Bedtime Conversations

by AbyKitten
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: UPN and ME-Yes. AbyKitten-No.
Dedication: To Tess and Margaret for listening to me ramble, you guys are great. A special big thank you and hugs must go to Beta Babe Extraordinaire, Mari, without whom I would be nothing but one huge writing mistake {{{hugs}}}
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"Aaaaaah," Faith moaned as Buffy's tongue licked a moist path from her neck to her ear. Her breathing became shallower and her body practically rose off the bed as she tried in vain to make her blonde lover touch her as she desired. "Baby, please, you gotta.." the younger woman practically whimpered.

"Can't do it, love," Buffy grinned against Faith's neck, delighting in the shudders her soft caresses and kisses were eliciting from the dark-eyed Slayer beneath her.

"Don't do this to me, B, I've been wet and ready for you all day," Faith purred, hoping that her words and sensual tone would have the desired effect on Buffy and make her give in.

Shivering at the jolt of desire that ran through her at her lover's words, Buffy almost gave in, but quickly resolved with herself that this was going to be a long night of lovemaking and not just the quick fuck that she knew they both needed. Growling slightly, Buffy took Faith's face into her hands and looked at her through aroused yet determined eyes. "Every time you beg, I will go slower or stop touching you all together, Faith, so I suggest you just lay back and be a good girl."

"Fuck, B, I need this, I need you!" Faith panted as once again Buffy began her feather light kisses and caresses.

"Good, then it'll be worth the wait," Buffy replied, capturing Faith's lips in a deep and searing kiss. After a few minutes Buffy broke away from the kiss, panting almost as heavily as the beauty beneath her, her arousal mounting with each and every touch of her fingers and lips on Faith's skin. "Have you any idea of what I want to do to you, what I'm going to do to you?" She asked, kissing her way down over Faith's chin to her neck, along her collar bone and down to the beautiful and pert breasts just waiting in anticipation of being suckled.

"I...I.." the dark haired slayer moaned and whimpered, unable to answer the simple question asked of her, her brain too fogged by love and lust to be able to make a coherent response. Her upper body rose from the bed of its own volition pushing the now almost quivering breasts towards Buffy's waiting mouth.

"Just lay back and relax, baby," Buffy cooed, caressing both of Faith's breasts with her nimble fingers before bringing her mouth down to them, kissing and licking in circles until she reached the dark rose nipples which she sucked alternately, making Faith moan and writhe.

Knowing what she was going to do and say next would help keep Faith on this heightened plane of arousal, Buffy smiled to herself before working her way down the lithe and taut body of her lover. "Kissing you all over makes me wet," Buffy said, punctuating her words with slow and deliberate kisses to the places she knew were Faith's hot spots. Hearing the younger girl's sharp intake of breath she knew she was onto a winner, and licked her way across the toned belly of her love, swirling her tongue around and into her bellybutton, before licking down towards the neat set of dark curls which covered Faith's mound. "Licking you makes me even wetter," the blonde said trailing her tongue first down the inside of one thigh, before bringing it back up the other, being sure to never touch the one area Faith so wanted her to.

Faith moaned and writhed, her breathing coming in short quick pants. Her body trembled almost violently as her arousal mounted, the blood pumping through her veins like she were fighting a battle. Buffy's words and touches were almost too much for her and she moaned long and low, her head thrashing from side to side.

"Making you moan makes me so wet I'm practically dripping," Buffy breathed against Faith's centre, tickling the sopping curls with the tip of her tongue. Taking a deep breath of the delicious aroma coming in waves off the younger woman drove Buffy onward. Moving herself over Faith's leg, Buffy's own arousal slicked the thigh beneath her. Feeling this, Faith moved her leg upward pushing against Buffy's pubis, making the older woman buck against her.

"No!" Buffy snapped as she pushed Faith's leg back down, lifting herself away from the younger girl's touch. "Only I can do the touching," she purred, letting Faith know that her momentary aberration had not stopped what Buffy was about to do.

"Please, B, I don't know how much more I can take," Faith breathed, feeling Buffy slide back down between her open legs.

"Quiet, baby, you know I'll get there," the older slayer replied, kissing the inside of Faith's thigh before taking her fingers and parting the younger girl's nether lips to reveal her slick and glistening opening.

"Raise your hips," Buffy ordered, slipping a small pillow beneath Faith's buttocks, making her more open to Buffy's ministrations. Bringing her head down, the slight blonde took a long slow lick of her love's open folds, pushing her tongue quickly inside the younger slayer. Faith bucked like a wild stallion as she cried out incoherent words and tears of pure frustration escaped her eyes.

"Shhhhh, it's ok, baby, I'm here," Buffy whispered, caressing Faith, making sure that the younger girl was all right before once again dipping her head and licking at the tasty treat in front of her. Running her tongue from front to back, Buffy lapped and sucked her lover, driving her tongue in and out of the wet opening, drinking in the sweet nectar that was Faith.

Faith couldn't take much more; her hips were bucking wildly, her back arching off the bed. Beads of sweat gathered in the hollow between her breasts before rolling down her body. Her hair was slick to her head and her breathing was just one continuous moan. Buffy knew the end was coming soon for the younger woman, but she also wanted to hear what Faith wanted from her, needed to know exactly what it would take to push Faith over the edge.

Releasing Faith clit, Buffy looked up the dark slayer's body, seeing the pained expression on the young woman's face. "Tell me, baby; tell me what you need," Buffy panted, her own arousal almost at breaking point.

"Up inside me, pleeeeeeeeeeease!" Faith begged, pushing her hips up into Buffy's face.

"Very well," Buffy grinned before bringing her mouth back down onto Faith's clit as well as pushing two fingers deep inside her lover. Almost frenzied in her rhythm, Buffy could soon feel Faith's inner walls clutching at her fingers signalling the oncoming orgasmic eruption.

Just as Buffy was about to bite down on Faith's clit, knowing it would be the one action that would push Faith into her orgasm, there came a thunderous banging on the bedroom door. "What the hell?!" Buffy shouted as the bedroom door came crashing in and the figure of a man tumbled into the room.

Looking up to see who had so rudely interrupted them at this pivotal moment, Buffy and Faith both yelled at the offending intruder, "Xander, what the fuck are you doing here?"

Stopping dead in his tracks, Xander took in the sight before him, his brain almost shutting down entirely at the image of two beautifully naked, wet, and horny Slayers filling his vision before he snapped back to reality and started waving frantically at the window, "You gotta come, quick!!" he stammered, gesticulating once more at the window, "Zombie's, there are zombies heading this way!!"

Knowing that their friend wouldn't lie to them about something as serious as this, both slayers hopped out of bed, their lovemaking temporarily forgotten, as they once more went to save the day.

The End