by Alan Hitchen
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and others.
Information: Set in season four after Who Are You?
Dedication: To Vicki, because she makes me laugh and because she wants to read this.



Buffy was listening to her personal stereo when she entered the dorm room. Her arrival went unnoticed by Willow, who was apparently laughing to herself as she sat at her computer. It didn't take Buffy long to realise she was actually crying. She took off the headphones and went to her friend.

"What's wrong, Will?" she asked as she gently touched Willow on the shoulder.

Willow turned to face Buffy, her face a picture of absolute misery.

"It... it's... Tara," she just about managed to squeeze out past the sobs.

"What about her? Is she all right?" asked Buffy, thinking Willow's friend might have been injured in some way.

"Oh... she's... fine... it's me... who's not all right."

"What's happened?"

"Faith" Willow snapped. "That's what happened. That skanky bitch Faith has moved in on Tara!"

Buffy was startled by Willow's aggressive response as her deep hurt was replaced by hot anger.

"What do you mean by 'moved in on'?"

"She's stolen my girlfriend, that's what I mean!"

"Girlfriend, as in friend who is a girl, or girlfriend as in..."

Buffy didn't quite know how to finish the sentence. She knew Willow and Tara had become very close of late, but she hadn't realised the full extent of the relationship. However, it wasn't that revelation, but the news of Faith's actions that hit her like a punch to the stomach.

"Girlfriend, as in someone I love," was Willow's reply. "Sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but that was because, well, it was so special I wanted to keep it to myself, for a little while at least."

"That's okay, Will. No need for apologies. So, you and Tara?"

"Yeah, me and Tara. We were just friends at first, getting on like a house on fire. Then one day I realised we weren't just friends anymore, and when we kissed that first time I thought I would die from sheer happiness."

She beamed with pleasure at the memory, then her face clouded over with pain.

"Now that bitch has taken Tara away from me and..."

She burst into tears again. Buffy hugged and soothed Willow as best she could while puzzling over what had gone wrong, how she had let her friendship with Willow drift, and how she had misjudged Faith again. Was it only three weeks since Faith had returned to Sunnydale, and Tara was also involved then wasn't she? Buffy thought back to what had happened three weeks before.


Buffy entered the crypt cautiously, stake at the ready. The door slowly closed behind her. As she heard it lock she turned and called out in a loud whisper.

"What's going on, Tara? Why have you shut the door? Where are the vamps?"

"No vamps in here, B. Just us Slayers," said a voice from the darkness.


"Yeah, it's me. I take it you're not pleased to see me again?"

"Damn right! What's this about? What have you done to Tara?"

"Nothing. I just asked her to help me make things right between us and she agreed. That's why we're here. I'm locked in here and you're locked in there, and here we both stay until morning when she comes to let us out."

Buffy checked the bars of the steel door that separated the rooms; as Faith said it was locked and solid. She glared at Faith with an expression of complete contempt.

"What now?" she asked.

"We talk."

"Not me, I've got nothing to say to you!"

Buffy all but spat the words at Faith, then turned to sit as far away from her as the room would allow.

"Okay, B. I was going to do the talking anyway... I'm truly sorry for all I've done to you. I want to make amends to you - to all of you - but especially you, B."

Buffy sprang to her feet and ran at the door to confront Faith, rattling the bars in sheer frustration.

"Is that it? You say you're sorry and all of a sudden we're 'five by five' again? Do you have any idea how much you've hurt me? Do you even care?"

"Yes, I care, cos by hurting you I've only hurt myself even more."

Buffy looked baffled. "What does that mean - in English?"

Faith took a deep breath and locked eyes with Buffy.

"It means I love you," she said quietly.

Buffy was stunned for a moment, then she began to chuckle, then guffaw, then laugh, which became louder and longer that anything Faith had ever heard. It went on and on and on until Buffy was literally rolling about the floor in uncontrollable hysterics. Her laughter now a heartrending screech of hitherto unexpressed pain.

Faith longed to hold and comfort the blonde Slayer but the door, and everything else that lay between them, kept them apart.

