Is This Real?

by Adreanna
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Notes: Poem 4 out of 5, hope you like?
Feedback: Please, and don't worry, I'm almost done!

Is this real?
Am I seeing what I see?
I sitting in between the legs
of my precious B.

The thighs I wanted to open
the pussy that I wanted to fuck
the juices I wanted to taste
and the clit that I wanted to suck

I doing it all right now
and I'm as happy as I can be
because she so close now
and I want to bring her to ecstacy.

Her warm cum slides down my throat
and it sends me into eternal bliss
Why did I wait so long?
How could I wait so long for this.

They should market her cum
for all the money in the world
but nobody could buy
her cum, or my girl

I wonder what she's thinking
as I hold her so close to me
is she thinking of what just happened
or of all the naughty things she could do to me.

But all I know is that no matter what's happens
in any problem or during any weather
I love her, no matter what
and we'll always be together.

...continued in Being Together is Our Destiny...