. Maybe you miscalculated or something there can be no possible way that happened," said the monk who was pacing with Marcus.

"There is no miss calculation!" John yelled, standing from his seat at the desk, "I have done them over and over again, there is no mistake, she is in that world and because of what those fools did she is stuck."

"Where?" came a question at the door.

All four stopped what they were doing and looked at Faith in the doorway waiting for the answer that she was dreading. They looked at her and then looked at each other, not sure how to answer their queen. The could see the flame in her eyes as it brightened then dimmed somewhat. Sar'ah and Selena stood to the side of Faith also waiting for their answer.

John was the first to speak bowing to his queen as he answered, "My lady, do to some very unfortunate circumstances, it seems that men much like ourselves has taken your sister's essence and molded it with something that is older than chronos himself..." looking up John could see his queen's eyes brighten as she started getting frustrated, praying that nothing happened to him he moved lower and finished what he was saying with a slight tremor to his voice, "They were fools who didn't know what they were doing, they molded her with The Key; an energy that can unlock all dimensions, they made it flesh to hide it from a god."

"Soooo... where is my sister?" Faith said looking now to Marcus and Luke the monk that had been pacing with him. It was Luke who answered.

"Ummm... we believe she is in Cairsa, at the Cyrnal de Pyradom," his eyes down to the floor as he answered, too afraid to look up.

Faith just starred at them, thinking about what she was being told. She had thought it, even suspected it, but never in her wildest dreams did she want it to be true. Instead of the anger that they were expecting, that she was expecting, Faith was extremely calm. Accepting it at face value. Her eyes held no fire or rage, though the same couldn't be said for Selena and Sar'ah.

"WHAT!" they both yelled at the same time.

All the monks taking a step back as they heard the two women yell, though they thought that Faith would be the one that would yell. It turned out that the two women who were with her seemed to be the more vocal as they went into a rant about how much danger Dawn is in and that they had to get her back. Faith who had been staring at the floor going through her thoughts looked up at the mention of getting her sister back. When she saw all four men flinch at this she knew before she spoke.

"She can't come back." Faith said with certainty. All six looked at her, Selena and Sar'ah with shock in their eyes and their mouths hanging open, while the men just nodded their heads. "Alright. Then if she can't come back we'll go to her." Faith said with certainty, looking at the people in the room with her staring into each and every one of their eyes as she said it again when she saw the uncertainty in their eyes. "She's not a were anymore right?" she asked the monks, at seeing their head shake, she continued, "Here's how it is, we are going to go to Cairsa, there we go to Cyrnal de Pyradom. Questions. Comments. No. Good, now find me a portal so that I can go back to hell alright. Good." With that she turned and left the room. Hearing the start of protesting from the monks as they followed her, Faith just yelled back to them as she reached the bottom of the stairs and was walking out the door determindly back to the castle, "If you can't find one, make one."

PART 9: The Arrival

Author's Notes: In this chapter and the next few there will be major quotage and spoilers for the season five, starting with the ep. Family to the end. I am also bringing in Faith this chapter so thing will be a little different. So my disclaimer still goes out to Joss, but also all of the writers who worked on that ep. Thanks for all the reviews you guys I really appreciate it. If you have seen this episode I apologize in advance if I completely ruin it. For those who haven't seen it buy Season Five and watch it. :);):) (slow motion wink):D.

Arriving home Buffy paused before she opened the door. She could feel Giles in the living room, waiting for her to return from patrolling the warehouse district. Feeling him, inside right now worrying and watching Dawn, Buffy almost didn't want to go in. After finding out that her little sister wasn't even real Buffy just wanted to be alone but she knew that she had to tell him, he was her watcher/father after all.

Opening the door to her home, Buffy entered and saw Giles stand, relief filling his features as the knowledge that his slayer had returned safely. She didn't think that she would be affected this much. 'She's my sister' running through her head like a mantra. The desolate look on her face as she moved to the living room and sat down on the couch, stopped Giles from the greeting he was about to give her.

"Buffy, are you alright" he asked her in that conserned fatherly tone as he sat on the coffee table opposite of his slayer. He could see in her eyes that she was trying very hard not to cry. "Buffy?" he said again when she didn't answer him the first time, taking off his glasses as if to clean them.

