by Adreanna
Rating: NC-17

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Spoilers: Season three, episode Homecoming, but no Angel, and no Slayerfest, and Faith was in that Limo, not Cordelia.
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Buffy looked at herself in the mirror. Tonight was homecoming, and despite what Faith had said about finding, using, and discarding boys, she was looking forward to going. Winning the Homecoming crown was important to her, yet it didn't really matter. She really just wanted to prove a point to Cordelia, that anybody but Cordelia herself, can actually win the crown. But what really made her happy was that Faith was going with her. Even though she really didn't know the dark-haired slayer that much, it felt nice to be around her. It felt really nice to be around her, and that Buffy feel some-what scared.

Buffy's POV

"Hair, check. Make-up, check. Dress and shoes, check. Purse, and keys, check. Okay, Buffy, you look good." I smiled to myself in the mirror, as I gave myself the once-over about a hundred times.

(Beep, Beep) *car horn*

"Okay Faith's here." I walked down the steps to my waiting mother.

"Honey, you look absolutely gorgeous. You'll knock the socks off of any boy around you." My mom said as she smiled warmly to me.

"Thanks mom......but wouldn't it be kinda hard to knock their socks off, if they have shoes on?" I said feigning a dumbfounded expression. Both of us chuckled.

"Ha Ha Ha. Anyways, Faith is out there waiting for you. So don't keep her waiting. Bye dear." Mom said as she kissed me on the forehead.

"Okay I'm going" I said as I opened the door. The last thing I heard was my mother saying to me;

"Oh and Buffy, I'm going to a late- gallery convention, so I won't be back when you get home. Have fun dear."

Faith's POV

Okay, so let me get this straight. I technically asked Buffy out on a date. She said yes, even though to her, this is just two friends, who don't have dates, going together as a last resort. We are riding in a limo together, and I'm wearing a dress. Yes badass Faith is wearing a dress. Go ahead and gloat, cause if this wasn't a story, I'd come find you and kick your ass. Anyways, I'm sitting in this limo, waiting for her majesty, who is taking forever. I mean I like the girl, but come on, stop staring at your reflection, before you fall in love with yourself. Yeah, I like Buffy, ever since the day I first laid eyes on her. But I would never tell her that. The girl's straighter than a pool stick. Maybe they should invent a way to bend a pool stick. Anyways, I'm sitting here twirling a box which carries a corsage in it. Yeah I know that she'll get suspicious, because only 'boys' give them, but I'll just tell her........I'll tell her that.......I found it. No that won't work. She would see that lie coming from a mile away. I'll just tell her that I ran into a boy that liked her and that they told me to give it to her. Yeah that would work, I think? I hope. Oh, here she comes.

"Hey Faith," B smiled as she got in the car.

"Hey yourself girlfriend. I gotta say, you look nice in that dress." I wonder what she looks like with it off. I said to myself with a full fledged grin plastered on my face.

"You don't look bad yourself with that dress on.......oh my god, you're wearing a dress? Man if I had a cellphone, I would call everyone I knew just to tell them the news," B said, with a playful shocked face on.

"Yeah yeah yeah, Faith's wearing a dress, we should contact the reporters because all hell just froze over!" I said with an amused look.

"Very funny. But you do look nice, maybe you should wear dresses more often."

"Sorry blondie, but this is a one time thing." I say as I twirl the corsage box.

"Whatever Faith. Hey, what is that?" B asked me as she pointed to the box in my hands.

"Oh, this,.......this is just something, that I........I........well....see.. -" But she cut me off. Thank god.

"So, I see you've been spending some quality time with Willow," Buffy said as she chuckled. I like her laughs. She sounds all bubbly, and they make her sound all cute and adorable. The sound of the limo moving brought me out of my thoughts.

"Ha Ha. Very funny. No, this is for you. Just thought you would like one is all." I say as I try to look anywhere but her.

"Oh, that was so sweet of you, thanks. It's really pretty Faith." she said as she gazed at the rose and orchid corsage. 'No, you're pretty.' I thought to myself, as I looked at her.

"Here, I'll help you put it on," I said as I leaned over to put it on her wrist. When it was on, I gave a quick glance and smile in her direction and then looked somewhere else. Before we knew it, we arrived at the dance, and the limo driver was opening the door for us.