Eventually Buffy calmed down, wiped her tear-stained face dry with her sleeves, and huddled in a corner staring balefully at Faith. After a very long pause she spoke in answer to Faith's statement.

"What do you know about love? You seem to like sex, at least you talked about it often enough, but I don't recall you ever talking about love. And even if I was that way inclined, do you really think I could bear to have your blood-stained hands pawing me, or have those lying lips touch mine?"

"I... No. I don't s'pose you could," said the disappointed Faith.

"Good! We agree on something at last."

Faith attempted to explain herself further but Buffy wasn't listening and eventually they fell into an uneasy silence as the hours ticked slowly by. At dawn Tara came back to free them. Buffy didn't stir when the outer door was opened; she just waited for Tara to open the inner door. Tara hesitated, looking at Buffy with concern.

"Don't worry, Tara, I'm not going to hurt her. Just give us a moment will you."

Tara unlocked the door and left to wait outside the crypt. Buffy pushed the door open and slowly walked up to Faith, who was tensed and ready to block any blow that Buffy might throw at her.

"Poor Faith," Buffy murmured. "All alone in the world with no one to love her but me."

She gently stroked Faith's hair then her cheek as she moved very close to her. Faith could feel her warmth and smell her delicate perfume. Buffy leaned in and slowly pressed her lips to Faith's. Faith parted her lips in response and was ecstatic as Buffy tongue entered the warm cave of her mouth and eagerly explored it while Buffy's hands caressed her body everywhere she could reach.

Faith had imagined many different outcomes, but a hands on ass, tongue down throat kiss she thought was the least likely, not that Faith was complaining. She wanted the kiss to be never ending, but end it did. Faith looked deep into Buffy's eyes, searching for the answer to her heart's desire.

"Is that what you want?" Buffy asked.

"Oh, yes," Faith panted.

"Well, you can't have it," was her sharp reply.

"What?!" Faith was utterly confused. The fairy tale ending she'd longed for was rapidly turning into a wide awake nightmare.

"You hurt me, Faith, more than you can ever know. But do you know why you hurt me so much? Because I cared for you. I wanted to be your friend. I wanted to help you. And, God help me, despite everything I still do. You say you love me. Well, let's say that's true. I can't say the same. Not now and maybe not ever. But if you can take the chance that I might say that someday, then I'll take the chance that you're sincere and we'll try to work things out. Do you think I'm worth taking a chance on?"

"Yeah!" Faith said with alacrity.

"Okay then, let's go back to the dorm and you can start by apologising to Willow."

Faith sighed, as she knew that Willow would not be easy to convince. "B, it's been a long night but I do believe it's gonna be an even longer day."

"You got that right, F," said Buffy, not unkindly, and together with Tara they set off back to the halls of residence.


Buffy sat quietly in Faith's apartment considering the events of the recent past.

Since her return Faith had done everything that Buffy had asked of her. She apologised to everyone, who, except Tara who had no reservations, accepted the apology with varying degrees of reluctance. She got a job at 'Slots of Fun' and managed to keep it for longer than the day that everyone but Tara predicted. She moved back into her apartment and resumed slaying duties, but kept distant from the Scoobies who still resented her presence.

The late Mayor Wilkins had made arrangements with a firm of high-powered lawyers who took care of the outstanding legal matters. And the Watcher's Council withdrew its hit squad, so for the moment things seemed to have returned to normal, or as normal as things are in Sunnydale.

But now Faith had moved in on Tara. What did that say about her declaration of love for Buffy? Was that just another lie in a long line of lies? Could Buffy ever trust Faith?

The rattle of the key in the lock told her that Faith had arrived home, she rose to greet her with a stony face.

"Hi. What brings you here, B?" she said calmly, as if she was expecting Buffy to be there all along.

"What's going on between you and Tara?" Buffy asked directly.

"Oh," said Faith with a shrug, "I knew that would be it. Look, Red got the wrong idea and ran off before we could explain. I thought Blondie would have sorted it out by now."