He was about to say her name again when he thought she was not going to answer but such was not the case.

"The spell that I did, the coutier one," seeing Giles nod she continued "It worked, only there was nothing there. No mist or hand or shape of the demon, nothing super natural at all, that was until I saw a picture of me mom and Dawn together, there was something flickering on it, Dawn's image kept disappearing and reappearing. It was like that with every picture that had Dawn in it. I went to her room to investigate further and at first I thought she was the demon, the one that was hurting my mom." When she saw that Giles was going to add something she interrupted him by continuing on. "I was patrolling the warehouse district, trying to find more clues that would give me an answer. I noticed that a door was wide open, I went to investigate with my flashlight. Walking deeper into the building, I noticed one of those two foot thick steal garage doors, that separate the rooms had been torn apart. Like something big had kicked it down. There was a woman there torturing some one. I think she was a demon. She was strong, she kicked my ass."

"Do you know what she looked like" Giles asked calmly, his glasses still in his hand.

"Human, stronger, faster and I felt power raidiating off of her," Buffy explained, giving as brief a description as possible before she got to the part that concerned Dawn, "There was a reason she wanted this guy though, he was keeping something from her, A Key or something he said that I had to protect it." She said looking up into his eyes.

Giles rested his hand on hers and wore his watcher face, as he asked " Do you know what it is or where it is. Why this creature wants it?" looking straight back into her eyes.

Buffy took a deep breath before she answered. "It's Dawn. Dawn's the Key."

"(scoff) I dont know what to say" he said in a disbelieving voice, Truly at a loss for words.

"Tell me about it" Buffy answered.

"She has no idea?" Giles asked.

"No... She thinks she's my kid sister."

"Are you going to tell her?" he then asked.

"I can't," Buffy answered standing up "She'd freak, and that's the last thing we need. I have to keep her safe."

Giles let out a sigh of acceptance, as he put his glasses back on. "This woman... this creature, she know, you know. Shouldn't we be thinking of sending Dawn some place else. Away."

"Away where?"

"I-I don't rightly know, to your father maybe."

"Last I checked he was in Spain with his assistant living the cliche'. I tried to contact him when mom got sick, he hasn't even--"

"I'm sorry." Giles interrupted.

Buffy just shook her head in acceptance, thinking and sharing the memory of when her dad had left. Remembering every single thing that her sister did, but didn't do. It was hard, thinking of life without her sister second guessing her memories. Looking up at Giles, she could see the thoughts turning in his head, she knew what he was thinking and she couldn't let that happen. So she answer his unspoken question.

"They sent her to me, Giles. I think that I have to take care of her. I want to. I need to."

"Yes. We need to find out who this woman is and what she could possibly want Dawn for. Do we tell the others?" he asked with a new determination in his voice.

"No. No-one. They would act different around her, and they are safer not knowing." Buffy answered looking up the stairs.

"What if she comes after you?"

"She'll come." Buffy said with certainty, "She come for us."


Out in the dead calm of night, in a cemetary near the outskirts of SunnyDale, a wind started to pick up, subtle at first, slowly getting stronger to a howling gust, before it just stopped the cemetary growing quiet and absolutely still. Within the time span of two second, the stillness lasted before up in the sky a brilliant light exploded in to the sky ranging in all sorts of different colors, from blue to the deepest green; sending out an after shock that shook the ground beneath it.

Spike who was down in the lower level of his crypt moving things around, stopped when he felt the ground start to shudder. His whole body tingled as he felt a gust of power wash over him. 'what the...' looking around he couldn't sense anyone near, and the only one he knew that had the kind of power that he was feeling had died over sixty years ago. He moved to the top level of his home, and to his door, feeling compelled to follow the flow of energy, his demon telling him to go. He didn't know what was on the other side of that door, but whatever it was it had power.

The light dimmed and the ground stopped moving, as Spike opened his door. He could see it in the distance, though it wasn't as bright as before, he could still see it rippling in the sky. He moved at a slow pace not knowing what to expect, watching it with one eye and scanning the surrounding area feeling for danger. He paused when he was about twenty feet away from it, watching it as the ripples increased then hearing a huge sucking sound the portal shrank back and disappeared with a reasounding pop.