Buffy's POV

'OH MY GOD Faith is wearing a dress. Faith, dress, in the same sentence? This calls for a celebration. No, a parade. No, even better, a Holiday. Yep, that's it, a holiday. National Faith wears a dress day. I'll be so proud. Anyway, she looks really good, sexy even. Wait, sexy? Did I just say that? Well she does look sexy. Faith has a way of making anything look sexy. Especially those leather pants of hers. Sometimes, I get mesmerized just by watching her slay in those pants. Then I would usually get clocked in the face for letting my guard down. But she does look good tonight. From the usual dark makeup, to the ankle length black dress with the thigh-high splits, and the black stilettoes. That's when I noticed it; the box that she was twirling in her hands. I know what it is, but I still ask anyways.'

"Whatever Faith. Hey, what is that?" I ask as sweetly as I can while pointing at it. I can already see the nervousness on her face, as she tries to give me an answer.

See, I've known that Faith has had the hots for me for quite some time. I found it so amusing with her playful banter, and her overly expressive sexual innuendos. I try to make it seem as though I never hear them, put I keep track of every one. It started out as just me thinking of it as nothing, but now, I can't wait to hear them. I wonder if she knows that I think of tonight as a date. Oh no, she's gone into Willow babble. I better stop that.

"So, I see you've been spending some quality time with Willow."

I love teasing her. She doesn't know this, but she blushes when she's nervous. I know what you're thinking, but yes, Faith does blush. No really, she does. Anyways she hands me the corsage, and I feel like she just passed me Queen Elizabeth's crown. It's so pretty; one red rose, encased in 3 white orchids. She actually made me blush, but she didn't see it. I guess I'm so wrapped up in my thoughts and staring at the corsage, that I didn't notice that the car stopped and the door was being opened.


We saw everyone at the dance, even Giles. Faith and I got split up when she said that she was going to get some drinks, so I went to find Willow and Xander. Then I noticed the sad looks from both of them.

"Hey who died in here," I say to lighten the mood. So far, I was failing.

"No one died, I mean, I hope no one died, because dying is not good, it's bad being dead, because you're not living, andľ"

"Okay Willow, I get the picture. Well why are you guys just standing there? Lets dance." Even though they were protesting, I still dragged them on the dance floor.

Things were going well, Willow and Xander were cheered up, and even Giles was dancing......I think. He was doing something between the funky chicken, and the moonwalk. Anyways, I was getting tired of waiting for that drink, so I went to find Faith.


"Scott? There you are, honey. Hey, good news. The doctor says that the itching and the swelling and the burning should clear up, but we gotta keep using the ointment."

Did she do that for me. I can't believe that she did that for me. I was looking for Faith, when I spotted her talking to Scott. I didn't want to walk right up to them, so I just came as close as I could, to hear what she was saying. When I heard that, I had to struggle to keep my laughter in. When Faith walked away, I let it all out. After what Scott did to me, and what Faith had said, she kind of became my knight in a sexy black dress.

Faith's POV

When we got to the dance, I told B that I was going to get some drinks for us. But when I got to the bar, I sat down and had a few drinks by myself. Nothing strong to get tipsy, just a few to whistle my wet. Just playing. Anyways, I spotted Buffy and friends on the dance floor, and I contemplate on whether or not I should join them, but then another person catches my eye. Scott Hope. Oh this is going to be fun. I walk over to him and his so called 'date', and I strike up a little conversation. This one is for B.

"Scott? There you are, honey. Hey, good news. The doctor says that the itching and the swelling and the burning should clear up, but we gotta keep using that ointment." I turn and walk away and even though I can't see it, I can feel his embarrassment.

'Oh well, dumbass.'

I look for B and I find her still with her scoobie friends, so I decide to join them.

"Greeting earthlings, I come in peace," I say as I make my entrance.

"Wow Faith, you look great. You're wearing a dress? Not that you couldn't wear a dress. It's just that a dress on you........well I mean anything you wear would look nice, because you have a nice figure and---- "Willow babbled as she slightly turned red.

"Hello to you too Red."

"Wasssa umph dit ohhhhhh eeee yasssip." That would be Xander of course.

"B, can you translate?"

"Oh, Xander thinks you look very nice," B answered in a 'When will that boy ever speak English' voice.


"You're Welcome," was the last thing from B that I heard before a screeching noise followed by a dorky voice came on the microphone.

