Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

by Adreanna
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Yeah, Yeah ,Yeah, I know they're not mine.
Feedback: Yes please.

Faith's POV

Have you seen her?
Did you see?
A hot a chick
that I call B.

With lips I want to kiss
and a body I want to fuck.
To tease her nipples
and a clit that I want to suck.

I was going over to her house,
and behold a sight.
Cause I'm staring at my B
fucking herself tonight.

What am I seeing?
Could this really be?
Yes it really is,
so why the hell am I still in this tree?

I want to help
I want to be in there
but my legs aren't moving
and so I'm still sitting here.

I know who she's thinking of
From the way she's moaning my name
I can feel myself start to heat up
and I'm going insane.

I think I should go
before I do something dumb
like break through her window
and say 'can I help you cum?'

So I think I should leave
seeing as how she's almost done
but I promise you B,
tomorrow, we'll have fun!

...continued in Having Fun...