He starred for a few moments not trusting what he saw for a minute. He listened closely trying to figure what type of oogly-boogly jumped out of that hole. Stepping closer he heard it, the moans and growls of the demons that had dropped from that portal. Crouching low to the ground he moved closer, cursing himself for not thinking about taking any weapons with him. What he saw though made him gasp, lying on the ground not two feet before him, was a three naked as the day they were born women and one man.

Two of the women were curled up against each other, close like lovers. The man was to their left near the oak tree by the Kristof tomb, Spike could tell that the man was injured, he could smell the blood. It was the last that intrigued him so, he could smell the power that rushed through her veins. She was the first to come to.

"Oww. Clas'ma, fe aimo'sa. Dols nitra. [Oww. My head, man that was intense. Never doin that again.]" She said as she sat up and reached for her head. Looking around she saw her companions on the ground near her knocked out. Crawling over to her friends she checked them over seeing if they were alright. When Faith saw Sar'ah and Selena open their eyes at the same time she let out a breath that she didn't even know that she had been holding. "Are you guys okay" she asked helping them up into a sitting position. She then heard a moan to her left, she looked over and saw that Marcus was coming to; the cut on his head no longer bleeding. He looked over at her, seeing her concerned look, he nodded his head once letting her know that he was gonna live.

Her limbs no longer feeling heavy with lethargy Faith stood up to her full height. Taking a good look around, she took a deep breath and let it out saying under her breath. "Welcome to SunnyHell."

Spike watched as the brunette stood up, tall and proud like. If anything it was that one move that made him think that she was the leader. He could smell her strengh and feel the power coming off of her in waves, making his demon shudder in desire. He watched as she looked around her and took in her surroundings. With his vampire hearing he could hear everything she had said earlier, though he didn't totally understand what she had said there were a few vowels in there that he recognised as Fyarrl and Wolf. The only difference being the smell.

Helping her friends up, Faith took notice that they were all standing there butt naked. Looking around for something to cover her and her friends up Faith noticed another presence close by. The hairs on the back of her neck standing up. 'Vampire' Faith thought.

Making an announcement out loud to her friend that she was going to look for something that they could wear, while internally she told them about the vampire that was to the right of them. They nodded their heads in understanding. Faith moved away from them, making a circle around the crypts and gravestones to where Spike was backing away from where he was hiding. Not recognizing who he was Faith grabbed the back of Spike's neck, pulling him up so fast he barely had time to blink. Faith threw him out into the open, to where her friends were waiting. Her eyes turning auburn for just a second.

Spike landed with an ooophm as he hit the ground hard. He pushed himself up turning to face the brunette beauty that had thrown him. He looked her in the eyes and saw them turn yellow and cat like for just a brief second. Feeling another shudder run through his body, he stood to his full height of 5'8", and sized her up, moving to a fighting stance, though he would rather shag her than kill her, he still prepared himself for a fight. Starting with the usual banter. "Alright love, you wanna fight, fine by me. Just don't go crying to your mommy when ol Spike here kicks the crap outta ya." He moved to strike her in the face.

A slow smile creeped up Faith's face as she heard what he said thinking 'same old, same old'. Seeing his fist coming at her she caught it in her hand right before it connected. Using only a tenth of her strength, Faith squeezed then reversing his momentum threw him into the wall of a mausoleum. She walked up to him, the smile still on her face as she approached him, she had remembered him after he had said his name. Seeing him still dazed, leaning against the wall that she had thrown him, she walked up to him and crouched down so that she was face to face.

"Spike... Spike... William the bloody."

"Yea, 'ho 'onts to know."

"You don't remember do you." Faith said slowly, her smile growing bigger.

"Remember 'hat?"

"We met, in the Bronze once upon a time ago, though you might not recognize me, I was in a different skin back then."

"...Faith..." Spike said recognition coming into his eyes and voice as he said the name.

"So you do remember." Faith said standing up and offering her hand to help him up.

Spike looked at her wondering if he could trust the dark haired slayer. Seeing nothing in her eyes but sincerity he accepted her offered help pulling himself up. He had heard many stories on this dark haired beauty both from the scoobs and the demon world, most of them he thought were great exagerrations and others he found just plain amusing. Looking at her now he didn't know what to believe, before him stood a creature of power both slayer and demon blood running through her veins. He was intrigued by her his demon wanted to fight and kill her or possible hide, and the man side of him wanted to ravage her maybe court her first.