"Attention everyone, we have the results for this year's homecoming king and queen. Everyone gather around. First I would like to thank every contestant who entered, but we have selected our Homecoming King and queen. Here to announce the winners is the lead singer from Dingoes ate my Baby, Devon."

"Hey B, if you don't win can we skip out on this, I'm getting bored," I whispered in B's ear. Yeah, cause I could be doing so much fun, and productive activities with B.

And if I didn't know any better, I thought I just saw B shiver. Yeah me!

"Sure," was all she said.

Devon: "And the winner of this year's Homecoming queen is......well...it seems that we have a tie......"

Buffy's POV

Well, Cordelia didn't win, but neither did I. I guess that I proved my point in some way. Anyway, Faith and I skipped out as she calls it, and now we are making our way up my driveway. I'm glad that Faith told the limo driver not to bother driving us, because I needed this time to think. Mostly about Faith. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I can't stop thinking about her. When we go on patrol together, whatever went wrong in my crappy day just seems to vanish. When she's near me, I get this tingly feeling in my stomach, and this scares me. I never thought that I could like girls, but I guess that Faith isn't just some girl. I wonder how she feels.

Faith's POV

B would of looked nice with that crown. But she would look even better out of that dress. I don't know what's wrong with me, B makes me feel different. Special, ya know? I get this weird tingly feeling when I'm around her. She makes my whole day light up, and she doesn't even know that. This scares me. I mean, I've been with girls before, but B's different. She's not just any girl. She's B. But I would have to be high to think that she felt the same way.

Buffy's POV

"Faith do you want anything to drink?" I ask as we have situated ourselves on the couch."

"No, thanks, I'm alright B, but can I ask you a question?" Ooh, a question, what does my little Faithy want to ask me I wonder.

"Sure, go ahead."

"What would you do if you like someone a lot, but you are unsure of if they like you or not?"

"Well, I would ask that person, if they liked me or not," I said with a confident tone.

"But what if things aren't that easy. What if you and that person were friends, and by asking them, you would be destroying the friendship?"

"How would that be destroying the friendship?" I ask, getting really interested in this conversation.

"Well, for one thing, you don't think that you're that person's type," that's funny how I just noticed that she's doing anything to not look at me.

"Well, first of all, who is it that you like?" What, did she think I didn't know that it was about her?

"Me? I never said that this was about me. How...........why would you think that this was about me?" Okay maybe she did think that I wouldn't notice that this was about her.

"Ok, well to let you know, everybody who uses the 'what if' questions, the questions normally tend to be about them. So spill," I say with an amused look on my face.

"I can't do that B." She looks nervous now. Oh well!

"Why not F? You never have any problems telling me about your escapades with guys, so what's different about this.................oh, it's a girl isn't it?" I swear to god that Faith blushed the color of Willow's hair. She was about to say something defensive, but I cut her off. "Listen Faith, I don't have a problem with who you like, ok?" Even if it's me.

"Ok," was the meek little answer that she could give.

"So, who is it that you like?"

"I still can't tell you B."



"Please?" Why am I begging?


"I'll tell everyone that you like Harmony," I said with an evil grin.

"You wouldn't."

"Yes I would."

"Fine" she sighed, then continued "I like you B," she said while playing with an invisible piece of string on her dress.

"Faith, Faith look at me," I waited till she finally looked at me, then continued "I like you too."

Faith's POV

So here I am, sitting on her couch, wondering if I should ask her a question, while she asked me if I wanted something to drink. After finally making up my mind, I decide to ask her.

"No, thanks, I'm alright B, but can I ask you a question?" Okay, here comes the hard part. I hear her say sure, so I continue. "What would you do if you like someone a lot, but you are unsure of if they like you or not?"

"Well, I would ask that person, if they liked me or not." Why do they always think it's that easy?

We got to the point where she figured out that I liked a girl, and that it had to be someone important, because I wasn't giving up the answer. She finally threatened me with the whole 'I'll tell everyone that you like Harmony', so I had to tell her that it was her. I expected a 'I don't feel the same way' or a 'you must be joking', but instead, I got a 'I like you too'. Yeah me!

"Do you think......that I could, kiss you?" When in the hell did I become nervous?