"Well, she hasn't. Willow is devastated and I'm disappointed in you, Faith. You've let me down."

"Hey! That's not fair. I'm sorry, okay. I made another mistake. I never claimed to be perfect. I'm doing my best to be what you want, I really am."

Buffy sighed, she wanted to be angry with Faith but just couldn't summon up the energy.

"I don't want you to be anything you don't want to be. All I want you to be is happy."

"Happy? Oh, yes, I remember that," Faith said sadly.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Buffy asked softly.

"Yes," Faith replied. "And that's what I was doing with Blondie."

"What exactly?"

"Talking. She's the only friend I've got in Sunnydale. I needed someone to talk to and she's the only one who will listen."

"But I just offered..."

"Yeah, yeah, B. You just offered after three whole weeks."

"Hey! Now you're not being fair. You know how things are at the moment."

"I know, B. Making out with Riley is a time consuming business," Faith sneered.

Buffy ignored the slight and surprised Faith by apologising. "I'm sorry, Faith. I should have made more time for you. But now I'm puzzled, why did Willow think you had stolen Tara from her?"

"Red hates my guts so I couldn't meet with Blondie openly, could I? So we had to meet in secret. She wasn't happy about that, but we had no choice. Anyway, I think Red must have got suspicious, which is why she turned up unexpectedly and caught us together."

"So nothing's going on between you?"

"What's up, B? Not jealous are you?"

Buffy just gave Faith a look that said 'don't push it'.

Faith sighed. "No. Nothing's going on. Blondie loves Red. I don't understand that, Red does nothing for me, but I do respect it. Blondie is my friend and I wouldn't do anything to hurt her."

Buffy restrained herself from saying what immediately sprang to mind and instead tried to do what she had promised Faith.

"Okay, but no more sneaking around behind Willow's back. Anyway, I'm here, I'm listening, do you want to talk now?"

"B, I've wanted to talk to you since the first day we met. I'm real sorry I never did."

"Well," said Buffy, "we'd best sit down then, it sounds like you've got a lot to tell me."


Riley awoke with a start. The alarm hadn't gone off and he was late for class. He dressed quickly and threw himself outside only to find everything was quiet and the campus devoid of people. The lawn seemed to stretch out to infinity before him. In the distance he could see a brightly coloured tent. He made his way across the lush green sward towards it. As he got closer he could see it was a child's play tent, a Wendy house. He could hear voices coming from within it. He lifted the flap to discover Buffy and Faith playing with a plastic tea-set.

"Hello girls, what are you doing?" he asked.

Buffy looked at him curiously, while Faith just glared at him.

"We're having tea," Buffy replied.

"That looks like fun, can I join in?"

Buffy looked at Faith. Faith shook her head. Buffy turned back to Riley.

"Sorry," she said, "but there's no room in the house for you. You'll have to find somewhere else to play."

Riley awoke with a start. The alarm hadn't gone off and he was late for class. Before he could make sense of the dream it was already fading and soon it slipped from his mind altogether.

Buffy caught up with Willow in the cafeteria and launched straight into an apology.

"Sorry I didn't get back last night..."

A surprisingly cheerful Willow cut her short. "That's okay, Buffy. An emergency was it?"

"Yeah. Another nest of vamps needed cleaning up. Faith and I spent nearly the whole night in the sewers."

Willow sniffed the air. "I thought I recognised the perfume," she said with a giggle.

"So, how are you today?" Buffy replied without rising to the bait.

"Much better. Tara came around while you were out. I didn't want to speak to her at first, but she insisted. She was quite forceful." Willow smiled at this incongruous statement.

"She told me what she was doing with Faith. It seems I got it all wrong. It was just that... what with Oz and Veruca; Xander and Cordelia... and the fact that I don't trust Faith an inch... I jumped to the wrong conclusion. Tara loves me - she really does - and she certainly proved it last night." Willow smiled even more as she recalled what she and her 'shy' girlfriend had got up to. Then noticing Buffy's downcast mood, she asked, "You okay, Buffy?"