Faith saw as he starred at her with an appraising eye. It irritated her for a bit when she saw lust enter his undead eyes, finally after some silence she spoke up to him.

"Look if you're just going to continue to stare at me like that I'm gonna start looking for a stake," When she saw that got his attention she continued on, "Now that I got your attention back to my eyes and not my breast, me and my comrades here need some clothes, so are you going to help or what."

"What's in it for me." Spike said going back to his cocky self lighting up a smoke and leaning into a relaxed position against the wall behind him, looking at her with a slight leer.

Faith didn't say anything, instead moving faster than Spike could see, she flipped a piece of wood from the ground into her hand grabbed him by the neck and slammed him against the wall he was leaning against, hard enough to make a slight dent. the stick she held in her hand poised at his heart.

"Either help, or I will stick this twig up your ass and roast you out in the sunlight, got it." Faith said answering both his question and leering glance.

Spike swallowed hard seeing the truth behind those words in her eyes as she said this. Taking a deep breath that he didn't need he nodded his head.

"Good. Now as I was saying me and my friends need both clothes and a place to stay for the night, think you could handle that." Again Spike nodded his head, not saying a word. When she let go of him his hand moved to the spot where she had grabbed his shirt, rubbing at it as if it hurt.

Faith simply gave him a mild look of annoyance as she moved away to talk to her 'family' about what was going on. When they were ready they followed Spike to his crypt where he gave them some clothes and a bed to sleep in. All four having said that they had already eaten when he offered them some blood. It was close to dawn before everyone was settled and fell asleep. The only ones up being Faith and Spike. Spike because he wanted to continue making his tunnel and the fact that vampires don't need that much sleep, Faith was up because she felt wired, there was something in the air that made her hair stand on end and her nerves come alive.

In all reality though, Faith really only needed about an hour or two of sleep which was why she was standing outside watching the sun rise. Looking down at herself Faith thought she looked ridiculous, the clothes that she was wearing she knew that she wouldn't be caught dead in, in any world. But it wasn't like these were her only options if she thought about it. After all before the Mayor had died he had set up a nestegg and trust for her in the amount of fifteen million dollars, being untouched in say four year she figured it had to of built up a little bit.

Leaving a warning in with her friend and a stake with a note for Spike, Faith left to go first to her apartment that the boss gave her and then to explore, check out what's been happening. Faith still didn't know that she had only been gone for about seven months, she thought that she had been gone for years.

It had been a long time, but as she was walking down main street, There was only one thought running through her mind at that moment as she walked into her old apartment. 'Home, sweet home'.

PART 10: Buffy

'Six years, six long years, and the only thing that is different about this place is that there is plastic over the broken window.' Faith thought with a self discripting laugh over the fact that no one had been here in a while. Though a part of her wondered shouldn't there be more spiderwebings or a lurker staying there. But no, it was empty. She looked around at the near empty apartment trying to remember where she hid what she was looking for.

It was already well into the afternoon, by the time Faith had found it unmoved and untouched. It was under the floorboards of one of her closets. The thing being her old duffel bag, the one she had when she first came to Sunnydale. Inside, on the bottom, was a hidden compartment that held something that not even Clair knew about. She had forgotten about it when she first came, to occupied with her slaying, with Buffy, with her grief. Removing the hidden cover Faith pulled out of her bag two daggers, she had read in a weapons book that they were called the weeping sisters, they were foretold in many prophecies, most of the prophecies were of people dying trying to obtain them, harness the power that they held, use the magick that was prophesized to bring both the destruction and the recreation of the world. In both of the daggers there was a line in the middle of the blade, on one was a red line presumed to be the blood of Christ, and the other a black line said to be the blood of a demon that was named Judas 'the betrayer'.

She had found them in one of the 'death' rooms, she was sent to clean when she was little. It seemed as if they were calling to her when she first laid eyes on them. Picking them up then she felt a surge of power rush through her. Holding them in her tiny hands they had felt like they belonged to her, like they were made specifically for her. She had no idea why or how come, but she knew that she had to keep them and hid them until the time came. She hadn't even known what they were that was until one day when she was doing her studies at the insistance of Clair, she had come across them.

