Saturday Night at the Movies
by Alan Hitchen
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and others.
Inspiration: Sandie Shaw's 'Girl Don't Come'.

Buffy has aranged to meet Faith at the Sun Cinema, at eight-thirty sharp, to see the latest blockbuster. It's not quite a date, but Faith has hopes it can become one, if only she can find the courage to tell Buffy how she feels about her.

For the umpteenth time Faith checks her watch, it is now nine o'clock, as the church clock bell confirms.

"Where is she?" she says out loud, fending off the enquiring looks of the passers by with forbidding glances. What is she doing, she wonders, and who with?

I'll give her a few more minutes, she says to herself. If I go now she's bound to turn up and wonder where I am. I'll hang on a little longer, she thinks, more in hope than expectation.

Could she be hurt? Nah, I'd have 'felt' it through the Slayer connection thing, she's okay. She looks at her watch again; it's nine-thirty. She's okay, but she's not here. What's going on? Is this some sort of set up to get me out of the way? Buffy's not that devious is she?

"Where in Sunnyhell is she?!" she shouts, as patience finally gives way to anger and tears.

No. No. No. Faith does not cry - ever! It is weak and Faith is not weak. She is strong, she is independent. She needs no one, or at least, that's what she tells herself.

As her tears continue to dot the pavement she admits to the truth. Oh, who do I think I'm kidding? Where she's concerned I'm as soft as butter. Why does this always happen to me when I fall for someone? Why does no one love me?

A final look at her watch reveals it is nearly ten o'clock. She's not coming, I'd best get on patrol now, and heaven help any vamp who gets in my way tonight! is her parting shot as she runs from the scene.

When Buffy arrives, at ten-fifteen, the street is deserted. She is dirty, dishevelled, and out of breath.

Damn vampires, she silently curses. If they hadn't locked me in that 'escape proof' vault I'd have been on time. Anyway, Faith isn't here, that figures. She's probably gone on patrol. She's not the movie type after all.

Never mind, I didn't really want to see the film. I just thought it would be a good idea to get Faith into public place so she won't make a fuss when I tell her I love her. But not looking like this I won't. I'll do it tomorrow.

The Sunnydale Motor Inn. Buffy doesn't know how Faith can stand to live here. There is a lot about Faith she doesn't understand, she wishes she did. She takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. Faith appears. She is guarded and hostile.

"Hey, B. What brings you to this dump?"

Buffy attempts a disarming smile. "You do," she says brightly. "Look, I'm real sorry about last night."

"Save it, B, I don't wanna know," Faith replies sharply.

Buffy's smile fades. "Hey, F. I came here to apologise, the least you can do is hear me out."

Faith considers this proposition for a while then swings the door open to let Buffy in. "Okay, B, let's hear it."

Buffy enters the cramped room and perches inelegantly on the edge of the bed as Faith takes up a position in the corner of the room.

"I really am sorry about last night, and not because we missed the movie, but because I stood you up," Buffy explains.

"Stood me up?" Faith responds flatly. "Anyone would think it was a date you were talking about."

"Well," Buffy smiles wryly, "it could have been."

Faith looks at Buffy with an expression of incomprehension. Buffy's pre-prepared speech goes clear out of her head as a sudden panic grips her. It is suddenly not the time or place for revelations. She gets up to leave but finds that Faith is now blocking the doorway.

"What's this all about, B," Faith asks, secretly enjoying the opportunity to make Buffy squirm.

They are so close now, practically touching, and Buffy so wants to touch Faith, but she daren't, so she steps back and reluctantly explains instead.

"I came here to tell you I have - feelings - for you."

"Feelings?" Faith says disinterestedly. "What sort of feelings?" she asks, sounding almost bored.

Buffy hesitates, gulps, then continues, "The sort of feelings a girl is not supposed to feel for another girl."

"Oh, those sort of feelings," Faith replies, still maintaining her indifferent exterior, while inside her heart is pounding fit to burst with anticipation of Buffy's next move.

Buffy is confused by this lack of reaction. Does Faith like her or not? Has she got it all wrong? Was all that flirting just a joke after all?

Perhaps she hasn't been clear enough what she means. She moves closer, and slowly, hesitantly, presses forward to touch lips with Faith, in the clumsiest, most awkward, most wonderful and exciting kiss either of them have ever experienced. Afterward they just look at each other in wonder.

"You like?" Buffy asks at last.

"I like," Faith smiles "and I want more," she says, propelling Buffy backwards towards the bed.

"Hey! What sort of girl do you think I am?" Buffy says in a mock aggrieved tone. "I date first and make out later. Or we could combine the two and go and see that movie we missed?"

"Okay, B, but you're not fooling me."

"I'm not?" Buffy replies, genuinely puzzled.

"No, it's Catherine Zeta Jones you really fancy isn't it?" she teases.

"Ya got me," Buffy laughs. "Now, are we going to see this movie or not?"

Faith gets her jacket. "Sure, B, Saturday night at the movies is fine by me - but look out Sunday morning!" is her final word.

The End