"Sort of... I'm glad you've made it up with Tara, and I'm so pleased you're happy with her, but it makes me realise that I'm not happy with Riley."

"Oh, Buffy, I'm so sorry, what's happened?"

"I wish I knew. It's just that the spark has gone, it's been gone for quite some time," Buffy said with regret, then suddenly determined she continued, "I'm going to tell him it's over, make a clean break and start again."

"Cruel to be kind?" Willow asked, reaching out to touch Buffy's hand in sympathy.

"I hope so. It's certainly cruel on Riley." Buffy let out a deep sigh. "There's no point in putting it off, I'll tell him tonight."

"Is there someone else?" Riley asked without malice.

"I almost wish there was, then at least I'd have a reason for hurting you."

"I don't understand, then why are we breaking up?"

"Because... well... I don't love you anymore."

"That was blunt." Riley was taken aback but quickly rallied. "At least you're honest. I've always admired that about you. So, what now?"

"We get on with our lives."

"You make it sound so simple."

"It is to say. Not so easy to do. I know that from bitter experience." Buffy said, and with that they parted.

Next day Buffy was watching Tara and Willow dancing at the Bronze, part of their 'cheer up Buffy' campaign that didn't seem to be working too well. Faith approached her with a wicked grin on her face.

"I heard you gave Sergeant Rock his marching orders," she said gleefully.

Buffy looked at Faith disapprovingly.

"Faith, he's a nice guy. You said so yourself."

"I know, but nice guy or not, he didn't know how to make you happy did he?"

"No, but I'm beginning to think that no one does."

"I'd like to give it a try."

"Faith, please, don't."

"Why not?" Faith insisted. "You can trust me. I won't screw up again. We can be happy like Red and Blondie. Just say the word and that can be us."

Buffy looked at Faith. She could see she meant what she said, and a part of her wanted to believe what Faith was saying, but so soon after Riley it just didn't feel right.

"This is too complicated to deal with right now," she replied, "but I'll think about it, I promise you that."

"Jeez, B, thinking about it and going steady with my right hand is all I've done for weeks now," Faith said, then noticing Buffy's embarrassment she went on, "Too much information, huh? Okay, take all the time you want, I'll be waiting for your call."


"I told you we couldn't trust her," said Willow, looking pointedly at Buffy, then Tara, then Buffy again.

"I agree with Willow," said Xander.

"And I agree with Xander," said Anya, looking adoringly at her 'orgasm partner'.

Stifling her gag response to this, Buffy ignored Willow's laser-beam stare and concentrated on Xander.

"What did Willy the snitch actually say?"

"Not that much, just that she had decided to join with Adam to be on the winning side. Don't look so surprised, Buff. It's just like she did with the Mayor."

"I still don't believe that Faith would betray us again." Feeling all eyes upon her, Buffy reluctantly conceded, "Well, maybe she would. In any event I can handle Faith, it's Adam who is the real adversary here. Any ideas how I tackle him?"

Giles removed his glasses to polish them while shaking his head. "I'm afraid not, Buffy."

"No problemo," said Xander, producing several items from a rucksack. "The WXT-700 series of limpet mines boasts a compact shaped charge for improved penetration and a choice of timed or remote triggering facilities."

"Where did you get these from? No, don't tell me," said Buffy. "That'll make me an accessory after the fact. How do they work? No, don't tell me that either, let me guess. I fix. I run. I press button. Adam go boom!"

"Got it in one, Buff."

"Well then, I've got his location, I've got the weapon. Put the two together and he's toast!"

"I'm not sure about this, Buffy. It has all the hallmarks of a trap," Giles warned.

"Yeah, well, trap or not, I'm going. Tara, can I have a word with you. In private," Buffy said, shooing everyone, including a protesting Willow and Giles, out of Giles' apartment. She turned from the door to face the blonde witch.

"Do you know what Faith is up to?"

"No," Tara replied quietly.

"Is it my fault?"

"Yes," Tara said almost inaudibly.

