Half Breed
by Alexandria Olson
Rating: NC-17



Pulling on her clothes as fast as she could while throwing Faith her jacket, Buffy felt like her heart was about to burst out of her chest.


Hearing her mother call again sending the blond slayer near into a near panic as she grabbed the brunette's hand and practically tried to shove her out the window, much to the chagrin of the brunette.

"What the hell, B?"

"Go, get out, before she gets here, hurry" Buffy said giving the brunette one last shove using a little slayer strength which sent Faith sliding to the ground and out of her room just as her mom entered the room.

"Buffy, are you alright?" Joyce asked somewhat suspiciously.

"I'm fine mom. Why?"

Joyce raised an eyebrow at her daughter's almost too chipper voice, her suspicions becoming more grounded in her mind as to the strange behavior that her daughter was exhibiting at the moment, looking around her daughter and trying to she what she was hiding, Joyce took a step forward asking. "Is there something you wanna tell me Buffy?"

Smiling nervously Buffy tried to stall for time, quickly looking over her shoulder, not really seeing much she walked forward saying loudly. "So Mom I didn't know you were going to be back this early, I was just opening the window for some fresh air. You know what how about we go down and grab some hot cocoa and you can tell me all about your day." She said as she put her arm around her mom's shoulder and led her out of her room very quickly.

Raising an eyebrow, Joyce thought to herself. `Why do I have a feeling that she is going to be grounded for a long, long time;' as she allowed her daughter to lead her downstairs and to the kitchen.


Faith growled, standing up and brushing the dirt off herself. Looking up at the window she had just been unceremoniously thrown out of, with a frown marring her face.

Licking her bottom lip at the drop of blood that was there, she smiled, her dimples showing as she savored the taste of slayer blood. Thinking 'you're mine now B.'

Turning Faith ran off into the night, knowing that she would be around tomorrow, she decided to go hunting for human or vampire she wasn't sure, she just needed to kill off the edge.


Dawn's pale rays were just starting to touch the horizon when Faith returned home, a little grumpy that there had been nothing to fight or eat on her way home. `Though on a lighter note I did set up that account at the food bank' she thought as she quickly closed the door to keep the harmful rays outside. Making her way briskly towards her training room lost in her non thoughts about a certain slayer, she ran smack dap into James. Almost falling Faith looked up with wide eyes. It had been close to five years since she had seen him, the major problem that she was trying to get processed into his head was the fact that she was seeing him in the first place. She had watched him get burned alive by that mob in Prague just after Spike had found them. Her friend had died protecting them. Her jaw dropping open, she just stared at him not really knowing what to do. Then her world went black.


Opening her eyes, Faith found herself on the floor in a black evening gown and veil covering her eyes. Rising on her elbows Faith took in her surroundings; she was in a dark room surrounded by both black and red candles. A light magical breeze flowing through the room caressing her skin, looking to her left she took notice of a pathway of candles leading deeper into the darkness. Pushing herself up Faith took the veil off of her face and staggered down the path way. Her insides twisting and churning as if she hadn't eaten in months, she felt like she was going to be sick. Her tongue flicked against her incisors the sharpness cutting it. Her own blood making her feel ravenous, Faith kept walking further into the darkness until she came upon a door the shine from the gold knob attracting her attention. Placing her hand on the door Faith turned and pushed the door hitting the wall with a loud bang. The room was small and filled with the smell of feces and blood. To her right she heard rats scurrying along the floor, over metal. To her left was another door this one painted blood red instead of black like the first one.

Opening the door Faith was blinded by torch light, shielding her eyes against the harshness of the light it took her eyes a moment to adjust against the change in atmosphere. When she could see however, a startled gasp escaped her eyes at the picture that was in front of her. There on a four poster king size bed covered in black sheets lay Buffy who considering how much skin showed she guessed was naked underneath them. Surveying the rest of the room that was lit by torches, she spied a fire place with a fire burning inside, on the mantle in the middle were two glass blood goblets filled with red wine. On the table between the two plush chairs that were in front of the fire was a bowl over flowing with fruit on top of a plate surrounded with fine cheeses and caviar.

A groan coming from behind her making her turn around to face the bed, not even feeling herself move Faith found herself at the side of the bed in front of the blond brushing the hair away from the blond slayer's face with almost a tender loving touch. Watching the blonde's eyes flutter open, Faith laid herself next to the blond caressing her face, whispering sweet nothings into her ear as she pulled Buffy's hair away from the blonde's neck. Lowering her head as she exposed her fangs, biting deeply as she drank her hand covering Buffy's mouth her other hand holding the blond down as she felt her struggle, pulling the blond closer to her, her body taunt against her.

