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by Alexandria Olson
Rating: NC-17

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Standing above the gate, looking at the eternal sunset that seemed to never change, Faith threw a rock out on towards the lake bored outta her mind. Sighing as she stands stretching, listening to the bones pop and her black wing creak. She turned and headed down the stairs to the ground. Avoiding all the stares that she always got, as she moved to her home, Faith wondered like always why she wasn't happy.

Opening the door she was greeted by the smell of pancakes being cooked, and some salsa music playing. Turning the corner she spied her roommate dancing and cooking as she moved. Tears springing to her eyes as her next sigh turned deeper, Faith moved, turning off the radio, startling the blond.


"Sorry T, I just don't feel like doing or listening to anything today. How about Mrs. Summers? She might like some of your pancakes." Faith said walking away, "I am going to lie down," closing her bedroom door with those last words.

Shaking her head, Tara looked on with sad eyes at her friend's closed door, turning her head the front door as she heard a knock, she opened the door to reveal Persephone, and Hades.

"Hello Tara" Persephone said pulling the sad girl into a hug, as Hades walked past and straight to Faith's bedroom door, not even bothering to knock, as he walked in to the sleeping brunette's room.

**Faith's bedroom**

Sullenly staring at his great niece, he wondered where it all had gone wrong, there were thousands of gods and thousands of dimensions and yet non made her happy not even the Elysian fields where most warrior went for their final resting place, not even the fact that he allowed her to be near the people she knew and loved on earth..

It was supposed to make her forget, to relieve her of any sadness that she feels, or at least that was what usually happened. Unfortunately his niece was as stubborn as her father, and had refused to drink from the river Styx, forever remembering her life, her past, and the future that would have been hers if she hadn't died, and she was slowly withering away just like his wife told him.

He didn't believe her at first and knew that was his first mistake, after all when was his wife ever wrong. He just had to see it for himself. Looking around the room, seeing the numerous drawings of people he assumes were her family on earth, the one that struck him though was the one drawing of a woman holding a baby in front of a birthday cake with a single candle. He guessed who they were but knew deep down the truth that this was her family, her soul and her daughter.

Looking back towards the brunette he saw that she was now sitting up staring at him, letting him know that she knew exactly what he was staring at with the tears and look of longing in her eyes.

Sighing, Hades sat on the bed and remembered that this was not the first time he was going to break his own rules for his family. Looking at Faith he also remembered that this wasn't just family this was the last to touch earth, to be born of it. The one who changed even what the fates predicted. Taking his hand he moved a strand of her hair behind her ear, kissing her on top of her forehead he whispered, "Even angels fall for the best of em," as a white light surrounded her, pulling back he watched as she looked back at him with tears falling down her cheeks, then disappeared.

Exiting the room, he saw that his wife and two blonde women were in deep discussion, only stopping when they realized that he was in the room.

Looking at each of them he spoke in his booming voice. "It has been done" followed by a crack of lightning across the sky.

**Sunnydale – 9:10pm**

Clouds gathered together as Buffy and Spike walked through it patrolling, it looked as if a storm was coming but both felt as if that was wrong. As if this was something supernatural, she was just glad that Ares was babysitting tonight cause she didn't like this at all. She was distracted by their thoughts as the sky lit up with lightning, and thunder.

"Spike, we need to get back." She called to the still wondering vampire, realizing that he had stopped and wasn't even listening to her she ran to where he was just as a lightning bolt hit the ground where he was just standing, sending them both flying back away from it.

Spike was the first to recover shaking his head as he looked towards the grave again. Tilting his head as his eyes spotted a figure on the ground, that looked to be coming around. Turning his head he spotted the blond staring straight ahead still on the ground at the figure standing in front of the grave that all scoobies knew all too well.


Faith woke after being deposited on the ground non to gently, having no clue what just happened but knew that it was big. Getting up and standing as she looked around her, she noticed first the marker that she landed by read.

Here lies


OCT. 1983 – JUN 2002




Faith stood wavering slightly, getting her bearings on what was going on, the last she remembered was… nothing. She couldn't remember anything. She was staring at her own grave marker and the only thing she was feeling was confused, sad and relieved. Turning to hearing her name being called she found herself facing two blonds, tilting her head at the male she stared hard at him wondering why he seemed so recognizable to her when an image flashed in her head.

"I killed you." It wasn't a question more of a statement of fact, a knowing and a memory of watching him turn to ash.

"Aye that you did slayer, but someone liked me up there gave me a soul and sent my ass back." Spike spoke as if this were an everyday type of thing when considering where she had landed was probably true.


"Faith?" turning her attention to the blonde that had timidly spoken and was now looking at her like she was a ghost, Faith stared into the sea green eyes wondering where she knew them from.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"F-Faith." Buffy looked as if she were about to break down and start crying as she pulled her beloved into a hug, squeezing with all her might as the tears started to stream down her face. "I can't believe you're really here. *sniff* God I missed you so much." Buffy sobbed, using all her slayer strength to express a fraction of what she was feeling at the moment.