"Tell me. Please."

"She... she felt you were pushing her away. You never talked with her as she wanted to. After Riley she hoped... but you always kept her at arm's length. If only..."

"If only what?"

"She didn't want much. Just some encouragement. Was that too much to ask from you?"

"No," said Buffy, her cheeks bright with shame. "Do you think she is with Adam?"

"I hope not. I think maybe she ran away."

"Oh great! Look, thanks for all you've done for her. You've been a good friend. I... I've got a job to do," Buffy said, grabbing the rucksack and leaving the apartment in a rush before anyone could see her cry.


"You think this'll work," queried Faith, testing the chains that held her to the concrete floor for the thousandth time.

"It cannot fail," Adam replied. "I have spread the word that you have joined me and where I can be found. She has no option but to come and investigate. And when she does I will kill her, then I will kill you. Simple, but effective, as all the best plans are."

"Don't count on it. B is plenty smart."

"Of course, that is why she must die."

"I'm glad to hear there's a reason, I'd hate to die for nothing," said Buffy from the shadows of the cave entrance.

"Ah. Buffy Anne Summers. The Chosen One. The Slayer. And soon to be a corpse at my feet. You are early, but no matter, I am ready to kill you."

"If only I had a dollar for every time I've heard that," Buffy responded dryly. She emerged into the light and smiled warmly at Faith. "You okay?" she asked.

"All the better for seeing you, B. Frankie here is a rotten host."

"Enough!" Adam boomed. "It is time for you both to die."

"Whatever," said a nonchalant Buffy as she launched her attack.

Faith could only look on as she wrenched at her chains, hoping to dislodge the rusting iron ring at her feet. After a tremendous and prolonged effort the ring snapped off at the base and Faith was free, still fettered, but free to move. She hobbled over to where the keys were and unlocked herself.

By this time Buffy was in a bad way. Despite her best efforts Adam seemed to be completely unharmed by anything she did. She, on the other hand, was tiring, and his counter-attacks were hurting her badly.

Faith was just about to join in the attack on Adam when he pierced Buffy with his arm spear. As he prepared to deliver the coup de grace, Faith found herself reliving the ghastly moment when she witnessed the death of her Watcher. And once again she was frozen by fear and indecision.


Buffy's depairing cry for help echoing though her mind broke the chains of fear. Faith threw herself at Adam's back and wrapped her chains around his neck. Pulling hard she dragged him backwards. Buffy disengaged from the spear and fell into a roll that took her to where she had stashed the bag of mines.

As Adam tried to dislodge Faith from his back, Buffy, though bleeding profusely, ran up to him and placed a sticky bomb on his chest unit. Dodging his flailing arms, she passed another bomb to Faith, who placed it on his back where he couldn't reach it.

Faith jumped clear while Buffy held him back, which was easier to do now that he was more concerned to remove the explosive device from his chest.

"The detonator is in the pack!" Buffy shouted at Faith.

"Got it!" she called back.

"Coming through!"

Buffy ran past Faith as soon as she could disengage from Adam. They both ran as fast as they could out of the cave.

"Gotcha!" said Faith in triumph as she pressed the button on the remote control.

The cave erupted a sheet of flame and a noise like a hundred thunderstorms as the hillside collapsed into the void.

"Wow! That was something wicked cool, B."

Faith turned to find Buffy lying unconscious next to her. An ugly head wound trickling more precious blood that she could ill afford to lose.

"No! No! No!" screamed Faith, frantically kissing and shaking her. "I can't lose you, not now!"

She gently gathered Buffy up into her arms and moved off in the direction of the hospital.


"Willow, I love you dearly, but can't you see it's time to let go of the past?"

"Tara... You don't understand."

"Oh, yes, I do. And I'm telling you, the person you hate is not the person I know. The one who was most hurt by Faith's actions is Faith herself. I'm not asking you to love her, to even like her. Just give her a fair chance, that's all I ask. Please?"

Willow's mind was racked in thought for several minutes as she regarded Tara's pleading expression.