Buffy's shout's muffled soon turned to whimpers to moans as she felt her life leave her and pleasure replace the pain. Just when she thought she was going to die the pressure alleviated, weak from blood loss Buffy could do nothing to fight off the brunette as she brought her now opened wrist to the blonde's mouth. Warm thick liquid seeping down her throat as she heard Faith whispering into her ear "Time to wake up." Before she and the rest of the dream disappeared.


Sitting up in bed in a cold sweat Buffy looked around her room taking not of the darkness surrounding her, still freaking out over the dream a bit she got up and walked to her window and threw open her curtains. As soon as the sun hit her she screamed in pain as the light assaulted her eyes, throwing the curtains closed Buffy held a hand to her eyes as pain radiating throughout her skull she barely noticed her mom coming into her room shouting at her what the matter was as she passed out, the last thing she remembered before unconsciousness claimed her was feeling the scar on her neck.


Disclaimer: I don't own them. Never will, or the song Boston by Augustana.

Waking up on a scream sitting straight up in bed drenched in sweat, she put a hand on her neck feeling nothing there Buffy collapsed back on her bed breathing hard. Turning her head to the side she looked straight at her vanity mirror examining her reflection closely. Worry and fear slowly filling her as she was starting to think that maybe her dream wasn't just some horrible nightmare at all but was a slayer dream, something that would happen and soon.

	In the light of the sun,
	is there anyone?
	Oh it has begun...

	Oh dear you look so lost,
	eyes are red and tears are shed,
	This world you must've crossed... you said...

Looking behind her out her window a contemplative look on her face; The full moon staring back at her through the branches and leaves of the tree outside of her window, mocking her or so she thought. Throwing the covers off, Buffy got out of bed and started moving towards the window. Placing her hand gently against the window she stared at the quiet street below wondering what was wrong with her, and why was she feeling this way.

	You don't know me, you don't even care,
	oh yeah,
	She said
	You don't know me,
	and you don't wear my chains...
	oh yeah

Faith woke up with a start and a gasp, alone in her bed. She had no idea how she got there. Reaching up and putting a hand gently on her mouth, remembering her dream. Shaking her head Faith tried to get the images out, reminding herself of what she was supposed to do but not able to get the blond out of her head. Throwing the covers off of her body, she started towards the garden where the moon was filling it with a bright blue light.

	Essential yet appealed,
	carry all your thoughts
	across an open field,
	When flowers gaze at you...
	they're not the only ones who cry
	When they see you
	You said...

Standing in the middle of the garden staring at the moon as the past few days ran through her head. Every touch, every sound, every feeling, every dream; it was all unexplainable but to her it was the answer to everything she had ever questioned. It was what she wanted. Not even realizing that she was moving, Faith quickly found herself outside walking with no destination in mind, just knowing that she had to go.

	You don't know me,
	you don't even care,
	oh yeah,
	She said
	You don't know me,
	and you don't wear my chains...
	oh yeah,

Opening her window Buffy quietly slipped out of her room, climbing the tree down to her back yard. Not caring that she was in her yummy sushi pajamas, just knowing that she had to go feeling like, she was being pulled by some unseen force.

	She said I think I'll go to Boston...
	I think I'll start a new life,
	I think I'll start it over,
	where no one knows my name,

Both slayer and day walker moved unseeing down the streets, jumping fences, jogging the closer they got to where they were being pulled.

	I'll get out of California,
	I'm tired of the weather,
	I think I'll get a lover and fly em out to Spain...

Faith stopped at the corner of the street staring down it at the figure on the other side, a smile starting to slowly spread across her face as she started to move.

	I think I'll go to Boston,
	I think that I'm just tired
	I think I need a new town,
	to leave this all behind...

Buffy stopped at the end of the street, staring at the girl at the other end, watching her move at a slow pace down the street. Placing one foot in front of the other slowly, as a smile started to spread across her face the closer they got to one another.

	I think I need a sunrise,
	I'm tired of the sunset,
	I hear it's nice in the Summer,
	some snow would be nice...
	oh yeah,

Stopping a foot in front of the other both girls just starred at each other not knowing what to do and neither wanting to move for fear of breaking whatever spell had them in its grasp.

	You don't know me, you don't even care...

Both moved at the same time, their lips and bodies crashing into one another as they shared a passionate kiss, letting it consume them completely. Hands in each others hair as their tongues battled for dominance. Not knowing where one ended and the other began, just content to be in that same time and space with each other the moon shining down on them as they stood kissing in front of the high school.

	where no one knows my name...
	Where no one knows my name...

	Where no one knows my name...

	Yeah Boston...

	Where no one knows my name.

...to be continued...