Evening Conversations

by AbyKitten
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: UPN and ME-Yes. AbyKitten-No.
Dedication: To my wonderful beta babe, Mari. What would I ever do without you??
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"Andrew, get that freakin' thing out my face!" Buffy practically screamed at the nerd on the other end of the video camera.

"But, Buffy.." he whined, bringing the camera down from in front of his face.

Having heard her partner yelling, Faith sauntered into the kitchen grabbing the blonde boy by the scuff of his neck. "C'mon, Techno, lets you and me take a walk," she said menacingly, causing Andrew to squeak and run from the kitchen at full tilt.

"Damn, that kid is such a puss." Faith laughed, turning to watch Buffy finish preparing the vegetables for the evening meal.

"Everyone's still a bit confused over how he managed to become a super-villain...of sorts," Buffy shrugged as she put down the knife she was holding. Turning to her lover, she stepped into her personal space, bringing her arms around the younger girl's neck leaning in for a long slow kiss. After a moment she stepped back and smiled coyly, "Faith, why don't we have an early night tonight?" she said, kissing the other woman's luscious lips again.

"Goddess, why don't we just forget dinner and go to bed right now?" Faith moaned, running her hands up Buffy's back and into her hair.

"Honey, we can't," Buffy murmured against Faith's lips. "I have some more exercises I need to show the potentials and then we need to do a quick patrol."

"Just forget about the potentials for tonight." Faith whimpered when Buffy caught her lip and suckled on it, "Killing and maiming is something they can learn any night of the week.." she trailed off as she felt Buffy's hand come down from her neck to gently brush against her breast.

"Love it when you talk work," Buffy teased, giving Faith's now rock-hard nipple a quick pinch.

Faith's moan deep in her throat soon turned to growls when Buffy's touches began to taper off. "Maybe we can go upstairs and I'll give you blow by blow details of last night's slayage." The dark slayer ground herself against Buffy in an attempt to encourage more touches.

Stepping back from her lover and trying to get control of herself, Buffy made a little pouting face, before shaking her head. "No, baby, as much as I want to do this with you, I can't."

"Oh, fuck, baby you can't do this to me." Faith said, an almost pained expression on her face. "Pleeeease, Buffy, I'm so wet for you," she half moaned, half begged, trying once again to bring the blonde into her arms.

"Quiet, I can hear something!" Buffy said as she cocked her head slightly.

"Really, that's a shit excuse to get out of sleeping with me Buffy," Faith said with a disgusted tone to her voice.

"Shhhhhhhh, I really do hear something," Buffy said between clenched teeth, drawing the dark haired girl a look which could kill.

Faith listen for a second but all she could hear was the blood pounding through her veins after Buffy's little tease and the sounds of Willow and the potentials setting the table for dinner. "Talking, that's all you hear!" Faith hissed as Buffy clamped a hand over her mouth.

"Unless the dining room has moved out onto the patio, then it's not talking I hear," Buffy said as she pointed towards the back door.

Faith saw that Buffy was serious and nodded an indication to the other Slayer that she could take her hand down. Pointing to the large pan sitting next to the sink, then to herself, Faith made a walking movement towards the door with her fingers.

Buffy nodded, letting Faith know she understood the plan. Lifting the heavy piece of cookware, Faith slipped almost soundlessly toward the closed door. Once there she stood far enough back that she would not be in the way when Buffy opened the door inward but would still be able to stop any assailant in his/her tracks.

"Very quietly. Wait till I give you the signal," she whispered. Taking one more look around she nodded, waiting for Buffy to pull the door open.

Grabbing the door handle, Buffy yanked the door open as Faith let out her battle cry and leaped at the figure standing on the patio. Because she wasn't the one wielding the giant pan, Buffy got a proper look at who was standing there, but before she stop the other Slayer the pan had collided with the visitor's head.

"Xander!!" Buffy yelled, rushing past her girlfriend and to her very stunned friend's side.

Faith, hearing Buffy's yell, dropped the pan and looked with wide eyes at the young man standing, wobbling in front of her. "You all right, dude?" she questioned as she took in Xander's paling complexion.

"Zebras are such pretty horses," Xander managed to slur out before falling in front of the two slayers, out cold.

The End