Having Fun

by Adreanna
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own them............do you have to rub it in?
Notes: This is poem 3 out of the five poem series.
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This feels like my dream
Because Faith is intent
with that wickedness in her eye
to make me come to her apartment.

So here I am now
sitting in her chair
we're staring at each other
in this weird atmosphere

she offers me a drink
and I say no
she asks if I want to do other things
I raise my eyebrow and say 'how so'

she takes my hand
and leads me to her bed
oh I know where this is going
I say as I shake me head

next thing I know
I'm naked, legs spread and Faith's licking my slit
and while she's fingering me
her tongue's curled around my clit

I feel that twinge in my stomach
and I know I'm about to cum
it felt like an earthquake ran thru me
and now everything feels numb

I know it's her turn
that the jobs not done
so as I'm eating her out
I think 'my day was fun'!

...continued in Is This Real?...