Afternoon Conversations

by AbyKitten
Rating: G

Disclaimer: UPN and ME-Yes. AbyKitten-No.
Dedication: To my friend Tess, for listening to me swear loudly, and often *grins*. To my dearest Mari, for without her to beta, this would be one huge punctuation gaff :o) And to everyone who FBed the first piece asking for more..well, here it is!
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"About last night..I'm sorry," Buffy said, hanging her head.

"Buffy, listen, don't worry about it." Faith answered, putting her arms around her lover.

"Chloe's death, it's just..just that.." The older Slayer replied, turning her face away from Faith's questioning eyes.

"Don't! Don't you dare, this wasn't your fault!" Faith practically yelled, realising what was Buffy was trying to say.

"Everyone else thinks so," the blonde said, sighing and rubbing her hands across tired eyes. She hadn't slept much after everything that had happened the night before and she was beginning to feel the effects of it.

"Fuck them, B, they don't know shit!" Faith said emphatically, knowing that if she didn't nip this in the bud, Buffy would just continue to take everything into herself, and that was something she just didn't need the added pressure of.

"God, why can't life be simple for just once?" Buffy shrugged, shaking her head.

"Hell, we couldn't hope to be that lucky," Faith replied with a wry grin, trying to make the situation a little lighter.

"I suppose not," the older woman replied somewhat dejectedly.

"Jeez B, you gotta stop being so hard on yourself," Faith said, taking Buffy's chin between her fingers and making the other woman look directly into her eyes. "Killing things is what we do, and an unfortunate side effect of that is that innocents die too. Look at how many innocents we've saved.."

"Many more than we've lost," Buffy interrupted, letting Faith know she understood what the dark Slayer was trying to convey.

"Now that's more like it, B." Faith smiled.

"Once in a while I might need you to give me a gentle reminder of this conversation," Buffy said, smiling back.

"Perhaps I should give you a not so gentle reminder too," Faith said as she flashed Buffy a wicked grin before diving on her and beginning the tickle fest.

"Quit it!! Pleeeeeeeease???" Buffy screamed after a few minutes of some serious tickleage, trying to use a commanding tone through her giggles.

"Riiiiiight, like I'm really gonna do that," Faith laughed.

"Sure you are, cause if you don't I'll withhold favours," Buffy trailed off letting what she said sink in. "Take your pick, it's your choice."

"Uh-oh, she's getting pissed at me, better make it all better." The younger slayer grinned bringing her face down to Buffy's.

"Very pissed," the blonde growled before closing the distance between them and kissing dark haired girl soundly, only drawing back when she heard some not so discreet coughing. Pulling back from the kiss, both women looked in the direction from where the coughing had come.

"Willow, how long have you been standing there?" Buffy questioned the redhead, who was quickly becoming uneasy at the stares of the two slayers.

"Xander and I just arrived, honest, we didn't see or hear anything, not like we haven't seen or heard anything between you two before, but this time we really didn't and.." Willow trailed off realising she was babbling and not at all sure of the reason why.

"You could have knocked, couldn't you? You do know what that is, right?" Faith harrumphed, slipping out of Buffy's embrace.

"Zowza! Sure we could've but....Wow!!!" Xander replied before grabbing Willow, and beating a hasty retreat followed by a none to pleased slayer.

The End