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Silk Sheets

by Adreanna
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: They're not mine. They will be though ! ;-)
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(Faith's thoughts)

Red silk sheets, surrounding us. It looks like a movie scene; wind blowing through the window, blowing the sheets at the exact moments. It's perfect. Slight moans and whimpers fill the room with every thrust that I give. She's close.

A thin sheet of sweat covers us both. Sweat that trickles down her body, and onto those red silk sheets. That same sweat that makes those sheets cling to her body as we rock back and forth. She's really close.

Her hands grip those sheets for dear life. Those same sheets that seem to wrap us in a warm embrace. Red sheets in a pink room. So out of place, yet so fitting. She's squeezing those sheets tighter now. She's closer.

Her lips, thin, yet so juicy and plump. Slightly parted, she seems to be trying to grasp any air that she can, but it seems that she's failing. Failing because every time I hit that "spot", she holds her breath. Her eyes are shut tight. She's hiding those beautiful green eyes from me. Open them. She does, because I just took her over the edge.

'Faith' is what she moans out, as her body calms down. The sweetest thing I've ever heard. She's staring at me with nothing but love in her eyes. Love, and something else....what is it? I see confusion in her eyes. Why?

.................... "Excuse me ma'am. Would you like to purchase those sheets?" The cashier in Bed, Bath and Beyond asks me, bringing me out of my daydream.

I turn from a confused B, and answer her. "Yes, thank you. Sorry about that, just drifted off there for a minute," I say with a slight grin.

"That's okay ma'am, this happens all the time with these sheets," she turns to ring up the sheets.

I grin wickedly as B and I walk off. "So B, can I come to your place tonight?"

The End