Though many thought that Faith was a brainless slut, she was actually a certified child protoge genius. She excelled in languages, history, psychology, and science, and she thought on her feet. Most people thought she was a high school dropout, which technically she was, but that didn't mean she didn't get her GED. The only reason that she dropped out of high school in the first place was because it was just plain boring for her and she thought of schools like a mini prison and Faith liked her freedom. She just choose to not let any one know that. Just like she didn't let anybody know that she was a pyro, to her it wasn't anybody's business but her's. And that if anyone really wanted to know they could've just asked.

Standing up Faith moved out to her bedroom/livingroom, placing the daggers on her dresser, she changed her clothes to what she considered battle gear. Leather pant, belt, bra('thank the gods'), blood red tank top, steeltoe boots, and her weathered leather jacket. Running her hands through her wavy, unkempt hair.

Grabbing the weeping sisters and putting them in her jacket's hidden pockets, Faith looked up into her dresser mirror, the face of her past staring back at her. In the corner of her eye Faith saw that the sun was almost fully set and knew that it was time. Breathing deeply, Faith strengthened her resolve, took another look at herself and left the place that she had once called home. Moving out into the street Faith could feel her blood boiling, her adrenalin pumping, it was a full moon tonight, which meant that the desire for one to change was stronger. That meant that her family was to be on the hunt tonight. Hopefully, though she highly doubted it, she wouldn't run into Buffy when she went after her pack. Faith felt a tingling sensation on the back of her neck as she walked down main street. She was being watched, though by who she could only guess, with this being the Hellmouth it was hard to focus on one particular thing, especially tonight. It seemed that it threw some of her senses out of wack.

Feeling the moon rise Faith ran the rest of the way to the cemetary, that she had been in last night. She could feel the others start to change, feel her own animal within fight for control. Just barely finding her center Faith burst into Spike's crypt to find, absolutely nothing. Looking frantically around, she found the clothes that they had been wearing torn to shreds. The moon now high in the sky, Faith could hear her families call. Turning back to the door and moving outside Faith paused, her whole body tense, listening to the night air. She was trying to figure out which way they went, but she couldn't hear them anymore. She knew that the only way to find them was to succumb to her inner beast.

Faith concentrated as hard as she could slowly allowing part of herself to change. Her body at first filling with pain, which slowly started to dull into a small irritation, as she felt her teeth sharpen and her canines to elongate into a set of fangs, her finger nails turning into claws and her ears start to become pointed and almost animal like. She let out a small scream when the transformation was complete, it took almost all her energy to actually choose how much and which part of her to change but she did it every time. It was also more painful than the full change itself. Though despite all of that Faith still did it, why, to keep herself in control.

Scanning all before her with her auburn eyes Faith could see a bush shift about fifty feet away. Her ears perking up when she heard what sounded like a scream in the distance. Faith took off running.

Jumping over tombs and crypts all the way to where she heard it. It was then as she landed some ten feet away that she spotted Marcus in an attack position across from a blond girl with a stake in her hand. She could hear Selena and Sar'ah of in the sideline stop there play fighting as soon as they sensed her, tensing when they felt her tense. Seeing for what this was and what was about to happen, Faith did the only thing she could do, could think to do. Moving faster than any eye could see Faith intercepted Marcus' flying pounce, catching him under his arms and throwing him, his momentum carrying her with him to the ground. Both moved away from each other, trying to stare one another down. Marcus moved first going for a straight tackle to get her away from his target. Faith having non of it reached in to her jacket packet and pulled out the black dagger that she put there before, through just her will it changed into that of a long sword. Sidestepping his attack Faith cut his arm with just enough force to bleed a little, turning she called. "Cease."

Marcus wasn't listening however, he had gone to great lengths to get where he was now and he was not going to stop his plans now. Turning to his Queen he growled out "Never" before trying to charge past her to get to his target. But he was stopped once again this time by being frozen in mid air, when the hold released him he fell to the ground hitting his head and going promptly to sleep from getting knocked out.

Faith turned, the changes still present, and faced the one thing that she had been both hoping for and dreading ever since she had left Sunnydale. One miss Buffy Summers.

...continued in part 11...