by Alan Hitchen
Rating: R

Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and others.
Information: Landslide by cheebs! was the inspiration for this fic and it is dedicated to her.

The blonde woman's words hurt as much as the knife did when it ripped into her guts on that fateful night.

"Love? I'd have given odds that that was the one four-letter word you didn't know. You don't love me Faith, and I sure as hell don't love you. You did the right thing when you turned yourself in, but that's just about the only thing you did right. I'd wish you luck with your appeal but that would be a lie. I hope they throw it out. I hope you rot in jail forever!"

In complete despair and extreme anger Faith screamed and threw herself across the table to seize Buffy by the throat. Her combat hardened fingers constricted around the blonde Slayer's windpipe with deadly force, crushing the life out of her in slow motion.

There was a flash like lightning and sound like thunder. Faith's mouth formed a silent 'oh' as she looked down to see the dark red patch staining the prison-issue tee-shirt. The gun roared again and another round found its mark in Faith's chest. She released the death grip on Buffy's neck and turned to face her nemesis. She looked at the figure with an expression of sheer astonishment, which she maintained even as the final bullet entered her brain and her short life of torment finally ended.

The prison guard holstered his pistol and looked to his colleague. "Now what d'ya s'pose made her attack her lawyer like that?"

"Dunno, Bill, some people can't take bad news I guess. The court fixed a 99 year minimum and her appeal failed. She was never getting out anyway, you did her a favor."

"Yeah," Bill agreed with a chuckle, "I did her a favor."

The End