"Well, she did save Buffy's life. That counts for something I suppose... Okay, you win, I'll give her a chance."

Tara hugged and kissed her girlfriend in delight. "Thank you, Willow," she said.

"Isn't it cute when couples make up? Can we have a fight too? Then we can have sex."

"Not now, Anya," Xander replied. "Anyway, Willow and Tara aren't having sex."

"Ah! but they're going to, I can tell."

"Not in a hospital waiting room they're not," said Xander, eyeing the kissing couple with renewed interest, just in case Anya was right.

When Buffy regained consciousness Joyce was waiting anxiously at the bedside.

"Mom, hi, is everything okay?"

Buffy winced and clutched at her injured side as she tried to sit up. Joyce helped her to get comfortable and smiled in evident relief.

"It is now that you're awake," she said.

"Where's Faith? Is she okay?"

"She's fine. She brought you into hospital. Don't you remember?"

"No, Mom, I was kinda out of it after the explosion. I think something hit me on the head." She reached up to touch her sore head and groaned, "Where is Faith?"

"She's here. She's been here since she brought you in. She's only just left to get me something to drink. She seems very... devoted to you."

"Yeah, she's in love with me."

"Oh." Joyce gave Buffy an old-fashioned look. "And what do you think of that?"

"I think I kinda like it."

"That's what I was afraid you'd say."

"Why? Because she's a girl?"

"No, because she's a psychopath."

"Oh, Mom, we've been through this already. I haven't forgotten what she did, but I have forgiven her, as she has forgiven me. Okay, there have been some problems, but since she came back she's been a different person, one I'd like to know better. You see..."

Joyce interrupted. "She'll hurt you, darling."

"No, she won't."

"She won't be able to stop herself, it's in her nature," Joyce countered.

"Come on, Mom, don't give me that. She's a human being, not the scorpion in Aesop's fable. And she did just save my life, what more proof do you need that she's changed?"

"Well, it's your life, Buffy. Just don't expect me to approve of something I know will end in disaster."

She looked up to see Faith glaring at her from the doorway.

"Oh, well, thank you for getting me a drink, Faith," she said frostily. "I'll take it outside and leave you to speak with Buffy."

Faith seemed to be rooted to the spot as Joyce swept past her, taking the drink from her hand as she did so. Buffy motioned her to come over to the bed.

"What did you hear?"


"Look, Faith, she's my mom, she has my best interests at heart. You can't blame her for being protective."

"No, I guess not, but since when does that give her the right to..."

Buffy realised that Faith was fighting back tears.

"Hey! We'll have none of that. You said we'd be happy together."

"What?" said Faith, not sure that she'd heard Buffy correctly.

"We. You. Me. Happy. Together. Comprende?"

"You mean it?"

"I know it. Now, stop crying and give me a kiss," Buffy said with an encouraging smile.

And as Faith gently kissed Buffy she knew what happiness was for the first time in years.


Thanks to Slayer healing, Buffy was soon discharged from hospital. She returned home where Joyce could fuss over her daughter at leisure.

The full burden of Slaying was now thrown onto Faith, who, thanks to Tara's help and support, found that the Scooby gang was much more welcoming than they had been before.

Of course she spent every spare minute at Buffy's side, despite Joyce's unwelcoming manner. Now at last, Faith had the opportunity to say all the things she had wanted to say but could not. Laying bare the truth about her past, her feelings, her hopes for a future with Buffy.

Joyce could not help but evesdrop on these emotional conversations, but by doing so she soon came to realise that she had been completely wrong about Faith, and withdrew her opposition to the relationship.

Buffy recovered quickly, but at Giles' insistence only gradually returned to full Slaying duty. This gave her time for more pleasant tasks, like dating Faith.

Speaking of which, they have just returned to Faith's apartment after seeing a movie.



"Can I ask you something?"


"We've been together for nearly a month now and you've never..."

"Never what?"

"Never made a move on me. All we've done is kiss and fumble a bit. Don't you want me?"