Faith awkwardly patting the blonde's back looked at Spike pleading with him to help her.

Spike looking confused but catching on, took Buffy by the arms, unclenching the arms holding on tight to the brunette speaking in a soothing tone, that he used many times with Dru when she went around the bin once too many times.

"Come on love, let the poor girl breath now. After all it's not everyday one comes back from the dead now, let her get her bearings hmm. It will all be alright. Shh now."

Looking grateful to the vampire Faith looked at the blond feeling concerned and sad.

"Is she going to be okay?" she asked looking at the comprehending Spike, and the confused Buffy.

"Yeah she will be just fine just need to get her home is all. In fact why don't you come with us, could do with the company and I am sure that some people would like to meet you." Spike said as if he was talking to a child.

"Faith? Spike? What is going on?" Buffy asked panicking.

Faith smiled looking at the little blond, guessing that she couldn't be more then 23yrs old probably almost fresh outta college. Shaking her head at the overwhelming feeling of love and familiarity that she felt when the blond held her and looked at her. Faith followed them out of the cemetery both Spike and her ignoring Buffy questions.

**Buffy's House**

Morgan was leaning against the kitchen doorframe a hand over her mouth as she tried not to laugh at the spectacle before her. She had only been gone for a moment to get some groceries and when she returned the house was a mess but what caught her attention was the commotion in the kitchen. When she arrived there she had been thinking the worse possible but certainly not this.

There on the floor lay her husband covered in baby food, juice and everything else. It looked as if the kitchen had thrown up on him. While her granddaughter sat in her chair a smile on her face and not a drop of food or dirt on her.

"Gamma" Amy called out reaching for her grandmother giggling.

Morgan couldn't help it any longer, she burst out laughing, giggling as she stepped over her husband and picked little Amy up. "What did you do to grandpa little one?" she asked cooing as Amy giggled and hugged her grandma happy that she didn't have to eat those peas now that grandma was here.

"Pees gross" she said as in explanation, nodding her head.

"Yes, darling peas are very gross" Morgan said laughing, as she helped a grumbling Ares up.

"Last time I baby sit, try to feed the child and she starts throwing the fridge at me. Just like her mother and grandmother, stubborn. Women!" He muttered walking off, throwing his hands up in the air in frustration. Leaving the two laughing as he exited to get cleaned up. Waving her hand towards the kitchen, she watched as the mist moved about it cleaning it up to the way it was before she left.

"So Amy how about we get you feed and into your pjs before your mommy comes home, pancakes sound good?"

"Pancays" Amy shouted bouncing up and down excited, resting her head on her grandma's shoulder hugging her excited.

**3 hours later**

Buffy opened the door to an almost quiet house, with Spike and Faith behind her, moving to the den where the meeting that she had called was quietly discussing why the meeting was called.

"Hey guys" Buffy called out, keeping her voice to an inside level as she walked into the den.

"Hey, Buff, what's with the meeting?" Willow asked, looking up from her head resting on Kennedy's shoulder.

"Yeah what's the big bad this time, does Spike need a stakin?" Xander asked perking up immediately at the thought.

"I heard that whelp" Spike growled.

"No, no one needs to be staked, there is something you guys should know. While patrolling we ran into someone who I didn't think was possible to see again."

"What was it Buffy?" Giles asked perking up from his spot near the fire place.

"I think you mean who was it watcher man." Spike spoke, looking for the worth of him as if he would be anywhere but here.


Looking behind her Buffy saw that Faith was no longer there, looking to Spike she saw that his eyes darted to the stairs. Without another word she ran up them and towards her daughter's room.

Taking a deep breath of relief at what she saw. There in the rocking chair sat Faith with Amy in her arm, talking to her as if it were an everyday occurance.

"And then the sky parted and the sun rose, casting a bright light among the masses and they lived happily ever after." Faith whispered looking at the blond silhouette in the door way.

Smiling Faith moved and put the child in her little bed/crib placing a kiss on her forehead before she let go.

Turning to the blond she spoke in a whisper "sorry I just felt the need to come up here like I was being called to her, like she herself was calling to me. I just had to hold her. I hope you don't mind non."

"No it's okay. Umm there are some people who are down stairs who would like to meet you. I hope you don't mind."

"Naw" Faith spoke following the blond down the stairs.

Entering the den that was literally shocked into silence at the site of her, Faith sat down as questions were asked all around and confirmations were made. Staring at the woman next to her who was staring at her as if she knew that this was going to happen; looking at her Faith asked "How long?"

"A year and a half." She answered "How long was it for you?"

"Longer" was all that Faith could get out before she was engulfed into a bear hug.

Upon being released, the group started to talk as if they were planning a party for her, when Faith decided to finally speak up.

"Umm this is nice and all, but who the hell are you people!"

...to be continued...