Nightly Comfort

by Adreanna
Rating: PG-13

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Buffy's POV

Chocolate brown eyes, 
so dark, so deep
is what keeps me up
from my much needed sleep.

Her lips, oh her lips
so big, juicy, and red
I can feel them all over me
as I lay awake in my bed.

Her hands, her fingers
hard, yet soft to the touch
her hands, her long fingers
is what I need right now so much.

Her body is magnificent 
in any place you look
she's got all the curves in the right places
I can picture her right now, and it's my breath that she took.

She always brings me closer
every time I see her in my head
even now when I need release 
here, alone in my bed.

Faith, oh Faith
is what I moan into the night
and when I close my eyes
I almost feel her holding me tight.

As I tremble, and ease
I think of her eyes, so beautiful and so deep
that now, I can finally rest 
and drift off in a peaceful sleep.

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