"B, I want you like I want nothing else. It's just that... a good thing is worth waiting for. I didn't want to start anything until you were completely ready. This is too important to me to mess it up."

"Thanks. That's really sweet of you, but I think the time has come. I love you and I want to be with you - completely - no holding back."

"Are you sure?"

"Very sure. Just be gentle with me, I'm a virgin, remember?"

"Oh, and I'm the big butch dyke who keeps a huge strap-on in the night stand am I?" Faith joked.

Buffy laughed. "You know what I mean."

"Yeah, I know. Don't forget I'm almost a virgin too. All those stories I told you about my many conquests were just that, stories."

"Okay," Buffy smiled back, "shall we go to the bedroom now?"

Faith nodded in reply.

Once there, Buffy quickly stripped off her clothes and carefully folded them away. She turned to find Faith, still clothed, sitting on the edge of the bed with tears of joy in her eyes, in complete awe of the vision before her.

"B, you're so beautiful," she said with a voice choked with emotion.

"You're not so bad looking yourself," Buffy replied lightly.

"No, I mean all of you, the whole package. I just can't believe I'm here and you're mine."

"Believe it, honey, believe it," said Buffy, kissing her girlfriend as proof of her sincerity. "But don't you think you're a little overdressed for the occasion?"

Faith smiled in response, and as Buffy lay back on the bed in nervous anticipation, she removed her garments before lying next to Buffy.

At first they just admired each others toned bodies. Hands tentatively stroking each other in languid exploration.

Of particular interest to Buffy was the scar on Faith's belly that marked the place she had stabbed her. Thanks to Adam she now had a matching scar that attracted Faith's attention for much the same reasons.

"Well, here we are, both naked on a bed, what happens next?" Buffy asked teasingly.

"This," said Faith, capturing Buffy's mouth in a lascivious kiss, before tracking her way down the chin, throat and upper chest.

She caressed and squeezed Buffy's breasts before lavishing each of them with teasing licks, sucks, kisses and gentle agitation of the nipples with her teeth that had Buffy groaning, "Oooh, that's so good."

Faith merely grinned and moved on down Buffy's torso, pausing to investigate the dip of her belly button with a questing tongue to further cries of appreciation, before arriving at the soft downy blonde hairs that guarded her treasure. This was the moment that Faith had long waited for.

She repositioned herself between Buffy's legs that were obediently spread for her. She began with a delicate probing with the tip of her tongue, exploring the soft folds of Buffy's pussy lips, before directing her attention to her clit. Which was already poking its sensitive head out of its protective hood.

She circled her tongue around it before touching it directly. Softly at first, then harder. Licking and lapping, alternating tip and flat of tongue, as Buffy bucked her hips in ecstasy.

"Oh, God, that's so hot!" Buffy moaned as she clutched at the bedclothes.

Faith changed her approach and moved down to probe deep inside Buffy's dripping wet tunnel of love. Responding to her incoherent cries of pleasure, Faith excited the areas Buffy liked to be touched, before returning to lick and suck hard on Buffy's erect clit. Faith's fingers now gaining entrance to her quaking chasm in place of her tongue.

Buffy began to tremble as her whole body experienced the gathering storm of pleasure.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I'm coming, Faith, I'm coming. Faith!!!" Buffy screamed as her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, submerging her body in unimagined rapture.

Faith had to struggle to keep contact during Buffy's wild gyrations, but she stayed on beyond the climax to lap up every drop of her exotic love juices. Buffy shivered with each touch of Faith's tongue as she revelled in the post-orgasmic flush of delight.

"That was... so... fabulous... I've never... anything like it... just... wow..."

Faith gave Buffy a final peck on the nether lips, then scooted up to kiss Buffy intimately to share the experience.

"Is that me? Do you taste as good?" asked an amazed Buffy.

"Why don't you find out for yourself," Faith said with a bewitching smile. As Buffy scrambled to do just that, Faith offered her some sound advice.

"No need to hurry, we have all the time in the world."

And as the future would prove, they did.

The End