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Morning Conversations

by AbyKitten
Rating: G

Disclaimer: UPN and ME-Yes. AbyKitten-No.
Notes: This is the first piece of Buffy fan-fic I have ever written. It's also the first piece I have written in three years, so if you're giving feedback, please go easy on me :o) This is also hopefully going to be the first of a short set of 'alphabet' fics.
Dedication: To my friends FC, Tess, Angie, and KhiDax for encouraging me to write again, and to Mari for being a super beta and wonderful friend.
Feedback: Send feedback pleeease!

"All right, all right, I'm up!!" Faith grumbled from beneath the comforter as Buffy gave her another shake.

"Be downstairs in 10 minutes Faith; we have to have breakfast and then get the basement prepared for today's training session," the blonde slayer said as she pulled on her tank top and sweatpants.

"Can't we just forget about it today?" Faith asked hopefully, making a cute little face.

"Don't even think about it!" Buffy smiled at her love before giving her a quick kiss.

"Everyone else gets to sleep in," Faith whined, sounding more like Dawn than herself.

"Faith, you and I are not 'everyone,' we're the Chosen Two and we have to help get the Potentials in shape," Buffy answered, taking the younger slayer into her arms and holding her for a moment before getting up and heading out of the door.

"Great, just what I needed, another lecture on the 'Chosen Two,'" Faith mumbled under her breath, "how come we just can't have a day off" she said to the empty room.

"I heard that!" Buffy called from her position halfway down the stairs, her Slayer hearing picking up on Faith's protestations.

"Just so you know, I meant you too," the dark haired woman replied as she walked into the bathroom to shower, reappearing 10 minutes later all fresh and clean.

"Kiss me, honey, honey, kiss me!" Faith sang as she made her way downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Listen to you all singy and happy. You weren't like that 20 minutes ago," Buffy pointed out as she put the griddle on the stove for pancakes.

"Must have been the Herbal Essence..it's orgasmic you know?" Faith grinned.

"No, I didn't! Need to try it for myself.." The blonde slayer said, pausing for thought.

"Oh, I think you should too." The dark haired girl purred, coming up behind Buffy and slipping her arms around her.

"Perhaps we can test the theory later?" Buffy replied, turning in Faith's embrace and capturing the other woman's lips for a short but passionate kiss, causing the younger woman to moan.

"Quiet, the others will be coming down soon!" Buffy giggled at the disgusted look on Faith's face.

"Right, cause it's not like they haven't heard us before," Faith quipped, raising an eyebrow.

"So, I don't want them to hear us again" Buffy blushed.

"Take it from me, babe, when we get started, there is no way they're NOT gonna hear us!" Faith said waggling her eyebrows and ducking from Buffy's swat to her head.

"Uuuuuugh, you're just so crass sometimes." Buffy made a disgusted face.

"Very, but that's why ya love me." Faith grinned, grabbing Buffy and pulling her in for a heart stopping kiss.

"Well.." Buffy paused before giggling and kissing Faith once more.

"Xander would love this, you know? And I can just hear what he would say right now if he were here." Buffy smiled after the kiss broke apart.

"Yeah, I can just imagine what he'd say." Faith shook her head.

"Zzowie!" Both women said in unison, before breaking off into peels of laughter.

The End