"I was waiting for you to ask that question." I swear that was the sexiest thing that B has ever said. I slowly lean over and capture her lips in a passionate kiss. Her lips feel like velvet and they taste like strawberries and vanilla. I captured her lower lip before running my tongue on it and then on her upper lip. She eagerly opened up so that our tongues could challenge each other in a playful battle. God I could sit here and enjoy this eternal heaven forever, but there is a slight oxygen issue. We broke apart, and rested our forehead on each others.

"Buffy I love you and I want to show you just how much I do...if you'll let me." Please say yes, please say yes.

"I, I love you too. Faith......make love to me." Those were the sweetest words that I have ever heard. She took me by the hand, and led me upstairs to her bedroom.

I led her to the foot of the bed and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "Are you sure that you want this?"

She leaned up on her tippy-toes and gave me a long passionate kiss. That was the only answer I needed. I wrapped my arms around her waist, as I deepened the kiss. I could feel her arms running up and down my back. I slowly rose my hand to pull down the zipper on her dress. I broke the kiss, so I could get the dress off her shoulders, and down to her ankles. I step back to look at her. God, she is so beautiful in her white bra and panties. Buffy comes closer and pulls me to her, and I can feel her fumble with the zipper on my dress. I pull back to help her slip my dress off. Soon we're both in our bra and panties. I pull her closer to me and in the process, I deftly slip her bra off. I run my fingers over her delicate nipples and feel them hardening under my touch. I didn't even realize that my strapless bra was off and on the floor.

"Faith, I've never done this with a girl before I-" I cut her off with a finger on her lips.

"Shhshhh, I'll show you."

I gently pushed her down on the bed. For reassurance, I gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. Traveling lower, I kiss her neck and chest, before stopping at her nipples. I pulled a nipple into my mouth while teasing the other with my hand.

"Oh god.....Faith," she sighed out, her breathing becoming a bit shallow. "Faith, Faith touch me please."

I continued my journey south and I stopped just at the waist band of her panties. I looked up at B for approval, then deftly slipped them off. I looked up at B once more, before disappearing between her legs. I ran my tongue up her slit, then opened up her lips to reveal her clit.

"OH God Faith, you feel so good." Baby you don't know the half of it.

I suck on her clit while my fingers gently tease her hole. God she's so wet. She's moving around so much that I have to keep her hips steady. Her moaning my name really edged me on. I decided to move up a notch, and I left her clit and started to tongue-fuck her hole. She was really moaning now.

"Faith.......Faith, fuck me." I swore I just came right there and then. Well not to deny the lady her wishes, I do as she asks. I remove my tongue and replace it with two fingers, slowly at first, but then I picked up the pace. Her pussy feels so tight around my fingers, and I swear she's trying to pull me in deeper. "Faith.......ohhh."

I love when she says my name, and I want to hear it again. I add a third finger into her tight channel. God she's so tight, I thought my fingers were gonna break. I hear her sigh deeply as she's trying to fit all three. Wanting to give her more, I place my lips on her clit, and suck hard. She's bouncing off the bed now, and I'm having trouble keeping her down.

"Harder Faith." She says breathlessly.

I give her what she wants as I start to thrust my fingers in her so fast, that Superman himself would have been dizzy. With my other free hand, I tease one of her nipples. She's moaning my name so much that it's driving me insane. I start slamming my fingers into her pussy, and I know that she would be sore in the morning, but I don't think she's caring right now. I use my free hand and start rubbing myself. I can feel that she's really close now, so I curl all three of my fingers and find her g-spot.

"OH GOD FAITH, I'M COMING." Yeah babe, I know.

I remove my fingers and replace it with my mouth just as she came. I came a few seconds after with a loud grunt. Her hot sticky fluid filled my mouth and ran down my chin and neck. She tastes like sweet nectar and honey. I swear they should market this stuff.

Buffy's cum
2.99 an ounce, 5.99 a gallon

I climb up next to her and pull her into an embrace.

"Faith....I love you." She said in a sleepy voice.

"Right back at ya babe."

I hear her breathing become regular, and I know she's sleeping. As I watch her sleep, I think about tonight. About how I was nervous to give the corsage. About her not winning Homecoming queen. About how Xander and Willow are finally fooling around. What, you didn't think I noticed. Any blind man could have noticed that that was coming. Anyways, and about right now, this moment. Me holding B in my arms, knowing that she's mine and I'm hers.

I'll, always be hers. And she'll always be mine. My homecoming queen.

The End